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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 10

Here we recap and discuss episode 10 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Well guess Ha Na knows for sure now about Joon’s feelings.  She’s still in shock when they break apart and says she thought he was going to count till 10 at least.  Joon can’t believe what she’s saying but smiles at the dazed look on her face.  Afterwards, he sends her home, and Ha Na is almost too shy about what happened to look at him.  She musters up her courage to ask him what happens next, to which Joon replies whatever he wants.  Joon still wants a formal response from Ha Na and gives her until the end of the week to think about it.  Ha Na says that that’s not enough time, but says she’s think about why and how much she likes him.  Joon picks up on the her liking him part and insists on the deadline he set.

They are then interrupted by Mi Ho walking out of the cafe with Joon’s luggage.  Sun Ho is next to his sister and reluctantly says that Joon can stay at his house, and points at his sister to show that it was her idea.  Mi Ho was concerned about Joon living with Ha Na in a room without a lock, but Joon says Ha Na’s not going to do anything.  Ha Na then tries to cover herself and says she didn’t exactly want to stay here either, earning her a glare from Joon and the two silently mouth words at each other.  Mi Ho then asks why they’re coming in together, and Ha Na covers it up by saying they just met on the way in.  Under Mi Ho’s pressure, Ha Na admits she feels uncomfortable staying with Joon, which again doesn’t sit well with him.  He throws a tantrum and grabs his luggage to stay somewhere else, leaving Ha Na feeling guilty.

When Ha Na goes into the cafe, she’s a tad annoyed that Joon left like that even though she had more to say to him.  She goes into his room and glares at the giant picture of Mi Ho, and asks what he wants her to think about if he has this in here.  Later that night, she dreams of Mi Ho and Joon doing a photoshoot where he kisses her after a countdown like he did at the fountain.  Ha Na wakes up with a scowl on her face and tries to convince herself that Joon’s just a player and there’s nothing to think about.  However, when she thinks back to their kiss, she has a dreamy look on her face and reenacts it by herself.  She realizes what she’s doing though and wonders if she’s gone crazy.  Crazy in love!  Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Meanwhile, In Ha walking Yoon Hee back to her house and he tells her that he doesn’t think Joon looks like him.  Hah.  He tells her that he moved out when Joon was just 10 and so they’re awkward with each other.  In Ha then suggests that they meet with their children together one day.  Yoon Hee doesn’t seem so keen on this idea and tells In Ha not to come see her anymore.  In Ha tells her though that he’s going to keep comeback to see her.

We now cut to Joon checking in at a hotel where he sees Tae Sung with his fiance.  Mi Ho seems to know Tae Sung and greets him on her way in.  Tae Sung then sees Joon and they exchanges looks, prompting Sun Ho to ask if  they know each other.  Joon says he’s seen him around a few times and Mi Ho says that he’s the brother of one of her friends, and the second son of the Joo Am Group which owns this particular hotel.  When Mi Ho tells him that she heard Tae Sung was getting engaged soon, this confirms Joon’s earlier suspicion about why Ha Na was dumped.  Joon then turns to Mi Ho and tells her not to cling onto him anymore because he has someone.  Mi Ho is surprised by this and her brother just smiles knowingly and tells her not to worry about it.

As Joon is preparing to wash up, he spills his back of toiletries and out falls the ring that he wasn’t able to return to Ha Na in Japan.  He comments that even her ring is corny and realizes that it’s a guy’s ring.  We cut back to Ha Na, who dutifully locks up the cafe as she prepares for bed.  She’s pouring some milk for herself to be warmed up in a pot and wonders to herself where Joon went after he left.  Ha Na is so preoccupied with thinking that he might’ve gone with Mi Ho and realizes that she poured out way too much.  She walks back to her room and convinces herself that he must be at a hotel.  She then glares at her phone and says he should call her in times like this and says she won’t call him either.

