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[News] Halloween Song/MV Releases(SNSD, Ailee, and more)

Yes, technically some of these songs were released on November 1st in Korea, but it’s Halloween here so it still counts!  Happy Halloween everyone!

For whatever reason, there were a good amount of song/MV releases today that I actually care about.  Rather than do a post for each of them, I figured I’d just combine them all into one.  So let’s just dive right in.

The Good

“If You Love Me” – NS Yoon G ft Jay Park

I was a big fan of her song “I Got You” earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised to see this release.  It helps that I like Jay Park as well.  Their voices blend well together and it’s a good balance of Jay’s rap and NS Yoon G’s vocals.  She showed more range in “I Got You” and I felt that this was a fairly safe song vocally.  That being said, I still definitely enjoyed the song and am looking forward to them performing this on the weekly music shows.

“Men are All Like That” – Kim Jong Kook

Capable Man.  The Commander.  Trainer Kook.  Sparta Kook.  Tiger.  Whatever you want to call him, Kim Jong Kook is by far my favorite member of the variety show “Running Man”.  As such, I was looking forward to his return to the music scene.  Former “Running Man” member Song Joong Ki stars in the MV as we have another good ballad track for the year.  His signature “mosquito voice” is in full effect here and he displays just why he’s been successful as a singer for so long.

“Officially Missing You” – GEEKS ft SISTAR’s Soyu

I honestly just clicked this for fun and was surprised by how much I liked this song.  It’s apparently a remake of GEEKS’ debut song, but with SISTAR’s Soyu.  The only rookie male duo that I had heard of this year was JYP’s J&J, but GEEKS seems to have better vocals despite the difference in their popularity.  Was not a fan of Soyu’s contribution to this song as her voice seemed strained as she sang it.  All in all though, it was a nice song to just sit back and enjoy.

The Very Confusing

“Evening Sky” – Ailee

If you read my post about Ailee’s new album, you know that this is my favorite on there by a large margin.  That being said, why are we being trolled by having the MV for this be for an American movie?  Are the promoters for this movie really trying that badly to cash in on the “Gangnam Style” craze?  So very confused.

The Just Outright Awful

“Flower Power” – SNSD

Okay, I’ve never stopped listening to a SNSD song midway through before, but this was just awful.  This kind of song is completely beneath the vocal talent of SNSD’s vocal line and feels like something that they’d put out if the dancers of the group were put in a subunit.  Taeyeon’s far too talented to ever have her voice autotuned and you have none of the signature solos that I usually enjoy in SNSD’s songs.  The worst part of this song I feel isn’t the fact that SM signed off on it; it’s the fact that the legions of SONEs will still find reasons to like this and thus justify SM’s decision to sign off on it.  I’m all for groups trying out different genres, but SNSD is fully capable of putting out this type of music and still challenge themselves as singers.

Bonus Round

Okay admittedly this isn’t exactly a new release, but I couldn’t end this post on the travesty of “Flower Power”.  I randomly came across this video today and felt I had to share it with “Running Man” fans everywhere.


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