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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 6

Here we recap and discuss episode 6 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

We rewind a bit to Ha Na trying out her take on Joon’s technique for hitting on girls.  She’s startled by Joon suddenly hugging her and even more so when he starts going in for the kiss.  His assistant has awesome timing as always and interrupts the two of them before we see if Ha Na was going to let him or dunk him in the water.  Back at whatever lodge they’re staying at, Ha Na’s friends are waiting for her but Tae Sung, the one who likes her, decides to go off and look for her.

Now that they’ve been rescued, Joon and Ha Na sit in awkward silence in the backseat of the car.  As they’re driving, they keep sneaking glances at each other.  His assistant tries to break the silence by telling one of Ha Na’s riddles, not knowing that she’s the owner of the phone, but gets shushed by Joon.  He then tells Joon that his father is nearby and wants to have dinner with him if he has the time.  Joon, however, has no interest in meeting with him.

Back in Joon’s room, he’s sitting on the couch and shyly turns away when Ha Na walks out only wearing one of his shirts.  Thank you, director.  He tells her that her clothes will be cleaned soon and not to stretch out the sleeves on his shirt because it’s expensive.  After he listens to Ha Na grumbling about him making a big fuss over this even though he’s the one who got her clothes we, Joon tells her to sit down because she’s making him uncomfortable by standing.  Ha Na reluctantly does so but covers her legs with her jacket.

Now that they’re both on the couch, Ha Na asks him when he tried to put the moves on her in the hot spring, to which Joon can only stutter that he doesn’t remember.  She then demands an apology from him for breaking her phone, and he says that he’ll buy her a new one.  When Ha Na complains that she was waiting for a call again, Joon finally gets her to admit that she was waiting for a call from her mom’s first love.  She wanted to meet the man who made her mom fall so deeply in love.  Joon scoffs at her and asks what they’re going to talk about when they meet up.  The two start bickering about their views on love and Ha Na hits it on the mark about how his story about his dad never getting over his first love was real after all.  At this point, though, they’re interrupted by a knock on the door and it’s a hotel staff with Ha Na’s clothes.

As she goes to change, Joon thinks back to Ha Na’s version of his pickup lines.  Once she’s done, he tells her that he’ll walk her out because he doesn’t want any lawsuits for breaking a cellphone.  Not even Ha Na believes this and scoffs at him again.  They go to a repair shop and they say that it’ll take some time to repair Ha Na’s phone.  She leaves her friend’s contact number and glares once more at Joon for the inconvenience he’s caused her.  Meanwhile, Joon’s assistant is lugging around some of their photography equipment when Tae Sung happens across him and gives him a hand.

The drama then contradicts itself now and we see Ha Na telling Joon that the phone should be fixed in an hour as they’re walking around town.  She’s about to say they should go their separate ways, but Joon suggests that they should get some food.  Ha Na says she’s not hungry, but is betrayed by her stomach grumbling.

At the restaurant, the two immediately start bickering again about whose fault it is that they’re in this mess.  Ha Na blames Joon for taking her phone hostage, and he blames her for not taking care of her phone in the first place.  At first Ha Na says she’s not going to eat, but licks her lips when the plates are brought out.  Joon then tries to take her plate away, but Ha Na won’t let it go and happily eats it.

In a forced parody of what In Ha did on the train, Joon draws a question mark on the window and asks her name.  Ha Na refuses and says there’s no point in either of knowing each other’s names.  This causes Joon to draw an exclamation mark and he decides to call her “Rururu”, which is what the server told them to say if they wanted refills.  Ha Na glares at him and pretends not to hear him calling her as she finishes her food.  Afterwards, Ha Na tells him they should go their separate ways now and that she’ll wait here alone for her phone.  Joon seems reluctant to leave her, but covers it by saying “Bye, Rururu” and awkwardly walking away.  As they walk away though, each turn around to look at the other.

When they split, Joon walks by a clothing store and gets interested a thick jacket for sale as his expensive clothes aren’t keeping him warm.  At the same time, Ha Na is muttering to himself how he didn’t even thank her for recommending a good place to eat.  She even warmed up his hand and found him the hot spring.  It is then that she realizes that she never got back the vest she lent him and goes back to look for him.  Joon, who is trying on the jacket, realizes he still has it on and tells the salesperson to throw it away since he won’t see her again anyway.

As Ha Na runs around town, she sees the salesperson about to throw away her vest and glares towards the store when told what happened.  Inside, Joon is purchasing his jacket as well as a woman’s dress.  As he wonders if he should’ve bought it after all, he gets hit by the vest and whirls around angrily to see an upset Ha Na.  She then storms out of the store, which prompts him to chase after her and explain his side of the story.  Ha Na angrily apologizes and explains that the vest is precious to her, but won’t say anymore if it means she won’t have to see him anymore.

