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[Birthday Blessings] Minah(Girls Day)

Minah - 01

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but it seemed appropriate for it to be the girl who has probably risen up my bias list faster than any other: Girls Day talented and pretty main vocal, Bang Minah

As one of only 2 members of Girls Day who have been with the group from the start, she’s seen everything from the group struggling to find its identity in a sea of girl groups to their breakout 3 years later with  Expectation and Female President.  The first time I saw Minah was on a variety show called “Oh My School”.  At the time, I had no idea who this crazy girl was, and saw her like any other rookie who was willing to do anything and everything to get her name out there.  Without a doubt, she and Sojin were the ones primarily in charge of promoting the group until the popularity of their two newest members,Yura and Hyeri, exploded in the last year plus.

From the beginning, Minah has always been the main vocal of the group.  Even before her debut, her talent was obvious to the bystanders that would flock around whenever she would just sing in the streets.  She’s always remembered those times as evident by the fact that she went back to the streets for her solo showcase.  Whereas most artists have their big press conference in a nice indoor venue, Minah thought it best to honor her past.

Minah - Past Minah - Present

Vocals aren’t the only thing that has caused her to rise up to third on my bias list.  Despite stiff competition from her other members, I still say Minah is the looker of the group.  She was cute in her younger years, but as she’s matured, she’s turned into one hell of a beauty.  The playful nature she shows on variety shows is also a huge reason she’s in the top five.  You see her always having fun with those around her and a smile is ever present on her face.  Her instagram is also full of examples of how she just seems enjoy spending time with her friends and family.

As she celebrates her twenty second birthday, I hope for Minah to continue to grow not only as a singer but to continue the joy she seems to exude every time she performs.  Whether she continues to sing or move into other areas of interest, I wish her all the best and a happy birthday.


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