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[Best of the Best] Top 5 Girl Group Visuals 2012

Being the visuals of a girl group isn’t easy.  They are often criticized as not being able to sing as well as the other members, or maybe they don’t dance as well.  It’s not something that you can train to be either.  Here I’ll discuss the top 5 girl group members I feel just simply are the best looking.

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[Weekly Wrapup] 2/26-3/3

Don’t have time to keep up every day with all the latest news in the Kpop world?  Look no further as we go back and quickly review the biggest stories of the past week.

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[News] Kara releases Japanese PV for “Girls Power”

Following the release of their other Japanese single “Speed Up”, the girls of Kara have shown a completely different look with the release of  “Girls Power”.

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[News] Kara releases Japanese PV for “Speed Up”

After releasing the teasers for their upcoming Japanese singles, Kara today showed off their fiercer sides in the PV for “Speed Up”.

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[News] Kara Releases Teasers and Album Covers for Japanese Single “Speed Up/Girls Power”

Kara released the previews for their next Japanese album Speed Up/Girls Power.  It is set to be released on March 21st.

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