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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 17

Here we recap and discuss episode 17 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

So to celebrate Ga Young’s promotion, I guess Jae Hyuk decided to take her clubbing?  Meanwhile, Young Gul is getting tired of waiting and calls Bong Sook to see if Ga Young went home yet.  Bong Sook tells him she heard she went out with her coworkers to celebrate, and tells him to try to call her, as if he wouldn’t have tried that already.  We then cut back to Ga Young’s celebration, which has moved to a karaoke bar.  Jae Hyuk notices that the others aren’t paying much attention to Ga Young and decides to go up to sing with her.  After the song ends, he gives a little speech and makes it clear that Ga Young got this position with her ability and hopes they will work hard for her.

After a very drunk Jung Ah is put into a taxi, Jae Hyuk of course insists on giving Ga Young a ride home.  Once they’re in the car, Jae Hyuk hands her a diamond necklace with a heart pendant.  Ga Young says that she has no reason to accept something like this from him and gives it back to him.  Jae Hyuk gets mad that she won’t accept his “sincerity”, and tries to spin it as he’s giving it to her for in the future when she needs to show up at fancy parties or meet an important buying.  He then basically forces her to turn around so he can put it on her.

When Ga Young gets back home, she wakes up Bong Sook who tells her that Young Gul was trying to reach her earlier.  She immediately gives him a call, but he doesn’t answer.  Ga Young immediately goes to the factory and sees the melted candles and food that Young Gul prepared for her.  Off on the side, Young Gul is passed out on the cot that she used to sleep on.  He asks her where she’s been and she tells him about her party for her promotion.  Young Gul then notices the necklace and asks if Jae Hyuk bought it for her.  To try to change the subject, Ga Young asks if today was a special occasion.  He lies and says that he just wanted drink with her.  The two of them then argue about why Ga Young is still staying with J Fashion.  I’ll assume it’s the alcohol talking, but jealous Young Gul rears his ugly face again and says that that he wants her to quit since he can do everything for her that Jae Hyuk can.  Ga Young is just thinking about her future though and doesn’t see the problem since she isn’t interested in Jae Hyuk anyway.  In the end, Ga Young angrily says she’ll quit and storms out.  So much for progress.

After she leaves, Young Gul angrily throws the box with his necklace against the wall.  He lies down on the cot and thinks about how Ga Young saying that he never thinks about things from her point of view, which is very true, and that she’s just there for work.  He then thinks about the necklace that Jae Hyuk gave her and picks up the one that he intended to give her.  To his credit, Young Gul actually does seem a tad remorseful, but yeah, this is mainly on him.

The next day, Bong Sook tells Ga Young that it was Young Gul’s birthday yesterday.  Oops, lol.  Suddenly it’s Ga Young who feels guilty, even more so when Bong Sook asks her if she got him anything.   Bong Sook then notices Jae Hyuk’s necklace and asks how much it cost.  She thinks that Young Gul gave it to Ga Young, and Ga Young just takes it from her without explaining.  When she gets to work, she thinks back to her conversation with Young Gul the night before and immediately starts writing her letter of resignation.  Ga Young barely gets two words written down before she’s interrupted by one of the other designers telling her about their meeting.

Ga Young barely gets to the meeting when Jae Hyuk is summoned to an emergency directors’ meeting.  Oh this can’t be good for our little spoiled brat.  Of course, it’s to discuss just how badly their YGM brand is getting destroyed by GG.  Jae Hyuk is panicking through the whole thing, even more so when Dad keeps giving him the glare of death.  After the meeting, Dad asks Jae Hyuk why he never brought Young Gul to him like he asked.  He then berates him for promoting Ga Young just because she won a little internal competition.  Wait, so dad never signed off on this at all?  He’s was fine with giving Ga Young the dinner and the car to protect Jae Hyuk’s reputation, but the promotion crossed the line.  Anna at least had the ability to be a team leader, which she showed by growing the GG brand, but why would he give that position to someone like Ga Young?  Dad says that he doesn’t mind YGM losing to other brands, but under no circumstances are they to lose to someone from lowly Dongdaemyun.  If Jae Hyuk can’t destroy them, he’s the one who’s going to lose his position.  YES, finally!