Seeing that she’s almost in tears about this, Joon feels the need to chase after her again and grabs her arm at the same time that Tae Sung shows up.  They both want to know what’s going on, but Ha Na says it’s nothing and leads Tae Sung away.  Joon is about to chase after her, but one of the salespersons has come out and tells him he forgot his purchases.

Back at the repair shop, they tell her that they can’t fix her phone because the motherboard was soaked.  Sounds about right.  Ha Na gets sad because now she won’t be able to meet her mom’s first love.

Meanwhile, a warmer Joon is still stewing about Ha Na as he goes to where his assistant and the others are waiting for him.  He tells his assistant that he found the location for the shoot and to tell the advertisers.  However, they’re not going now and everyone should be on stand-by at 4am tomorrow morning.  As anyone would do in that situation, they all look at him like he’s lost his mind.  Joon still can’t get over Ha Na audacity to throw off his arm earlier and angrily takes off his coat in his room.  As he thinks about what happened, he wonders who Ha Na’s friend was earlier.

We then cut to Ha Na and Tae Sung talking about how she wanted to meet her mom’s first love.  He then sneaks in the question about when her first love was, and Ha Na awkwardly laughs it off saying she doesn’t have anyone.  Tae Sung then teases her saying that she said she went to see “Diamond Snow” with her, causing Ha Na to get angry and say that that doesn’t count.  He smiles at her and says they should go get curry at the restaurant that she always wanted to eat at.  Ha Na just smiles awkwardly and nods.

When they get to a restaurant, of course, they sit down at the same table that Joon and Ha Na were at earlier.  Tae Sung is almost done with his food, but Ha Na is still full from before and has barely touched hers.  He then notices the things that Joon wrote on the window earlier and wonders if a couple did that.  Ha Na almost chokes on her food and wipes it off, forcing out a laugh while saying that that can’t be it.

Back in Joon’s room, he’s looking through the pictures he took in his camera and comes across the pictures he took of Ha Na.  He still can’t get over how she treated him and looks at the second bag of clothes he bought earlier.  Like there’s any mystery as to who’s getting that dress.

Now that they’re done eating, Ha Na and Tae Sung meet up with their other friend Jang Soo.  He asks her if she was able to meet her mom’s first love, and cheers her up and says she will eventually when she says no.  Speaking of In Ha, he’s in a car and asks his assistant what happened to him meeting with the exchange student later today.  His assistant tells him that he couldn’t get through to her so not to worry about it anymore.  As he’s driving, he happens to see Ha Na and her friends playing around but doesn’t get a good look at her face.

We cut back to Joon, who is brooding by himself in a cafe.  His assistant finds him and asks him if he met with Tae Sung and mentions how he was worried about her and seemed like her boyfriend.  Not what Joon wants to hear right now, and he walks away.

Meanwhile, Jang Soo tells Ha Na and Tae Sung that he’s planting a viola as a gift to them so that they won’t forget him when they go back to Seoul since that was the first flower they planted together.  Ha Na mentions that the viola stands for love and happiness and the three laugh together and say they’ll be best friends forever.

As they get back to the pension that they’re staying at, who should appear in front but Joon.  Ha Na walks off with him so they can talk and ask how she knew she’d be here and what business she has with him.  He did overhear her leaving her contact information at the phone store and starts to talk, but is interrupted by Ha Na saying he must be here to apologize.  Joon says no, causing Ha Na to glare at him and starts walking away.  He grabs her though and hands her the dress he bought earlier, saying that he couldn’t stand her style.  She tells him she doesn’t want it, but he forces the bag into her hand and tells her she can throw it away then.

Joon then randomly asks her what they should do about each other.  They can’t be friends because they’re on different levels, they can’t have fun because she’s boring, and they can’t hang out because she’s not glamorous enough.  Hah.  Ha Na doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about and accuses him of liking her.  Joon does his best deer-in-headlights impression, but comes to his sense and thinks something must be wrong with him and blames it on jetlag.  He then starts to say something to Ha Na, but is interrupted by his assistant on the phone saying that he needs to come back and do something.  Ha Na starts to walk off, but Joon tells her he’ll be back for her and forces the bag in her hands once again.

In her room, Ha Na looks at the bag that Joon gave her and her curiosity gets the best of her and she looks inside.  She pulls out the dress and is shocked because she thinks it’ll be uncomfortable and is almost transparent.  Ha Na then goes down to the lobby to wait for Joon.  He has just finished up cleaning up whatever mess happened with the advertiser and his assistant asks him if he knows where Ha Na is staying because the hotel staff found a ring that belongs to her.  She must have 2 because she’s seen wearing one while eating curry with Joon earlier.  Joon says reluctantly that he may have heard where she is.

