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[Album Audio] Ailee Releases “Invitation”


It’s been a while since my last post since I’ve been really busy with real life stuff, but this album is definitely worth posting about.  On Oct 16th, Ailee released her first mini album “Invitation”!

One of the few bright spots of Dream High 2 was the fact that we got exposure to the rookie artist Ailee.  Her character was very minimal, but her few scenes made me realize her singing potential and probably the only reason why I listened to “Heaven”.  As such, I was very much anticipating her comeback and she did not disappoint.

1. “I’ll Show You”

Honestly I feel this is actually one of her weakest tracks of the whole album.  I absolutely loved the intro as I feel that with her voice, she really shines at ballad-type tracks.  However, they pull a bait and switch and after the slow intro, it jumps immediately into a fast paced pop number.  Though it is probably my least favorite song of the album, it’s still a good song and a worthy follow-up to “Heaven”.  It’s odd to me though that the lyrics seem to clash directly with the story MV as they talk about how she doesn’t need this guy anymore, but she ends up in his arms in the end. All I know is this: man she looked good in it.

2. “Into the Storm” featuring Verbal Jint

This is my second favorite song of the album.  While I would have liked Ailee to have more time to showcase her vocals, I loved how they interwove Verbal Jint’s rap parts with Ailee’s parts.  You heard a good bit of Ailee’s range in this song and it’s overall a very good complementary track.

3.  “Evening Sky”

Hands down, this is the highlight of the album for me.  As I said earlier, I believe Ailee’s voice is best suited to more ballad type tracks and this one immediately stood out to me.  Even in a year full of very good ballads, I think this ranks up there with the best.  Her full range is on display here, though I feel like this only scratches the surface of her potential.

4. “My Love” featuring Swings

Yet another solid addition to the album.  Not my favorite track, but still pretty good.

5. “Shut up” featuring Simon D

I had high expectations for this track because I’m a fan of Simon D.  While I can’t fault his rap, I felt like this song didn’t really incorporate his parts with Ailee’s very well like they did with “Into the Storm”.  After a few change ups, they switch up the pace with a fastball and it just didn’t hit the strike zone for me.  I mean I like it, just not as much as the other songs.





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