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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 6

Here we recap and discuss episode 6 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Hye Sung and Yoo Jin walk back to camp to find everyone celebrating.  They think everyone knows about Hye Sun’s discoveries and she happily shows Psy the boxes.  Little does she know, they already gave Psy the fake boxes.  Because of their little scheme, the students are now forced to stay.  All the students are now mad at Hye Sung, and Rian takes this opportunity to confront Hye Sung once and for all about the mic incident.  She pulls Hye Sung’s letter to her dad out and reads it out loud, in which Hye Sung confesses to the whole thing.  Yoo Jin tries to defend Hye Sung by saying he was the one that stopped her from revealing the truth, but Rian just ignores him.  She continues to berate Hye Sung for framing her and tells her to give up on being a singer.

Back at school, everyone’s opinion has completely changed.  Now Hye Sung is the bad guy and Rian is starting to look like a nice person because she just took  all their accusations without saying a word.  Meanwhile, the Hershee girls are having lunch and Nana tells Rian that JB went to President Lee on her behalf to get her back into the upper class.  She doubts his motives for doing this, saying it’s not like him. However, Nana says she’s not back in yet and must wait for President Lee’s final decision.

For her actions, Hye Sung is suspended for 15 days.  Rian thinks it’s not enough and the other students back her, including Soon Dong.  Hye Sung tries to make peace by giving back Rian’s K amulet, but Rian drops it on the floor, saying she doesn’t need it anymore.  After she leaves, Hye Sung inexplicably takes a piece of paper out of the trash and starts cleaning the windows on the door.  While she’s doing this, President Lee’s daughter has now apparently been enrolled at the school against her will.  She kicks open the door that Hye Sung just unlocked, causing our clumsy protagonist to fall into a bucket.

Meanwhile, Teacher Ahn is chasing around President Lee, trying to convince him to let her take the upper class.  She hands him some projects that her students have done as proof that she’s a good teacher.  President Lee has no intention of letting her have her way, but takes the CDs anyway so she’ll stop bothering him.  JYP sees the whole thing, and when she gets back to the staff room, tries to give her some advice on keeping their job since he’s apparently the only staff left over since the original series.   Teacher Ahn decides his advice is ridiculous and instead says from her view, he’s the one most at risk of losing his job.

So it seems the large luggage that Principal Joo was carrying was in fact all his stuff from Kirin High.  President Lee announces to the school that he quit and that he’ll be taking over as temporary Principal until a replacement comes.  Yoo Jin, upon hearing the news, immediately goes to find out the situation.  Principal Joo confirms the fact that he really did quit on his own and that he’s not fit to be a teacher.  He then gives Yoo Jin his guitar back and tells him never to come back.  Yoo Jin doesn’t believe him and storms out with his guitar in hand.

Back at the dorms, Teacher Ahn breaks the news to the students that they’ve decided to expand the dorms to accommodate more people.  However, during the expansion, the room assignments are going to be more cramped.  To this end, President Lee’s daughter is assigned to Rian, Hye Sung, and Soon Dong’s room.  At first, Rian tries to kick out the new girl, but when she breaks not 1, but 2 apples in half, she relents and goes to sleep.  Personally, I was hoping for another roundhouse kick, but oh well.

JYP is trying to teach his class, but when he turns back around to face them, he finds them all asleep.  Out in the hall, he sees President Lee walking with a new teacher, who is an American, and he suddenly remembers Teacher Ahn saying that he was the one most in jeopardy.  In this case, though, President Lee is not here for him, but for the students whose CDs Teacher Ahn gave him.  After listening to them, he discovers that they were actually all in fact written by a single person.  At first, the students maintain that they were the ones who wrote it, but eventually admit that Yoo Jin was in fact the true composer.

Yoo Jin runs into President Lee and demands to know why Principal Joo left.  President Lee confirms that he left on his own terms, but Yoo Jin still doesn’t believe him.  He tells him that a mere student should not mess with teacher affairs, especially one who only cares about money.  It is then that Yoo Jin realizes just where Principal Joo got the money to bail him out.  Thinking that the money is the reason why Principal Joo quit, he goes to sell his guitar to try to pay him back as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Hye Sung has become something of a pariah in the school and it seems she’s been assigned cleaning duty during her suspension.  She spots Soon Dong and asks her to get lunch with her, but her best friend it seems does not want to hang out with her anymore.

