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[Best of the Best] Top 5 Songs Not Promoted on Music Shows in 2012

Best 5 Songs Not Promoted on Music Shows

For obvious reasons, not all songs that get released can be promoted on music shows.  Artists pick the song that they think will do best and that’s their main track.  Here I’ll discuss 5 songs that may not have been promoted but I still very much enjoyed.

5. Baek Ah Yeon – Love, Love, Love
Baek Ah Yeon - I'm BaekHaving watched her on Kpop Star Season 1, Thekoreanjjang is actually a much bigger fan of hers than I am, but I gotta say that Baek Ah Yeon put out a pretty solid debut album.  I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy for not having “Sad Song” on my top 10 songs of the year list, but I’d have to say that this is my favorite song from her album.  I like the range and control she showed in this song, though to be honest, you could say the same for any of the songs on her mini-album.  She definitely has the talent to go far in the music industry and it wouldn’t surprise me if she outlasts the two who placed higher than her in Kpop Star.  Listen to it here.

4. Kim Joong Kook – Words I Want to Say to You
Kim Jong Kook - Journey Home

 I said before that pretty much all of Kim Jong Kook’s album was on my playlist so it only makes sense that one of the songs from it makes this list.  It features his Running Man castmates HaHa and Gary, both of which have completely different musical styles from the Commander.  However, they’re blended together to form a song that’s surprisingly easy to listen to. I mean you have Gary the rapper, Kim Jong Kook does balads, and HaHa does whatever it is that HaHa does.  By all rights this should be a disaster, but somehow it all works.  Listen to it here.

3. f(x) – Beautiful Stranger
f(x) - Electric Shock
 I’ve liked f(x)’s songs in the past, but this is the first mini-album of theirs that I actually liked.  The title song “Electric Shock” was really good, but this was my favorite by far.  They cut the fat vocally and combined their two best vocalists, Luna and Krystal, with Amber’s rapping.  Unlike their normal dance-track songs with a lot of electrical sounds, this was very mellow and allowed you to focus on them singing instead of the backup music.  “Danger” is still tops in my book for f(x), but this is a very close second.  Listen to it here.


2.T-ara – Don’t Leave
T-ara - Day by Day Album CoverOnce again, a song from T-ara’s last album before Hwagate makes the list.  I’ve always liked the mid-tempo ballads that CCM likes to give to T-ara, even if I think the rap is kind of odd to put in.  Makes it unique, I guess.  At any rate, Soyeon is one of my favorite singers so I’m all for any time I get to hear her put her full range on display.  Not sure why Areum got some of the rap parts, but she did decent.  I loved Eunjung’s parts, and she is still my favorite female rapper by far.  Personally, I’m still hoping that T-ara can recover as they’re still my favorite Kpop group.  Listen to it here.

1.  TaeTiSeo – Baby Steps
TaeTiSeo - TwinkleWhen you put 3 of SNSD’s best singers in a group, you really can’t go wrong.  Each of these three actually put out ballad tracks for various drama OSTs, but their combined effort trumps their individual songs for me.   In fact, this song was good enough to rank in my top 5 all time for SNSD’s ballad songs.  This track immediately jumped out at me, which says a lot because I like pretty much every song on the album.  Taeyeon is at her best as always and Tiffany and Seohyun’s vocals really shine in this song as well.  The only bad thing I can say about this song is that they didn’t perform it at SM Town LA.  Listen to it here.

Honorable Mentions: SISTAR – I Choose to Love YouAilee – Into the StormNS Yoon G – LoveLee Seung Gi – Invitation to MeSon Dambi – I Want to Be With You

Special Mention: Jessica(SNSD) – My Lifestyle
Okay fine so this is a shameless plug for one of Sica’s songs, so sue me.  I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of this song at first and then somehow it gets stuck in my head for about a full week.  I also wanted to buy a certain car…  


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