Well she did keep her promise about not calling him at least.  Joon is drinking wine in his hotel room when he receives a text from Ha Na asking where he is.  She’s still staring at her phone when it starts vibrating and is surprised that he’s calling her back instead of texting.  She composes herself and answers it nonchalauntly.  Joon asks her if she think he’s with someone else, and Ha Na covers herself by asking him why they don’t have sesame oil here.  LOL.  Even Ha Na realize what a ridiculous statement she just made and is hitting herself on the head over it.  Joon’s about to hang up on her when Ha Na brings up that he went to Paris with Mi Ho.  When Joon tells her it was for a photoshoot with his staff, Ha Na realizes her mistake and starts stammering, which amuses Joon to no end.  He then asks her if she wants him to come back to the cafe and before Ha Na can answer, she remembers she was warming up milk and goes to turn it off.

Joon is surprised at her sudden exclamation and tries to call her back but there’s no answer.  He gets worried about her now and decides to take a taxi to go check on Ha Na.  When he reaches the cafe, Joon bangs on the doors to get her to open them but there’s no response.  He then sees a nearby ladder and uses it to climb up to the second floor balcony when he triggers the security system and an alarm goes off.  Ha Na rushes out from taking a shower and is surprised to see him there.  Joon is equally surprised at her appearance and can’t help but stare at her exposed legs.  That makes two of us.  Ha Na realizes where he’s looking and quickly covers herself.

After the police who came to check out the alarm leave, Ha Na asks Joon why he came and he says he was worried about her because she wasn’t picking up her phone.  He then takes off his coat and puts it over Ha Na’s wet hair so she doesn’t catch a cold.  Joon tells her not to hang up on him like that so he doesn’t run over like an idiot again.  Ha Na is touched by his concern and smiles as she watches him limp inside.

As soon as Joon gets to his room, the first thing he does is rip down Mi Ho’s picture.  Hah, wise choice. Ha Na goes to her room as well and they start talking through the bookshelf.  Ha Na smiles when he says he was at a hotel, and even more so when Joon says he’s not going back so he doesn’t have to run here again for her.  Joon looks through the bookcase and says she must like that if she’s smiling.  Ha Na finally realizes the lack of a real wall between them and asks if he’s been watching her change clothes.  LOL, yeah I’d say that’s a reasonable assumption.  Joon insists that there’s nothing for him to see, but Ha Na immediately starts covering up all the holes with books and whatever else she can find.  As he’s doing it, Joon gives her back her ring and asks if it was for Tae Sung.  When Ha Na’s silence confirms his theory, Joon presses the issue and Ha Na says she just bought it in a flea market as a couple ring and didn’t have anyone to give it to.  Joon calls her childish, but says to give him the ring after she’s done thinking about them.

In Ha certainly is persistant.  He shows up the next morning with a picnic basket and asks Yoon Hee to eat breakfast with him.  Since he didn’t know what she likes, In Ha just brought her a bunch of different breads and coffees for her to chose from.  He says that even though she’s grimacing at him like that he’s still going to come.  He also says not to look at him like that because he can’t compete with the 20 year old version of him in Yoon Hee’s memories.  In Ha even shaved his facial hair so that he’s closer to the person that Yoon Hee fell in love with.  She tells him he hasn’t changed at all, which In Ha takes as a sign that he does still have a chance with her.

Back at the cafe, Sun Ho is giving Ha Na a quick checkup when she notices his glasses don’t have lenses.  She pokes him in the eye to confirm, and he tells her that he just wears them to look smarter.  He tells her that since he’s her new physician, she can come to him for anything, even for a broken heart which he claims is his specialty.  On his way out, Joon asks them what they’re giggling about so early in the morning and Sun Ho decides to play around with him by whispering into Ha Na’s ear that Joon’s being jealous.  He then takes it one step further by putting his arm on Ha Na’s shoulder, but quickly runs away when Joon makes a threatening move towards him.  Sun Ho’s character is definitely way more entertaining than when he played Dong Wook.  After Joon leaves, Ha Na glares at the door asking if it would kill him to say goodbye to her.  Just then, he sends her a text telling her to stop playing with Sun Ho and go to school, which brings a smile to her face.

