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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 18

Here we recap and discuss episode 18 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Ga Young, for some reason, is still surprised to find out that Young Gul is incredibly vindictive.  He tells her to not pay attention to stuff like that and they can just sit there and talk pleasantly.  Suddenly, Ga Young is in no mood for drinks and just stares sadly at Young Gul while he watches soccer.  She asks him if she can leave, but Young Gul ignores her.  She then stands up to leave, but Young Gul grabs her and pulls her back down to the couch and goes back to enjoying his soccer.  Okay, he might have officially joined Jae Hyuk’s level of douchery.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is watching a movie in his own apartment.  I guess I gave him too much credit last time and he calls Ga Young to tell her not to do this to him.  Back in Young Gul’s apartment, he’s fallen asleep, but Ga Young is just blankly staring ahead as she ponders what to do about the idiot beside her.  She thinks back to their conversations, and eventually decides to leave.  After she does, Young Gul wakes up and realizes maybe he messed up.  Gee, ya think?

When Ga Young gets back to Bong Sook’s apartment, she thinks about one of the many times that she was about to leave, but was stopped by Young Gul.  While crying, she texts him that she came back so that Bong Sook wouldn’t worry and that she’ll see him tomorrow.  She then listens to her voicemail and hears Jae Hyuk’s plea, causing her to feel more guilty.

The next day, Young Gul takes Anna to the office that Il Gook found for her.  Young Gul says that she looks like a different person here compared to the factory, causing Anna to joke that it feels like she’s kicking her out of the factory.  Well, half-joke, I’m sure.  Anna suggests they have a party to celebrate, but says that the only friend she has is Jae Hyuk.  Young Gul tells her that it’s her party and she can do what she wants, and then walks away.  Meanwhile, at the factory, Bong Sook and the other ahjummas are gossiping about Ga Young, who is trying hard not to listen to them as she sits literally behind them. When Young Gul and Anna show up at the factory, Ga Young greets them happily, but neither look pleased that she’s there.  Young Gul then calls her into his office so they can talk alone.

As soon as they’re alone, Ga Young asks if she can live like she did before: staying in the factory and working on designs.  When she tells him that she was probably happiest while she lived here, Young Gul gets mad and asks if she heard anything she told him yesterday.  He wants her to just go back to his place and think about her upcoming fashion show.  Ga Young says that she’s not comfortable there, and tells Young Gul that that she’s going to stay here whether he likes it or not.  Anna then comes in and asks if Ga Young is really going to be working there.  Young Gul is in no mood to talk and just tells her to not worry about it.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is still trying to contact Ga Young, who declines to answer her phone when she sees him calling.  He rips up her letter of resignation and storms out of his office.  Rather than wait for his assistant, he has a serious case of road rage and drives himself over to Bong Sook’s apartment.  She’s not there, of course, which only infuriates him more.  Back at the office, Dad has found the torn up resignation letter, kind of annoyed that he apparently blew off their meeting.  He’s not happy at Jae Hyuk’s assistant either since he doesn’t know where Jae Hyuk went.  Dad suspects that it’s because of Ga Young, and gets even more pissed off that Mr. assistant here allowed Jae Hyuk to buy the diamond necklace and car on the company dime, even going so far as to start kicking him.  Before walking out, he tells Jae Hyuk’s assistant that he needs to use his experience to keep someone as young as Jae Hyuk in line.

As Young Gul and Anna are out to lunch, they bump into Jae Hyuk’s dad.  Though he’s not pleased about it, Young Gul lets Anna formally introduce them to each other.  They have lunch together and Jae Hyuk’s dad proposes a partnership with Young Gul.  Surprisingly, Young Gul actually seems to agree to it.  Afterwards, Anna asks Young Gul if he purposely took her to that restaurant because he knew that Jae Hyuk’s dad would be there.  She also asks him if he’s planning to sell GG to J Fashion, but Young Gul says he just said that to be polite.  Anna then asks why Ga Young quit and reminds him that she already said that she’s not going to work with her.  Young Gul immediately turns to Il Gook and tells him to cancel the contract on the office since Anna says she’s not going to work there anymore.

