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Drama Recaps

*Awful*                           *Decent*                          *Great*                  


Overall Score: 5/10
Character Development: 5/10 (I expect better from the Hong Sisters)
Plot Development: 3/10 (So much wrong with this plot, it’s hard to pick a place to begin)
Acting: 7/10 (Thank you Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo for making this mildly watchable)
Soundtrack: 6/10 (B2ST’s OST was my favorite of the bunch)
Enjoyability: 4/10 (only because of Lee Min Jung and Suzy)

Dream High 2
Dream High 2 Cast Poster

Overall Score: 2/10
Character Development: 1/10 (completely non-existent)
Plot Development: 1/10 (I’d give this a negative score if i could)
Acting: 2/10 (it was painful to say the least, despite the best efforts of the non-idol actors/actresses)
Soundtrack: 5/10 (Admittedly I did like some of the songs during the drama and not the actual OSTs )
Enjoyability: 1/10 (as much as I like Jiyeon and Ailee…there was no salvaging this drama)

Gentleman’s Dignity
Gentleman's Dignity

Overall Score: 8/10
Character Development: 8/10 (As expected from the writer of 2 of my all-time favorite dramas ) 
Plot Development: 6/10 (Everything was fine until the plot got serious, then it just got boring)
Acting: 10/10 (Great cast and chemistry all around)
Soundtrack: 7/10 (I actually liked most of the songs, but no real standouts)
Enjoyability: 8/10 (first half of the drama was great…second half, not so much)


Overall Score: 7/10
Character Development: 8/10 ( would’ve liked more on Lee Yeon Hee’s character, but still pretty good) 
Plot Development: 7/10 (Progression was done well, but did bog down at times)
Acting: 5/10 (I liked Uhm Ki Joon, but every other main character dragged this down)
Soundtrack: 6/10 (nothing spectacular)
Enjoyability: 8/10 (enjoyed the premise of it, but i wanted more of Daniel Choi)

Fashion King
Fashion King - 02

Overall Score: 2/10
Character Development: 2/10 (no development after leaving New York)
Plot Development: 1/10 (pretty much the same as their character development)
Acting: 3/10 (I like the actors, but the plot was too terrible for them to show anything)
Soundtrack: 3/10 (might’ve been good, but I was too angry watching this to notice really)
Enjoyability: 1/10 (never had a drama make me so angry for all the wrong reasons)

Love Rain
Love Rain

Overall Score: 6/10
Character Development: 5/10 (Joon developed…everyone else, not so much) 
Plot Development: 5/10 (Decent progression throughout, but it lasted about 2 episodes too long)
Acting: 6/10 (Nothing bad, but nothing spectacular either)
Soundtrack: 7/10 (Tiffany’s OST was the standout, but all were pretty solid)
Enjoyability: 7/10 (The three musketeers were hilarious and Yoona was pretty, what’s not to like?)

 The King 2 Hearts

The King 2 Hearts
Overall Score: 10/10
Character Development: 9/10 (bad guys needed work, but great job on all the other characters)
Plot Development: 10/10 (could’ve done without the WOC, but they kept the pacing moving very nicely)
Acting: 10/10 (loved Ha Ji Won and everyone else, but Jo Jung Suk was masterful)
Soundtrack: 10/10 (Taeyeon’s was great…Lee Yoon Ji’s was better in conjunction with the drama)
Enjoyability: 10/10 (was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end)


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