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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 18

Here we recap and discuss episode 18 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Well the cat’s out of the bag now.  Hye Jung is surprised to see Ha Na in the cafe, and Ha Na isn’t sure how to respond either.  All the hints that Hye Jung’s gotten till now finally make sense and she asks Ha Na if she’s dating Joon.  Though Ha Na doesn’t say anything still, Hye Jung flips out and gets angry at her.  Meanwhile, back at the resort, Yoon Hee explains to Joon that her eye sight has always been weak.  Joon asks her how bad her condition is and Yoon Hee honestly tells him how bad it’s been.  When she begs him not to tell Ha Na, Joon realizes that Yoon Hee knows about them as well.  In the end, Joon agrees to let Yoon Hee tell Ha Na when she’s ready.

We cut back to the cafe and see an angry Hye Jung glaring at Ha Na as she explains her relationship with Joon and how they didn’t know about their parents’ relationship at first.  Hye Jung confirms with Ha Na that In Ha knows about it and asks if they’re the reason why he called off the wedding.  She complains about how she thought her “30 year nightmare” was over, only to be backstabbed by Joon.  Lady, get over yourself.  As Hye Jung storms out, she orders Ha Na not to tell Joon about this while she thinks things over and says that she hopes Ha Na will chose herself to break it off.

After she leaves, Ha Na just sits at the table thinking about what transpired.  By the time Joon gets to the cafe, though, she’s composed herself enough to joke about how late Joon is and if he’s cheating on her already.  Joon jokes back about how beautiful the woman he was with was, earning a jealous glare from Ha Na.  He then asks her what she wants to do today for their first day together again as a couple.  As she thinks about it, Joon looks closely at Ha Na’s face and notices that she seems to be hiding something.  Ha Na, of course, denies it and quickly changes the subject by saying that she’s decided what they’re going to do today: go home early.  Erm…what?  Joon is confused as well, and Ha Na says that he hasn’t gone back home much lately and that he should be a good son to his mom, who must have a lot stuff going on lately.  Though he’s mildly suspicious of her, Joon figures that she must just want to spend more time with her mom and offers to send her home.  Ha Na refuses though, saying that she’ll take the bus since she has a lot to think about.

Joon decides to wait at the bus stop with her, but doesn’t want to let go of her hand when it finally comes.  To “persuade” him, Ha Na kisses him on the cheek and tells him to go be a good son to Hye Jung.  So so jealous of Jang Geun Suk.  Instead of going home, though, Joon decides to ask Sun Ho about the best Ophthalmology department in the area, and it just so happens to be his dad’s hospital.  Sun Ho asks who the patient is, but Joon is hesitant to say.

When he finally does go back home, Hye Jung is surprised to see him here so early and asks who he was with.  After Joon tells her that it’s none of her business, Hye Jung says that they need to talk.  Her big announcement is that she’s getting counseling for her drinking problem, which pleases Joon.  She then prefaces her next statement with how much she loves him and that she doesn’t want him to hate her.  First off, that’s never something a parent should ever have to say to their kid as it implies that they’ve done something stupid to them in the past.  Secondly, lady you are in a world of hurt if you think Joon’s going to sit idly by while you do what I think you’re about to do.  Joon seems confused by his mom’s actions as well, which turns to disbelief when Hye Jung asks him to marry Mi Ho because she “likes her a lot”.  Really?  That’s your reasoning?  Joon rolls his eyes and flat out tells her that it ain’t happening before walking away.

Ha Na finally gets home and sees her mom watching TV.  She’s surprised about this though because her mom has always said that it was bad for her eyes.  Hah.  Yoon Hee awkwardly says that they’re fine now and asks if everything’s okay since she’s back early from her date.  Ha Na just smiles at her mom and says nothing’s wrong.  When Ha Na puts her hand over her mom’s, Yoon Hee says she should take care of her hands so that they’re not so rough when she goes on a date and starts putting on lotion.  The two spend some nice mother-daughter time together and Ha Na offers to turn the spring on her mom’s watch for her.

When they get back to their respective rooms, Joon gives Ha Na a call and immediately gives her a countdown.  Ha Na asks him what that was for and Joon says that he just wants them to think about each other when they’re together.  However, immediately after, they start talking about their moms.   Joon tells Ha Na that his mom might be difficult, but she causes him heartache sometimes.  He then tells her that he’ll have to do his best so that he won’t cause her any heartache.  Hah.

