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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 15

Here we recap and discuss episode 15 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Having seen his son with Ha Na earlier, In Ha is not surprised by Joon’s admission.  Same can’t be said for Joon though, who was caught completely off guard.  Joon asks In Ha if he was really going to go through with the wedding, even knowing his feelings for Ha Na.  His dad says that if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t do it, and asks Joon if he’ll let him have his time with Yoon Hee.  Joon, however, is not in a giving mood and storms out, saying that he’s never tried to make him or Hye Jung happy.  After Joon leaves, In Ha pulls out the painting he made of Yoon Hee back in college and just stares at it.

At the resort, Ha Na goes outside and sees Joon standing there.  She tells him that he can’t be here and that nobody can see them together.  Joon asks her if this is the kind of family she wanted and says they should just try to be together anyway.  If she says yes, he won’t care about anything else.  Ha Na, with tears in her eyes, says nothing and just hugs him.  She then tells him sorry.  Damn, not the answer I wanted either.  After Joon pulls her away, he says that’s fine if she wants to be family because all family does to him is hurt him.

As Joon is about to leave, he sees his dad bringing a covered painting for Yoon Hee.  Of course, it’s the painting of her in college.  Yoon Hee is amazed when she sees it and we flash back to In Ha frantically painting it right after coming back in the rain, as well as the moment when Yoon Hee first discovered it.    Ha Na brings them tea, but refuses In Ha’s offer to drink with them.  She says that she likes the two of them being alone together the best, which prompts In Ha to apologize.  Ha Na is confused, and In Ha covers himself by saying that he just came too late.

Ha Na returns to her room and smiles as she looks through the pictures that Joon took of them when he visited her room last time.  Of course the longer she looks, the more the tears come out.  Out in the living room, Yoon Hee thanks In Ha for remembering everything.  When In Ha says that he won’t forget how she accepted his proposal, Yoon Hee asks him if anything’s wrong because he’s acting weird.  In Ha tells her that there’s nothing wrong.

When Joon gets back, he sees his mom next to an open bottle of alcohol and starts to scold her, but Hye Jung says that she hasn’t been drinking much.  She actually does seem sober as she stares at the wedding invitation, and says she’s doing better than she though.  Hye Jung then suggests that they get together for his dad’s birthday next week and then stumbles to her room.  Joon starts to go after her, but lets her go under her own power.

Apparently, it’s not that late still, and we see In Ha and Yoon Hee out grocery shopping.  She reminds him that it’s his birthday next week, but he says that he can only concentrate on one thing at a time and was focused on the wedding.  Yoon Hee tells him that it’s his first birthday since they got back together so she wants to do something for him.

We now see Joon busy working with Mi Ho and some other models.  Mi Ho says that Joon only talks to her during shoots and brings up that Joon promised her a date still.  Joon blows her off and says that they eat together all the time.  She tells him though that there’s a difference between dates and eating together, and she’s no longer satisfied with a family-like relationship.  Oh boy, not the word Joon wants to hear right now.  He turns to her, though, and tells her to pick a time and place.

Somewhere in Seoul, we see Ha Na explaining to some visitors that they’re growing plants from Jeju when she gets a call from Sun Ho.  She tells him she’s in the city for work, and he immediately asks if she has time to meet.  Ha Na tells him though that she has to go back home early to help her mom prepare for In Ha’s birthday party.  When he’s told that Dong Wook might come along, Sun Ho volunteers to go with his dad, much to Ha Na’s delight.

Back at the studio, Joon and Cho Soo are working, when Cho Soo flips over a folder, spilling the pictures of Ha Na that were inside.  Joon is not happy to see them and tells him to clean them up.  As he’s cleaning, Cho Soo tells him that the only pictures that bring tears to his eyes are the ones that Joon took of Ha Na.  When Joon says that this is why Cho Soo will never be successful, he mutters that it’s not like Joon is that successful either.  Unfortunately, Joon hears him and Cho Soo quickly changes the subject and goes back to cleaning.  Later that night, Joon is staring at the pictures he took of Ha Na by the sea.  He thinks about her asking if he can just be family to her, but his thoughts are interrupted when he receives a text.  As he walks out of the room, he throws the portfolio of pictures into the trash.

While Yoon Hee is preparing dinner, her eyesight starts to flicker and turn dark.  Oh right, I had actually forgotten she was sick.  Ha Na comes home and sees that dish that her mom left on the stove, and quickly turns it off.  She notices that something’s wrong with her mom, but Yoon Hee says she’s okay.  Ha Na hesitates, but eventually trusts her mom.

Guess the party isn’t dinner, but lunch.  The sun is shining into the house the next day as Chang Mo and Dong Wook look around.  They see In Ha’s painting of Yoon Hee and comment about how much trouble the painting caused.  Outside, Sun Ho is helping Yoon Hee and Ha Na setup the table.  She then introduces Sun Ho to Ha Na, not knowing that they already know each other.  Some of Tae Sung’s assistants come by and drop off some presents for the party.  Chang Mo and the other come out and see them, and he teases Ha Na about Tae Sung being more than a friend.  She denies this of course, and then looks up to see Joon arriving.  Everyone’s surprised to see him there, and In Ha thinks that Yoon Hee called him here.

