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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2017 Edition

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Every once in a while, thekoreanjjang has a good idea.  It doesn’t happen often, but in this case I’ll give credit where credit is due.  I forget what we were talking about, but he mentioned that it would probably be easy for me to expand my visuals list given how much more kpop I intake compared to him.  So given that this is the 5th year of me putting out this list, I figured why not.  It was a tad harder than I had originally anticipated, but in the end I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  So without further ado, here’s my list of the top 25 girl group visuals.

25. Taeyeon(SNSD)

Previous Ranks: #9(2014)
It’s been a while since SNSD’s kid leader last made this list, but she’s always been a contender.  Since SNSD hasn’t seen fit to make a variety appearance these days her drop in rank could also be due to a lack of exposure.  I’ve enjoyed Tae’s solo endeavors though and there’s always Instagram.

24. Sojin(Girl’s Day)

Previous Ranks: N/A
Yes she’s old by idol standards, but still one of the best looking idols around.  Girl’s Day has already renewed their contracts with their agency so seems like she’ll be around for a couple more years to show the younger idols how to age with grace.

23. Wendy(Red Velvet)

Previous Ranks: N/A
Red Velvet was a group that I liked from their debut, but I’ve always had a hard time picking which one was the second most attractive member.  In the end, I’ll give Wendy the nod if for nothing else I tend to prefer the foreign-born members of groups for whatever reason.  The rest of the group is very solid visually and definitely top 3 in that regard as a whole.

22. Hyosung(Secret)

Previous Ranks: N/A
Similar to Red Velvet, Secret for the longest time was one where it was hard to decide which one I thought was most attractive.  Eventually two pulled away from the pack and Hyosung solidified herself as #2.  Her solo songs were…let’s say adequate, but I do miss seeing her on the major variety shows.  Knowing Bros was the last one that I recall and she was fantastic there.

21. Hani(EXID)

Previous ranks: N/A
I’ll be honest, I was not impressed with Hani initially.  Even with her fancam went viral, I didn’t think much of it.  As she started appearing more on variety though, I began to see why there was so much hype around her.  She’s very attractive and one of the most entertaining idols to watch on variety so thank you random fancamer for kickstarting their rise to mainstream popularity.

20. Krystal(f(x))

Previous Ranks: #4(2012), #6(2014)
After I finished this list, I was actually surprised the young Jung sister landed this low.  She’s not at the same level as her sister, but Soojung is still definitely one of the best looking idols around.  It’s really a shame that SM has all but abandoned f(x) at this point as I’ve always liked their songs and seeing them together on variety.

19. Eunji(APink)

Previous Ranks: N/A
It’s really only been the last two years or so that Eunji’s risen up my rankings.  She was cute at debut, but she’s really transformed into the pretty type now that she’s in the middle of her visual prime.  It might be hard for her to rise much higher in my rankings given who she needs to pass, but she’s got plenty of years left in her career so who knows what can happen.

18. SinB(GFriend)

Previous Ranks: N/A
The first time I saw a GFriend MV, SinB was the one who immediately caught my attention for one obvious reason.  I’ll leave what that reason is to the imagination, but that aside, she’s the queen of facial expressions.  Most idols are able to hide their feelings, but SinB wears her emotions on her face and it’s one of the reasons that contribute to her ranking.

17. Jiyeon(T-ara)

Previous Ranks: #3(2012), #5(2014), #10(2015)
As you can see from her previous rankings, T-ara’s dinosaur maknae has historically been one of the best looking idols for me.  I really hope she and the rest of the group are able to escape from the disaster that is their agency soon and 6-ara can rise from the ashes and continue their careers so I have more opportunities to see her.

16. Serri(Dal Shabet)

Previous Ranks: #10(2014)
It seems kind of odd to rank Serri higher than Jiyeon given the latter’s placements in the annual lists, but I stand by this decision.  Dal Shabet’s leader has been a favorite of mine ever since I started paying attention to them during their “Be Ambitious” days.  Would be nice to see her in person one day, but those odds seem slim at this point.

15. Hyeri(Girl’s Day)

Previous Ranks: N/A
Thekoreanjjang has been more of a Hyeri fan than I have historically, but she’s really come into her own visually over the last year or so.  The fact that she’s this high on this list comes as a shock to me, but the more I think about it, the more it feels right.  Also, unlike the others below her on this list, I do think she has the potential to crack the top 10 so will be interesting to see how she does next year.

14. D.ana(Sonamoo)

Previous Ranks: N/A
This pick can 100% be contributed to KBS’s Idol Drama Operations Team.  I went from vaguely hearing about Sonamoo to actively searching up why I’d never bothered looking at them before.  D.ana in particular checks off alot of boxes for me visually and I’m looking forward to see just how far she can rise.  Hopefully their next comeback helps her in that regard.

13. Tzuyu(Twice)

Previous Ranks: N/A
Unsurprisingly, the first Twice member to show up on this list is also the first foreign-born idol.  It also says something that the lowest ranking Twice member on this list is this high.  The best part of Tzuyu starting off at rank 13 is that she has yet to even tap into all her potential since most idols don’t hit their visual primes for me until they’re a couple years older.

