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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2017 Edition

Girl Groups 06

Every once in a while, thekoreanjjang has a good idea.  It doesn’t happen often, but in this case I’ll give credit where credit is due.  I forget what we were talking about, but he mentioned that it would probably be easy for me to expand my visuals list given how much more kpop I intake compared to him.  So given that this is the 5th year of me putting out this list, I figured why not.  It was a tad harder than I had originally anticipated, but in the end I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  So without further ado, here’s my list of the top 25 girl group visuals.

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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2016 Edition

Girl Groups 05

2016 so far has been an…interesting year let’s call it so far.  Many of the major second generation girl groups have either disbanded or are basically inactive.  SNSD?  Haven’t had a decent song in years and are doing solo promotions now.  2NE1?  Gone.  4minute?  Gone. miss A?  Gone.  Kara?  Gone.  I could go on, but suffice to say there’s definitely been a changing of the guard in terms of popularity.  Likewise, there’s been pretty big upheaval in this year’s visuals list.  We’ve got 4 newcomers and nobody left from my original list from 2012.  As always, no restrictions were applied and feel free to post your own list in the comments.

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[Best of the Best] Top Songs of 2015

miss A - ColorsBoA - Kiss My Lips APink - Pink Memory SNSD - Lionheart
Another year down and so that means it’s time for the one post that’s managed to survive from the very beginning of when we started this blog: songs of the year.  This year, I found myself disappointed with my normal groups and expanding to newer ones.  I seem to take a year off when searching for new groups as the same thing happened in 2013, whereas 2014 was exclusively old biases.  I hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season and best wishes for all in 2016.

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[Best of the Best] T-ara Edition

T-ara - So Crazy

I know I’m late on this post considering the anniversary was over a week ago, but better late than never right?  I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to make this list for my favorite kpop group and so I wanted to make sure I got everything right.  That said, happy 6th anniversary to T-ara!  Here’s to another 6!

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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2015 Edition

Girl Groups - 04

Another year, another update.  Whereas the last update was really just a reshuffle of the order of the original list, this year brings several new faces.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m a year older or if my tastes changed, but even I was kind of surprised at how different this year’s list was.  Just like last year, the arbitrary visual designation does not apply; everyone is eligible.

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[Best of the Best] Top Song Ranking

Girl Groups 01

Originally, this post was going to be a larger ranking of all the songs I’ve liked over the years, but that list ended up being way too hard to pare down to something reasonable.  I had to come up with some way to limiting it otherwise the list would just keep on growing.  In the end, I came up with these:

  1. To qualify for the list, an artist had to have more than one song that I particularly liked
  2. Only the top 20 in terms of number of songs liked would be on the list
  3. Of the artists that made the cut, I’d pick the song I liked the most
  4. In the case of a tie, the best song would be the tiebreaker
  5. Subunits/Solo Endeavors count under the main group

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[Birthday Blessings] Minah(Girls Day)

Minah - 01

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but it seemed appropriate for it to be the girl who has probably risen up my bias list faster than any other: Girls Day talented and pretty main vocal, Bang Minah

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[Best of the Best] Top Songs of 2014

coverAoA - Like a CatHong Jin Young - Cheer Upfx - Red Light

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and it’s 2015 already, and yet here we are.  I still wish I had more time to blog, but sadly real life responsibilities prevent me from doing so.  Obviously since we haven’t been active, we can’t sustain our view rate of previous years, but we’re still getting more than either thekoreanjjang or I expected when we started this in 2011.  Thank all of you once again for visiting the site and I hope everyone has a prosperous 2015.

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[Random Rants] Farewell Sica

So obviously one of the biggest news in the kpop world the last few days is Jessica’s surprising dismissal from SNSD.  The fallout has been swift with fingers being pointed everywhere and theories popping up left and right as to what happened.  Even SME’s stock price has dropped over 8% since the news dropped.  I could go into details of what happened, but it’s probably easier to read it elsewhere.  I personally prefer the Asianjunkie articles here, here, and here.

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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2014 Edition

Girl Groups 03

It’s been over two years since this post and so I decided to do a quick refresher just because of how popular the old one seemed to be.  The requirement that they be the face of the group was a bit too restrictive, and led to many a debate on comments, so this time I’m opening it up to all members.  So without further ado, here is my current list of the best looking idols.  As always, feel free to post your own list as well.

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