When they get to the pension, Ha Na sees Joon’s car and goes out to meet them.  Joon insists on giving the ring to her himself, causing his assistant to say he must be flirting with her if he even knew where she was staying.  Here comes another foot-in-mouth situation.  Joon has to cover his feelings as says that he’s just playing with her right as Ha Na walks outside.  He goes on and on, ignoring his assistant’s silent hints about her standing behind him.  He’s shocked to see her there and gets embarrassed as Ha Na tells her that she might be naive and corny like he said, but she still waited for him because she thought he might actually apologize to her.  Almost in tears, she says that while he might be able to pick up any girl in 3 seconds, but it’s never going to happen to her because she won’t look at him for a second longer.

As Ha Na angrily walks back into the pension, she runs into Tae Sung who notices something is wrong.  Ha Na tries to deny it, but Tae Sung knows and says nothing.  Instead he just kindly leads her back to her room, with Joon running in just in time to see this.

The next morning, Joon is busy with his photo shoot as his model poses in the snow.  I felt cold just watching her walk around in her  shoulder-less dress.  As they take a short break, Joon’s assistant is looking through the camera’s memory when he comes across Ha Na’s pictures.  His pride won’t allow him to keep the pictures though and he tells his assistant to delete them.

Back in Seoul, we see the final product of Joon’s photo-shoot high plastered over the front of what looks like a mall.  He’s going to his next project, which is with and actress who’s notoriously high-maintenance.  Joon asks him if she’s even more so than him, and his assistant just laughs saying that he’s the type of person that even this actress would swear at.  He realizes his mistake, however, and quickly shuts up.

As they’re driving, they pass a truck that’s being driven by Tae Sung with Ha Na in the passenger side.  T-ara’s Lovey Dovey is playing on the radio and Ha Na’s dancing to it, much to Tae Sung’s delight.  Apparently, they’re looking for a place to live.

We now cut to In Ha who has just arrived back in Seoul himself.  He drives himself back from the airport to a nice looking home in what seems like the middle of nowhere.  He’s apparently kept up with painting and we see the various artworks he’s painted over the years.  The house looks empty though and he sighs as he settles in.

Joon has arrived at his own home and takes an elevator to the second floor.  Really?  Elevator?  He sees alcohol out on the table and asks the maid why it’s there, but then his mom comes out with some business executives.  They’ve just signed a contract and were celebrating.  She must’ve had a drinking problem before and specifically mentions to him that she didn’t either tonight.  As they sit down to talk, Joon mentions that he’s going to move out to an apartment closer to his studio.  I bet everything I own that Ha Na’s going to be his new neighbor.  His mom objects to the idea and tells him that he should call his dad.  She asks him if he saw him in Japan because he adjusted his schedule to go talk to him, but Joon says no and that it was three months ago.  She’s insistent on him meeting his father, but he just walks away.

The next day, we’re in a hospital and see a doctor receive a phone call.  Must be present day Dong Wook as the person on the phone is present day Chang Mo.  Apparently the old friendships are all still alive and they talk about Hye Jung and In Ha and how he has big news to tell them so he needs to come to his grand opening.  He also gives Hye Jung a call to extend the invite as well.  Guess Hye Jung did end up hooking with In Ha after all as she’s Joon’s mother.

We then cut to In Ha passionately painting when he receives a phone call.  It’s Chang Mo congratulating him on his exhibition.  With Dong Wook as head of a hospital, Hye Jung busy with work, and In Ha with his exhibitions, they haven’t seen each other in a while.  Chang Mo says that they have to come to his opening tonight or else he’s never speaking to him.  He then gets serious and asks if In Ha remembers Yoon Hee.  Stupid question, but we’ll roll with it.  Chang Mo says that he heard that she died in the US and if he still thinks about her.  In Ha lies and says he doesn’t, causing Chang Mo to awkwardly laugh and say he was just thinking about old times.  After he hangs up, that was just a test to see if In Ha really has gotten over her and he wonders to himself if he should tell him now that she’s actually still alive and back to Korea.  News of Yoon Hee’s death hits In Ha hard as he immediately stops painting and sits thinking about their time together.

The next day, Ha Na is checking out a place and says she doesn’t like it because it’s too expensive.  Both Tae Sung and the real estate broker says that it’s a nice place and close to her school, but Ha Na is adamant about it and adds that she can see Joon’s ad too well from her balcony.  As they walk out, Ha Na tells Tae Sung that she came to Korea to work in a garden with him, not go to grad school.  He smiles at her says asks if he should go to school with her instead.  They make plans to meet up later, but he’s late for work now though and gives Ha Na the keys to his truck so she can keep looking.