We now see Ha Na in class and she’s happily texting to Joon about her day.  It’s a rather sappy back and forth between the two, though mainly on Joon’s side.  We then cut to him grinning like a fool as he’s on his way to his photo shoot.  Cho Soo and the stylist notice Joon smiling and they whisper to each other that Joon’s in love.  Joon notices them gossiping about him and Cho Soo covers it up by acting surprised that the stylist is in love.  He then tells Joon to keep smiling at his phone.  LOL.  Yeah, Cho Soo and Sun Ho are some pretty damn good comedic relief.  After she gets out of class, Ha Na asks Joon who the model for today is and he grins and texts that it’s Mi Ho, causing her to pout.

We now cut to Hye Jung arriving at the resort.  At the same time, one of the workers goes up to Yoon Hee and tells her that one the resort director is looking for her.  Hye Jung is meeting with said director and she mentions that she’ll be coming here more often because she has personal issues with someone here.  Seems like that would be a reason NOT to come, but that’s just me.  At this point, Yoon He walks in and the two old rivals are surprised to see each other.  Hye Jung puts on a show and goes to hug Yoon Hee, who actually seems happy to see Hye Jung.  As the two go for a walk, Tae Sung is watching them from his office.  His assistant tells him that Hye Jung is present of the company Kazar, one of the partners for the resort, and that they’re going to be holding fashion shows here now.

We now cut back to Hye Jung telling Yoon Hee that she never though she’d get the chance to walk with her like this.   Yoon Hee says she’s glad to see her and then Hye Jung drops her mask and asks Yoon Hee if she knows why she’s here.  They’re now in a restaurant and Hye Jung is lying to Yoon Hee about her and In Ha talking about getting back together before she showed up.  Yoon Hee, of course, had no idea about this.  She apologizes to Hye Jung for basically being the one who broke their marriage, but Hye Jung says it’s not her fault and that it’s In Ha who never got over her.  She tells Yoon Hee that if she won’t willingly back out of their lives, she’ll do it by force.

At the photoshoot, Joon is not happy with the location saying that it has nothing to do with the theme.  He does get the pictures needed, but is short tempered throughout the whole process.  Mi Ho tries to cheer him up in the car on the way back and mentions that Ha Na is the same age as her.  Joon has apparently always told her that she was too young for him and poses for him, saying that she looks so much better than Ha Na.  Joon’s not looking at her at this point though and spots a location he wants for the photo shoot.  He tells Cho Soo to stop in the middle of the freeway and they immediately start taking pictures.  Joon’s in a much better mood this time around and compliments himself on his talent, making Cho Soo curl his fingers in surpressed rage.  After the shoot ends, Mi Ho tries to get Joon to go somewhere with her, but Joon commanderes one of the cars and goes off by himself.

When he gets back to the cafe, he sees Ha Na is busy working in the garden and sneaks up on her.  Ha Na is surprised to feel him leaning on her back, but allows him when he says he jsut wants to stay like this after his tiring day of work.  She smiles to herself as he closes her eyes and goes back to work.  Sun Ho sees them like this and laughs at them.  He then calls over Cho Soo and the stylist over and they’s surprised to find out that Ha Na’s the girl that Joon likes.

After Joon’s rested a bit, he pulls a pretty nice necklace out his pocket and gives it to Ha Na, telling her it’s diamond snow.  He then reminds her that tomorrow’s the deadline for her response to him.  As he stands up to leave, we see Sun Ho and the others quickly run off so that they’re not caught watching them.  Ha Na is talking to herself, saying that she doesn’t normally wear stuff like this, but she is still smiling as she looks at it.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hee is a tad more conflicted about her own situation.  One of the workers asks who the person was that visited her and Yoon Hee says it was just an old friend that she’s going to do a favor for.  Sucks to be In Ha.  We now cut to Hye Jung hanging out with Dong Wook and Chang Mo at C’est La Vie.  They happily chat for a bit, but then Hye Jung asks the two of them why they called her out.  They tell her that they’re going to go see Yoon Hee and thought it would be better to tell her first. Hye Jung, of course, is not pleased and asked if In Ha talked them into it.  Chang Mo denies it and says they just want to see her since she’s an old friend like they do with In Sook when she comes back from the US.  So that’s what happened to her.  Hye Jung mutters to herself about making things clear to Yoon Hee about backing off, which Chang Mo hears and asks her what she said to Yoon Hee.  Hye Jung refuses to talk though and just asks him for another drink.