The next day, Sun Ho shows up to the cafe with a new hairstyle.  Cho Soo and In Sung go out to greet him and ask if he’s been dumped again since he always changes his hair afterwards.  LOL.  Sun Ho tells them to stop joking around and get back to work, which they do but while muttering that it’s not a joke. As side characters, I love the dynamic those two bring.  Jeon Sul is there as well and tells Sun Ho that he and his sister should look for other people to like, but Mi Ho should look close by to find someone.  Cho Soo, who hasn’t gone back inside, asks him if he likes Mi Ho and shudders at the thought.  When Joon arrives at the cafe, Sun Ho tells him that he’s talked to his dad about Yoon Hee and made him promise not to mention anything to In Ha.

Back at the resort, Yoon Hee is working when her illness flares again and she knocks off a wooden pole that nearly hits someone.  She immediately stops to rest and weakly makes her away down, but it seen by Dong Wook.  They go talk in a cafe and he scolds her that she should’ve come to see him.  Though Yoon Hee is hesitant at first, Dong Wook eventually convinces her to go in for a checkup.  Sun Ho is with his dad as they watch her get examined, and Joon apparently is waiting outside for news.  After the exam, Sun Ho comes out and confirms to Joon that Yoon Hee will go blind.

When she comes out, Yoon Hee’s vision is still blurry and so she allows Joon to escort her.  He takes her to the garden in the hospital and apologizes for telling Sun Ho and Dong Wook about her condition. Considering the circumstances, he thinks that Ha Na deserves to know now and that he doesn’t want to continue to lie to her.  However, Yoon Hee wants to spend the remaining time she can see watching Ha Na smile.  She doesn’t want to remember her daughter frowning in concern at her, but rather smiling that million dollar smile that melts the hearts of guys everywhere.  Okay, that last part is more how I feel rather than Yoon Hee, but you get my point.

As Ha Na is working in the garden, she’s suddenly called out by Hye Jung.  Mi Ho has been called out as well and suddenly I’m worried as to what the crazy woman is up to now.  Ha Na is unsure as to what do, but eventually sits down.  Just then, Joon gives her a call and asks where she is.  She doesn’t exactly feel like telling him though and says that she’ll give him a call back later.  Of course, as Joon’s hearing this, he’s pulling into his mom’s house anyway so…surprise?

Inside the house, Hye Jung tells Ha Na once again that she thinks it’s best for everyone if Ha Na just backs off from Joon.  Well, I agree that a certain female needs to back off, but it’s certainly not Ha Na.  She blames In Ha and Yoon Hee for the strained relationship with Joon, and says that this will cause more.  However, despite how thick a layer of bullshit that Hye Jung laid on, Ha Na says that she can’t do that because she promised Joon that she’d put his feelings before anyone else’s.

Of course, Joon walks in right as Hye Jung yells at Ha Na to get away from him.  He’s less than pleased at what he sees in front of him and drags Ha Na out of there as quick as he can.  Despite Ha Na protesting that nothing happened, Joon knows his mom.  As he gets back to the resort, Joon’s anger gets the best of him and he angrily storms out of the car to vent.  He gets mad at her for going to meet his mom, even while knowing what she was getting into, but Ha Na says that it’s because she’s his mom that she couldn’t ignore it.  She’ll do it again too if she calls because she wants to fight for their relationship.  Knowing he’s lost this argument, Joon can only watch sadly as she walks away.

Back at the cafe, Jeon Sul asks Cho Soo if he’s ever had a crush on someone.  Cho Soo tells him of course he has.  He works for a photographer so it’s pretty much an occupational hazard since he’s always surrounded by models.  Jeon Sul confesses that he likes Mi Ho and starts listing off her positive attributes, while Cho Soo counters with her negative ones.  Hah.  Of course, Mi Ho just so happens to overhear them and asks who they’re talking about.  The two guys just smile at each other and stay silent.

When Sun Ho returns to his office, he finds Mi Ho there waiting for him.  She tells him that Joon’s going to kill her because she just so happened to be a bystander to Hye Jung’s misguided plan.  Sun Ho is surprised to find out that Hye Jung knows about Ha Na, and tells his sister to apologize after he hears the story, especially since Mi Ho took Hye Jung’s side.  Mi Ho refuses, though, and says that she’s going to stop Joon by any means necessary.  Afterwards, Sun Ho stares at his phone, saying that he vowed never to call Ha Na again.  Of course, he breaks that vow right after and video calls her.  Ha Na is happy to see him, though, but notices the serious look on his face.  Sun Ho tells just tells her that he called to make sure she’s okay and says that she looks better smiling, which I’m very much inclined to agree with.