As she walks away, Ha Na sees Joon’s picture of “Diamond Snow” and says to herself that she was supposed to see that with Tae Sung.  She’s handed a flier by someone and is surprised to see herself on it.  Ha Na immediately gets angry and runs to the truck to find Joon’s business card, which I don’t remember her getting but whatever.  As she does, she thinks back to their last meeting and says to herself that she should just let it go.  However, she’s still mad about him using her picture without her permission.  As she’s driving though, she sees her flier on the ground and people stepping on them.  This is enough to push her over the edge and she immediately goes in search of him.

Meanwhile, Joon is busy at work with the actress.  She’s complaining that it’s taking too long and that it’s conflicting with her schedule.  Joon’s assistant is trying to buy more time because they have to shoot the highlight, but Joon decides to follow her schedule.  Of course, he wouldn’t actually just give in like that and lazily takes a picture and says they’re done.  The actress is mortified that her picture will turn out weird and her manager gives in and will allow Joon all the time he needs to finish.  Joon’s assistant, however, follows his boss’ lead and says that they have to think of their own schedule now.  Well played, Joon haha.

Ha Na has now arrived at Joon’s studio and opens the door while yelling for him.  She’s embarrassed, however, when she sees a small cafe instead and confused patrons looking at her.  Ha Na walks back out and is confused since she has the right address but one of the waiters comes outside and tells her that he’s in the basement.  Joon also put up the sign without telling the cafe and that she’s not the first person to come in yelling about him.  LOL.  The waiter then leads Ha Na to Joon’s studio, but he’s not there.  Ha Na complains to the waiter how Joon used her picture without her permission and the waiter smiles and asks if she wants to sue him.

Meanwhile, Joon’s assistant is complimenting him on how well the shots turned out and immediately regrets it because Joon starts bragging.  As they’re driving back, his assistant mentions how big of a hit the “Diamond Snow” ad was and that because of it their schedule is now packed.  He then asks how Joon found it in the first place, but he evades the question.  Joon’s assistant then mentions the legend about “Diamond Snow” and asks Joon if he saw it with Ha Na.  He then pretends to cry about how Joon was dumped and how she doesn’t want to see him for a second longer.  It’s a sore spot for Joon, obviously, and he tells him to shut up.

Back at the cafe, Ha Na is waiting for Joon when she notices that the plants haven’t been taken care of.  She goes around exploring the area and finds a small house in the back.  The door’s unlocked and so she wanders in for a look.  Inside, she finds Don Wook’s son Sun Ho sleeping and he suddenly grabs her.  Ha Na starts screaming, which is heard by the waiter and Joon, who just arrived.

Sun Ho wakes up and is just as surprised to see her.  Joon walks in and the two point at each other with equal looks of disgust and surprise.  Sun Ho checks to see if she has a fever and when she knocks his hand away, the two of them fall back on the sofa that Sun Ho was on.  Joon quickly goes over and pulls her back up and here is where the episode ends.

Final Thoughts

Jang Gung Suk is definitely channeling his character from “You’re Beautiful” in this.  The cocky attitude, the unwillingness to put up with others, the sulking, I’m definitely seeing a lot of the same characteristics.  That might be why I like his character so much.  I also really enjoyed Yoona’s portrayal of her Ha Na character and watching the chemistry between them in their love-hate bickering was entertaining for me.

I’ve said before that it’s hard to portray a playboy falling in love for real for the first time, but Jang Geun Suk does a decent job of it.  Certainly better than Kim Si Hoo’s job when he was Dong Wook.  I think maybe it’s because the playboy side of Joon isn’t being played up or maybe because we know the back story of their parents.  It also helps that they’re not doing something convoluted like saying she was the first person to give him a damn band aid after his mom.  He’s falling for her because she is different from the girls he normally meets and she’s just flat out pretty.  Nothing wrong with that; I’d fall for Ha Na too if I met someone like her IRL.

I’m interested in what role Sun Ho will be playing.  The normal love triangle seems like it’s going to be Joon, Ha Na, and Tae Sung so that leaves him the odd man out.  I guess that means he’s going to be the plucky sidekick, which I guess will work out for the better so it’s not a complete rehash of the old love lines.  I’m still holding out hope that Son Eun Seo comes back as Hye Jung’s daughter like they did for the others except Chang Mo.

All in all, I like the direction that this drama is taking.  Yes it’s nothing special and it’s fairly predictable, but I happen to enjoy this particular drama formula so I’m going along for the ride.


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