Later, Chang Mo is escorting an incredibly wasted Hye Jung back to her car.  As he puts her in, Chang Mo tells her to let go of her grudge of Yoon Hee already and to stop acting like a victim.  I’m glad someone finally said it.  He tells her that it’s her fault for saying that Yoon Hee died and kept In Ha from looking for her.  Ah, the plot thickens; she probably made a move on In Ha while he was griefstricken over this little fabrication of hers and out came Joon.

Meanwhile, an equally wasted Dong Wook is being escorted into his house by Sun Ho.  He tells his son that a friend that he thought was dead came back to life and asks if his son has had his first love yet.  Sun Ho smiles and deflects the question, prompting dad to say that his generation has no concept of romance.  Dong Wook then starts to recount the story of his first love and how he fell in love with her on first sight.  Not quite how I remember it, but hey it’s his story.  Sun Ho asks him if she’s the one that came back to life and Dong Wook happily confirms it.

Sun Ho then decides to go investigate.  As he’s looking for his dad’s yearbook, he finds some pictures of their college years and comments how much Joon looks like his dad.  Mi Ho then shows up in curlers and a face mask, scaring her brother.  Mi Ho’s the one that notices that her dad’s first love looks oddly similar to Ha Na.  Dun dun dun…

Back at the cafe, Ha Na is trying on the necklace and commenting that it doesn’t look good on her.  She smiles at her reflection though and pulls out the couple ring.  We cut to In Ha walking out of class to happily greet Yoon Hee, who’s waiting for him.  Oh you poor bastard, if only you knew what was coming.  We then go back to Ha Na quickly placing the ring on Joon’s desk and running out.  She bangs her leg on one of the tables in her rush to get out and is surprised to see Joon come back.  Joon slowly advances on her and pretends like he’s going to kiss her, but instead reaches down and grabs the bag he forgot.  LOL.

After Ha Na leaves, she wonders to herself why Joon seems to be playing dumb about wanting her response today and if she should go take the ring back.  However, she hears Joon’s footsteps coming down the stairs and she decides to run for it.   As Joon walks out, she pretends to be tending to the garden and is told that he’ll be back early tonight and to wait for him.  Once he’s out of her sight, Joon pumps his fist in victory, thinking that he knows her response already.  On his way out, he runs into Sun Ho and tells his friend to make sure to mention at least 3 to 4 of his virtues to Ha Na today.  Sun Ho thinks to himself what those virtues could be, but can’t seem to think of that many.  He then goes to greet Ha Na and comments that she really does look like his dad’s first love.

Back to Yoon Hee and In Ha, it seems like she’s just dropped the news on him.  She tells him that she’s going to return to the US and to not go to the resort anymore.  In Ha accuses her of running away, and Yoon Hee agrees that she is.  She lost her parents early, she lost him, she lost her grandmother, and even lost her husband.  The loneliness from all this is why she kept him in his heart and that their memories were a sanctuary for her.  The reason why she doesn’t want to start back up with him is because she doesn’t want to go through all that heartache again.  In Ha, of course, can’t accept this and chases after her.  She crosses the street, but either can’t see or didn’t bother to look at the truck barreling down at her, but In Ha quickly pushes her to the side and takes the hit himself.  I knew this scene was coming sooner or later.  I swear getting hit by a moving vehicle is a prerequisite for all dramas.

Curious as to whether her mom is who he thinks she is, Sun Ho asks Ha Na what her mom does for a living.  Since that’s not the job that Sun Ho was expecting, he thinks it must not be her, but then Ha Na says her mom studied Family Education in the US where Ha Na was born.  Tae Sung then shows up with all the plants that Ha Na requested.  She’s surprised that he came personally to deliver them and says he missed her.  Sun Ho then recognizes him and mentions that he saw him in the hotel.  Ha Na is confused as to why the two would know each other but then sees Joon coming back and drags Tae Sung away before he gets caught.  Fortunately, Joon did not get a good look and asks Sun Ho who that was.

After Ha Na and Tae Sung make their escape out one of the side entrances, Tae Sung wonders if it’s that serious if Joon catches them.  He tries to convince her to come back to the resort, but Ha Na says that she’s actually glad to be here and thanks him for coming.  As Tae Sung digests the fact that he’s just been pushed into friend zone, Joon opens the door that they just came out from and catches them.  He tells Tae Sung that Ha Na is his now and to not come back to the cafe.

