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Dance Performance Round 3: Hoot vs Cry Cry (Final Round)


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Dance Performance Battle Round 2: Mr Taxi vs Why are you Being Like This?


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Dance Performance Battle Round 1: The Boys vs Lovey Dovey

Song Battle Round 3: Oh! vs. Roly Poly

Song Battle Round 2: Genie vs. I Go Crazy Because of You

Song Battle Round 1: Gee vs. Bo Beep Bo Beep

Member Battle Round 7: Sooyoung vs Boram (shikshins)

Member Battle Round 6: Yuri vs Qri (Intangibles)

Member Battle Round 5: Seohyun vs Hwayoung (Maknaes)

Member Battle Round 4: Sunny vs Hyomin (SunByung couple/variety vocalists)

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