When Bong Sook gets back home, she’s surprised to see Jae Hyuk sitting in his car outside her apartment.  Meanwhile, at the factory, Ga Young is busy cleaning up.  As she lies down in bed, she smiles as she thinks about her first night there when Young Gul accidentally sat on her.  The smile disappears though when she thinks of her last conversation with him.  Bong Sook then gives her a call to ask what’s up, right as there’s loud banging on the door.  Of course, it’s Jae Hyuk still being a creeper. Ga Young is reluctant to let him in, but eventually does so.

He asks her if she was hiding out in here and why she wasn’t answering her phone.  Ga Young tells him that she was just busy, which he doesn’t buy for a second.  Jae Hyuk asks her again why she came back to this place after resigning, and Ga Young reiterates that it’s something that she decided on her own and not something that Young Gul told her to do.   He’s not in any mood to listen and tries to forcibly kiss her.  Yeah, okay he overtook Young Gul again for biggest douchebag.  However, he does have a semblance of dignity left and stops, asking her to rethink her decision and what she’s doing to him.

Of course, right as Jae Hyuk gets outside, who does he bump into but Young Gul.  For once, the two don’t exchange angry words and just walk by each other silently.  Young Gul does notice the downcast look on Jae Hyuk’s face and smirks at him.  He goes inside and happily brings out the dinner that he bought for himself and Ga Young, even breaking apart her chopsticks for her.  Eventually, he does ask about Jae Hyuk and Ga Young tells him that Jae Hyuk wants her to come back.  Young Gul, surprisingly, doesn’t make a big deal about it and says that he’s planning on staying in the factory with her.  Ga Young is surprised that he actually called Il Gook to bring him another bed and blanket, causing Young Gul to joke if he should share her cot.

Lo and behold, that’s exactly what they do.  Ga Young complains that it’s narrow and uncomfortable, but Young Gul says that he’s fine.  Yeah I’d be fine too sharing a bed with Shin Se Kyung.  She tells him that he should just go back to his apartment, but Young Gul doesn’t want to leave her alone like this.  Since she knows she won’t win this argument, Ga Young eventually gives in and says that she’ll go back to his place.  Young Gul calls Il Gook to cancel bringing the bed, but Il Gook shows up right then with it in hand.  Hah.

The next day, Dad grills Jae Hyuk on the relationship between Young Gul and Anna.  He’s not happy that Young Gul seems to know everything about Jae Hyuk, while Jae Hyuk knows nothing about him.  He then mentions meeting with Young Gul at the restaurant and asks Jae Hyuk what he thinks Young Gul is up to.  When Jae Hyuk is just dismissive of Young Gul, Dad scolds him saying that he’s completely underestimating him.  In his opinion, Young Gul isn’t someone that Jae Hyuk can deal with and tells him once again to somehow arrange a meeting with Young Gul for him.

Meanwhile, Young Gul is meeting with some people telling him that J Fashion has fallen for their bait and is about to buy one of their companies in Europe.  Back at the factory, Chil Book shows up with a shoe designs and shows them off to Ga Young to get her opinion.  She admits that she’s not good with shoes and that he should just wait for Young Gul to come back.  Chil Book then asks him if she knows what Young Gul’s been up to since everyone’s been saying he’s acting weird lately.

Apparently, Young Gul did accept Jae Hyuk’s invitation and he’s meeting with the whole family.  Mom immediately asks him about his relationship with Ga Young, which immediately makes things awkward.  Dad says that it’s not their concern and immediately proposes that they partner together.  However, mom’s not done and asks why they brought him in after he’s taking both of Jae Hyuk’s women away.  Hah.  She yells at her husband for not only dealing with Jae Hyuk, who’s incompetent with women, but also Young Gul who took in both the women that Jae Hyuk dealt with.