Once they’re alone, Joon asks her why she’s thanking him even though he rejected her.  Ha Na gets back at him for insulting her friend and mentor and Joon forcibly kisses her to shut her up and asks for his response.  Ha Na is pissed at him and tells him that she’ll never give him a response and storms off.

At the hospital, In Ha is trying to comfort Yoon Hee by staying that the doctor says that he’ll be okay.  He does look pretty good for getting hit by a truck, and is only wearing a neckbrace.  Yoon Hee hugs him and admits that she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to tell him that she really wants to be with him.  Aww.

Back at the cafe, Ha Na quickly goes towards Joon’s room to try to get the ring.  However, he reaches the cafe at the same time and she’s forced to escape into her room.  Joon hangs around the cafe for a bit but then leaves.  Once she’s sure he’s gone, Ha Na comes out and sneaks into Joon’s room.  She looks at the ring on his desk and drops it in surprise when she turns around to see Joon enter.  He asks her if this is her answer and plays keep-away when Ha Na tries to take it back.  He marvels at how the ring seems to fit him perfectly but says it’s not his style.

Though they didn’t actually say it, they’ve both pretty much forgiven the other for their earlier transgression and Joon wraps Ha Na in a hug to accept her answer to him.  Ha Na smiles to herself, but takes the ring off his finger and says that she hasn’t given him her answer yet.  However, as she looks at him, she finally says that she really likes him.  Joon then holds out his hand and tells her to put the ring back on for him then.  The two smile at each other and hold each other hand that has their respective rings.  This leads to an easy segue for Yoon Hee holding In Ha’s hand in the hospital.

Final Thoughts

I really love the dynamic that Cho Soo and Sun Ho bring to the story.  Their characters play off Joon and Ha Na so well that it really aids the development of the plot and their individual characters.  The comedic relief is this drama I think is done pretty well too and doesn’t distract too much from the plot.

I’m a tad surprised though that they had Sun Ho discover about Yoon Hee so early.  Granted, he’s not sure yet, but he’s definitely going to find out sooner rather than later.  I was also surprised that they had Ha Na actually admit that she like him and was pretty sure after their little spat that they were going to at least drag that out for another episode.  However, the timing does fit since Yoon Hee admitted to In Ha how much she misses him.  Finding out that Ha Na’s mom is the reason why his parents split up, is most likely going to be the wedge that drives them apart so it makes sense for both relationships to essentially start at the same time.

I’m still not sure what role Tae Sung is going to play here.  He’s definitely in friend zone at this point and engaged for all intents and purposes.  Mom and dad definitely won’t be happy if he breaks off the marriage to chase after Ha Na, but maybe that’s his plan all along to show that he’s willing to give up everything for her.  It’s interesting to me that they even made him his secret heir to a family fortune rather than just the down to earth gardener that we thought he was in the first place.  I guess it places him on the same or even higher social status that Joon, but I think it would be better served as him just being a garden to better contrast with Joon for Ha Na’s choice in partner.

At any rate, I love the pace that this series is going and can’t wait for the next episode.


6 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 10

  1. Jazz April 29, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    Hey great review/recap! Do you happen to know the name of the song at the end of this episode?

  2. Anonymous July 26, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Hey, nice review 😀 But do you happen to know the song during the scene when Ha Na dreams of Mi Ho and Joon doing a photoshoot where he kisses her after a countdown? I’ve been looking for that song everywhere but I have no idea what it is or what it’s called. Help, please?

  3. Jasline July 26, 2012 at 4:29 am

    SORRY I SENT IT WITHOUT FINISHED IT LOL Hey, nice review 😀 But do you happen to know the song during the scene when Ha Na dreams of Mi Ho and Joon doing a photoshoot where he kisses her after a countdown? I’ve been looking for that song everywhere but I have no idea what it is or what it’s called. It’s been played during other scenes as well, usually seductive, playful ones, I can’t remember them specifically though. Can you tell me what the song is? Please? 🙂

  4. Anonymous July 6, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    im so sad i wish i can have a romance like them

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