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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 19

Here we recap and discuss episode 19 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

After they head back home from the hospital, Yoon Hee assures Ha Na that she’s fine and that they always knew her eyes bad.  It doesn’t matter if she’s blind as long as they’re together.  Ha Na is still worried about her mom, though, and Yoon Hee continues to try to calm her daughter down.  However, later that night, we see Ha Na crying in the greenhouse.  Joon decides to call her to check up on her and asks her where she is.  Ha Na, thinking that he was at home, is surprised to see him behind her, but he tells her that he was waiting around in case she needed him.  He immediately goes over to hug her and Ha Na breaks into tears, admits that she’s worried and scared for her mom.

Inside the house, we see Yoon Hee practice her braille.  In Ha is also looking into her condition online and decides to ask Dong Wook for his opinion.  Unfortunately, Dong Wook thinks that even with surgery, Yoon Hee will still go blind.  A week later, he shows up offers to drive Yoon Hee to the doctor for her appointment.  She’s hesitant at first, but eventually allows him to do so with pressure from Ha Na.  However, once they’re at the hospital, Yoon Hee tells him he shouldn’t do this anymore and this will just burden her.  No matter what happens to her, the last thing she wants to do is burden their kids.

At the cafe, Sun Ho tells Joon that Yoon Hee has agreed to the surgery and gives him some information on the procedure so he can explain it to Ha Na.  He then mentions that In Ha is still hanging around Yoon Hee and wonders if it’s affecting his own relationship.  Before Joon can answer though, he hears Jeon Sul calling for him from outside.  At first Joon ignores him, but when Jeon Sul says he’ll take the girl, it piques Joon’s curiosity.  He goes outside and is surprised to see Ha Na standing there checking up on the flowers she planted.

Ha Na makes her way upstairs and the two immediately hug when they see each other.  Since she’s free from her duty of taking her mom to the hospital, Joon suggests that they go for a date.  She’s overjoyed at the prospect, saying that they’ve never gone on a normal date yet.  Joon starts to say that his schedule is free as well, but his lie is exposed when we hear Cho Soo yelling for Joon that they have to leave for the photo-shoot.  When he sees Ha Na, Cho Soo happily greets her and ignores Joon’s glare.  Since he’s been found out, Joon tells Ha Na that he’ll finish in two hours, even though Cho Soo says it should take them two days.

While Joon is working, Ha Na has her own photo-shoot of the plants.  She then notices Sun Ho come out and quickly takes a picture of him as well.  They sit down to talk and Sun Ho tells her about the file he gave Joon.  Sun Ho asks her how she feels about everything with her and Joon and their parents, and Ha Na tells him that she’s determined to make her relationship with Joon work.  She then mentions that it seems unfair that she’s always asking Sun Ho for things and wonders if she can help him with something.  I guess asking her to have herself cloned so he can be with her as well is out of the question.  He tells her that all she can do for him is always be near him as his friend, which Jeon Sul overhears and scoffs at.  LOL.  Joon then suddenly runs over to them and compliments himself on how good he is for getting there in under the deadline.

As they sit down to eat, they reminisce about the meal they had in Japan.  Joon comments that she doesn’t each as much compared to back then, jokingly asking if she’s trying to go on a diet to look prettier.  Yeah, don’t think that’s possible with Yoona.  He sees that Ha Na doesn’t really want to talk about it and so quickly changes the subject and asks her to call him by a pet name instead of his real name.  Ha Na is embarrassed, and gets slightly angry when Joon calls her “Roo Roo” like he did in Japan.  They soon break into laughter about it, but the happy mood is interrupted by a call from Hye Jung.  She tells Joon to come back home immediately, but Joon tells her that he’s busy and hangs up.

Ha Na thinks he should listen to his mom, but Joon tells her that he’ll just go back after their “ordinary” date.  Hye Jung is persistent, though, and now gives Ha Na a call.  Joon tells her not to answer it, but Ha Na does so anyway.  Immediately, Hye Jung starts angrily scolding her about still being with Joon and supposedly not thinking about Yoon Hee’s feelings.  After seeing Ha Na’s expression during the call, Joon quickly takes the phone from her and tells his mom to take her anger out on him.  Furious, Hye Jung demands that they both go to her house or she’s going to them.  Joon doesn’t care though and hangs up again.  However, Ha Na thinks that they should go and persuades him by agreeing to try to call him “Oppa” if he does.