During the actual meal, you can feel how tense the atmosphere is, especially on the kid’s side of the table.  Chang Mo decides to lighten the mood by proposing a toast to In Ha’s birthday and the wedding. He’s also thankful that Joon showed up, which causes Joon to propose his own toast.  In Ha, Sun Ho, and Ha Na all hold their breath as Joon says that he has something to say and are relieved that he just congratulates him on his wedding.  Of course, In Ha knows just how insincere that salutation actually is.  They then start reminiscing about how In Ha used to be so nice and not wanting to express his feelings.  Joon homes in on that and comments that he didn’t know his father was like that before.  Hah.

As the adults continue to talk about the wedding, Joon starts giving Ha Na food.  She tells him that she can get food herself, but Joon says that he’s just taking care of her since she’s going to be family soon.  Both Ha Na and In Ha look at him strangely.  The topic soon turns to how Dong Wook always thought that Joon would always marry Mi Ho, but Sun Ho says that Joon’s not interested in her.  Chang Mo then says that Ha Na looks good with Sun Ho, but he says that it’s not like with him either.  Tae Sung gets brought into the conversation as well, but once again Ha Na denies being his girlfriend.  The guilt finally gets the better of In Ha, and he finally has enough and tells them to just shut up and eat.  Dong Wook and Chang tell him he’s being scary and Joon says that In Ha’s never liked family gatherings.  He then makes everything extremely awkward by saying that he thought the married would change him.

Afterwards, Joon sees the painting of Yoon Hee in the house.  In Ha comes in and sees him, and tries to apologize, but Joon just storms out.  He sees Ha Na and asks her if this is how she wants things to be and says they’ll see how this family drama turns out.  In Ha goes out to think about this situation, and is secretly seen by Yoon Hee.  Later, he apologizes to Yoon Hee for Joon’s actions and says that there’s something that he has to tell her.  Please, please, tell her.  In Ha hesitates, though, but Yoon Hee gives him a gift so he decides he should open it first.  Inside is a spring watch, just like he gave her all those years ago.  She says that it might be tedious to wind every day, but if she’s with him, she’ll do it for her like her mom did for her dad.  Oh he’s definitely not telling her now.  In Ha looks pained and of course chickens out when Yoon Hee asks him what he wanted to tell her.

When Joon gets back home, surprisingly, Ha Na is there waiting for him.  Apparently Sun Ho gave her a ride there and she’s been waiting for a while.  She tells him not to do something like what he pulled at the lunch, saying that he’s the one that gets hurt most by that.  They can just avoid each other from now on, just like he said.  Joon, however, says that he’s not going to give up or run away because he wants to see how their story unfolds until the end.  Ha Na starts to tell him that she doesn’t want to see him hurt like this, but Joon suddenly grabs her and pushes her behind the pillar.  We then see that Mi Ho and Hye Jung arrive back home, chatting like mother and daughter.  After they go inside the house, Ha Na tries to separate from Joon, but he holds her for a bit first before letting her go.  He offers to give her a ride back home, which Ha Na refuses at first, but allows him to take her to his car.

Meanwhile, In Ha is pondering the royal mess he’s found himself in as he stares at the watch that Yoon Hee gave him.  He opens a drawer in his desk and we see that he still has the original watch that he bought her.  Back at the resort, Yoon Hee is thinking about seeing In Ha pacing by himself and thinking.  She stands up, and suddenly her eyes start flashing dark again.

The next morning, Ha Na sleepily comes out and apologizes for not helping Yoon Hee with the dishes, but immediately retreats back into her room when she notices Tae Sung sitting at the table as well.  She comes back out after putting on more clothes and Yoon Hee thanks Tae Sung for the gifts yesterday.  As Tae Sung and Ha Na walk to the shuttle stop, he offers her tickets to a movie.  She tries to give it back to him, saying that it’ll be a waste since she might not have time, but he insists that she take them.  For some reason, Mi Ho randomly shows up and grabs the tickets out of her hand to look at it.  She says that she’s close with Tae Sung and was surprised to find out that he was going out with Ha Na.  However, they do go well together since they’re both weird.  When Mi Ho says that she’s here for a photo shoot, Ha Na immediately looks around for Joon, but is told that it’s another photographer.

Mi Ho does want to talk to Ha Na and they go to a cafe nearby.  She heard about Yoon Hee and In Ha getting married and mentions that she always felt like his little sister, but now he’ll have a real one.  Well, real step-sister, but minor details.  Ha Na says that Mi Ho won’t have to worry because she won’t be his sister, but Mi Ho says that she wants Ha Na to take that spot so that Mi Ho can be something more.

