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[Review] MV Rewind: miss A “Touch” includes Making of and Dance tutorial

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[Review] MV Rewind: SPEED “Lovey-Dovey Plus” ver. 1 & 2 (T-ara remake)

The official status of Core Content Media’s hybrid group Co-ed has been shrouded in mystery ever since they abruptly halted all promotions in late 2010. This was surprising as they were just months removed from their official debut. Although CCM has maintained their official stance that Co-ed stepped down so that they could focus on T-ara’s Temptastic comeback, I always found this a bit of a stretch. Read more of this post

[Review] MV Rewind: IU “Last Fantasy” & “You and I”

In anticipation for IU’s upcoming Japanese debut of “Good Day” on March 21st, the music video for the ninth track of her latest album “Last Fantasy” has finally been revealed. Unlike traditional k-pop music videos, this clip presents a montage of IU exploring different cities within Japan, including footage from her Japanese debut showcase held at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya.

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[Review] MV Rewind: Se7en “When I Can’t Sing” & “Somebody Else”

Se7en recently made his successful comeback to the Korean music scene with his title song “When I Can’t Sing”. Written and composed by Park Jin Young, this track marks the first collaboration project between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. Read more of this post

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