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[Random Rants] Farewell Sica

So obviously one of the biggest news in the kpop world the last few days is Jessica’s surprising dismissal from SNSD.  The fallout has been swift with fingers being pointed everywhere and theories popping up left and right as to what happened.  Even SME’s stock price has dropped over 8% since the news dropped.  I could go into details of what happened, but it’s probably easier to read it elsewhere.  I personally prefer the Asianjunkie articles here, here, and here.

While Sica has been my #1 bias for years, I can’t say I’m too broken up by the news.  SNSD as a whole hasn’t been relevant to me since 2010 and “Hoot” and while I enjoy Sica on variety, those appearances are few and far between.  As such, if she’s not going to appear on television anymore, it’s not big a void to fill.  If this were any other company I’d entertain the possibility of a makeup, but this is SME.  They broke up TVXQ and have seemingly made it their mission to keep them off every major music program and variety show on every major network.  Granted that was a different situation, but SM has made it clear from their actions that they will not stand for disobedience from those under their label.

Like with Hwagate, we may never know what really happened here.  At the end of the day, I wish Jessica all the best and hope she achieves everything she wants to do with her life.  Everyone deserves to do what they love, though few manage to achieve that.  I still wish one day to meet her and get an autograph, but that seems rather unlikely now.  Whatever happens, GorJess will have a permanent spot atop my bias list.  #QueenSica4Life

Top 10 Sica Songs

10. Tik Tok – This cover has a special place in my heart because it was my first SM town and the first time I’d actually seen Sica perform live.  Really wish I’d been able to get the floor seats, but hey the view was still spectacular.

9. California Gurls – Similar to the previous cover, this one holds a special place for me because it represents the closest I’ve been to her in a concert as I had front row seats to SM Town LA.  I did see her once more at the SBS KPop SUper Concert in Irvine the year after, and while I was still in the second row, it doesn’t compare to what I got at this one

8. My Lifestyle – So this song came out of nowhere, but has long been one of my favorite solo songs for Sica.   Not much to say here, just enjoy the video

7. Someday – With the help of baby Jung on the piano, Sica put out my second favorite English cover from her.  Gotta love the lyrics too considering the current situation.

6. Heart Road – I instantly loved this song not only because it’s not your normal drama ballad OST, but because Sica’s voice fit so well with the instrumentals.  I’m almost sad to rank it as long as it is, but hey, the other songs are just that much better.

5. Because I’m a Girl – So there’s this song.  I feel like everyone I knew watched the MV in college and it’s become kind of infamous because of what happened in it.  At any rate, this is my favorite cover of the song and Sica’s best Korean cover for me

4. The One Like You – Sica’s last drama OST is her best ballad track by far.  I think it deserves first place on this poll, but I’m just one person.  

3. Almost – This is one of the songs I really wish I got to hear live.  Sica’s love of Namia songs is well-known among her more ardent fans and this cover was simply spectacular.  The dress also helped

2. Naengmyun – While not a solo, this was Sica’s first musical endeavor away from the rest of her former groupmates.  And what an endeavor it was.  Sure it probably got the Infinity Challenge bump, but this song took the charts by storm so much so that they actually performed it on Music Core.  To this day, it’s still one of my favorite songs.

1. What to Do – As good as the previous song was, there was no doubt in my mind what Sica’s top song was.  The OST for her first and only real drama role is exactly the type of song that I always felt suited her best.  I think this is probably the third post I’ve used this video for, but I apologize for nothing

Honorable Mention: Part of Your World – I probably liked this cover more than I should have, but she didn’t do the whole song so it doesn’t count.  






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    i like it..thanks for share

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