After the meeting, Jae Hyuk asks Young Gul how he could turn down a partnership with his dad, but Young Gul says that the offer was just too low.  Jae Hyuk snaps and asks Young Gul what his endgame is, but Young Gul doesn’t take the bait and calmly says to watch out since they’re being watched by the CCTV.  Jae Hyuk, knows he’s been beaten and can’t focus even as he goes to work.  His assistant is trying to brief him, but Jae Hyuk isn’t listening.  He then starts talking about all the stuff that Ga Young’s been doing lately and recommends that she be fired.  Yeah, pretty sure she quit already guy.  Anna then gives Jae Hyuk a call, but he doesn’t want to answer and hands it off to his assistant to answer.  Apparently, she actually is inviting him to this office opening party she’s throwing.

Over at Madam Jo’s boutique, she’s being told that her minions still can’t find any dirt on Young Gul.  Her attorney advises her that it’ll be better for her to just settle outside of court rather than go through with the lawsuit.  Before she can say anything, though, she gets a call from Anna.

Back at the factory, Bong Sook asks if she’s invited to the opening party for the office, and Anna says that they can come if they want, but they have to have formal attire.  Bong Sook takes this as a personally challenge and tells the other ahjummas to come by later and she’ll have clothes waiting for them.  Meanwhile, Ga Young is preparing for the party, even though she doesn’t want to go.  For some reason, Young Gul has a bunch of women’s clothes in his closet and lets her try them on.  She eventually decides to go with a little black dress, which I actually thought was one of the least attractive ones.  As Ga Young’s looking at herself in the mirror, Young Gul finally decides to give her the necklace.  He asks her if she remembers now, but Ga Young has no idea what he’s talking about.  When Ga Young says she doesn’t want to wear it because it doesn’t match the dress, Young Gul pouts and says he’ll wait for her in the car.  When Ga Young is taking the elevator down, of course she runs into Jae Hyuk.  He says nothing to her and just goes up to his apartment to indulge in his favorite pastime: getting wasted.

At Anna’s party, she’s going around being the gracious host.  It looks like she’s invited most of the design team, along with Madam Jo, Jung Ah, and Director Kim.  Bong Sook and the other ahjummas also show up while wearing way too much makeup.  Of course, Madam Jo isn’t happy to see Ga Young and Young Gul arrive, and even less so when Ga Young purposely sticks her arm under Young Gul’s.  Anna, however, grabs Young Gul away, saying that someone wants to meet him.  After he leaves, Madam Jo once again pretends to be nice and makes small talk with Ga Young.  She tells her that she’s actually here to see her and they go aside to talk alone.

Madam Jo admits that Ga Young is entitled to the store and says that she’s willing to give her half of it after she dies.  Ga Young, since she still doesn’t know about the suit, acts confused, and Madam Jo takes this to mean that she wants the whole store.  She tries to play the sympathy card and says that all the fame that she’s built up must mean nothing to her.

At this point, Jae Hyuk shows up drunk off his ass.  He immediately starts calling for Ga Young at the top of his lungs, right before passing out on the floor and cutting himself on some broken glass.  Ga Young immediately goes to him and covers his wound with a handkerchief.  Young Gul then shows up and tries to throw Jae Hyuk out himself.  However, Jae Hyuk fights him and confesses to Ga Young that he loves her at the top of his lungs.  Anna hears him as well, and presumably is not please because she mentions earlier that Jae Hyuk is always sincere when he apologizes or says he loves someone.

Final Thoughts

Another day, another terrible episode.  It’s pretty much the same crap that we’ve dealt with all series, and even the one glimmer of hope I had for it last episode disappeared when Jae Hyuk apparently didn’t decide that Anna was the one for him and is still going after Ga Young.  If you want to know what I think of this episode, just go back and read my other recaps since once again, nothing of actual substance happens in this episode.  If you need me, I’ll be playing Diablo 3.