Yoo Jin is still short the money to pay back the bail, but comes up with an idea: charge for a street performance.  He goes to his friends and starts lying through his teeth about how he persuaded President Lee to let them do a performance and that if they do well, he’ll return things back to the way they were before.  At first they don’t believe him, but when Hong Joo asks Yoo Jin about whether President Lee called him in about the CDs, he uses it to his advantage and says the President must’ve been won over by his brilliant composing.  Even Rian is starting to believe him.  JYP and Hye Sung were also listening in the hallway and they burst in asking to be part of the project.  At first Yoo Jin rejects him because he’s “only an English teacher”, but he counters by offering to get them a place to practice.

Now that they’ve decided to do this, Yoo Jin passes out the music and they being to practice under JYP’s tutelage.  As soon as they start, they discover that Hye Sung is more useless than we all thought as she is unable to even read the notes on the musical score.  They decide to take a break for dinner, but Hye Sung has to leave because she hasn’t finished cleaning.  The other members aren’t happy about this, of course, but let her go because they need to practice.  Yoo Jin hands her a voice recorder and tell her to record herself singing and listen to it so she knows just how much she’s holding them back.

Later that night, back in the dorms, Rian is shocked to find her stuff on the floor.  According to Soon Dong, their new roommate decided she had too much stuff and moved it.  As she quickly puts her stuff back where it belongs, one of her boxes falls to the ground and out spills all of JB’s worn out dancing shoes.  Guess she really does still care about him, in spite of the general hostility she usually shows.

Speaking of JB, he finally makes an appearance again as Hye Sung walks in to clean the practice room he’s using.  She sees the rubix cube he has and says she can solve it in a minute.  He doesn’t believe here, but lets her try anyway.  When she does, he’s shocked and says that he’s never been able to solve it.  Now it’s Hye Sung’s turn to be surprised and she blurts out that she can’t believe he hasn’t solved it in the two years’ time since she gave it to him.  JB asks her how she knows that he’s had it for that long, but Hye Sung mumbles that she only knew because she was a fan, and walks out before he can ask any more questions.

The band practices again, but Hye Sung still hasn’t improved.  Yoo Jin, knowing that he needs the money from this, is especially upset with her for not being able to improve at all.  JYP then decides they should do a trial by fire and that they should go do a practice performance on the streets to gauge people’s reaction.  At this point they have nothing to lose, and gaining some real experience might help them improve faster.  After practice is over, Hye Sung stops Yoo Jin and asks why he’s being so hard on her all of a sudden.  He obviously can’t tell her the reason and just says if she doesn’t want to be disrespected, then don’t give him a reason to disrespect her.

At the dorms, Rian knocks on JB’s door and asks him what he’s doing tonight and if he’s going to a party.  JB just seems confused and asks her if it’s a special occasion today.  Rian says it’s not and walks away.  We then find out that it is in fact Rian’s birthday and JB just pretended not to know because they’re throwing her a surprise party.  Nana tries to convince Si Woo to come too, but he doesn’t want to because of JB.  She eventually gets him to come by taking his clothes away while changing and refusing to give them back and make a scene unless he does.

Meanwhile, Rian is moping by herself in her room, thinking that none of her friends remember her birthday.  She then sees Soon Dong all dressed up to go out, and Soon Dong mentions that she’s going to do the performance practice.  It seems she went with Soon Dong since JB and the others can’t find Rian for her surprise party and they accidentally spray Ailee with streamers instead.  JB then turns to  Si Woo and asks him to find Rian since he’s the only one with a cellphone.

Out on the streets, JYP is busy psyching up his merry little band of performers for their live performance.  They look up and up strolls Rian, saying she just happened to be passing by.  Meanwhile, pictures of Rian strolling around have hit the internet and Si Woo alerts the others to where she’s gone.  Nana, Ailee, and Si Woo decide to go meet up with Nana, but JB opts to just stay on campus.

