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[Girl Group Wars] Top Girl Group Visuals 2015 Edition

Girl Groups - 04

Another year, another update.  Whereas the last update was really just a reshuffle of the order of the original list, this year brings several new faces.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m a year older or if my tastes changed, but even I was kind of surprised at how different this year’s list was.  Just like last year, the arbitrary visual designation does not apply; everyone is eligible.

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[News]Huh Gak Releases Mini-Album ‘LACRIMOSO’ and MV for “The Person Who Once Loved Me”

Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak made his return with his mini album ‘LACRIMOSO’.  He has also released the MV for his main song “The Person Who Once Loved Me” .

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