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Dance Performance Battle Round 1: The Boys vs Lovey Dovey

KpopEncarta:          So it comes down to this.  we’re both tied 5-5

Thekoreanjjang:     Your right.

KpopEncarta:           Okay so rdr, hoot, taxi vs lovey dovey, cry cry, and why are you being like this, in no particular order.  I say we save the heavyweight matchup for last: hoot vs cry cry.

Thekoreanjjang:     Should Taxi be replaced with The Boys?

KpopEncarta:           Oh yeah we had the boys that’s right.

Thekoreanjjang:     I think it should be rdr, hoot and the boys.  I never really followed their taxi promotions when they were first launched in Japan.  I thought their dance looked a little weird on stage I dunno.

KpopEncarta:           lol I liked the taxi dance.

Thekoreanjjang:     Lets do Taxi over Run Devil Run then.  I’m not sure that RDR really had too much of a unique dance as their gimmick.

KpopEncarta:           They had that running in place thing

Thekoreanjjang:     Yeah I know, but that’s about it…the rest was just great vocals, lyrics, and visuals.

KpopEncarta:           Yeah true.

Thekoreanjjang:     Really it was more about their vocal closeups.  Haha I loved it as a song, but not the best place as a dance.

KpopEncarta:           Too bad we already had genie in song.

Thekoreanjjang:     Also Gee’s crabwalk for the win! But I guess the same could be said for Bo Beep and Roly Poly!

KpopEncarta:           Eh…

Thekoreanjjang:     Don’t u dare!  just leave it at eh.

KpopEncarta:           As pure dances, I prefer our current picks

Thekoreanjjang:     Damn we’re having way too much fun with this.

KpopEncarta:           Okay so which ones first.  lol w/e!  I say…the boys vs lovey dovey.  newest vs newest

Thekoreanjjang:     Dang.  Time for an evidence check.  For all the problems I had with The Boys it had its good points with its bad.

KpopEncarta:           You have lovey dovey I’m sure

Thekoreanjjang:      Oh yes I do.  The best version out there.  Still can’t believe CCM had their new group make a remake of Lovey Dovey. I need the boys though, never d/led it.  I’ll watch that first



Thekoreanjjang:     ROFL I forgot about that damn bird shot.  Not one of Sica’s greatest moments.

KpopEncarta:          Yeah….A game visuals for snsd here

Thekoreanjjang:     Jeez you sure picked a good one for snsd.  They look amazing as usual, but I know what to expect when I open up lovey so I’m not sweating it yet.

KpopEncarta:           Lol yeah this is my favorite of theirs.  This is so much better than the english version.  holy crap yuri, amazing legs

Thekoreanjjang:     Man maknae matured well and I love Tae’s hairstyle, but this is strictly a dance assessment not vocal. But the visuals will always plays a role!

KpopEncarta:           I was looking at it from an overall performance standpoint

Thekoreanjjang:     What do you mean by that then? Just to be clear.

KpopEncarta:           How well the pulled off their concept , visuals and actual dance performance

Thekoreanjjang:     They pulled off their concept pretty well I got to admit even if this isn’t one of my favorite snsd songs.  Anyway onto lovey.  DAMN lovey.  HAHA Jiyeon made that minor vocal error in the beginning, but she pushed through like a champ.

KpopEncarta:           I love how simple their outfits are

Thekoreanjjang:     Second!!

KpopEncarta:           Well that and they look freakishly hot

Thekoreanjjang:     The hats on look good on Soyeon and Eunjung too.

KpopEncarta:           Don’t see smokey makeup on hyomin that much, mainly jiyeon

Thekoreanjjang:     I like how well their dance routine streams in with each other…the shuffle…man everyday I’m shuffling!

KpopEncarta:           Hwayoung’s solo.  damn

Thekoreanjjang:     Man give me Hwayoung’s solo dance over Hyoyeon’s any day. That arrogant look at the end!

KpopEncarta:           And there’s not even a nipple slip in this one

Thekoreanjjang:     This freaking guy!!

