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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 19

Here we recap and discuss episode 19 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

After Jae Hyuk’s drunken interruption, Young Gul and Ga Young decide to head home.  Young Gul tells Ga Young not to worry about being careful around him because of that incident since it wasn’t her fault.    It’s kinda sad that he actually has to say that.  He then tells her to focus on figuring out what she wants to do with her career and he’ll help her as best he can.  Of course once he gets back to his apartment, all Young Gul can think about is Jae Hyuk’s confession..

The next day, as Ga Young is staring blankly while working, Bong Sook and the other ahjummas are gossiping about what happened.  They’re not even bothering to keep their voices down to keep her from hearing.  Ga Young apparently can’t take it anymore and decides to leave for a bit.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk’s mom is sitting across from him as he eats breakfast.  She wants to ship him off somewhere, but Jae Hyuk tells her not to bother.  She then surprisingly asks if he wants her to bring Ga Young to him, wondering how she could turn down her son when she’s nothing special herself.  Jae Hyuk tells her to stop because she’s embarrassing him, which she scoffs at, saying that he should be more embarrassed about how he acted.  Suddenly, Jae Hyuk loses his appetite and heads out wearing a trench coat and what looks like his pajamas.  As he’s riding the elevator down, he gets a text from Ga Young asking to meet.

Uh, so apparently, Jae Hyuk decides they should meet at his favorite watering hole in the middle of the day.  Seriously?  Who does that?  After the bartender pours him his usual, Ga Young starts to talk but Jae Hyuk interrupts her and says that he knows that she wants him to not make things difficult for her.  Ga Young smiles at him and reminisces about the first time she met him here, and how she felt so lost at that time.  She can’t imagine what her life would be like right now if she hadn’t called him back then, but then goes on to say that she regrets it because at least he wouldn’t have hurt his hand like he did.  She tells him that she doesn’t dislike him, but she loves Young Gul.  Not exactly what Jae Hyuk wanted to hear, and the smile on his face immediately disappeared.  Jae Hyuk echoes my own sentiments and asks if she really called him out to say that she loves another man, and Ga Young just asks him to allow her to remember him as her benefactor.  He asks her how she wants him to remember her then, and says to just forget about her and his impossible love.  I can’t even tell you how many times I rolled my eyes during this scene.

Later that night, Jae Hyuk is waiting for the elevator in the lobby when he runs into Young Gul.  They bicker back and forth about Ga Young and Jae Hyuk asks Young Gul if he ever told Ga Young that he loves her.  When he questions if Ga Young really loves him, Young Gul snaps and pushes him against the wall.  Jae Hyuk puts up no resistance at all and as he’s thrown out of the elevator on his floor by Young Gul, he tells him to tell Ga Young that he loves her.  Hah.

The next day, Jae Hyuk shows up at his dad’s office and is immediately told the bible story of how King David coveted another man’s wife and how he sent the man off to be killed.  In other words, if Jae Hyuk really wants Ga Young he should get rid of Young Gul first.  Dad also tells him to hold off on the contract with the company that’s coming in today to sign the paperwork.  Jae Hyuk objects, but Dad is insistent.  Guess he’s not going to fall for Young Gul’s little trap.

Afterwards, Jae Hyuk is just staring at his reflection in the mirror as his assistant asks him what they should do about the contract signing since they’re coming in an hour.  Jae Hyuk “dramatically” takes off the bandage on his hand and tells his assistant to continue with the signing as planned.  When the party comes in, we see that it’s two foreigners who met earlier with Young Gul.

At the same time, at Madam Jo’s boutique, it seems like she’s agreed to give up the store.  We see Madam Jo on the couch telling Young Gul that she should’ve listened to Jae Hyuk and not helped him before.  She brings up the fact that he should take care of his dad first and that all he’s doing is cleaning up for a girl.  Madam Jo also vows revenge on him for what he’s done to her, which Young Gul does not take seriously and tells her to bring it on.  After she leaves, Young Gul’s lawyer gives him the keys to the boutique and he decides to relax for a bit.  He then receives a call from the foreign clients from before and agrees to meet up for drinks.

As they meet in Young Gul’s apartment, Anna takes him aside to talk to him.  She asks him why he’s doing this to Jae Hyuk or if he’s just doing this to try to get back the YGM brand since Jae Hyuk gave the clients shares as part of their deal with J Fashion.  Anna tells him that Jae Hyuk’s dad won’t let him get away with this when he finds out, but Young Gul says that they’re the one being greedy.  Even if they back out of YGM that just means that the brand will be his alone.  She thinks that he’s the one being greedy and could lose everything, but Young Gul doesn’t care.  Worst comes to worst, he’ll just start over again, but that’s not what Anna wants.  Young Gul basically tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it and says he’ll take care of everything.  We now cut to Madam Jo going over paperwork.  Apparently she found something in the investigation into Young Gul that her lawyer missed.

At the factory, Chil Bok brings everyone some shoes that he just released and were a big hit.  He asks about Young Gul, but everyone there tells him that he doesn’t really come here anymore and just hangs out in the office he bought for Anna.  They hear honking outside and go out to see Young Gul has bought himself a freakin convertible.  He calls Ga Young to get in with him and away they go.  Ga Young asks them where they’re going, but Young Gul just stays quiet.  They get to Madam Jo’s former boutique and he brings her up to her old office.  He asks her if anything’s different, but Ga Young doesn’t notice anything.  She then looks and sees that he’s put up a sign that says “Lee Ga Young Boutique”.