31 responses to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 18

  1. Sim May 15, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    thanks for the recap! This is so painful to watch now, and yet like the idiot and douche Kang Young Gul, I’m committed to seeing it to the end… your recaps helped explain a lot of the story (most of the time, I was too busy cringing to process the level of idiocy of all the characters)!

    • Son May 15, 2012 at 10:29 pm

      Hey, why Ga Young like this?? She supposed to be happy that Young Gul beside her. Isn’t she love Young Gul??? I hate to see that Ga Young goes to Jae Hyuk at the end of this drama.

  2. Anonymous May 15, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Hey, Why Ga young like this? She supposed to be happy that Young Gul is beside her. Didn’t she loves him? I hate to see that Ga Young go to Jae Hyuk at the end of this drama. Since the beginning of this drama he is a douched guy. I can’t accept that if she goes to Jae Hyuk.!!

    • adensanti May 15, 2012 at 11:03 pm

      and Young gul is NOT a douched bag?? a ha ha.. you must be joking. do watch it carefully. both of the male lead are douched bag with no development character. and so does ga young. I dont like anna, but as time passes, she is the only one who has a clear mission. not blur like the other 3. who just running in circle.
      i dont knw what’s the scriptwriter wants to deliver to us viewers. but this drama is getting nowhere. i agree w/this recap. i give up hope for shipping any of these couple.

      • newkdramaaddict May 16, 2012 at 10:38 am

        I gave up on all the couples a long time ago. I am all for Anna and Ga Young taking off for Europe, America; at this point I don’t care and leave both douches in the wind!

  3. l1ldreamstar May 16, 2012 at 8:57 am

    I guess at this point, Ga Young finally sees that Young Gul is no longer the man she used to love. He has character evolved into a very vindictive and obsessive person. He is obsessive in the fact that he won’t let anyone get near Ga Young but he himself hasn’t confessed his love for her either. When Jae Hyuk did his face was priceless….Young Gul was probably feeling like punching himself in the face for not telling Ga Young sooner.

  4. Anira May 16, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Guys, do you remember the drama “something happened in Bali”? Well both dramas were written by scriptwriter Kim Ki Ho. Same plot and miserable stories indeed. I don’t know what happened for the last episode, but I don’t expect much. Just hope the ending is not as bad as the first one.

  5. dreampot May 16, 2012 at 9:37 am

    whatever happened to ” Love u Forever, Anna”, now its Love u forever, GaYoung… hahahaha… so, same old story; i love u forever, then dump the girl, and repeat same ting over again…JH is such a doggy jerk & pathetic loser…pity Anna who stil love that loser JH, eventho he was so cruel to her saying she has no talent when he fired her… too bad YG is turning into a hateful guy… and GY, just hope she just decide what & who she wants… and she cant even remember her mother’s necklace…. the show is becoming Fashion the boring King…

  6. newkdramaaddict May 16, 2012 at 10:44 am

    @kpopencarta, as one of the glutton for punishments still watching this drivel of a drama, thanks for recapping. I enjoy reading them all, especially before watching it so I’m not screaming at the TV! At this point, I want it over so I can get my life back. I have no vested interest in either male characters, both have major character flaws so I am not rooting for one just because I like the actor. If that was the case, I would be Team Young Gul all the way. But as I stated before, I hope both women dump both guys and ride off into the sunset! Young Gul is too much into revenge and Jae Hyuk is just focusing on the flavor of the month who is Ga Young! I’m quite sure he screamed at the top of his lungs how much he loved Anna too! Next week won’t come soon enough. And I hated Something Happened in Bali! The only drama of either Ha Ji Won and So Ji-Sub I’ve ever hated!

    • kpopencarta May 16, 2012 at 11:17 am

      Yeah I have no attachment to any of the characters either. Truthfully, I’m only still recapping this out of principle and I know it’ll bug me if i don’t finish. The only thing that makes this drama even remotely bearable for me at this point is that Shi Se Kyung and Yuri both look great.