As they prepare to start, all the fans that have gathered around because of Rian start chanting for her to sing.  She agrees to it, eager for another opportunity to one up Hye Sung once again.  Yoo Jin isn’t happy with the change, but Hye Sung sets aside saying they should give the audience what they want. When they start, Rian’s stage face come on and she immediately starts smiling as they perform a cover of “Superstar” by Lee Han Cheol. I guess this song isn’t composed by Yoo Jin like I thought since she knows the lyrics, but regardless the performance is a hit.  Hye Sung slowly disappears into the crowd, which Yoo Jin notices.  He also sees a suspicious person holding a cake.  When the person throws the cake at Rian, he reacts quickly and blocks it with his body.

Back at the dorm, Hye Sung opens another box of apples with her dad, which contains a note saying to share them with her friends.  JB walks in looking for Rian, and tells Hye Sung to tell Rian to come to the practice room when she gets back.  Meanwhile, Nana, Ailee, and Si Woo are at the performance spot, but Rian is nowhere to be found, because she and the others are now apparently at Principal Joo’s chicken restaurant.  Rian doesn’t eat and instead just stares blankly ahead, still shocked by what happened.  She tells them the various presents her anti-fans have sent her, but says it’s better than no attention at all.  Yoo Jin says they should get a taste of their own medicine, and we see Rian smiling at him for sticking up for her.  I was wondering when they were going to start the standard drama love square.  Not a bad setup for this one too.

Poor discarded Hye Sung is back at the dorm trying to practice on her own.  She talks to the recorder that Yoo Jin gave her as if it were him, mourning the fact that she really just has no talent.  Back at the restaurant, her “friends” are celebrating her rival’s birthday.  Even Principal Joo, who wasn’t happy to see them, cracks a smile at their little party.

As she stares at the candles, Rian remembers a time when she was a trainee and JB brought her a cake to celebrate her birthday.  He does a funny dance to try to make her laugh, and though she’s enjoying it, she tells him it’s not funny to make him try harder.  When he gives up, Rian bursts into laughter despite him telling her not to.  In his embarrassment, he blows out the candles for her.  The room goes dark and we have a really well done transition back to the present day where JB has prepared another cake for Rian in the practice room.

At the chicken restaurant, Rian seems happy that her fellow classmates are celebrating her birthday, and Principal Joo even gives them a free bottle of cola for the occasion.  They try to exchange it for alcohol instead, but Principal joo “respectfully” declines.  At this point, Yoo Jin seems to remember about Hye Sung and leaves first.  Rian follows him out and asks him where he’s going.  Yoo Jin doesn’t want to admit that he’s going to see Hye Sung so he says instead that he’s going to change his clothes. Rian seems to accept the explanation and thanks him for protecting her earlier before walking away.

Back at the school, JB hears Hye Sung practicing and goes to investigate.  She’s embarrassed that he’s listening, but he tells her to continue because he’s curious.  Meanwhile, Rian and Yoo Jin have arrived at the school.  Rian says she’s headed to the practice room, thinking that JB might’ve remembered after all and prepared something for her.  Yoo Jin, on the other hand, says he left something here and came to look for it.

After Hye Sung finishes her song, she looks to JB, who smiles at her and starts clapping.  Cue the entrance of the angrier half of the love square.  Yoo Jin just looks disappointed at Hye Sung, but Rian angrily asks JB what he is doing.  Thinking that he forgot her birthday to practice with Hye Sung, she storms off.  JB runs out and catches her, saying they need to talk.  He tells her that he remembers it’s her birthday, but Rian doesn’t care.  She tells him his standards have fallen if he’s busy listening to someone of Hye Sung’s standard sing.  JB then responds by asking why she’s out doing street performances.  Rian says that she had fun and that her breathing matched Yoo Jin.  She then hits JB’s weak point and starts raving about Yoo Jin’s abilities and how even President Lee is interested in him.  She even tells him to come watch their performance.  At this, JB snaps and yells at her about how long she’s going to be like this.  Rian responds that he started it first and we get our first glimpse into why the lovey dovey couple in their flashbacks started to grow apart.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jin and Hye Sung are having their own argument.  Yoo Jin wasn’t happy that Hye Sung gave up the mic to Rian, but he’s especially not happy that after that she’s spending her time with JB.  Hye Sung is in no mood to fight, but Yoo Jin berates her some more, she warms up to it.  She declares that he never actually care about her and that he was having so much more fun with Rian.  Yoo Jin gives her the universal “are you stupid” look and points out that she never tries to fight in the open, but is always complaining behind the scenes.  He then asks her if she’s still doing the performance, to which Hye Sung says to just do it with Rian.  Angry that she’s just giving up like this, Yoo Jin storms off.

