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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 17

Here we recap and discuss episode 17 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Though Hye Jung saw Joon and Ha Na hugging, since she was pretty far away, she couldn’t recognize them.  At the same time, In Ha is apologizing to Yoon Hee for making her be the one to tell the kids that the wedding’s off.  He asks her if she’s okay, to which she just sighs.  Hye Jung is surprised to see In Ha there and asks him what he’s doing here.  In Ha asks her the same question, but Hye Jung assures him that she’s not here to pour water on Yoon Hee again.  She asks them why they decided to call off the wedding and just remain friends, but Yoon Hee tells Hye Jung that it’s none of her business.  Since she’s no longer going to marry In Ha, Yoon Hee hopes that Hye Jung will finally stop meddling in her life and that they can be friends again.  She then excuses herself, saying that she has work to do.

After Yoon Hee leaves, Hye Jung tells In Ha that they need to talk.  They go into a cafe and we have a flashback and see that Mi Ho isn’t as dumb as I thought she’d be and only told Hye Jung that she asked about Joon because he objected to the marriage.  She asks him what about the marriage that Joon was against, but In Ha just stays silent.  If he won’t tell her though, she’ll go ask Joon himself.  In Ha tells her to stay out of Joon’s business as well and that he won’t just go along with her decisions anymore.

Meanwhile, after they left the resort, Joon and Ha Na go on a joyride and end up in a pretty nice looking house in the middle of nowhere.  According to Joon, they’re going to need a place to hide out.  He wraps Ha Na in a hug from behind and asks her if she’s okay with this, and Ha Na just smiles and nods.  They go for a date and walk around a market, looking every bit like the 20-something lovebirds that they’re supposed to be.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say there wasn’t a whole lot of acting involved.  When one of the market vendors asks them if they’re newlyweds, Ha Na denies it at first, but Joon puts his arm around her and says that they are.

Afterwards, Ha Na wonders if they’ll ever actually ever be married.  Joon tells her not to worry about it and at the count of three all she’ll think about is being here with him.  Later that night, Joon is complaining about Ha Na’s ordinary tastes when it comes to food, but he’s the one doing all the prep work.  She tells him that he’s better at cooking than she thought, and just stares at him.  Joon, notices this, and comments that men who cook well are popular among girls.  He then jokes that he’s cooked for many girls, earning a jealous frown from Ha Na.  As she looks through a brochure, Ha Na suggests that they go star gazing at the nearby observatory, but Joon doesn’t feel like it.  He just wants to stay in the house with her, which Ha Na just smiles and nods.  Yeah if I was dating Yoona, I’d say that’s a fair request.

Ha Na reads through the brochure some more and snickers at something.  Joon asks her what she’s laughing at and she just tells him to come see for himself.  Apparently, if you go see the morning fog here you’ll fall in love with the person.  Hah, those legends are everywhere aren’t they?  After they reminisce about Diamond Snow, Joon asks Ha Na what she did with the necklace he gave her.  Ha Na says she threw it away just like he threw away her ring, but Joon surprises her by showing that he’s kept the ring on a chain around his neck.  He returns the ring to her and says if she ever makes up her mind, she can give it back to him.

Back at the resort, Yoon Hee is working with her friend when she asks if Ha Na is in the greenhouse since she told her that she didn’t have classes today.  Her friend tells her though that Ha Na left with some guy who looked like her boyfriend.  As her friend rambles on about how it’s a shame that Ha Na couldn’t go out with Tae Sung, Yoon Hee looks a tad worried.

Joon and Ha Na finally sit down to eat, and of course Joon is bragging about how good of a cook he is.  Ha Na scoffs at him, but then gets a call from her Mom.  She’s hesitant to answer it, but Joon tells her to do it.  Yoon Hee asks her where she is, and Ha Na lies and says that something came up at school and she has to stay the night there.  Of course, Yoon Hee knows she’s lying but accepts her daughter’s answer.  When Ha Na becomes silent, Yoon Hee asks if she’s okay and Ha Na assures her that she’s fine.  Though she feels guilty about lying to her mom, she does eventually turn and smile back at Joon.

Tae Sung now pays Yoon Hee a visit, saying that he wasn’t able to find Ha Na at the greenhouse so she thought she’d be at home.  Yoon Hee decides that she should help out her daughter and sits Tae Sung down for a talk.  She tells him that Ha Na has someone she likes, but Tae Sung says he already knew that and how they broke up recently.  He tells Yoon Hee that he wants her help to break them up because the guy isn’t good enough for her.  Hah.

Back at whatever secluded hideaway that Joon found, Ha Na asks him what they should do now since they’re the reason why their parents broke up.  Their conversation is interrupted though as it starts raining, however neither seem in any hurry to get inside.  Instead, they just stare each other as the rain pours down.  At the same time, Yoon Hee is in Ha Na’s room and finds her camera.  Uh oh.  She looks through the pictures and is shocked to find the ones that she took with Joon.  Suddenly everything makes sense to her with how Joon and Ha Na were acting, as well as why In Ha really broke off the wedding.