Jae Hyuk, of course, is now in a state of furious desperation.  He asks his assistant how much it would be to buy out GG, but his assistant says it won’t be so easy.  Young Gul, with Anna’s help I’m sure, has devised a business plan that allows them to make profit much easier than J-Fashion can in their own stores.  He tells Jae Hyuk that it would probably be better to grow YGM instead, which isn’t what Jae Hyuk wants to hear obviously.  He’s about to yell at him more, but Ga Young shows up and says she wants to talk to him.  While Jae Hyuk’s still reeling from the beat down his dad gave him, Ga Young gives him another metaphorical punch in the gut by saying that she thinks she should quit since she’s so inexperienced.  She then hands him back the keys, his necklace, and her letter of resignation.  Jae Hyuk asks her if Young Gul convinced her to do this, but Ga Young says it’s something that she decided on her own.  He snaps and accuses her of leaving him because she thinks he’s not useful anymore.  Ga Young apologizes again and walks out on him.

Back at the factory, Anna asks Young Gul why he made such a big decision like taking over a company in Italy without discussing it with her.  Young Gul says it wasn’t that big a deal and didn’t think he had to involve her in something like that.  To get her off the subject, he then asks her how she met Jae Hyuk.  Anna, however, doesn’t really want to talk about it.  He then hands her the picture that he stole from Jae Hyuk’s wallet at the very beginning of the episode.  As Anna looks at it in surprise, Young Gul gets a call from Madam Jo and decides to take the call outside so Anna can be alone.  Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is moping around in Ga Young’s newly emptied thinking of Anna.  He remembers the words he said to her before she quit, and finally seems to realize what a jackass he was and is.

Over at Madam Jo’s boutique, she’s trying to convince him to stop the lawsuit.  She offers to give him money, but he of course refuses.  Madam Jo says that she knows she’ll win in court, but she wants to keep things quiet.  Young Gul tells her that that is exactly why he’s doing this.  He’s got nothing to lose, whereas if she loses the case, she goes to jail.  After he leaves, she quickly picks up the phone and yells at some minions that she hired to dig up dirt on Young Gul since they still haven’t found anything on him.  Madam Jo then gets an idea.

We now see her meeting with Anna and putting on her fake happy act.  She tells Anna that she heard she broke up with Jae Hyuk and that everyone’s saying that she’s going to get married to Young Gul.  Anna denies it, which prompts Madam Jo to ask if it’s because of Ga Young.  When Anna stays quiet, Madam Jo sympathizes with her and gives her some advice to not give up so easily.  If she does, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life.  You totally just sent to the wrong person, lady.  Jae Hyuk’s always been Anna’s goal, not Young Gul.

When Anna goes back to her apartment, she thinks about all the times that Jae Hyuk’s been there for her.  Right on cue, Jae Hyuk shows up at her door and says he’ll keep it short.  He actually apologizes and says he didn’t know.  He came here to say this because he didn’t feel like it was something to be said over the phone.  Wow, he actually said did something worthwhile for a change.  Jae Hyuk turns to leave, but is stopped when Anna asks him why he’s doing this now.  He tells her that, though he’s embarrassed to say it, he’s doing this because of Ga Young.

At his apartment, Young Gul is busy working still.  He decides to give Ga Young a call, but when he can’t reach her, he instead calls his driver to bring the car around.  On his way down, he decides to stop by Jae Hyuk’s apartment, but stops after thinking about how last time he came, he saw Ga Young there.  As he gets to the elevator, he bumps into a surprised Jae Hyuk checks to make sure he’s gotten off at the right floor.  LOL.  Jae Hyuk asks him if he told Ga Young to quit, but Young Gul tells him to not be interested in someone else’s girl.

Apparently, Il Gook’s his driver for today and they’re driving around looking for Ga Young since she’s not with Bong Sook.  They eventually make their way to the factory and see that the lights are on inside.  Young Gul pays Il Gook like he’s a taxi driver and tells him to treat Bong Sook to something good.  LOL. He goes inside and is not surprised to see Ga Young there.  She’s in the middle of making him a gift, and covers it when she notices him come in.  She says she’ll finish it soon enough, but he better not peak.  Of course, Young Gul sneaks a look at it, earning himself a cute reprimand from her.  Once she’s done, she tells him to try it on.  He sees that she’s stitched his name into the sleeve, and can’t help but think of how she did the same to Jae Hyuk’s shirt.  Young Gul thanks her for quitting and says they should go out for a drink.  Ga Young says it’s too late, so Young Gul says they should go back to his place.  Ga Young hesitates, but eventually agrees to go with Young Gul.

