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[Drama Recap] Big Episode 02

Here we recap and discuss episode 2 of Big.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Da Ran finally accepts the fact that Kyung Joon’s soul really IS in her fiancé’s body and drags him back, saying that they’ll sue the hospital for malpractice.  LOL, this girl.  Kyung Joon is amused at her idea and says that they’ll just lock them up for being crazy.  She whines at him to listen to her because she’s the adult, not that you’d know from how they acted, but Kyung Joon has no intention to.  Instead of making rash decisions, he convinces Da Ran to slow down and listen to his side of the story.

Using some cups and the figurines from his room, Kyung Joon reenacts the incident and says while their bodies were at the brink of death, Yoon Jae’s soul was desperate to stay and accidentally went into the wrong body.  Da Ran says her fiancé isn’t the type of person to do that, but gets shushed by Kyung Joon.  He finishes his little play and says this is all Yoon Jae’s fault for going into the wrong body.  When Da Ran insists again that Yoon Jae is too cautious to go into another person’s body, Kyung Joon interrupts her again and says that they need Yoon Jae in Kyung Joon’s body to wake up so that they can replicate the incident and switch their souls to the correct body.

Kyung Joon then goes to get something to drink, but Da Ran stops him, saying that Yoon Jae doesn’t drink soda.  While he’s in Yoon Jae’s body, she’d like it very much if he treated it like Yoon Jae would.  She holds his hand and sincerely asks that he not hurt it in anyway because he’s very precious to her.  Hah.  Da Ran says that she’ll go check on Kyung Joon’s body, but he stops her and instead dials his uncle’s number using her cellphone.  Hyuk Soo is mildly surprised that the school has already been informed of the accident, but tells her that they moved Kyung Joon to a different hospital.

After she hangs up, Da Ran says they can’t be seen like this in his house, but Kyung Joon assures her that he lives alone.  She hesitates and asks if he’ll be okay by himself considering all he’s been through, but Kyung Joon gives her a smart-ass remark about pretending to care and says he’ll be fine.  After Kyung Joon goes into his room, Da Ran looks in the refrigerator and sadly comments about how he only has soda and frozen foods in there.

The next morning, Kyung Joon wakes up and bangs himself on the way too small bed.  He’s annoyed at first, but that quickly fades when he realizes that he doesn’t have to go to school.  Guess he’s one of those genius straight A students who don’t have to study?  When he looks into the refrigerator to make some breakfast, he’s surprised to see that Da Ran has taken out all this junk food and replaced it with fruits and bottled water.

Meanwhile, Da Ran has gone to check on Kyung Joon’s body.  She sits down next to him and asks her fiancé if he’s really in there.  As she holds his hand, she flashes back to a cold winter night when he offers her his hand because she looks cold.  Da Ran says that she heard that a person’s hands are as warm as their hand, causing Yoon Jae to smile at her childishness.  He seems like he genuinely likes her in the flashback and it makes me wonder what happened to that Yoon Jae as opposed to the one that seems to be avoiding her.

As Da Ran sneaks back into her house, she’s spotted by her parents.  Her mom jokes that she must’ve been out all night with Yoon Jae, but her dad is not so amused.  Mom wants invite him over to feed him some eels, I’m assuming this is something to do with sexual stamina or something, but Dad thinks that it’ll just embarrass the kids.  Instead, he suggests that they put eels inside some dumplings and feed it to him that way.  Hah.  Meanwhile, of course, Kyung Joon disregards Da Ran’s request to eat healthy while in Yoon Jae’s body and chows down on a slice of pizza.  As he considers growing a beard, he suddenly feels extremely itchy and tries to check if Yoon Jae has eczema.  Guess someone should’ve asked their teacher about her fiancé’s allergies.

Since she had to deal with all this, Da Ran is late for school and once again draws the ire of the vice-principal.  As everyone’s standing out in the yard listening to the principal give a speech, who should show up but Kyung Joon wearing some ridiculous sunglasses.  Everyone’s shocked as he runs over to Da Ran and asks for money, all the while it seems like whatever Yoon Jae is allergic to is giving Kyung Joon fits.  Da Ran whispers for him to leave and stop embarrassing her, but he doesn’t care and starts to take off his shirt so she can look at him.  LOL.  With all eyes on them, Kyung Joon drags Da Ran away as Choong Sik and everyone else wonders why he’s acting like that.