Well this is going to be an interesting party.  When Joon and Ha Na show up at the house, they see Dong Wook, Chang Mo, and Mi Ho there as well.  Hye Jung sees them holding hands and berates them for it, which then prompts Dong Wook and Chang Mo to ask why she called them all there.  Apparently, she’s called everyone here to talk about Joon and Mi Ho getting married, which is a surprise to everyone else there.  Dong Wook and Chang Mo stare at their old friend with mouths agape as she tries to get them on her side in this matter.  Joon has had enough though and tells his mom to never call Ha Na again.  He then apologizes for his rudeness, but Dong Wook and Chang Mo say that they’re the ones who should apologize.  Mi Ho starts to object, but Dong Wook tells her that she shouldn’t come here anymore.  Dong Wook then turns to Hye Jung and tells her to never call them for something like this every again.  Chang Mo starts to leave with him, but first tells Hye Jung to respect their decision since they’re adults now.  YES!  I’m so glad that they called her out on her bs.

Hye Jung is not happy about this turn of events and blames Ha Na for what just happened.  Joon tries to ask his mom why she’s doing this, but Hye Jung is ignoring him to yell at Ha Na.  He finally yells at Hye Jung to stop it and tells Ha Na to wait outside.  Before she leaves though, Ha Na places the plant she brought for a gift on the table.  Of course, Hye Jung yells at her again and tells her to never come back here.

Inside the house, Hye Jung asks Joon if he knows that In Ha is seeing Yoon Hee again and if he’s still going to see Ha Na in spite of that.   Joon calmly tells her that In Ha has his life and he has his own life.  Hye Jung starts to argue again, but Joon tells her that if she does something like this ever again, he’s walking out of her house and her life.  This finally gets Hye Jung to shut up and she just stares at him in shock.

After Joon drives Ha Na back home, they run into In Ha leaving.  He tells them that he was talking to the people at the garden about making an easier path for Yoon Hee to get back to her place.  Aww.  Father and son exchange awkward greetings and Joon says that he’ll be heading back first.  As she walks with Joon back to her house, Ha Na jokingly comments about how hard it is to have a “normal” date.  When that eventually happens, Joon hopes that Ha Na will be able to call him “baby”, which embarrasses her but she nods in agreement.

When Ha Na walks in, Yoon Hee says she recognized her daughter’s happy footsteps.  Ha Na is amazed that her mom would notice something like that, and Yoon Hee says that she practiced it in case she’d need it later.  She asks her mom about In Ha’s footsteps, but Yoon Hee is too embarrassed to say.  Looking over at the table, Ha Na sees all her mom’s books out and asks her what’s going on.  Yoon Hee tells her that she’s going to donate her library since she won’t need it anymore, which makes Ha Na sad again.

As Joon is walking back to his car, he finds In Ha waiting for him.  The go somewhere in the resort to talk and In Ha wants Joon to know that he’s not going out with Yoon Hee again and that this is just something he needs to do.  Joon tells his dad though that he already thought about this when he told her about Yoon Hee’s eyes and would probably do the same thing if this had happened to Ha Na.  Though he never though he’d understand his father, after meeting Ha Na, Joon finally realizes what being in love is really like and understands how much of a sacrifice it was for In Ha to give up Yoon Hee for him.   Joon then turns to his dad and apologizes for everything he’s done to him.

Later, Tae Sung comes into the greenhouse and asks Ha Na where her mom is because he heard that Hye Jung is visiting.  Sure enough, we cut to Hye Jung and Yoon Hee sitting across from each other.  Since she can’t get through to Joon and Ha Na, she tries to guilt Yoon Hee into helping her.  However, Yoon Hee is more surprised that she’s even met with her daughter.  She tells Hye Jung that she’s not against Ha Na being with Joon because they all know the pain of not being able to be with the one that they loved.  Yoon Hee tries to appeal to Hye Jung’s motherly instinct, but that seems to be completely gone at this point.

