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Monthly Archives: December 2012

[Best of the Best] Top 5 Songs Not Promoted on Music Shows in 2012

Best 5 Songs Not Promoted on Music Shows

For obvious reasons, not all songs that get released can be promoted on music shows.  Artists pick the song that they think will do best and that’s their main track.  Here I’ll discuss 5 songs that may not have been promoted but I still very much enjoyed.

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[Best of the Best] Top 10 songs of 2012

f(x) - Electric Shock PSY - Oppa Gangnam Style SISTAR - Alone 4minute - Volume Up

2012 for me was the year of the soloist.  Most of the major groups put out songs this year, but most were fairly uninteresting for me(Secret’s “Talk That”, T-ara’s “Love Dovey” being among the few exceptions not mentioned below).  Of course, we can’t fail to mention Gangnam Style which blew up far more than anyone could have possibly anticipated, which again only highlights how good of a year it was for soloists.  When my friend in Peace Corp is telling me he’s even hearing it on local stations in South Africa, you know you’ve yourself a world-wide sensation.  Here I’ll discuss what I considered the best 10 songs of the last year.

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[Drama Recap] Ghost


Overall Score: 7/10
Character Development: 8/10 ( would’ve liked more on Lee Yeon Hee’s character, but still pretty good) 
Plot Development: 7/10 (Progression was done well, but did bog down at times)
Acting: 5/10 (I liked Uhm Ki Joon, but every other main character dragged this down)
Soundtrack: 6/10 (nothing spectacular)
Enjoyability: 8/10 (enjoyed the premise of it, but i wanted more of Daniel Choi)

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