Meanwhile, Jeon Sul is trying to convince Sun Ho to let him continue to stay at the cafe.  He also tries to get Sun Ho to give him a job, saying he’s good at anything.  They give a shot at washing dishes, but he’s a failure.  Sun Ho tries to pawn him off on Cho Soo to work in the studio, but he fails in that regard too.  Eventually, Sun Ho decides to just make him the gardener, especially after seeing him talk to the flowers like Ha Na did.

Back in the studio, Cho Soo throws away the pictures that Jeon Sul ruined and sees the prints of Ha Na that Joon threw away.  He mad since he printed them especially for Joon, and then comes up with an idea.  He grabs the pictures of Ha Na that she left in her room and looks for the best place to put them so Joon can see them.  LOL.  Meanwhile, right outside the cafe, we see In Ha talking to Yoon Hee, who’s at the hospital waiting for a checkup.  She doesn’t want to worry him, though, and says she’s just out.  When In Ha goes to Joon’s room, he sees the pictures of Ha Na that Cho Soo has planted.  He takes one of them down and stares at it while thinking.  Back at the hospital, Yoon Hee wonders to herself how long it’ll be until she goes blind.  The doctor told her that she only has six months to a year left.

When Ha Na reaches the theatre, she’s surprised to see Tae Sung waiting for her.  She really didn’t think he’d show up because he was too busy, and Tae Sung jokes that it’ll be her fault if the resort goes out of business.  He picked a comedy specifically because he felt Ha Na needed to laugh, but she’s not paying attention to the movie at all.

At the resort, Yoon Hee is trying out her wedding dress with the help of one of her friends.  The friend tells her about how she heard about someone who ran away before a wedding because their fiancé had a terrible disease.  A rather interesting topic to be discussing, given the circumstances.  They hear someone enter and the friend goes out to see that it’s In Ha.  As soon as Yoon Hee steps out, while wearing the dress, In Ha freezes and can only smile at her.  Yoon Hee is embarrassed at first, but eventually smiles back at him.  The two sit down for a cup of tea and they both start to say that they have something to say.  Yoon Hee, of course, tells him to go first, but I bet you that he’ll get her to go first and find out she’s going blind so he’ll want to be with her even more.

Back at the theatre, Joon and Mi Ho are picking what movie to watch when they run into Tae Sung and Ha Na going out.  Joon and Ha Na are surprised to see each other, with the former just glaring at the latter.  Mi Ho happily tells Tae Sung that they’re on a date, but Joon quickly says that they should go now.  The movie barely starts though when Joon starts up to leave.  At the same time, Tae Sung and Ha Na are at a restaurant ordering with dinner with Ha Na tells him that she has to leave now.

Joon sees her walking away and chases after her.  He drags her outside and looks like he has something to say.  We then cut back to In Ha telling Yoon Hee that he thinks they should cancel the wedding because he can’t give up on Joon.  At the same time, Joon is looking into Ha Na’s eyes and gently brushes her cheek.  He then leans in and gives her a kiss.

Final Thoughts

And here I thought In Ha wouldn’t have the guts to do it.  The question is of course, will he actually tell Yoon Hee about Joon and Ha Na.  Simple logic dictates yes and she’s obviously going to want a reason, though Joon gave him the perfect excuse by clearly being against the marriage.  He can just say that he’s not giving up on Joon in that regard, rather than being the one who tramples his love with Ha Na.  I’m glad to see that he does still care enough about his son to make this sacrifice for him, especially since he was absent for so much of Joon’s life, even if that wasn’t entirely his fault.

I do wonder how Ha Na will react when she finds out about her mom and In Ha calling off the wedding.  Granted, it means she can be with Joon now, but at the cost of her mom’s happiness.  Even if she wants this, Ha Na definitely can’t be completely happy knowing what it cost.  This is especially true once she finds out how sick her mom is.  With the time she has left, I’m sure Ha Na would want her mom to be happy, which I doubt she would be if Ha Na ever brought Joon home.  Not because she’s against them being together, of course, but it would hurt Yoon Hee just because of the reminder of what she could have had with In Ha.  Basically, In Ha just passed the decision from himself over to Ha Na.

I was also surprised at Hye Jung’s sudden change of heart regarding In Ha and Yoon Hee.  Maybe she just finally accepted that she lost.  Maybe she’s gone off the deep end and is planning something.  Who knows?  I really hope that it’s the former though because her anger in the present day arc has always felt very unjustified in my opinion.  In the past arc, I completely agreed with her anger at Yoon Hee.  Back then she confided in Yoon Hee how much she liked In Ha and she felt betrayed; I get that.  Years later though, you’re still holding a grudge?  All the slights since then have come from In Ha; her anger should be directed at him.  Dong Wook has let it go already, so should she.  Then again, maybe it’s just a difference between how guys and girls think.  Wouldn’t be the first time that men and women disagreed on something.


3 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 15

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  2. kumi May 16, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    I think that Yoon Hee wouldn’t be hurt to see Ha Na and Joon together as lovers. She is very mature and her sacrifice is not just a ‘show’, but from the heart.

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