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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 16

Here we recap and discuss episode 16 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

As Ga Young happily explores the luxuries of business class, she’s surprised to find that Young Gul has the seat next to her.  Neither are exactly sure what to say and double check their tickets to make sure they have the seat numbers right.  During the flight, Ga Young overhears Young Gul talking to Anna about business, and it makes her remember the last time she took a flight with Young Gul.  Such a difference from now where he just sleeps and stays quiet.  Back in Korea, Jae Hyuk arrives for his morning meeting and notices that Ga Young isn’t here.  Director Kim says that he sent her to New York for a business trip, which does not sit well with Jae Hyuk.

An ocean away, Young Gul and Ga Young are not only staying at the same hotel, but in adjacent rooms.  Hah.  In his room, Young Gul stares out at the New York skyline and looks deep in thought.  Ga Young, on the other hand, is sitting on her couch and thinking as well.  She makes up her mind to go see Young Gul, but right as she opens the door, Young Gul is standing there about to knock on her door.  Ga Young says that she has something to say to him, but Young Gul wants to go first.

He tells her that he’s dying inside and to forgive him.  Ga Young’s phone starts ringing and interrupts them.  Of course, it’s Jae Hyuk calling to check in on her.  Young Gul doesn’t want to hear about him and forcefully throws her phone to the side and kisses her.  She’s surprised at first, but soon wraps her own arms around him and kisses him back.


Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is beside himself with worry as to why Ga Young suddenly stopped talking to him.    He tries calling her again later, but her cell phone is turned off.  His assistant asks him if he really needs to go to New York, even though, she’ll be back in four days, but Jae Hyuk threatens to fire him if he doesn’t shut up.  Meanwhile, both mom and dad are trying to reach him and he’s takes out his battery so he doesn’t have to talk to them.  Of course, they’re not so easy to ignore and Jae Hyuk’s dad calls his assistant now.

Back in New York, Young Gul and Ga Young are talking, while looking pretty cozy together in bed.  She asks him why he told her not to come back to the factory and he admits that the thought of loving someone scared him.  He was afraid that he’d hurt her or she’d be hurt because of him.  Ga Young leans closer to him and tells him not to worry.  Young Gul kisses the top of her head and the two just sit there and enjoy each other’s presence in silence.

Man we just can’t stay in a single country at all.  We go back to Korea where Anna is apologizing for what seems like Young Gul blowing off a meeting with someone.  She tries to contract him, but no luck.  We now go Jae Hyuk having dinner with his parents and some VIP clients of some kind.  His parents try to make him talk to the clients, but he says he talked to them all day today already and isn’t in the mood.  When he goes back to his own apartment, he angrily throws off his jacket and tries to call Ga Young again.


Speaking of Ga Young, she looks at Jae Hyuk calling her, but decides to ignore it because Young Gul is nearby.  He takes her hand and brings her to a pretty nice looking apartment.  They look around a bit and he takes her outside to the balcony and asks her if she likes it.  It’s a pretty damn nice view, which is what Ga Young says as well.  Young Gul then calls her over and he points at all the places that were memorable to them in their brief stay last time.

As they eat lunch, Young Gul tells her that he was looking into renting that place since he feels he’ll need to be here half the year if Young Young Apparel keeps doing so well.  Ga Young asks him why he’s being like this and seems like a different person all of a sudden.  Young Gul just smiles at her and says it’s because he likes her and wants to do everything for her.  She seems uncomfortable at him just throwing money at her like he is, but continues eating.

Their business trip is now over and we see Ga Young showing Bong Sook all the stuff that Young Gul bought for her.  There are also gifts for the other workers as well, of course.  Bong Sook tries to ask Ga Young if she hooked up with Young Gul during the trip, but she’s saved from answering by Young Gul calling her on her cell.  He’s just calling to say that he misses her already and jokes if he should come over, but is immediately rebuffed.  Young Gul then suggests that she turn in her resignation to Jae Hyuk tomorrow so she can come back.

The next day, we see Jae Hyuk going for a run, and moving at a pretty good clip too.  He does eventually stop to take a quick break though and looks like he’s about to cry like the spoiled brat that he is.  Back at J Fashion, Ga Young is all smiles as she reports in to Director Kim.  She even bought him a hat as a gift to thank him for letting her go on the trip.  Director Kim then pulls out a magazine that’s put out by the company with Ga Young’s face on the front cover.  At her desk, Jung Ah is looking at the same magazine cover but is drawing on Ga Young’s face.  She then gets a call from Jae Hyuk but he immediately hangs up because he probably dialed the wrong number.  Hah.  Ga Young then picks up the call from him and she immediately goes to see him in his office.