They go into an empty classroom and Kyung Joon asks Da Ran what’s wrong with Yoon Jae that he’d be so itchy right now.  He shows off all the welts all over his body and Da Ran is worried as she checks out all of them.  Of course, with Yoon Jae writhing around like he is, Ae Kyung and the Vice Principal think that Da Ran is doing something…let’s just say not appropriate for a school.  The two collapse to the floor, and Ae Kyung goes up for another look but gets dragged down by the Vice Principal.  Hah.  Later, we see the school nurse giving Kyung Joon some medicine for Yoon Jae’s mushroom allergy, which he triggered by eating it on the pizza.

Though it wasn’t exactly her fault, Da Ran still gets scolded in front of the other teachers by the Vice Principal.  She’s disgusted with what happened and wonders what’s wrong with her fiancé.  Afterwards, Kyung Joon tells Da Ran that he didn’t have any money and couldn’t go to the hospital so he didn’t know what else to do.  Da Ran asks him if he’s feeling okay now and Kyung Joon happily says that Yoon Jae must be really healthy since the medicine worked really well.  Since he’s okay now, Da Ran gives Kyung Joon some money for food and tells him to take his medicine.  Kyung Joon tells her that he’ll pay her back when he gets his wallet back and sees that Da Ran still seems down.  He asks again if she got scolded a lot, but she tells him that she’s just stressed out that Kyung Joon made her fiancé seem like a crazy person.  Da Ran tells him to just stay home from now on and to call her if he needs anyway.

Meanwhile, Da Ran’s dad gets to the hospital with, I’m assume some eel-filled food, and tries to call his son-in-law, but doesn’t get an answer.  Of course, his son-in-law’s body walks in right behind him and asks which room Kyung Joon’s body is in.  Dad runs into Kyung Joon while waiting for the elevator and calls for Yoon Jae, but since Kyung Joon has no idea who this old man is he just ignores him.  LOL, oh Da Ran is going to catch so much hell for this considering how distraught Dad seems over it.  He immediately calls Da Ran and tells her about the situation, but rather than being mad, Dad just seems sad about it.  Of course, the only thing that Da Ran registers is that Kyung Joon has gone to Yoon Jae’s hospital without knowing that he works there.  She tries to ask the Vice Principal for permission to leave, but loses courage midway through.  When Da Ran finally is able to leave, she rushes as quickly as she can to the hospital, completely ignoring Choong Sik calling out to her.

At the hospital, Kyung Joon is confused as to why people keep confusing him for a doctor, but then realizes what’s going on when he sees a hospital flier with Yoon Jae as the model.  He ducks into a restroom to hide, but runs into that same flier and tries his best to try to smile like Yoon Jae.  LOL.  Though he tries to his best to remain incognito, Kyung Joon eventually runs into Se Young and one of Yoon Jae’s other friends and he’s tells them that he accidentally ate some mushrooms so he’s going to go get some rest.  Before he can leave though, Se Young stops him and asks if he still has the thing that she gave him earlier.  Kyung Joon pretends like he knows what she’s talking about and Se Young smiles and says that she gave it to him for times like this while lightly grabbing his hand.

Da Ran shows up at this point and Kyung Joon does his best Yoon Jae imitation smile since he knows he’s in trouble.  She glares at him, but grits her teeth and smiles while dragging him away.  Kyung Joon defends himself by saying that he was just trying to find his body and his belongings.  Though she’s still mad at him for coming here, Da Ran takes Kyung Joon to Yoon Jae’s office so that he can put on the doctor’s coat and look presentable.  After he puts it on, Kyung Joon says that something about Se Young’s touch feels weird to him.  Of course, Da Ran dismisses this and says that it’s not surprising for boys his age to feel something more from a subtle touch from a woman.  Kyung Joon rolls his eyes at her and says that he definitely wasn’t what he meant and that she should know that boys his age tend to want to rebel the more they’re told not to.