Back at the resort, Ha Na is working in the garden when Tae Sung comes around and introduces his mother the chairman of the his family’s business, who also knows about her son’s one-sided love.  She wants Ha Na to be her guide to a new area of the arboretum, which Ha Na agrees to after some silent persuading from Tae Sung.  After she finishes her tour, Tae Sung tells her that she specifically came to see her.  Before Ha Na can get over her shock, she sees Joon standing and watching them.  She can’t go to him, however, as Tae Sung’s mom asks her to continue accompanying her.

After his mom leaves, Ha Na asks him why his mom came to see her, and Tae Sung responds that she just wanted to see the girl that he liked.  He still thinks she made a rash decision, but rather than seeing it as him pressuring her, she should look at it as him giving her another option if she changes her mind.  However, Ha Na reiterates that despite what he says, she’s not going to break up with Joon.

As she walks home, Ha Na finds Joon waiting for her in front of her house.  Surprisingly, he apologizes for putting her in the middle of him and his mom.  We then cut to Yoon Hee looking at the painting that In Ha made of her.  She thinks back to Dong Wook telling her that she hasn’t changed in 30 years and still doesn’t want to tell In Ha again about her disease.  I actually forgot about too.

Meanwhile, Dong Wook and Chang Mo decide to pay In Ha a visit to cheer him up.  Apparently, everyone knows about Joon and Ha Na and Chang Mo asks his old friend why he’s being so nice to them.  Of course, being a parent himself, Dong Wook is quick to point out that no parent wins over their own child.  Chang Mo retorts that In Ha and Yoon Hee waited 30 years for this, and that Joon and Ha Na can always just meet other people.  He says this while the personification of that statement being false is sitting in front of him.  Dong Wook is about to spill the beans about Yoon Hee’s condition, but decides that the whole doctor-patient confidentiality thing is kind of important and so changes his mind mid-sentence.

At the resort, we see Ha Na leaning on Joon’s shoulder as they sit on a bench holding hands.  He asks her if she wants to go eat something, but Ha Na wants to stay there a bit longer.  Joon’s inclined to acquiesce to her request and says that he likes it here because it seems like they’re the only ones in the world.  He then asks her why “that bastard wanted her to meet his mother”.  Hah.  Ha Na tells him that Tae Sung’s mom was just interested in seeing the arboretum, and shoots back that Hye Jung seems awfully fond of Mi Ho.  When Ha Na says that Joon and Mi Ho have alot in common, Joon says that he has a lot in common with Ha Na as well.  Unfortunately, the only things he can come up with is that they’re both impatient and get jealous easily lol.

When Joon gets home, he finds Hye Jung in bed with, yet again, an IV to her arm.  He tries to convince her to accept Ha Na, but Hye Jung isn’t willing to do so and says if he knew the pain she went through, he wouldn’t make her go through it again.  Whatever, you brought this on yourself.  She says that she doesn’t want to lose him, but she’s doing a pretty damn good job of doing just that by trying to oppose their relationship.

The next day, and another IV later, Hye Jung is handed a report and discovered something shocking after having one of her minions look into something.  What that is, I don’t know, but suddenly I’m rather worried when we see her meeting with Ha Na to ask her to break up with Joon again.  She then reveals to Ha Na that Yoon Hee’s eyes are getting worse and that she’ll be blind within a year.  Hye Jung then has the gall to tell Ha Na that she should break up with Joon so that her mom and In Ha can get married.  This woman, I swear.

Afterwards, Hye Jung goes to see In Ha and asks if he really doesn’t care about her and will step aside for Joon and Ha Na.  Uh, what the hell does that have to do with you, crazy ho?  In Ha responds to her question with a simple “yes”.  Hah.  She accuses him of taking Joon away from her and tells him to just get married.  No matter what she won’t give up Joon and will do everything she can to stop them.  Afterwards, In Ha sits in his studio thinking before purposefully standing up and going somewhere.