While he’s waiting for her, Jae Hyuk still looks like he’s about to cry, but composes himself and puts on a smile when he hears her come in.  He half-jokes that she shouldn’t told him that she was going, but Ga Young sincerely answers him that Director Kim said he’d tell him in her place.  He then asks her if anything happened while she was over there and isn’t happy to hear her say “yes”.  To lighten the mood, he pretends to look around for a gift and asks why she didn’t bring him anything, but Ga Young just says that she wasn’t sure what to get him since he has everything.  LOL, I love how she’s crushing his spirit without even knowing that she is.  Jae Hyuk asks her if she wants to have lunch, but Ga Young says she has to work today and has to decline.

Back at Young Gul’s factory, Bong Sook has brought the other workers their gifts from New York and they’re gossiping about what could’ve happened between Young Gul and Ga Young.  Young Gul then walks into the office and greets them with a huge smile on his face, which only seems to confirm their suspicions about him.  Anna, who is already at work in his office, is less happy to see him.  She’s mad at him for blowing off the work that she had setup for him and couldn’t even bother to contact her.  She jokingly asks if he just stayed in his hotel and had an affair, and he just smiles at her and confirms her suspicions.  To make matters worse, she overhears Young Gul calling someone to find a nice looking office for her, which furthers her belief that he’s slowly kicking her out of his life.

We now see Madam Jo talking to her own lawyer about her chances of winning the lawsuit that Young Gul is bringing against her.  He assures her that since Ga Young’s parents are dead and she did file all her paperwork properly, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.  Just when she starts to relax, she’s told that Young Gul had the investigation into the accident of Ga Young’s parents reopened.  Madam Jo isn’t going to just take this standing and goes to talk to Jae Hyuk’s mom to slander Ga Young.  Unfortunately for her, Jae Hyuk’s mom doesn’t care.  All she knows is that she got rid of Anna for her, she’s not after her son, and everyone around her says she works hard.  Jae Hyuk’s mom then calls her out and asks if she really has that big of a grudge against her.  She then tells Madam Jo to butt out and stop concerning herself with Jae Hyuk.  YES, finally she says it.  Round of applause for mom.  Been waiting for this for a while.

Ga Young is busy inspecting stores and doesn’t like one of the displays.  She’s talking to the manager about changing it, when Young Gul shows up and they go out to lunch.  Jae Hyuk is busy being a creeper and has followed Ga Young, not happy that she turned down his lunch invite to go with Young Gul.  If he was mad before, he’d be livid to see Young Gul using Ga Young’s lap as a pillow while they’re talking.  He asks her to go with him to see his dad since he doesn’t want to go alone.  She just smiles at him and asks him to buy her ice cream.  The two then happily walk around on their little lunch date, with Young Gul sneaking in kisses wherever he can.  During all this, Jae Hyuk’s still playing emo stalker.  So much for not expecting her to like you.

After his lunch date, Young Gul returns to the factory and tells his lawyer on the phone to look for the person who helped Madam Jo file out her paperwork since she’s not backing down.  Anna is still in a bad mood and asks him where he’s been.  Young Gul just tells her it’s nothing she needs to worry about, which prompts Anna to finally ask him why he’s been treating her like this lately.  She says that he’s been trying to draw a line between them, which Young Gul feels should be natural between a boss and his female employee.  He’s got you there.  Anna then turns dead serious and asks if he knows why she came to this “joke of a factory”.  Young Gul takes offense at the phrase, but says that’s why he’s getting her an office.  That’s not what Anna wants though, and she says that he should be grateful that she’s helped him get to where he’s at now.

Young Gul’s pretty pissed at this point and while he is grateful, he thinks it was a tad much to insult his factory.  Anna tells him that the only reason she came was because she liked him and thought he felt the same.  Of course, Young Gul only saw her as a friend and says they should just stay like that.  Oh boy, not what she wants to hear right now.  He rightfully points out that she’s the one who said that he never called first and she’s also the one who came to him to help out.  Young Gul then storms out and runs into the factory ahjummas who have been listening right outside the door.

Back at J Fashion, Jae Hyuk is still being emo while sneaking glances at Ga Young working.  He’s still thinking about it late at night and is barely listening to his assistant as he’s trying to discuss business.  All he’s concerned about is a report from the New York team, which he apparently once again to spy on her.  His assistant did get the report but didn’t want to tell him that she barely left her hotel room.  She and Young Gul didn’t even leave to eat and just kept ordering room service.  Damn, that’s some impressive stamina those two have.

