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Dance Performance Round 3: Hoot vs Cry Cry (Final Round)


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Dance Performance Battle Round 1: The Boys vs Lovey Dovey

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Member Battle Round 7: Sooyoung vs Boram (shikshins)

Member Battle Round 6: Yuri vs Qri (Intangibles)

Member Battle Round 5: Seohyun vs Hwayoung (Maknaes)

Member Battle Round 4: Sunny vs Hyomin (SunByung couple/variety vocalists)

Member Battle Round 3: Yoona vs Jiyeon (Visuals)

[Review] MV Rewind: IU “Last Fantasy” & “You and I”

In anticipation for IU’s upcoming Japanese debut of “Good Day” on March 21st, the music video for the ninth track of her latest album “Last Fantasy” has finally been revealed. Unlike traditional k-pop music videos, this clip presents a montage of IU exploring different cities within Japan, including footage from her Japanese debut showcase held at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya.

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Member Battle Round 1: Taeyeon vs Eunjung (Leaders)

Girl Group Wars: SNSD vs T-ARA

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