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[Girl Group Wars] 2013 Girl Group Fantasy Draft

Girl Groups

Like with the comparisons, this little idea came about on another lazy weekend.  Everyone has their own personal biases and thinks that maybe a certain idol would be better off in a group other than the one they’re in.  In some cases, like T-ara’s Soyeon or 4minute’s Hyuna, they were already part of a group and then switched.  With this exercise, we explored 8 different variations of the current girl group members.
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[Album Audio] Wonder Girls Release ‘Wonder Party’ Mini Album and MV for “Like This”!

Yesterday, the Wonder Girls released their mini album ‘Wonder Party’ as well as the MV for their main track “Like This!”

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[Best of the Best] Top 5 “What If”s

Ever wish you could change something that happened in the past?  You think that if only this had happened, then things would be better or you wish that you knew something when you had to make a decision.  Here we’ll discus my top 5 “What If?” moments in Kpop.

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[News] Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye sings “Sound of Love” for ‘Feast of the Gods’ OST

Wonder Girls’ leader Sun Ye released her OST for Feast of the Gods titled “Sound of Love”

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[Best of the Best] Top 10 songs of 2011

2011 was a great year for Kpop.  Just about every major group released at least an album, and there were multiple surprise songs that took home awards at the weekly music charts.  Here I will discuss the top 10 songs from 2011 that I really enjoyed.

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