Jae Hyuk eventually decides to visit Young Gul so they can talk.  Of course, he checks out the apartment first to make sure Ga Young isn’t there.  Young Gul tells him not to be childish, but Jae Hyuk points out that Young Gul’s the one who bought the same car as him and moved into the same building. He then asks Young Gul what he’s going to do about Anna, and that he should take responsibility for her till the end since she went to him.  Uh, she kinda went to you first, and we see how that turned out.  They argue some more and Young Gul eventually tells Jae Hyuk that if he was so curious about what happened between them in New York, he should’ve just come stalk her like he did last time.  Jae Hyuk snaps and punches Young Gul in the face.  Didn’t hut very much apparently and when Young Gul stands up he says he’ll let him have that one, but he should leave now if he’s done.  Of course, Jae Hyuk isn’t and badly misses with his next punch, and gets hit by Young Gul’s counter.  As Jae Hyuk lies on the floor, Young Gul says that whatever happens is Ga Young’s choice and you can’t just buy your way into someone’s heart with money.  Well…that’s not entirely true for some people…  Jae Hyuk tries to salvage some of his pride by saying he’s not concerned about whether Young Gul’s by her side, and just cares about Ga Young, but nobody, including Young Gul, believes that.

While the boys are done fighting, it looks like the girls are up.  Anna is drinking in a bar and has called out Ga Young.  She asks her why she’s messing around with both Young Gul and Jae Hyuk, which of course Ga Young denies.  Apparently, though, the people that Young Gul were supposed to meet with in New York are furious because he barely showed up and couldn’t be reached for the entirely of the event that they were holding.  Oops.  Anna tells her that Young Gul might be a rising star now, but if he gets too cocky his stock will fall just as quickly as it went up.  She tells Ga Young that if she really loves him, she should think carefully about how her actions affect his.  Later, Ga Young at first scoffs at Anna’s audacity to tell her about this, but realizes that maybe Anna might be a little bit right about what she said.

The next day, there’s a notice on the bulletin board in the design room that says Ga Young’s been promoted to team leader, which Jung Ah is not pleased to see.  Ga Young gets to her new office, Anna’s old one, and finds Jae Hyuk waiting for her.  He also hands her the keys to a new car that his dad bought her as a reward.  Seeing her confusion at all this, Jae Hyuk realizes that she hasn’t seen the bulletin board yet and congratulates her on her promotion.  After Jae Hyuk leaves, Ga Young is all smiles as she explores her new office.  She’s happily spinning around in her chair and is surprised to see that Jae Hyuk has returned.  He tells her to clear her calendar for the night and leaves without even waiting for a response from her.

Meanwhile, Young Gul and Anna are busy with a photo-shoot they’re doing.  He gets a call from Ga Young, who tells him about her promotion.  Young Gul gets mad at her for not quitting earlier and takes out his anger on the models.  Anna asks him why he’s being like this, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.  He then hands her his cellphone and says to make sure nobody bothers him during the shoot.  Ga Young tries to call him again, but when Anna sees it, she just powers off the phone.  Madam Jo isn’t happy about Ga Young’s promotion either when she’s told of it by Jung Ah.  She then gets a call from her lawyer, who has apparently found someone.

Later, Young Gul tries to call Ga Young, but he declines his call and texts him that she’s in a meeting right now.  He texts her back to meet him in the factory after work and pulls out the diamond necklace that Anna found from before.  As he’s busy setting up for a romantic dinner, I can’t help the feeling that he’s about to be stood up.  A feeling that just gets stronger as we see him smiling and thinking how he plans to give her the necklace by re-enacting how they first met.  He then checks his phone and sees that it’s past 9 already and Ga Young still hasn’t showed up.  He tries to call her again and once again gets a text saying that she’s in a meeting.

Final Thoughts

So who wants to bet that creeper Jae Hyuk has commandeered her phone and is the one sending back texts?  I really don’t like the guy and I’m still hoping that he gets his title and everything stripped from him by his parents, especially when they find out that once again he’s using company resources for his own personal agenda.  If anything, I think he’s actually taken a turn for the worse by taking on this emo stalker persona in this episode.

I’m truthfully not sure of where this drama is going, and I don’t mean that in a positive way.  There are only four episodes left and while I’m glad that Young Gul and Ga Young finally hooked up, I can’t help but feel it’s all still liable to come crashing down just because everyone’s flip-flopped around so much in this series.  For example, Young Gul in this episode acted completely different from how he was in every other episode.  I’m happy for you that you finally got the girl.  I would also like to point out that you’re the one who drove her away in the first place.  Maybe next episode he’ll go back to being the punk that pushes everyone away again to achieve is own goals.

I am a tad curious though to see how they reconcile Anna with Jae Hyuk.  Maybe he’ll get kicked out and have nowhere else to turn to.  Maybe he’ll realize what a huge prick he’s been and go back to the person that stalked her in New York to get her to come back with him.  Or maybe the two end up lonely and unhappy somewhere.  With this drama, you never know.

On a side note, maybe it’s because the actual plot hasn’t been completely awful the last 2 episodes or so, but Shin Se Kyung’s been looking particularly hot lately.

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