KpopEncarta:           looool I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.  Uncalled for, I apologize

Thekoreanjjang:     Don’t go off topic or people won’t take us seriously hah.

KpopEncarta:           Damn this one is harder than I thought.

Thekoreanjjang:     Just as snsd had the advantage in their song category…the advantage slips back to T-ara in the dance rounds.  It was pretty close, but I thought T-ara executed their performance better. I always felt that The Boys felt like a combination of two different songs. Their vocals start amazingly well in The Boys, but their strange change in beat with the sudden dance moves always like a bit of an awkward twist in their song. While T-ara just shuffles the hell out of this song which is what they set out to do in the first place.

KpopEncarta:           Visuals…I actually don’t know.

Thekoreanjjang:     I also feel that Hwayoung’s solo dance pushed them just over the hump to get on top.

KpopEncarta:           T-ara looked fine, but holy shit snsd.

Thekoreanjjang:     I enjoyed their facial expressions more as snsd seemed to be really focused on their vocal delivery which was no easy feat.

KpopEncarta:           They played to the camera more, true

Thekoreanjjang:     This is a performance bro!!  I gotta give it to Lovey Dovey.

KpopEncarta:           I’m still thinking.  Replay lol

Thekoreanjjang:     Hurry the hell up man!

KpopEncarta:           loool.  Seohyun, damn, way to grow up.

Thekoreanjjang:     See I told you Seohyun was the superior pick.

KpopEncarta:           haha

Thekoreanjjang:     Man T-ara all look great, but what about Qri huh?

KpopEncarta:           Broken qri indeed

Thekoreanjjang:     This is super saiyen Qri.

KpopEncarta:           looool

Thekoreanjjang:      SS qri.  Eunjung and Jiyeon at ss2. Boram…well Boram is still Krillin.

KpopEncarta:           LOL

Thekoreanjjang:      But krillin is important!! He’s the damn heart in their group.

KpopEncarta:           Omg I was so gonna say that but I thought you would get pissed.

Thekoreanjjang:     Hey you know I’m still an honest purist at heart.  I love Boram, but I gotta call it as is.

KpopEncarta:           lol

KpopEncarta:           Upon further review…

Thekoreanjjang:      I’m standing by lovey

KpopEncarta:           While visuals I give to the boys…

Thekoreanjjang:     esp since I had ZERO expectations for this song before their promotions. I thought it’d be a weak follow up to Cry Cry.

KpopEncarta:           Overall perf I give to lovey dovey.

Thekoreanjjang:     I thought cry cry was their shining K-pop moment so lovey just socked me in the stomach.

KpopEncarta:           Little did we know, their most successful song to date in terms of awards.

Thekoreanjjang:     It’s hard to say T-ara lost in visuals for this one, but you sure picked a good video. I have no complaints. T-ara for me 1-0 in the final dance rounds.

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Next Battle: Mr. Taxi vs Why are You Being like This?


15 responses to “Dance Performance Battle Round 1: The Boys vs Lovey Dovey

  1. annisa May 8, 2012 at 6:19 am


  2. Lupin May 9, 2012 at 11:15 am

    lovey dovey of course !

  3. Anonymous May 16, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    lovey dovey :X

  4. Jenny May 28, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    Snsd of course (: !

  5. najwa mohammad August 10, 2012 at 10:24 am

    lovey dovey suree

  6. seohyun August 14, 2012 at 4:01 am

    snsd of course!! the boys the best!

  7. Princess Sunny January 20, 2013 at 5:39 am

    The Boys is THE BEST of SONG!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous January 26, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    I like lovey dovey better because in the Boys the repeat the same thing over and over again

  9. ishak April 15, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Lovey Dovey !!!!
    i love t-ara and i love Lovey Dovey ^___^

  10. Anonymous May 11, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Lovey dovey!! It’s my T-ara’s song I love the most!

  11. suya July 31, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Of course THE BOYS snsd

  12. t-ara the best March 11, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Lovey dovey best☆☆☆☆☆

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