Tae Sung and Ha Na show up at the cafe, and he starts to go interrupt them, but Ha Na stops him.  She marches up to Hye Jung and demands to know why she’s doing this to her mom.  When Hye Jung tells her to butt out, Ha Na tells her again not to do this since her mom is sick.  Yoon Hee tries to keep the peace between them, but they’re not really listening to her.  Hye Jung then glares back at Yoon Hee and says that she always made herself feel like she was the only one hurting and always made Hye Jung out to be the bad person.  Well, you’re certainly not helping out your case much either.

Back at his studio, Joon is looking over a letter from an American studio offering him a job as a Senior Staff Photographer.  Tae Sung storms in the studio and grabs Joon by the collar, saying that he should just back off if he can’t protect her.  Joon brushes his arm off, but Tae Sung grabs him again and asks him if he knows what Ha Na’s going through.  Realizing what must have happened, Joon decides to pay Ha Na a visit.

As Joon sits down with Ha Na and Yoon Hee, he apologizes to her for what his mom did today.  Yoon Hee tells him not to worry about it and hopes that it won’t damage his relationship with his mom too much.  She then brings up the surgery and says that if someone happens and she can’t see Ha Na anymore, she knows that Joon will make Ha Na happy.  Ha Na starts to tear up and wants her mom to stop talking like that, but Yoon Hee continues on and says that she hopes that the two of them only think about themselves.

Ha Na decides to walk Joon back to his car and tells him not to think about things too much.  Joon turns to her and says that he has something to tell her.  He wraps her in his arms and whispers something into her ear, but Ha Na didn’t hear him.  She can guess what he said, but is too embarrassed to say, what I’m assuming is “I love you” back to him.  While still hugging her, Joon tells her to take care of Yoon Hee and that he’ll see her on the day of the surgery.  Ha Na is surprised about not being able to see him until then, but Joon points out that she’ll be too busy spending time with her mom.  Before he leaves, Joon tells her that he’ll have something to tell her on that day.  A little worried, Ha Na wants to know about it beforehand, but Joon refuses to say.

In the morning as Joon prepares to leave the house, Hye Jung stops him and asks if she’s really leaving her for Ha Na.  Joon tells her though that they need some time apart for now, and not just because of Ha Na.  Almost sounds like he’s talking to a jealous girlfriend than a mom.  As he sits down in his room at the cafe, he looks over at Ha Na’s old room and thinks back to the time that they spent together here.

When Ha Na walks out of her house in the morning, she’s surprised to see Tae Sung standing there waiting for her.  He tells her that he thought she’d come back to him once things got too hard, but he can’t wait anymore.  Tae Sung then asks her if she can just make things easier on herself by just liking him instead of Joon.  If she says no, he’ll stop bothering her.  Ha Na is at a loss for words at first, and thanks him for making her happy before.  Yeah…that’s not a good preface if you’re Tae Sung lol.  Even if it makes her unhappy and miserable, Ha Na says that she still wants to be with Joon because she loves him.  Though he probably expected to hear it, Tae Sung is still sad to hear it from Ha Na and has no choice but to accept her decision.

Back at the cafe, Jeon Sul sits down in front of Joon and talks about how much he loved working with the garden.  Joon is in no mood to talk to him and tells him he should just go back home to the countryside then and work with nature all he wants.  As Jeon Sul is talking about how Mi Ho really likes somewhere else, she walks up to them and asks Joon if he’s really going to New York.  Sun Ho just so happens to overhear his sister and asks Joon what she’s talking about.  Wow, didn’t even tell your best friend huh?  Joon tells them that he got an offer but he hasn’t made a decision yet.

The day before the surgery, Sun Ho pays Yoon Hee a visit and gives her a quick checkup.  Afterwards, he goes out for coffee with Ha Na and asks her why she hasn’t called lately.  She tells him that she’s been spending all her time with her mom and she wants to give Joon some space to think about what to do about her and Hye Jung.  Sun Ho seems like he’s on the verge of telling her about Joon’s job offer, but instead says that he’s sure that they’re not going to break up, which confuses Ha Na.  Meanwhile, Yoon Hee is going through a picture album, which contains Yoona’s actual childhood photos, saying that she has to make sure to remember all this.

