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[Random Rants] Farewell Sica

So obviously one of the biggest news in the kpop world the last few days is Jessica’s surprising dismissal from SNSD.  The fallout has been swift with fingers being pointed everywhere and theories popping up left and right as to what happened.  Even SME’s stock price has dropped over 8% since the news dropped.  I could go into details of what happened, but it’s probably easier to read it elsewhere.  I personally prefer the Asianjunkie articles here, here, and here.

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[Random Rant] Areum Leaves T-ara


In a surprising turn of events, Areum has announced that she will be leaving T-ara to pursue a solo career.  *Runs to get popcorn for ensuing netizen explosion*

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[Random Rants] Poll: Favorite SNSD Member’s OST Part 2

Poll - SNSD OST Part 2

Another year, and another round of OSTs for the SNSD girls.  In the last poll, Taeyeon garnered 38% of the vote as of this post and has a fairly commanding lead over Tiffany’s offering.  This year, 3 out of the 4 vocalists are back with Sunny being the new addition replacing Seohyun.  I’m surprised that Jessica’s song did so poorly last year, given that it was my personal favorite, but hopefully she does better this time around.  Check out all four and vote again below!

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[Random Rants] Hwayoung Removed from T-ara

In not quite so surprising news, CCM has just announced that Hwayoung’s contract with them has been terminated effective immediately.

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[Random Rants] SM Town LA 2012 Retrospective

Last night I had the privilege of having floor seats for SM Town 2012 in Anaheim, and man what a concert that was.  My ears are even still ringing a little bit from it.

[Random Rants] Happy Mother’s Day!

To all moms out there, happy mother’s day and thank you for everything you’ve done for us.  For me, this day brings two songs to mind: g.o.d.’s “To My Mother” and SNSD’s “Dear Mom”.

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[Random Rants] Poll: Which SNSD Member’s OST Do You Like Best?

[Random Rants] T-ara’s Upcoming Member Change

Kim Kwang Soo, CEO of Core Contents Media, announced this week that starting in July, T-ara would be promoting as a 9-membered group.

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