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[Best of the Best] SNSD Edition

Five years ago, an unknown group of nine girls took the stage and began their singing careers.  Now, those same girls are one of the most popular girl groups in the world.  Happy 5th anniversary to SNSD!

Now, I could make a long post about the history of SNSD and the members, but nothing I’d say would be new or hard to find out for SONEs or any fan in general.  Personally I’ve only been listening to kpop for the last 3 years or so, give or take, but SNSD is definitely one of the groups I always look forward to when they release a new song.  So, rather than bore you with a wall of text, I’ve decided to post some top five lists instead.  Before we get to that though, Soshified created a pretty good video celebrating this day.

Gotta show off that debut stage too

Top 5 Members
1. Jessica (No surprise there for anyone who reads this blog)
2. Yoona (It’s almost unfair how good she looks)
3. Taeyeon (Gotta give props to one of the best vocals of her generation)
4. Sooyoung (So very witty and gotten way prettier as she’s aged)
5. Tiffany (I’m actually a bit sad I missed making Fany’s bday post, but she’s always been a favorite)

Top 5 Songs(not including ballads)
1. Genie/Tell Me Your Wish (That intro when they all split and reveal Tae is awesome.  Love Sica’s opening solo too)
2. Hoot (Loved this concept and my favorite song that year by far)
3. Echo (This might be my favorite MV of theirs and they all looked amazing in it, espcially Sica)
4. Gee (Was not a huge fan of this at first, but now…81 million views on Youtube is all you need to know)
5. Oh! (Okay there is no way this song could fail with those lyrics and hot cheerleaders)

Top 5 Ballads
1a. Dear Mom (This is possibly my favorite SNSD song…except for maybe the one below it)
1b. Forever (I actually watched Pasta, but I wasn’t a SNSD fan at that point so I didn’t know they sang this until afterwards)
2. How Great is Your Love (Easily my favorite song from “The Boys” mini album)
3. Mistake (Yuri’s debut as a lyricist and another great song from the “Hoot” mini album)
4. Complete (My favorite from their debut album)
5. Baby Steps (Yes it’s technicaly TaeTiSeo, but still a great song)

Top 5 Japanese Songs
1. Mr Taxi (Can I get them as my personal cab drivers?)
2. Time Machine (Probably would’ve made the best ballads list…probably…)
3. Born to be a Lady (Another great mid-tempo ballad)
4. Paparazzi (I still want to know who decided those pink gloves were a good idea with black outfits; Sooyoung’s outfit is pretty questionable too.  Catchy song though)
5. Let it Rain (One of my favorites from their first Japanese album)

Top 5 Song Covers 
1. Beautiful Restriction (SNSD’s vocal line is ridiculous)
2. Tell Me (I’ll prob get killed for this in comments, but I thought they did better than the Wonder Girls)
3. Santa Baby (They’ve covered this twice that I know of, but they def improved the second time around.  Listening to a Christmas song in August might seem odd, but eh I’m okay with it)
4. Because I’m a Girl (This cover is even more impressive considering this was pretty much right after their debut)
5. All I Want for Christmas is You (Yeah yeah, another Christmas song.  Still awesome)

Top 5 Misc Songs (a few songs I really enjoyed and couldn’t fit into another category)
1. Diamond (From SM’s Winter Album, which actually had a few pretty good songs)
2. Naeng Myun (I guess technically a cover, but hey it’s Sica’s song anyway.  I would love to see this live)
3. Chocolate Love (Def like this better than f(x)’s more electronic version.  Gotta love that fan dance too)
4. Motion (Never watched the drama for this OST, but it’s always been one of my favorite SNSD songs)
5. Oppa Nappa (SNSD’s first unofficial subunit of JeTiSeo.  I was really hoping they were gonna do this for the official subunit, but hey can’t really complain about TaeTiSeo)

Top 5 Variety Appearances
1. Running Man Ep 63-64 (The guys were so happy this ep.  This was def Sica at her variety best, and man was I jealous of Gary…  Sica on his arm on Day One, and then Yoona for Day Two.)
2. Intimate Note (Watching the girls air out their problems was incredibly entertaining)
3. Win Win Episode Ep 11 (SNSD self rankings ftw)
4. Haha Mong Show Ep 04 (More of SNSD at their crazy variety best)
5. Happy Together 3 Ep 172 (Poor Yuri, Sooyoung keeps stealing her talents.  Seohyun’s waking up story was pretty epic too)

List your top 5 SNSD lists below as well!


8 responses to “[Best of the Best] SNSD Edition

  1. thekoreanjjang August 6, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    what? no seohyun? no wgm cameos? don’t even get me started with the song selection…this guy.

  2. naya (indonesian) December 22, 2012 at 6:37 am

    SNSD is very nice and so beautiful

  3. kurakuraygslow April 16, 2013 at 9:09 am

    I was suprised as our top 5 SNSD’s ballads are the same! SNSD was known for their catchy and cute songs plus their perfect choreography in each albums. However, besides those catchy songs, there is at least one ballad song in each of their albums.

    And that ballad songs are just great. Their vocal powers was proved from singing ballads 🙂

    Oh I’m a SONE for 4 1/2 years. Sorry… I’ll just too excited about SNSD 🙂

  4. misaio July 21, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    I know someone will bash me for this but I also think SNSD did a better job than Wonder Girls. It was like Tell Me was originally an SNSD’s song. Just my opinion though.

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