      Though the story flow has def slowed down, I still think Love Rain is the far superior drama in terms of just plot and character development. There is no reason in my mind why Fashion King should be getting 9.5% ratings for this ep, while Love Rain drops to 5.2%. I’m not saying that Love Rain is that great or anything, it’s just that Fashion King is that bad.

      • newkdramaaddict May 16, 2012 at 2:02 pm

        Dang! Fashion King is doing better than Love Rain?! There sure are a lot of gluttons out there!

  7. princess sue May 16, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    OOOOMyyyGooooshhhh……up to episode 18 everyone is running in a circle????I hate Ga Young character really irratating; more blur and dumb; shame for all modern girl forget about being woman!At the end i think nobody stick to anybody.It’s too painful storyline with no objective and maybe they might forgive and forget imagine what happened all the while are bad dream!Still thumb-up to Lee Jae Hoon for his potrayal as a trapped rich son also having a bad secretary,cruel daddy and glued Mummy.Young Gul is like the hero@crook in Gone with the Wind!I really wasted my time watching it actually; at first it was about fashion and i really wanna see what’s so great about fashion in Korea which i find it so so so…..nothing to shout about!

  8. Anonymous May 16, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    To be honest, I think Ga young just needs to be clear as to who she wants, she has such a weak character that I feel like getting up and strangling her, although I do think both men are being too possesive over her. I got the feeling from this episode that Ga Young was leading away from Yong Gul, but it would be quite silly if after 18 episodes of loving Young Gul that she leaves him and goes of with jae hyuk, although its nice that he was able to admit his feelings for her in front of everybody whilce Young Chul has not yet.
    Was I the only one that go fustrated when she couldnt remember the necklace??? anyway even though I feel that this drama is very twisted, I keep having this strange urge to carry it on to the end, and I hope she get with Young Chul and he stops being annoying and Jae Hyuk can just leave Ga Young alone(even though I do admit that he’s HOT and his scenes with Ga Young were cute)

  9. Kelly May 16, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    This drama is sooo frustrating! Ive never been so frustrated with any drama b4. I find Ga Young’s character rather inconsistent. 1 min shes super meek, the next shes fiesty. I don geddit. Jae Hyuk is a douche coz he is jes a typical rich man’s son and Young Gul is lost. He is like a lost pup. He doesnt knw wat to do. I understand y his character has to turn vindictive as thats how ppl r like in real life. After being trampled all their life, with a lil glory, they can bcome mean. Bt I am still rooting for him, for I knw he really love Ga Young.

  10. anonymous May 17, 2012 at 4:08 am

    somebody pls help? i didnt understand the first few episodes… who is that gangster that young gul talked with? what is their role in the story? that guy who young gul made a gold jacket with the initials YGM

    • newkdramaaddict May 17, 2012 at 4:14 am

      In the beginning, remember the girl that Young Gul got caught at the hotel with, that was his girlfriend so he was the reason that Young Gul stowed away on the fishing boat and ended up in America. So when Young Gul came back, he promised to make money for the gangster to keep from getting his butt kicked. So they started YGM, which I forgot what that stands from Yellow something. But the gangster sold his shares to I believe Madame Jo or Jae Hyuk. Can’t remember. Ah the days when it good, this drama!

      • kpopencarta May 17, 2012 at 8:35 am

        YGM stands for Yellow Great Mountain, the direct English translation of the mob boss’ name Hwang Tae San. He provided Young Gul with the initial funding to get his business off the ground, but he just kind of disappeared without any real explanation.

  11. anjen May 17, 2012 at 6:16 am

    u are totally right, Anna is the right one for Jae hyuk he just doesn’t figured it out yet. arrgh.

