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[Birthday Blessings] Hyuna(4minute)

Today we celebrate the birthday of 4minute’s cute and sexy rapper Kim Hyuna!

4nias and Wonderfuls all probably know that Hyuna initially made her debut with the Wonder Girls in 2007 with their song “Irony” as their main rapper.  However, she was forced to leave the group due to health issues.  Just two short years later, though, she would resume her music career and debut with 4minute in May of 2009.  From that point on, it’s only been up for talented 20 year old.

Currently, she is the only member of 4minute to have promotions outside of the group as she’s already released two solo songs in “Change” and “Bubble Pop”, as well as participate in the sub-unit group Troublemaker with BEAST’s Hyunseung.  In all three songs, she showed off the sexy dancing and earned her comparisons to sexy queen Lee Hyori.  I’ll be the first to admit that she’s not the best singer, but damned if “Bubble Pop” wasn’t still catchy, even if you didn’t watch her music video.  However, while not the best vocalist, for me, she’s definitely one of the best female rappers to me along with T-ara’s Eunjung.

In addition to being 4minute’s main rapper, Hyuna is also their main dancer.  In fact, it’s arguably her dance that’s earned her the most praise.  She’s participated in many dance off with other idols and always in the conversation when anyone talks about best dancers in kpop.  The charisma that she exudes on stage while dancing can only be matched by a small number of idols.

In contrast to her sexy stage appearance, Hyuna off stage is actually clumsy and cute.  This is seen in any variety show she appears on, and especially when she was a main cast on “Invincible Youth”.  There she earned, among others, the nicknames of Maknae PD and whiney maknae.  Anytime something doesn’t go her way, she immediately starts whining and has been known to smack someone in anger.  In Invincible Youth, she takes out her anger on her senior Kim Tae Woo, but he says that for some reason she’s the only person he can’t be mad at that for.  To the other girls on the show, Hyuna was their cute maknae instead of the sexy queen that she is on stage.  It’s this duality to her personality that appeals to and draws in all her fans.

More can be said about this cute, sexy, and childish girl, but to truly understand all of her charms would take hours and hours.  You can see how much she loves her fans too by her constant posts of selcas on her official twitter account, with or without makeup.  She’s the first to admit how shy she is normally, but once you get to know her, she’s all anyone could hope for in a friend.  So once again, Happy birthday to Hyuna and here’s to many more successful years ahead of her.


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