Ha Na wakes up and find that rather than sleeping on Joon’s leg, like she had been before, he’s been replaced by a pillow.  She immediately goes in search of him and sees him staring at the morning fog alone.  When Joon sees her, he tells her that he came out to check to see if the fog really was here so that he could pretend like he slept in to avoid seeing it with her.  Hah.  Regardless, he tells her that whether it be the fog or diamond snow, all the wants is to be able to see many things with her.  It’s up to them, not fate, to decide whether they can be together.  Ha Na then pulls the ring out from her pocket and puts it on his finger.  Ha Na says that she chooses him and that he was her first in everything.  Joon smiles at her and wraps her in another hug.

We cut back to the resort and see Yoon Hee watching Joon return with Ha Na.  When Ha Na gets home, she calls out for her mom, but there’s no response.  Yoon Hee then returns home as well and says they should eat breakfast now.  Both look like they have something to say to each other, but instead just stay silent and smile awkwardly at each other.

Meanwhile, Hye Jung is paying Sun Ho’s cafe a visit.  Jeon Sul happily greets her and tells her that he’s working here as a gardener.  Hye Jung thought it was someone else, and Jeon Sul blurts out if she knows Ha Na.  Oh that’s going to come back to haunt someone.  Before she can think too deeply on it though, Sun Ho comes out and greets Hye Jung as well.  She asks him if Joon came here last night and if he’s still dating the gardener here like Mi Ho told her before.  Sun Ho insists that Mi Ho got it wrong though and their conversation is interrupted by Joon strolling in.

As they sit down to talk, Hye Jung asks Joon if the former gardener quit because of him and that she wants to see her.  Uh, overbearing much?  Joon tells his mom that it doesn’t concern her and asks what she’s doing here.  Hye Jung then asks him why In Ha cancelled the wedding because of him since that doesn’t make sense to her.  Not sure what to say, Joon just stays silent.

Back at the Kim household, Ha Na has apparently spilled the beans to Yoon Hee, who seems supportive of her daughter.  Ha Na apologizes for not telling her mom and that she’ll bring him around when she’s ready.  Yoon Hee then tells Ha Na she wants her daughter to just love someone and not worry so much.  Afterwards, Ha Na goes to pay Tae Sung a visit since she heard he was worried about her.  Tae Sung asks her if she was with Joon all night, but she ignores the question and says that she came to tell him not to worry about her.  She’s made up her mind now so everything will be okay.  Tae Sung then selfishly tries to play the mom card with Ha Na, saying that she should think of Yoon Hee’s feelings.  It’s not like she was together with Joon for that long, so it shouldn’t be so hard to break up.  Ha Na says that it doesn’t matter how it happened, but Joon’s all she can think about for now.  She then apologizes for not being able to return his feelings.

After she leaves Tae Sung’s office, Ha Na bumps into Hye Jung.  She overhears Hye Jung muttering about how she visits Tae Sung’s office so often, and clarifies that she’s just a younger classmate of his.  When Hye Jung meets with Tae Sung, she asks her again about their relationship: how she’s just a classmate, but he likes her.  Hye Jung also asks about Ha Na and is told that she’s a gardener here at the resort.  Man, all these little “coincidences” are sure adding up.

At Joon’s studio, Mi Ho asks him why he’s in such a good mood.  Joon asks her if anyone said something to her and looks over at Cho Soo, who’s motioning that it’s not him.  However, the stylist is just smiling and pointing at him.   LOL.  As Joon glares at Cho Soo, Mi Ho notices that Joon’s wearing the couple ring again.  He half-heartedly apologizes for not being able to accept her heart and then walks away to work.

Yoon Hee has decided to pay In Ha’s studio a visit, and looks a little dismayed at how messy it is.  In Ha apologizes for the mess and starts to clean up, but Yoon Hee insists on doing it for him.  As she’s cleaning up she sees a copy of “The Little Prince” and flashes back to meeting In Ha in the library during their college years.  When In Ha returns from his walk, Yoon Hee returns the wedding ring to him.  Even thought it was short, she says that it comforted him greatly.  In Ha asks why they can’t just remain friends like they said they would, but Yoon Hee says she’s changed her mind and thinks it would be for the best if they didn’t.  When Yoon Hee says that she just wants their kids to be able to love whoever they want, In Ha doesn’t look surprised, but asks if she knew.  Yoon Hee says she just found out and thanks him for breaking up with her, and for confirming that he’s still the person that she thought he was all these years.

After she gets back to the resort, Yoon Hee is clearly conflicted about what’s going on and leads on the side of the bus stop for support.  Ha Na happens to be working nearby and sees her mom standing there.  Meanwhile, back at Sun Ho’s cafe, Jeon Sul hears Mi Ho crying and goes to check on her.  She is in no mood to deal with him though and storms off, but stops when he points out that her mascara is running from the tears.  As Mi Ho is cleaning herself up, Jeon Sul talks about how Joon’s changed because Ha Na “planted flowers in the barren soil of Joon’s heart”.  LOL, okay that might be the best line I’ve heard in this entire series.  He then scoots his chair over to her and says that as a gardener he thinks he can plant flowers in a certain someone’s heart.  Okay, I’ve decided even though you’re kind of useless as a character, you’re good in my book Jeon Sul.  Mi Ho scoffs at the suggestion and storms off after hitting him with her bag.