Joon finally returns home and tells Hye Jung that he’s decided that he’s going to start spending weekends back at home again.  Well that was quick.  He’s also willing to eat out with her once a week and talk again.  Hye Jung doesn’t seem happy with the terms, though.  Hah.  She’s even less pleased when Joon tells her that he started to feel sorry after seeing Ha Na with her own mom.  Joon emphasizes that this isn’t all about Ha Na and to try to understand that he felt sorry.  When Joon tells her that he has a photo shoot later today, Hye Jung asks him if he’s really just going to come back just to sleep, and Joon says they should just start there for now.

When Ha Na gets home, she calls out for her mom but can’t find her.  Instead, she finds a note and says that she wanted to go see something and will be back before the surgery.  Ha Na immediately tries to call her but her phone is still in the house.  In Ha just so happens to wander into the house at this moment and sees the note on the table.  When asked if he knows where she is, In Ha tells Ha Na that he’ll find her mother so she won’t be alone before the surgery.

It turns out that Yoon Hee has decided to head back to her old college to look around again and reminisce about her early moments with In Ha.  She even goes back to sit on the bench where In Ha first saw her.  It is there that In Ha finds her and we hear her voice saying that his footsteps are always calm and quiet.  In Ha tells her that he knew that she’d be here and the two sit in silence.

Joon and Ha Na have gone off to where Yoon Hee grew up to look for her, and she breathes a sigh of relief when In Ha tells him that he found her mother.  Instead of heading back, they sit down and talk and Joon tells Ha Na that he’s going to New York.  Ha Na is understandably shocked, and Joon tells her that he’ll wait for her no matter what.  Now that he understands his dad’s feelings, he can’t help but feel it’s not right for them to be together like they are right now.  Wait, what?  He tells her that he knows she has to be there for her mom right now, but once she doesn’t have to take care of her mom anymore, he wants to her come back to him.  Ha Na surprisingly takes this in stride and says that she’s come to the same conclusion.  Uh…isn’t this exactly what your parents DIDN’T want?  Joon asks her if she’ll come back to him, and in response Ha Na tells him that she actually did hear his whisper to her earlier and says that she loves him too.

Final Thoughts

Err…what just happened?  I actually wouldn’t have minded the whole New York job offer separation if it had been hinted earlier, but when it comes out of the blue like that it just seems odd to me.  I said in my last recap that if this relationship broke up, it would be because of Ha Na, but I guess I was wrong.  It makes sense for Joon to rethink his priorities now that he’s able to understand his parents better.  Ha Na is the perfect example of the filial daughter and I can see how that might change Joon’s attitude towards his parents.  Hell, even I feel guilty sometimes about my own parents after watching Ha Na.

Despite their semi-breakup though, I’m sure they’ll end up together in the end.  Though repeating history is a blatant and recurring theme in this drama, in this case, there’s no way the guy doesn’t get the girl in a drama.  I’m betting that the last episode will be a flash forward of a couples months so everyone can get their happy ending.  Hye Jung will stop going crazy, realize how much she misses Joon and allow him to be with Ha Na just so he’s still in her life.  Yoon Hee will recover from her surgery, with In Ha supporting her by her side as her friend.  Joon will decide that he doesn’t like it in New York and go back to running his little studio with Cho Soo.  And, of course, Ha Na will be able to finally show off her garden at Sun Ho’s cafe to her mom.  Hell, I’ll bet they somehow throw Jeon Sul with Mi Ho together just for kicks.  The odd man out, however, is Sun Ho who I’m half convinced will change his hair again so the others can once again joke about him getting dumped.


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    LOL! I liked your predictions 😀

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  6. adeyemo oyindamola April 17, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    whoops!!thanks fo rthe predictions anyway,but the drama LRis actually one of my best dramas.thumbs up!you did a good job.love you!

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