That somewhere is apparently Joon’s studio, where he’s busy taking pictures of jewelry this time.  Joon isn’t exactly pleases to see his dad there, but sits down with him to talk.  In Ha tells Joon that Hye Jung found out and he came because he was concerned.  He’s glad to see that he’s doing okay for now and to come to him if he ever needs help.  As In Ha stands up to leave, Joon stops his father and says that he’s got something to tell him.  He was afraid if he told him, then he and Ha Na would have had to give up.  However, to be fair and because In Ha gave up so much for him, Joon decides to tell him about Yoon Hee’s condition.

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Ha Na finds out that her mom went to the hospital because she has the “flu”.  We cut to the hospital and see Yoon Hee walking out after getting treatment.  However, to her surprise, she finds In Ha there along with Joon.  He’s the first to see Ha Na walk in and says her name.  Yoon Hee freezes and slowly turns to look at her daughter.  Ha Na isn’t quite sure what to make of what she’s seeing, but then quickly goes over to hug her mom.

Final Thoughts

If you read these recaps, my dislike of Hye Jung is no secret.  Maybe it’s because the meddling overbearing mom touches a tad too close to home, but seriously the crazy lady needs to get over herself.  For all you ramble on about being in pain for 30 years, that’s something that you’ve inflicted on yourself.  You accuse In Ha of not being able to get over Yoon Hee, well what the hell do you think you’re doing?  She claims she’ll do anything to keep Joon and doesn’t want him to hate her, but that seems to be her specialty.  It’s not like Ha Na is a hooker or something.  There’s no logical reason for her to object to their relationship other than her own bias against Yoon Hee.  And really?  You’re going to ask your son to marry a girl because YOU like her?  As long as you’re happy, who cares about your son’s happiness?  Mother of the year candidate right there.

I do think the pace of this drama has dragged for the last few episodes.  I feel like this could’ve easily been an 18 episode series had they sped up the story line surrounding In Ha and Yoon Hee’s wedding.  Rather than have a separate plot line of Yoon Hee’s deteriorating condition, they could’ve started it earlier and incorporated it into the rest of the story.  As it stands, I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, but it’s going so slow that I’m just bored while watching.  Yoona’s hot and all, but I still like to have some substance with my style.  Eye candy isn’t everything in a drama.

Honestly, I feel like the comedic relief of Cho Soo, In Sung, and the other is the best part of the drama.  Their scenes are usually the highlight of every episode to me.  It’s part of the reason why I’m slowly warming up to Jeon Sul, just because he’s joined their merry band of mood makers.  I liked it better when Sun Ho was part of this crew, instead of them randomly deciding he should like Ha Na.  I mean, it’s something I always suspected in the back of my head, but liked that he didn’t really do anything about it if he did.  It’s amusing to me though that Sun Ho is playing In Ha’s role of backing off on the girl while Joon is Dong Wook.


7 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 18

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  2. Tuqaz May 26, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Hye Jung doesn’t nees counseling for alcoholism. She needs to be chained to a bed and her permanent accessory, the IV drip, in a psychiatric ward! This was all her fault! She broke up Yoon Hee and In Ha in the first place and lied that Yoon Hee died. Got herself pregnant by In Ha (how could In Ha let that happened is just mindboggling), because that’s the only way she could get him to marry her. And now she’s blaming everybody for her misery? What sort of mother would hurt her own child? Crazy woman!

    Thanks for the recaps! 🙂

  3. zaki May 26, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    hye jung us a complete bastard
    who the hell is she to poke her nose between every ones life asshole

  4. kumi May 27, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    No matter how ridiculous Hye Jung presents herself, she is Joon’s mother. And I’m glad that Ha Na understands this.

  5. Anonymous October 19, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Does anybody know the song that was playing in the background in this episode? The one when Joon was running around the house looking for HaNa?

  6. Angie November 17, 2016 at 1:50 am

    I’ve stopped watching. I just read your recaps now. It’s all too much. Hye Jung should get a puppy and let people live their lives. Then she could be a part of their lives…

    But honestly this is the storyline i was expecting. After the wedding/batshit crazy storyline tho, i’m too tired.

  7. Angie November 17, 2016 at 2:08 am

    I never thought i’d see the day when the CEO came to the garden to see the poor girl and be nice instead of insulting. smh If she wanted Tae sung, him mom would be screeching like Hye Jung. It’s drama law or something…

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