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[Birthday Blessings] Hyomin(T-ara)

In our first of two birthday blessings for today, we celebrate the birthday of T-ara’s resident fashionista Hyomin!

Born Park Sun Young, Hyomin’s path to stardom started early when she won the MiMi Princess modeling contest at the age of 8.  She was also pretty popular as an internet ulzzang and even modeled for online shopping malls.  Originally, she was a trainee under JYP and was under consideration to replace 4minute’s Hyuna when she dropped out of Wonder Girls due to health issues.  Eventually, though, she signed on with Core Contents Media and it is with them that she debuted with T-ara in 2009.

Early on in T-ara, Hyomin was pulled double duty as lead singer and lead rapper.  Her voice greatly complimented both Soyeon and Eunjung as the three of them carried T-ara to their early hits in “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “I Go Crazy For You”.  With the addition of Hwayoung the following year, Hyomin was freed up to concentrate more on supporting Soyeon as a true lead vocal.  Though I appreciate her voice, in my mind Hyomin is a better rapper.  One of the reasons that I liked the recent collaboration of “We Were In Love” between Davichi and T-ara was because we got to hear Hyomin rap for the first time in a while.  She’s also been featured in a handful of songs from other artists.

In addition to her vocal abilities, Hyomin has started to delve into acting.  She’s been cast in two musicals (“I Really Really Like You” and Roly Poly”), two dramas (“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and “Gyebaek”), and a movie as well in the horror film “Gisaeng Ryung”.  Though not one of the main roles in either of her dramas, she received praise for her abilities and received the New Rookie Award because of her role as Choyoung in “Gyebaek”.  She’s also been receiving much praise for her fashion sense and even designed her own costume for T-ara’s “Roly Poly” promotions.  Hyomin was also groupmate Eunjung’s stylist for her role in “Coffee House”.  Recently, it was announced that she would be launching her own exclusive clothing collection on the online shopping mall G-Market.

What most fans know Hyomin best as though is the other half of the SunByung couple from season 1 of “Invincible Youth”.  Early on, she realized that SNSD’s Sunny came out a lot on camera whereas she did not, earning her the nickname C.E.O girl (completely edited out).  To fix this, she decided to be Sunny’s “folding screen” and was almost inseparable from Sunny until the SNSD member left midway through the show.  However, once Sunny had left, Hyomin’s quirky personality shined through and she no longer needed anyone else to get her screen time.  Hyomin credits Sunny with teaching her a lot about variety and you can see how much she’s improved because of it.  Even to this day, the two remain good friends.

Between singing, acting, modeling, and designing, it’s almost impossible to determine Hyomin’s future career path.  That’s not even mentioning her well known hobby of photography, as apparent by the countless selcas that she uploads onto her twitter.  Even in the HaHa Mong Show, you see she has a cabinet full of just cameras.  No matter what choice she picks though, T-ara fans will always support her and wish her a happy 23rd birthday!


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