Even as she’s holding his hand in the elevator, Ga Young seems hesitant.  When they get to his apartment, Young Gul can’t help but show off his place to her.  Ga Young is amazed by what she sees, especially his watch collection.  Of course, given his past, she has to ask him if they’re real.  LOL.  Young Gul thinks it’s funny that she had to ask as well and laughs.  He tells her that this is their house now and reminds her that he promised her to buy one when he got rich.  If she hadn’t betrayed him and hurt his feelings, he says, she would’ve gotten it sooner.  Ga Young scoffs at him and mutters that he hurt her more.

He then busts out the alcohol and proudly says that he’s working on getting her back into New York Fashion School.  Ga Young tells him not to worry about that though.  They then start reminiscing about the time that she first walked into his factory.  He was going to kick her out, but changed his mind when he saw that she had the same birthday as his dead sister and was also an orphan.  Woah, sister complex huh.  Random, but not at all unexpected.  Ga Young isn’t entirely pleased with the sister comparison either, and asks him if he really thinks of her as just a sister.  Young Gul looks at her like she’s stupid and asks if he would kiss his sister like he does her.  I certainly hope not.

He then gets a call and leaves to answer it.  As he’s talking on the phone, Ga Young looks at some of the documents and sees that they’re pertaining to YGM.  Young Gul notices it and for some reason takes offense that he’s trying to get the brand back.  Her reasoning is that they already sold it for a lot of money and Jae Hyuk is putting a lot of effort into building it.  They also have the GG brand, so why bother with YGM?  Young Gul flips out and says that he’s doing it as revenge for the pain that Jae Hyuk and everyone caused them, and that she has no right to say anything since she’s the one who left.

Final Thoughts

Really?  Just when I think they’re finally over the wishy-washy relationship crap, they pull that shit at the end?  At least Jae Hyuk and Anna seem like they’ve finally realized what they want and will actually act on it.  Though, I could’ve sworn the same thing for Young Gul and Ga Young up until a few minutes ago so I guess we’ll find out if it happens in the next episode.  I’m actually with Young Gul for once on this one too.  Jae Hyuk’s been an enormous prick and I want him stripped of everything so that he can at least appreciate what he has in Anna.  Not a huge fan of Young Gul either, but it’s a less of two evils kind of scenario for me.

Ironically, it’s because of Jae Hyuk that I liked this episode.  His back’s finally against the wall and everything he’s worked for is crumbling around him.  It’s in this moment of desperation that he does finally realize his feelings for Anna.  This is the moment of clarity that I’ve been waiting for in both his and Anna’s characters.  All the crap that we’ve had to sit through finally cumulates into that one moment when he apologizes.  Was it worth waiting for?  Probably not, but at least this drama finally did something that resembles plot progression.  Now hopefully they can do the same for Young Gul and Ga Young sooner rather than later.  If we have to wait until the very last episode for that, this will probably earn the dubious title of worst drama ever for me.  As it stands, it’s in a tie for last place with Dream High 2.

8 responses to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 17

  1. lizzy May 15, 2012 at 1:56 am

    thank you for d recap! 😉

  2. Amirul Danny (@amirul_danny91) May 15, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Thanks for the re-cap, but I’m not for Gayoung and Younggul. Dont see what’s special about Younggul. Started to read your recap ever since ep 16. Dont feel like watching it. Jaehyuk, poor him.

    • kpopencarta May 15, 2012 at 10:22 am

      I’m not a fan of Young Gul either, really, but Jae Hyuk especially deserves whatever crap gets thrown at him considering how he’s treated everyone around him. I’m kind of hoping for a mutual destruction scenario, but I do feel kind of bad for the girls.

  3. Anonymous May 17, 2012 at 6:45 am


  4. michi November 14, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    this drama is getting a liitle bit annoying

  5. Anonymous December 5, 2012 at 8:10 am

    damn it, i was really looking forward to seeing jae hyuk and ga young together!! screw anna and young gul seriously…………. lol

  6. Mano Venkateshwaran September 15, 2018 at 9:54 am

    what is the name of the song that they sang in karaoke?

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