As Kyung Joon lays down on Yoon Jae’s bed, Da Ran comments how much he seems like Yoon Jae.  Kyung Joon starts to object, but Da Ran shushes him so that he doesn’t ruin her moment.  He pretends to sleep and gives his hand to her when she asks for it.  She tells him that his soul must not be as warm as Yoon Jae’s because his hand is colder as well.  Hah.  Of course, Kyung Joon doesn’t mind this in the slightest and says that he just wants to remain cool.  As Da Ran holds out her hand to help him up, Kyung Joon has a flashback and remembers that he reached up and grabbed Yoon Jae’s hand while they were in the water.

Thinking that that might be why they switched bodies, they immediately go to Kyung Joon’s body to see if it switches them back.  Kyung Joon is hesitant because he’s not sure if he’ll wake up, but Da Ran forcibly makes them hold hands.  As soon as their hands touch, a wind blows through the room and Kyung Joon closes his eyes.  When he opens them again, it’s Yoon Jae again and he tells her that he’s going to tell her what he was going to back then.  Da Ran waits in anticipation, but instead of “I love you” she hears “buing buing”.  LOL.  She’s crushed about his little prank and starts crying, which makes Kyung Joon feel guilty.  Though he knows he’s at fault, Kyung Joon pretends to be annoyed that she’s blaming him, but decides to listen to her for once and looks around for water to drink.

Right at this moment though, his uncle and aunt walk in and ask about his condition.  Not knowing what to say, Kyung Joon just states the obvious that he hasn’t woken up yet.  He hears his aunt complaining about what they’re going to do if Kyung Joon stays in a coma for an extended period and when he asks her about it, she tells him that they’re not in a position to take care of him and wants to send him back to the US.  His uncle actually seems like he actually cares though and argues with his wife.  Right before he walks out of the room, he sees his aunt going through his wallet and taking his money and credit cards.  Damn, what a way to find out.

Da Ran was listening outside the room and catches up to him as he storms out.  He thinks that she’s just worried about Yoon Jae’s image again, but she’s actually worried about him because of what he heard.  Kyung Joon thinks that she’s just pretending to like him like his uncle and says that she better not try to stop him again or else he’ll do something stupid to Yoon Jae’s body.  As he roughly brushes her off, Choong Sik just happens to see this and gets mad about how he’s treating his sister.  Da Ran tries to play peacekeeper, but Choong Sik isn’t having it.  Kyung Joon lashes out and says that he’s not Choong Sik’s brother-in-law, which confuses him, and even calls him stupid.  LOL.  Choong Sik calls him sister-in-law and tries to start a fight, but is stopped Da Ran, who covers up Kyung Joon’s remark by correcting her brother’s way of saying brother-in-law.  Nice save.

Frustrated at the exchange, Kyung Joon disregards Da Ran’s advice and purposely chooses to drink soda.  He furiously throws the can in the trash and it reminds him of what his aunt said.  After going back to the room where his body is, he tells himself that his aunt and uncle won’t just throw him away yet because of his Mom’s inheritance.  When he goes back to his home, he finds a bag of with his stuff hanging on the door along with the dumplings from Da Ran’s dad.  Aww, what a nice teacher/fiancé.

Back at home, Da Ran is being asked by her dad and Choong Sik if the marriage is off.  Dad complains about being ignored and Choong Sik is mad about being called stupid.  Da Ran tries to say that that wasn’t Yoon Jae, but realizes the ridiculousness of it and dejectedly admits that it was him, causing both her dad and brother to say that it’s over.  Meanwhile, Kyung Joon has made his way to the restaurant and runs into Da Ran’s mom.  She childishly asks him to guess what was in the dumplings, and Kyung Joon decides to play along with her.  Mom’s happy that he guessed eel and drags him into the house.

Upon his arrival, Da Ran looks at him with both shock and dismay.  Kyung Joon immediately sizes up the situation and suddenly realizes what’s going on.  Not knowing what else to do, he politely greets all of them and yells out surprise when Da Ran asks him what he’s doing here.  She drags him back outside and he explains what her mom did and says that she should be grateful at how quickly he grasped who everyone was.  He starts to leave, but Da Ran stops him and says that he’s come this far already so he has to play the role of Yoon Jae till the end.  Hilarity incoming.

