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[Birthday Blessings] Yoona(SNSD)

In our second birthday blessing for today, we celebrate the 22nd birthday of SNSD’s center and visual Im Yoona!

At some point in every Kpop fan’s beginning, they’re inevitably shown an SNSD MV, more than likely “Gee” considering it has over 75 million views just on the official one alone.  While watching said MVs, more than likely that person’s eyes will be drawn to a tall slender girl with a bright smile.  They ask who that girl is and will be told that it’s Yoona.

The first thing that must be discussed when Yoona is mentioned is her looks.  I was one of those mentioned above and though Jessica is my favorite member, Yoona’s the first one who caught me eye.  Why?  Because she’s flat out gorgeous.  In every poll about best looking girl group member, Yoona is almost always mentioned in the top two.  Countless male idols and actors list her as their ideal type and she’s won over her fair share of fans as her own personal fancafe is the biggest out of all nine members.  There are times I do feel like her beauty is overrated, but then I see a new photoshoot or a selca or yet another CF she’s taken or been in and suddenly her reputation seems justified again.

It’s not just her looks that appeal to male and female fans alike, though.  Yoona’s displayed her wit on countless variety shows as well as her bright personality.  Like Jessica, she admitted her own lack of ambition and focuses on enjoying the moment.  Also like Jessica, she’s admitted that it’s hard for her to open up to people and even showing affection in traditional ways makes her fingers and toes curl up.  In an interview, she says that she finally was able to text “I love you” to her dad, which the other members commented about how big a step that was for her.  In lieu of things like that, she instead does her best to make people laugh with her impressions or pranks.  She has also developed a baby voice that amuses most members, but causes Sunny to want to throw her down some stairs.

Of all the girls in SNSD, Yoona also has the most impressive acting resume.  She made her debut the same year as her debut in SNSD in the 2007 drama “9 End 2 Outs”.  Just a year later, she received her first lead role as Saebyuk in the popular drama series “You Are My Destiny”.  Though she won best new rookie award for her role in that, questions arose about her acting ability.  Questions that were raised once again a year later when she stared in the unpopular “Cindarella Man”.  However, after a three year hiatus, she received the dual lead role of Yoon Hee/Ha Na in “Love Rain“, and those questions have been put to rest.  Though the ratings have been terrible, her acting definitely approved a great deal.

Another criticism of Yoona’s is her weak singing voice.  Yoona admits that she has more confidence in her dancing and acting abilities, but still does her best to challenge herself vocally.  She’s even able to laugh at just how little she gets to sing for SNSD’s songs.  Though she’ll never shine compared to any of SNSD’s vocal line, during SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour, Yoona had a solo performance by singing “Introduce Me to a Good Person”.  After listening to the song, I think she pulled the song off beautifully.

Despite the myriad of negative comments she’s received over the years, Yoona still continues to shine brightly and earn fans with her smile and charms.  She might not be a singer in the future, but given her recent performance in “Love Rain” she definitely has the potential to keep acting for as long as she wants.  Once again, Happy Birthday Yoona!

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One response to “[Birthday Blessings] Yoona(SNSD)

  1. lexie May 30, 2012 at 3:36 am

    Thank you for the Birthday Article and for the recaps in the entire Love Rain series.

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