  12. Anonymous May 17, 2012 at 7:01 am

    now i am curious who the scriptwriter is….It is hurt to receive criticism but sm constructive criticism is needed here to wake her/him up…oh man the whole drama is just too painful to watch ( to the point I can’t ignore it and have to see hw it ends)…but yes I even skimmed thru the recaps…anyway scriptwriter/s, director and drama team…hope u hv sm improve for ur nxt projects as things like this seriously is brain-cell killing lol

    • newkdramaaddict May 17, 2012 at 7:07 am

      I believe some of these writers must learn from us because look at the writers of Beethoven’s Virus which could have been good but was trivial. Those same writers are responsible for The King 2 Hearts! Boy did they listen to us!

      • kpopencarta May 17, 2012 at 8:32 am

        I actually really liked Beethoven’s Virus; thought it was well written and executed. It’s because I knew that it was those writers that I decided to watch King 2 Hearts.

      • thekoreanjjang May 17, 2012 at 10:59 am

        I agree Beethoven’s Virus started off really good (episode 7!), but it lost a lot of its steam toward the end. I was pretty disappointed with the drawn out anti-climatic ending as well.

  13. Anonymous May 19, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    this serial is crap. at first i watch fashion king because my friend nag about it to me.. and well i am impressed how the characters of all the actors and actress suit well but right now i am not enjoying this serial the plot is weird and all the characters changing. Why the hell GY want to go to J-Fashion? it doesn’t make any sense while she is happy with young gul..jezzz
    i am really disappointing with the scriptwriter.
    this serial is a waste

  14. ZORO May 20, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    sometime its okay being different than others, being not too stereotype,right? but geez i really can’t get GY and YG out from my system! anticipatedly waiting for this to end!

  15. hazuki May 22, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    god this show sucks. But I have to finish what I’ve started and watch the last 2 episodes. I’ve given this show a new name FASHOLES! (a word borrowed from joan rivers). It’s fitting I think!
    Playing Diablo 3 is a good idea. I was going to play Diablo 3 but then I thought…maybe I should try to finish fasholes first…BAD IDEA…

    • SimSimani May 22, 2012 at 12:36 pm

      I am appalled – I’ve never had a show that I was rabid over in the beginning, and that I hated THIS much by the end. Just saw episode 20 raw – dont care to see the subtitled version. Aargh!!! Biggest waste of my time ever!

      • newkdramaaddict May 22, 2012 at 1:27 pm

        Oh gosh! Don’t tell us! Our expectations is already in the gutter! FASHOLES! I do like that. I still can’t explain why I wasted 18 hours of my life!

      • kpopencarta May 22, 2012 at 2:04 pm

        Think about how I feel having to recap this, haha. I’ve got it down to about 2 hrs a recap though so not that much worse I suppose. Unless something amazing happens in the last 2 episodes, this is definitely taking the worst drama ever crown away from Dream High 2.

  16. Anonymous October 22, 2012 at 7:51 am

    thanks for the recap, I think recently korean drama’s characters have some problem. In fashion King, Jae hyuk character and his acting is quite good but one thing is that the writer wants to make that character to an undecided guy who doesn’t know whom he really likes. 1st he likes yuri, then change to ga young without showing any obvious sign like hate, sick..sth. That makes Jae Hyuk looks like unfocused jerk to one heart. Another drama i recently watched DREAM HIGH 2, I think DH2 could not overcome to DH1 but not too bad. However, after ep 13 what i think is JB character has something wrong. I feel like He also have feeling for both girls ( Kang sora and Ji yeon). I hate that kind of feeling. if he like one girl, he should focus on that girl. That DH2 also has confussed ending as fashion king. Anyway, i like Jae hyuk and ga young couple in that drama. JB and kang sora also my favorite pair……

  17. mar May 23, 2013 at 5:33 am

    thanks for the synopsis,but i think i prefer to jae hyuk with ga young.cause they are a best couple.why they were not making the ending for ga young and jae hyuk be small family and full with love????? whyyyyyy????? i think will be more nice ending…

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