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[News] T-ara’s live performances of Japanese “Roly Poly” and “Bo Beep Bo Beep”

T-ara recently showcased their newest Japanese single “Roly Poly” along with their hit track “Bo Beep Bo Beep” on ‘Made in BS Japan!’ You can also catch their recently released Japanese MV’s of “Roly Poly” and “Lies” here.

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[News] T-ara releases Japanese MVs of “Roly Poly” and “Lies”

T-ara released the MVs for the Japanese remake of their hit song “Roly Poly” as well as their debut song “Lies”.

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[News] T-ara unveils MV teaser for Japanese version of “Lies”

With the successful conclusion of their Korean promotion of “Lovey Dovey”, girl group T-ara has released a new MV teaser in anticipation for their upcoming Japanese promotion of “Lies”.

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Song Battle Round 3: Oh! vs. Roly Poly

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