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[Random Rants] Happy Mother’s Day!

To all moms out there, happy mother’s day and thank you for everything you’ve done for us.  For me, this day brings two songs to mind: g.o.d.’s “To My Mother” and SNSD’s “Dear Mom”.

g.o.d. – “To My Mother”
This was one of the first g.o.d. songs that I ever listened to and definitely made me a fan.  The MV tells a story of a boy who didn’t necessarily appreciate his mother until it was too late.  He caused her trouble when he was younger and forced her to spend money on him just because he wanted something different to eat.  It’s only after she dies that he regrets never telling her how much he loved her.

SNSD – “Dear Mom”
I’ve always been a big fan of SNSD’s ballad tracks, this one especially.  It’s easily one of my top three songs for them, along with “Forever” and “Genie” .  Told from a girl’s perspective, they sing about the promises that they’ve forgotten and vow to become a person who will make their mother proud. Though they might be too shy to say it at times, they just want to let their mom’s know how much they love them.  Being a guy, there are certain lyrics that don’t quite apply, but the overall message is one that definitely resonates with guys and girls alike.


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