12 Ji Eun(Secret)

Previous Ranks: #4(2015), #9(2016)
While Ji Eun managed to hit rank 12 for me this year, it’s very possible that her number of top 10 finishes will remain at 2.  She’ll always be one of my favorite idols both visually and vocally, but as D.ana and Taeyeon showed, exposure matters.  Secret as a group is dead and I haven’t really watched her dramas so her solos will have to be how she remains relevant.

11. Yoona(SNSD)

Previous Ranks: #2(2012)
As I browsed the only lists to see where Yoona had landed historically, I thought I’d made a mistake only finding her once.  She’s long been one of the most attractive idols around and a personal favorite so I figured she’d have placed more often.  After thinking about it though, she was always just on the cusp of making it, but got edged out by a more deserving candidate.  Looks like that trend will be continuing.

10. Cheng Xiao(WJSN)

Previous Ranks: N/A
Once again, the value of exposure shows itself with this rank.  Cheng Xiao has exploded in popularity and it nets herself with the 10th spot on her first appearance on this list.  Just like Tzuyu, the sky’s the limit for her as I predict her being a regular here and more than capable of challenging those that ranked above her this year.

9. Naeun(APink)

Previous Ranks: #8(2014), #8(2015)
After a one year break from the list, Naeun returns with the #9 spot.  APink’s center isn’t going to blow anyone away vocally, but nobody is doubting her visual appeal.  She’s gotten a well-deserved bump in popularity after appearing in Psy’s “New Face” MV,  but she’s always been a favorite since at least their “No No No” days.  I also was able to see her when APink made a stop in San Francisco on their American tour.

8. Mina(Twice)

Previous Ranks: #5(2016)
While she did fall 3 ranks from last year, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mina is still one of the best looking idols around.  The first of Twice’s J-Trinity to show up on the list immediately caught my eye and in fact was initially my favorite member.  She’s been supplanted since then, but will no doubt be a visual force for years to come.

7. Yura(Girl’s Day)

Previous Ranks: #6(2015), #6(2016)
After 2 consecutive 6 place finishes, Yura drops one this year to rank 7.  She makes it 3/4 so far for Girl’s Day and could just as easily regain her 6 spot next year since the difference between her and the current 6th place finisher is such a slim margin.  Honestly, I could see her moving up even more as I could pretty much flip any of the next couple ranks and be okay with the results.

6. Irene(Red Velvet)

Previous Ranks: #9(2015), #7(2016)
Irene is one of the few idols to actually improve her ranking every year she’s made the list.  Though she might be one of the older idols on the list, she’s also one of only a handful where I was one actually starstruck at how good she looked in real life.  It wasn’t the best seats in the world for KMF LA 2016, but she was pretty much the only one I was looking at when Red Velvet was performing.

5. Eunjung(T-ara)

Previous Rankings: #2(2014), #3(2015), #4(2016)
Eunjung has the distinction of being one of only two idols to make the list every single year ever since I removed the restriction of being the “visual center” of the team.  She’s long been a bias and one of the more visually versatile idols in the industry.  It will be interesting to see how she fares next year once T-ara officially disbands and is less active.  Hopefully she’ll get more chances as acting as she used to be pretty good at it.

4. Minah(Girl’s Day)

Previous Rankings: #3(2014), #1(2015), #2(2016)
And that makes 4/4 for Girl’s Day, solidifying them as one of the top visual groups among those currently active.  Minah even managed to slightly outdo Eunjung by not only tying her for most mentions on the list but also placing in the top 3 each year.  She tried her best to retain it this year too, but the 3 who placed above her are just on a tier above the rest at this point.

3. Sana(Twice)

Previous Rankings: #8(2016)
No Sana, No Life.   The second member of the Twice’s J-Trinity has been absolutely killing it visually ever since Knock Knock.  She looks so good these days that I even briefly considered her at the #1 spot.  Her smile is infectious and she seems to have the natural aegyo when she talks that draws people in.  No doubt this is the first of many top 3 placements to come for her on this list.

2. Momo(Twice)

Previous Rankings: #3(2016)
As good as Sana’s looked, Momo is still the most attractive member of the J-Trinity and Twice as a whole.  She checks off all boxes for me visually and made a really strong case for the top spot.  While she did fall short this year, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her finally take the crown next year and keep it for the duration of her visual prime.

1. Seolhyun(AoA)

Previous Rankings: #2(2015), #1(2016)
All hail the queen.  Seolhyun joins miss A’s Suzy as the only two time #1 finishers on this list and is the only idol to never place lower than 2nd.  Even with her second place finish in 2015, she would have taken the top spot if not for the timely release of Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”.  She’s 100% my ideal type visually and really the only thing that can stop her is if AoA isn’t as active anymore without ChoA.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but who knows in the crazy world of idols.

Bonus: Jessica Jung

Previous Ranks: #4(2014), #5(2015)
She’s not an idol anymore, but my ultimate bias still looks great and I would love to be able to see her perform again some day.  While not a top 10 visual anymore, I’d still slot her in the 11-13 range.


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