Back at the dorms, Rian sees Hye Sung’s JB pillow on her bed and throws it at Hye Sung, who is sleeping on the floor.  The two start arguing again, which wakes up their new roommate.  Hye Sung is too angry to care at this point and starts talking back to her when she tells the two of them to leave.  Soon Dong tries to break up the fight, but in the process, Hye Sung accidentally gives President Lee’s daughter a black eye.  Soon Dong then quickly pushes Hye Sung out of the room before she can get her revenge.

The next morning, all the students find an apple left in their lockers.  JB, having seen the box of apples last night, deduces that Hye Sung left them.  Yoo Jin walks up and demands to know how JB knows this, but he says nothing and just leaves.  When Yoo Jin opens his locker, he’s surprised to see one waiting for him too.  The other students nearby start questioning Hye Sung’s motives, which anger Yoo Jin.

Meanwhile, it seems Hye Sung’s father has been called in.  He is meeting with Teacher Ahn, who tells him that while Hye Sung used violence on another classmate while on suspension, and caused a scene at a major event.  She tries to defend herself, but is silenced by her father.  When Teacher Ahn tells him that it doesn’t seem like Hye Sung will be able to debut, he surprisingly comes to her defense saying that the school is focusing too much on what she is unable to do and not what she’s good at.  He then declares that he’s transferring her out of the school because he can’t trust them anymore, shocking both Hye Sung and Teacher Ahn.  He drags out Hye Sung, who tells him that she’s not transferring.  Hye Sung’s father knows she’s struggling and wants to protect her from it so he doesn’t listen and tells her to pack her bags to be ready when he comes back to get her.

As Hye Sung sadly walks back to her locker, the other students make it a point to avoid her.  As she opens her locker, out flows all the apples she gave out to everyone.  She finally breaks down and starts crying.  Yoo Jin, holding his apple of course, happens to walk by and sees her.  We see footsteps  approach her and pick up an apple, but when the camera pans up it’s not Yoo Jin standing there but JB.  He eats the apple, and asks if he can have the apples if she’s throwing them away because he likes them.  Hye Sung is unable to respond and continues her emotion breakdown.  JB gives her a backhanded compliment by saying most women look pretty when they cry but it doesn’t suit her.  The episode ends with Yoo Jin watching  as JB uses his fingers to move Hye Sung’s mouth into a smile.

Final Thoughts

Seems it was a good idea I didn’t give up on this drama after all as the last two episodes have been very well done.  Consider me now actually emotionally invested in what happens to these characters. Took longer than usual, but as long as they can keep this up, all is forgiven.  We got to see more of Rian and JB’s history, and still keep the story moving forward at a good pace.

We also finally got moving on the typical love square that we see in dramas.  We know Rian and JB still care about each other, though at some point in the past, JB was the one who started to break things off.  The obvious answer to why they grew apart is President Lee’s not dating policy, but we’ll find out later if that’s the case.  For being on Rian’s side the whole time, JB is awfully forgiving of Hye Sung considering what she did.  Maybe it’s because he sees his past self in her from when Yoo Jin humiliated him at the Kirin High auditions.  The biggest step forward in this though is Rian starting to look at Yoo Jin in a different light.  She was clearly impressed with him saving her from the cake, and from his bragging in the classroom, she thinks President Lee sees him as a genius composer.  Should be interesting to see how much more they develop this relationship.

I’m also curious to see how they use President Lee’s daughter as a plot device.  One of my biggest criticisms early on was too many characters, too many side stories.  Hopefully they use her well and she’s not just a distraction.

Special bonus: Jiyeon and Jin Woo’s cover of “Superstar” by Lee Han Cheol.

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  1. OneMoreBlogStalker February 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you so much for the recap!!

  2. noiha February 25, 2012 at 8:37 am

    thank you for the recaps! i’m happy to stick around dream high 2 no matter how utterly boring the previous episodes are, and glad there’re people who do the same! ^^

  3. samorange March 6, 2012 at 9:44 am

    thanks for the recaps! i’m glad i stick with dream high 2,,its getting better!

  4. asdlasda October 19, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Didn’t Si Hyuk/Guk/Taecyeon say the same thing to Hye Mi/Suzy about crying?

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