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[Random Rants] Farewell Sica

So obviously one of the biggest news in the kpop world the last few days is Jessica’s surprising dismissal from SNSD.  The fallout has been swift with fingers being pointed everywhere and theories popping up left and right as to what happened.  Even SME’s stock price has dropped over 8% since the news dropped.  I could go into details of what happened, but it’s probably easier to read it elsewhere.  I personally prefer the Asianjunkie articles here, here, and here.

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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2014 Edition

Girl Groups 03

It’s been over two years since this post and so I decided to do a quick refresher just because of how popular the old one seemed to be.  The requirement that they be the face of the group was a bit too restrictive, and led to many a debate on comments, so this time I’m opening it up to all members.  So without further ado, here is my current list of the best looking idols.  As always, feel free to post your own list as well.

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[Random Rants] Poll: Favorite SNSD Member’s OST Part 2

Poll - SNSD OST Part 2

Another year, and another round of OSTs for the SNSD girls.  In the last poll, Taeyeon garnered 38% of the vote as of this post and has a fairly commanding lead over Tiffany’s offering.  This year, 3 out of the 4 vocalists are back with Sunny being the new addition replacing Seohyun.  I’m surprised that Jessica’s song did so poorly last year, given that it was my personal favorite, but hopefully she does better this time around.  Check out all four and vote again below!

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[Girl Group Wars] 2013 Girl Group Fantasy Draft

Girl Groups

Like with the comparisons, this little idea came about on another lazy weekend.  Everyone has their own personal biases and thinks that maybe a certain idol would be better off in a group other than the one they’re in.  In some cases, like T-ara’s Soyeon or 4minute’s Hyuna, they were already part of a group and then switched.  With this exercise, we explored 8 different variations of the current girl group members.
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[News] Halloween Song/MV Releases(SNSD, Ailee, and more)

Yes, technically some of these songs were released on November 1st in Korea, but it’s Halloween here so it still counts!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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[Best of the Best] SNSD Edition

Five years ago, an unknown group of nine girls took the stage and began their singing careers.  Now, those same girls are one of the most popular girl groups in the world.  Happy 5th anniversary to SNSD!

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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 20 *FINAL*

Here we recap and discuss episode 20 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 19

Here we recap and discuss episode 19 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

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[News]SNSD Releases MV Teaser for “Paparazzi”

SNSD released the teaser MV for their upcoming Japanese song “Paparazzi”.

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[Birthday Blessings] Yoona(SNSD)

In our second birthday blessing for today, we celebrate the 22nd birthday of SNSD’s center and visual Im Yoona!

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