Inside the house, Choong Sik and Dad immediately take back what they said about the marriage being over and blame his recent strangeness on the accident.  As Choong Sik goes out to get some beer from the restaurant, he overhears Kyung Joon and Da Ran arguing outside about hiding something.  He asks them about it, and Da Ran tells him that little kids don’t need to know and to butt out of adult matters.  Da Ran drags Kyung Joon inside, but Kyung Joon can’t help repeat the line about little kids not needing to know.  Hah.

After they go back inside, Da Ran goes to help her mom in the kitchen leaving Kyung Joon alone with her dad.  It’s incredibly awkward between the two of them, especially with Kyung Joon acting like a kid.  He notices that there are a lot of random rocks in the house, and Da Ran’s dad says that he collected from various places.  Kyung Joon is bored out of his mind as he’s explaining about how some of the rocks represent their family, and quickly hides a yawn when Dad looks back at him.  Dad says that they should look for a rock to represent Yoon Jae since he’s joining the family, but Kyung Joon tells him there’s not need because it’s a ridiculous idea.

Kyung Joon eventually decides to play along with Da Ran’s dad and asks him what are the standards for picking a rock to represent him because they seem vague to him.  It’s definitely not by height or looks because for both Dad would be the smallest one as opposed to the big one he is now.  LOL.  Awkward…  Dad thinks Kyung Joon must be offended by the choice in rocks, but when Kyung Joon assures him he was just curious, dad tells him it’s all about compatibility.  After dad leaves, Kyung Joon says that it’s not his concern anyway and he’ll let Yoon Jae deal with it.  I definitely like Gong Yoo as Kyung Joon over Shin Won Ho.

During dinner, Kyung Joon loudly slurps at the hot soup, which embarrasses Da Ran again.  She tells him to eat quietly, but he says that he can’t because of the heat.  To cool down, Dad offers him a glass of beer, which Kyung Joon is more than happy to accept.  However, Da Ran has other ideas and stops her dad by saying that Yoon Jae has to drive back later.  Kyung Joon goes for the drink again by saying that he didn’t drive here, but Da Ran stops him again by saying he’s not feeling well.  Not to be deterred, Kyung Joon says that he’ll sleep better after a drink and Choong Sik decides to try to get in on this.  Da Ran tells her brother to stop and pointedly says to Kyung Joon that she can’t stand by and watch her underage students drinking.  In the end, she’s forced to stop him by chugging most of the bear herself and only leaving a little bit for him.  LOL, definitely loving this girl.

Afterwards, Da Ran decides to walk Kyung Joon home because she doesn’t want a drunk person to go by himself.  LOL, pretty sure you’re more drunk than he is.  He complains that he only had a little sip and it’s not like that was his first time drinking anyway.  Da Ran doesn’t care though and says that she has to take responsibility for her student.  She also apologizes for making him pretend to be her fiancé.  Kyung Joon says that she doesn’t have to apologize since she found his wallet.  He wants her to fill it up with money as well so he can buy clothes, but she instead drags him to Yoon Jae’s house to get him clothes.

Back at Da Ran’s house, her mom comments that Yoon Jae was acting weirdly and didn’t really mind his manners around them.  He didn’t even treat Da Ran that well either.  Dad thinks it was weird too, but Mom actually likes it because she sees it as Yoon Jae is finally comfortable around them.  Well when you put it that way…

At Yoon Jae’s house, Kyung Joon looks around and touches everything, probably because of Da Ran’s instructions not to.  He looks through Yoon Jae’s clothes and starts trying some of them on.  Da Ran walks in on him and gets startled at seeing him shirtless. She turns away to let him change, but sneaks a peek anyway.  Kyung Joon catches her and invites her to look as much as she wants since she probably does so anyway.  He mocks her, saying how she was all happy to hug him last time at the hospital when she thought he was dead.  Da Ran tells him that she’s never seen him topless before and even back then she didn’t get a good look.

Kyung Joon immediately seizes on this and is shocked at how they haven’t had much physical contact even though the wedding is only a month away.  He says that Yoon Jae’s body is no joke and shows it off to her, despite Da Ran trying to avert her eyes.  Da Ran says that Yoon Jae is just energetic and likes working out.  Of course he does, says Kyung Joon, it takes him at least 2 hours a day to work out to achieve a body like this, time that he could use to spend time with her instead of always blowing her off.    She actually takes him seriously, and Kyung Joon is forced to backtrack and say that there’s no way that it’s true and that Yoon Jae was on her way to tell her something when the accident happened.