Young Gul is all excited about this, but Ga Young wants details about what happened.  He tells her that he acquired it legally and it’s now all hers again.  Ga Young is in shock and doesn’t really seem happy about it since she never thought about getting it back.  Young Gul keeps trying to get her to say whether she likes it or not, but she just says that meeting him was more than enough for her.  She asks him if they can actually live happily together, and Young Gul realizes that he’s done something incredibly useless, especially since Ga Young admits she doesn’t even like coming here.  He then tells her that it’s her now anyway so she can do whatever she wants with it and storms out after giving her the keys.

As Young Gul is driving away, he receives a call from his aunt telling him that his dad has died.  He gets to the funeral home and his aunt tells him that they’re booked solid for days so she wants to cremate him instead of doing a 3 day wake.  She asks him why he couldn’t have bothered to visit his dad, and Young Gul actually looks guilty about it.  To get rid of that guilt, he decides to go drinking.  He’s soon joined by Chil Bok and Il Gook, who asks him what’s wrong.  Chil Bok then starts talking about his shoes, but Young Gul tells him to shut up.  Il Gook then takes offense at how disrespectful Young Gul is being right now.  Chil Bok tries to keep the peace, but the two keep arguing.  Eventually, Young Gul provokes Il Gook to the point where he’s starts slapping him upside the head.  Of course this was all done intentionally since Young Gul just wanted to punish himself for not seeing his dad when he had the chance.

Later that night, Young Gul stumbles into the factory, causing Ga Young to ask if he got into a fight.  He asks her why she’s here, and Ga young tells him that she was waiting for him, but she’ll tell him tomorrow since he’s drunk right now.  When he insists that she tell him now, Ga Young gives him back the keys to the boutique and says she can’t accept it.  He gets angry with her, saying that she never accepts his gifts, but she always accepts Jae Hyuk’s.  Ga Young asks him why he’s being like this, but he just storms out after forcing her to take back the keys.

The next morning, Young Gul is still beating himself up over not going to see his dad sooner.  He hears the doorbell ring and greets a shocked Anna when she sees the bruises on his face.  She asks him what happened, but he ignores the question.  Anna then gets up and starts preparing him breakfast, saying that he’s in no shape to be out in public right now.  As she’s doing this, Young Gul tells her that he’s grateful to her for so many things and that he’s sorry that he can’t return her feelings.  This is freaking Anna out, and she asks him once again what happened.  He finally tells her that his dad died yesterday, but then quickly offers to help her so she won’t ask him any more questions.

As Anna is walking out through the lobby, she runs into Jae Hyuk.  For once he’s not going crazy and calmly asks if she’s there to see Young Gul.  She says yes, but makes sure to note that it’s purely for work purposes.  They exchange small talk for a bit and as Anna is about to leave, Jae Hyuk asks her if she’s eaten yet.  While they’re eating, Jae Hyuk tells Anna that her office seemed nice…from what little flashbacks he can remember anyway.  Hah.  She jokes with him about whether it’s right for someone to ruin another person’s party like that, and Jae Hyuk says that that’s why he’s treating her right now.  Towards the end of the meal, Anna tells Jae Hyuk about how Young Gul owns the company that J Fashion just partnered with.

Furious at what just happened, he immediately goes to Young Gul’s apartment and confronts him about it.  Young Gul tells him that compared to how he was treated before, he’s being a gentleman, which earns him a punch to the face.  He asks Jae Hyuk if that’s any way to treat a partner, which almost earns him another punch but Jae Hyuk instead opts to go for the wall instead.  Young Gul then tells a stunned Jae Hyuk that he intends to make Anna the Director of YGM.

The next day, of course, Dad has found out and tells Jae Hyuk to get out.  Jae Hyuk begs for one last chance, even getting on his knees to do so, but Dad isn’t so easily swayed.  This has now become a matter of pride so no amount of apologizes can undo this.  As Jae Hyuk is driving home, he passes by Ga Young’s boutique and sees her standing outside.  He gets his driver to stop the car and let him out there.  He follows Ga Young up to her new office and sees the sign that Young Gul put up.  Jae Hyuk asks her if it was all part of the plan and if she quit his company because of this.  Ga Young has no idea what he’s talking about though, and is surprised when Jae Hyuk suddenly hugs her.  He then tells her that he can help her forget all about Young Gul.

Final Thoughts

Um, did someone forget to tell the writer that this drama thankfully ends in the next episode?  Why the hell was this episode not done earlier instead of having the plot do absolutely nothing for like ten episodes?  How is it that we’re on the second to last episode and the leads still can’t figure out what the hell they want?  My apologies if this particular recap seems disjointed and less cohesive than my other ones.  I just can’t bring myself to care that much about this drama anymore.  All I know is good thing Shin Se Kyung is as hot as she is or I dunno how I would’ve made it through this series.  I’m also rather annoyed that I missed out on seeing Yuri at SM Town just so she could finish filming this trash.

2 responses to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 19

  1. eaindra May 29, 2012 at 12:37 am

    aeonnie yuri very good acting and love you forever

  2. michi November 17, 2012 at 8:55 am

    endless drama

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