Later that night, Ha Na is asking Joon if they want to meet now, but Joon tells her to spend some time with her mom.  Besides, they’ll be together the whole day tomorrow anyway.  He asks Ha Na what she wants to eat and she tells him that she’s been craving chocolate and soju after a long day of manual labor.  Interesting mix, but hey whatever makes her happy.  However, since her house is far from the stores it’s hard for her to get.  After they hang up, Ha Na looks at her phone, expecting a text or something from Joon but there’s nothing and so gives up on waiting for him to go buy the chocolates himself.  She gives Joon a call to ask what he’s doing, right as he arrives at the resort with a bag of chocolates in hand.  He lies and says that he went out since she didn’t want to see him, which disappoints her.  For revenge, she says that she went out as well, but Joon sees her slowly walking towards him.  Ha Na eventually sees him and Joon smiles at her and holds up the bag of chocolates and soju.  A smile immediately appears on her face and she runs to give him a hug.  I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I was a tad jealous here.  Well here, and pretty much the entire episode.

As they sit and talk, Joon says that he misses her so much that he actually drove all the way here to see her, even though he knew that Yoon Hee was home.  Ha Na asks him if he’s talked to his dad yet, but Joon shakes his head, saying that not all families are warm like her and her mom.  She asks him if he’s still mad at his dad, but Joon says that he actually feels like he should go thank him and apologize, but can’t bring himself to do it.  Despite not wanting to understand his dad’s feelings about love, after meeting Ha Na, Joon realized just how alike they are.  Ha Na says that she’s the same way.  Even though she knows her mom’s heartbroken inside, she’s glad that she’s with him.  Joon then takes her hand and vows that they’ll be together forever.  Famous last words, those.

The next day, Ha Na decides to pay In Ha a visit at the school.  As a gift, she brings him some potted plants and gives him tips on how to take care of them.  In place of Joon, she apologizes for not coming to see him earlier, and thanks him for looking out for Joon and herself.  In Ha says that he knows what his son’s going through so she shouldn’t worry about it.  Instead, he should thank her for loving Joon.  He’s actually glad that they got together and they seem like a good match.

Ha Na then goes to Sun Ho’s cafe and calls Joon to ask him where he is.  He tells her that he’ll be back later and had to meet someone first.  As he walks around the resort, looking for Yoon Hee, he finally finds her just as she stumbles from her disease kicking in again.  When he helps her up, Yoon Hee doesn’t realize it him and just keeps on walking after thanking him.  Joon realizes that something’s up with her and stares at her.  Yoon Hee’s vision returns and her eyes widen when she realizes that it’s Joon standing in front of her.

Back at the cafe, Ha Na hears footsteps coming up and thinks it’s Joon.  However, when we cut to the person on the stairwell, we see that it’s Hye Jung.  Uh oh, this will not end well.  She surprises Hye Jung by suddenly opening the door and the smile on her face just drops.  Hye Jung, of course, is equally surprised and demands to know why she’s there.

Final Thoughts

Well Hye Jung finally knows about Joon and Ha Na now.  She got a million hints about it, but it’s always nice to get visual confirmation for these things.  Guess it’s now round 2 of her going crazy for no reason.  For as much as she professes to love Joon, she’s about to do something that will probably irrevocably damage their relationship.  But hey, if she wants to be miserable all the time, that’s on her.

I think it’s interesting that they made Joon find out about Yoon Hee deteriorating condition first.  It’s definitely one of those things that might make Ha Na rethink their relationship if she finds out that she’s been keeping it from him.  At this point, if they run into any real trouble it’s definitely going to come from Ha Na’s side.  Yes, Hye Jung is going to apply whatever pressure she wants, but short of threatening to do something ridiculous like kill herself or something, I don’t think Joon folds to the pressure.  Other than that, I really don’t see what kind of problems Joon could possibly have to even consider breaking up with Ha Na.

I do wonder why Yoon Hee decided to not be friends anymore with In Ha after finding about Joon and Ha Na.  Perhaps it’s really just to not pressure the kids, but they’re going to still have to meet if Joon and Ha Na get that serious.  It’s not exactly a confrontation you can run away from.  It’s not a major deal or anything, just something curious to me.


3 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 17

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  2. kumi May 27, 2012 at 4:21 am

    “Not to pressure the kids” – yes, that could be a good reason for Yoon Hee to suggest that that she and In Ha could not be friends anymore.
    In reality, however, friendship between a man and a woman who are in love with each other – is something from the range of impossible things. It just can’t be. The loving feeling will be always overpowering such “friendship”.

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