To make her happy, Kyung Joon says he loves her to Da Ran, making it seem like Yoon Jae is saying it to her.  Both seem to get caught up in the moment, and Kyung Joon is the first to break off and say that he was just acting like Yoon Jae.  Da Ran is satisfied enough though and immediately brightens up.  She quickly drags him back into the closet and starts picking out clothes for Kyung Joon.  He has no intention of using the clothes that she picked out though and instead looks for some others.

As he’s rummaging through the clothes, Kyung Joon finds a key and asks Da Ran if she knows where it goes to.  Da Ran has no idea though and wonders if it’s maybe something that Yoon Jae prepared for after they got married.  They’re interrupted by the phone ringing and Da Ran gets him to answer it.  It’s Se Young, asking why he didn’t tell her about the accident he was in.  She then says she’s bringing over his stuff for him.

Kyung Joon then asks if he has to go to work the next day, but Da Ran tells him that of course not and should just ask for time off due to the accident.  He then asks her if he has to go through with the wedding as well.  Da Ran hesitates at first, but says that of course he does.  This does not sit well with Kyung Joon and he goes silent.  While they’re waiting, Da Ran suggests that they clean up, but Kyung Joon isn’t in the mood for that either.  She warns him not to say anything crazy to Se Young when she comes and then goes to look for the vacuum.  In her search for it, Da Ran finds a packed suitcase inside a closet.  She looks through it, wondering when Yoon Jae was planning to go since he didn’t mention anything to her.  As she looks at his passport, Da Ran wonders if he was planning to leave her.

Meanwhile, Kyung Joon is on his way down to meet Se Young.  When she gets there, we see that she has a similar key on her keychain.  She immediately runs over to hug him and says how much she was worried about him.  Kyung Joon pushes her off asks her what she’s doing and Se Young confesses that she loves him.  Yup, saw that coming.  Before Kyung Joon can react, Da Ran calls out to him and he looks between the two women.  He realizes what was going on calls Yoon Jae a bastard.

Final Thoughts

I’m liking Gong Yoo as the Kyung Joon character.  He’s certainly far more interesting than he was as the Yoon Jae character and I think he plays it better than Shin Won Ho.  I like the duality of his character and how it interacts with Da Ran.  On the one hand you have the immature 18 year old that’s rebelling against his teacher.  But you also have the wise-beyond-his-years orphan who has to handle the mood swings of the naive girl in Da Ran.  After this episode, it seems like it makes way more sense to have the teacher and student be in a relationship together, which is not something I expected going in.  I mean, I thought this drama would be like “Secret Garden” in that there really wasn’t any real romantic interest competition.  Sure Gil Ra Im fangirled over Oska, but he was never really in the picture.  I figured hey maybe student would be hot for teacher, but she’s fully committed to her fiancé.  Instead though, I like Kyung Joon’s pairing with Da Ran just because of how well they complement each other as compared to her with Yoon Jae, from what little we’ve seen of him.

Speaking of Yoon Jae, I’m confused about his character.  I’m not surprised that he’s a cheater per se, but it’s kind of odd that he is considering he just seems emotionally withdrawn.  He even seems to actually like Da Ran in their flashbacks.  It seems like they had a whirlwind relationship, so what happened to change him into how he acted before the accident?  Did he just realize overnight what he got himself into?  Or did Se Young just seduce him that quickly?

This episode definitely gave me more of what I expect from a Hong Sisters drama.  The dialogue was much better in this episode, as was the pace and comedy.  I also like that the naive heroine is smarter than she appears.  Sure she’s naive, it wouldn’t be a Hong Sisters drama if she wasn’t, but at least you get a glimmer of something deeper underneath.  All in all, it was a good episode, and I’m definitely looking forward to see how they handle the soul swapping shenanigans later on.


One response to “[Drama Recap] Big Episode 02

  1. kumi June 7, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Hi there! I’m glad the drama has transmigration of the soul as a pretext. These things happen normally, but the majority of people don’t know about it.

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