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[Drama Recap] Ghost


Overall Score: 7/10
Character Development: 8/10 ( would’ve liked more on Lee Yeon Hee’s character, but still pretty good) 
Plot Development: 7/10 (Progression was done well, but did bog down at times)
Acting: 5/10 (I liked Uhm Ki Joon, but every other main character dragged this down)
Soundtrack: 6/10 (nothing spectacular)
Enjoyability: 8/10 (enjoyed the premise of it, but i wanted more of Daniel Choi)


So Ji Sub plays Kim Woo Hyun, a detective of the Cyber Crimes Division, who is hell bent on capturing the legendary hacker Hades.  What Woo Hyun doesn’t know is that Hades is Park Ki Young, played by Daniel Choi, his best friend and roommate during the police academy.  Woo Hyun’s right hand man…er, woman, is the beautiful detective Yoo Kang Mi, played by Lee Yeon Hee.  Hades is hired by an unknown party to obtain information hidden on the laptop of a popular idol named Shin Hyo Jung.  However, before he can get it, Hyo Jung is murdered and Ki Young is the prime suspect.

As Woo Hyun investigates, he discovers the true killer, but is unable to bring him to justice for various reasons.  Instead, he is ordered to kill Ki Young, who is surprised that the upright Woo Hyun would be corrupt.  However, there is more to Woo Hyun that meets the eye and after a tragic accident, Ki Young must assume Woo Hyun’s identity and figure out the real mastermind behind it all.

Final Thoughts

First off, I was rather disappointed that Daniel Choi wasn’t in this more.  He was one of the reasons why I wanted to watch this drama, and to basically kill him off so quickly was a letdown.  Instead of having Ki Young assume Woo Hyun’s identity, I’d have much rathered the two work together to bring down Jo Hyun Min, well played by Uhm Ki Joon.  Two sides of the same coin working together to take down the bad guys; I’d watch that.  Alas, that was not meant to be and we’re left with So Ji Sub playing Ki Young playing Woo Hyun.

The second reason why I was curious about this drama was because of Lee Yeon Hee, whom Thekoreanjjang is a huge fan of.  She’s very pretty, I’ll give her that, but her acting left a lot to be desired.  She basically had the same expression on her face the entire series.  In that way, she reminds of me Kim Tae Hee in Iris.  She had zero chemistry with So Ji Sub, and for once I was glad they didn’t try to force a love-line where it didn’t belong.  Of course, they messed THAT up by pairing Hyuk Joo and Seung Yeon, played by Kwak Do Won and Song Ha Yoon respectively, but I digress.  The person I did think she might’ve had chemistry actually was Daniel Choi in their few scenes together.

All in all, I was pretty let down by the quality of the acting in this drama.  I liked Uhm Ki Joon and Kwak Do Won, but it was a pretty flat performance by pretty much everyone.  This was the first drama I’d seen of most of these actors and none ever really stood out for me.  Usually, I can find one or two actors that make me want to find another drama they’ve done, but in this there was nobody to pique my curiosity.

That being said, I still very much enjoyed the narrative of the story itself.  It did a pretty good job of weaving new bits of information and adding layers to the different characters to keep the viewer interested.  There were a few parts here and there that I felt dragged a bit and could’ve been taken out or done better, but it wasn’t anything that really detracted from the story.  All I ask from in a drama really is to make me want to come back and watch the next episode.  Ghost accomplished just that.

The interesting thing about this drama was that you knew who the bad guy was pretty early on.  What the story focused on was how Ki Young and Kang Mi  were going to be able to pin the crime on Hyun Min, despite all his attempts to block them.  On top of that was the mystery of what Woo Hyun’s connection to Hyun Min was.  By all appearances, Woo Hyun was a respectable and upright policeman so the thought of him being corrupt was baffling to both main characters, and to me as well.  Again, I wish both Ki Young and Woo Hyun had been forced to work together to battle Hyun Min, but what’s done is done.

All things together, I felt this drama succeeded in covering up the flaws in the acting and while not be something that I’d recommend to everyone, definitely did not make me regret sticking through it, which is more than I can say for many other dramas this year…


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