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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 14

Here we recap and discuss episode 14 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

We start off where we left off last episode and Joon and Ha Na are forced to pretend to not know each other when In Ha decides to gather everyone up for a meal.  During the meal itself, Ha Na comments that the food is good, but based on the plate it looks like she really hasn’t touched her food.  Neither has Joon for this matter.  Yoon Hee tries to break the complete awkwardness of the meal by talking to Joon, but he’s staying silent.  In Ha apologizes for just springing this on them, but he wanted to formally tell Joon and Ha Na that he’s marrying Yoon Hee.  When In Ha mentions that they’re going to be a family soon, Joon starts to object, but Ha Na interrupts him and basically says she’s happy about this.  Joon glares at her while she’s talking and she whither under his gaze.

Yoon Hee then walks away to answer her cell phone and it’s silent yet again.  Ha Na reiterates that the food here is good, and Joon points out that she hasn’t even eaten it.  LOL.  In Ha thinks his son is just being argumentative and tries to get him to stop, but Joon stops him.  He gives his dad a sarcastic endorsement of the marriage and says that In Ha can do whatever he wants since Joon doesn’t care anymore.  Joon then throws Ha Na’s words about being a family will be fun back in her face and says he’ll remember that the next time he sees her before walking away.  Yoon Hee stops Joon on the way out and says that she and Ha Na can leave so that he can talk to his dad.  She tells him that In Ha has always been bad about expressing his feelings, and apologizes for all that she’s put him through.  Oh if only knew you just how much that is.  Joon says that he’s said what he’s need to already, but asks her if love is really so important to them and if they can just move on already.  Yoon Hee says that the more they tried to forget each other, the most passionate they felt about each other.  Ha Na happens to overhear this last little gem and she exchanges glances with Joon right before he turns to leave.

Ha Na eventually decides to follow Joon outside and he asks her why she wants to be family after he said that they should be strangers.  She ignores the question and thanks him for not being against the marriage.  Joon then asks her if she’s happy now that her mom’s happy.  Ha Na says yes, but her face says otherwise.  Joon notices this as well, and tells Ha Na that even though they might be family in the future he’s going to avoid meeting her like the plague.  Before he leaves though, he tells her that she’s gotten too skinny and needs to eat more.  Though it was just the barest hint, Ha Na finally cracks the first real smile she’s had since this whole lunch thing started as she sees that Joon does still care.  She then goes back inside and both adults are looking at her.  Ha Na assures them that she’s okay and starts eating so as to allay their concerns.

We now see Ha Na and Sun Ho talking on the phone as while taking care of their respective plants.  They joke around a bit at first about how Ha Na hasn’t been eating lately, but then Ha Na tells him that she saw Joon today.  She says that even though Joon didn’t look at her through the whole meal, he said she was too skinny so she just ate everything.  Speaking of Joon, after Ha Na and Sun Ho hang up, we see him walking into the cafe.  Sun Ho immediately goes out and asks him what’s wrong.  Joon tells him about lunch and Sun Ho just nods sympathetically.  He comments that Yoon Hee is so different from his own mom and asks Sun Ho why he thought things would ever be easy for him and Ha Na.  He thought love was nothing, but that was arrogant of him.  He can’t imagine loving a single person for 30 plus years and the thought scares him.

Later, Hye Jung and Tae Sung to talk about their upcoming fashion show.  She tries to tell him that there must’ve been a misunderstanding and the resort overreacted to something she said about Yoon Hee.  Tae Sung just smiles at her and says that Yoon Hee’s important to him because she’s the mother of a girl he likes.  The smile on Hye Jung’s face vanishes and Tae Sung asks her how she knows Yoon Hee.  Hye Jung says they were college friends and that she’s marrying her ex-husband.  When he learns of this, Tae Sung becomes deep in thought and figures out the big secret as well.

That night, we see him waiting for Ha Na as she gets back home to the resort.  As they take a walk, Tae Sung tells Ha Na that the flowers bloomed early to cheer her up.  Even Ha Na thinks that it’s a bit too cheesy and Tae Sung tells her that he’s just doing the same that she did for him when he was feeling down.  The two laugh and Ha Na comments that Tae Sung is finally starting to look like his old self before he started wearing only suits.  Tae Sung then asks her if the reason she broke up with Joon was because of their parents.  Ha Na gets sad again and when Tae Sung asks her if she’s really happy about her mom’s upcoming wedding, she says yes again.  Of course, yet again, Ha Na’s really not fooling anybody.  He tells her that he’s her guardian angel and that she can come to him whenever she’s going through hard times.

Joon comes back home and is surprised to see Mi Ho in an apron in his kitchen.  He also sees his mom cooking and comments that he hasn’t seen her like this in a while.  Hye Jung scoffs and him and tells him to go change and come back to the lasagna that she’s made.  Of course this little dinner is a trick and when Joon comes back he finds only two place settings.  Hah.  His mom says that she ate already and the two of them can have fun together.  As soon as they’re seated, Mi Ho asks Joon for a date in exchange for helping out his mom for her fashion show even though Mi Ho’s busy.  Joon cheekily tells her that she should ask his mom out on a date then.  Mi Ho is persistent though and threatens to tell Hye Jung about Ha Na unless Joon goes out with her on ten dates.  As Joon glares at her, she slowly drops the number until Joon finally agrees to two dates.  She asks him about the fashion show, and is surprised Joon doesn’t know much about it since he’s usually involved in the planning stages for his mom’s bigger projects.

Joon isn’t happy to find out the location of the fashion show and immediately goes to confront his mom.  She tells him that she’s not planning anything, but he’s not convinced.  To make sure she doesn’t try to pull anything, he says that he’ll be the photographer for this show.  Hye Jung asks him if he’s really going to let his dad just marry Yoon Hee like that and makes an offhand comment about how she thinks Ha Na is dating Tae Sung.  She mutters to herself how Yoon Hee’s daughter is acting exactly like her mother, which angers Joon to the point where he slams the door on his way out.

The next day, Joon and Cho Soo go to the resort for a dry rehearsal.  Cho Soo asks if this is the resort where Ha Na lives, but Joon just ignores him.  However, when Cho Soo wonders to himself if they’ll be able to see Ha Na, Joon turns and says Cho Soo’s a dead man if he calls her.  Speaking of Ha Na, she volunteers to help them setup for the fashion show without even realizing just what event it is.  She eventually does catch a glimpse of Joon, right as Hye Jung is introducing Tae Sung to him.  When Hye Jung and Tae Sung walk towards her, Ha Na immediately hides.

Back at the cafe, Sun Ho is rushing out of the cafe in a suit, but notices on his way out that someone has neatly tied up the plants to the gate.  He wonders at first if it’s Ha Na, but remembers that he’s late and goes out.  At the same time, Jeon Sul comes out of the house behind the cafe and starts stretching.  Apparently, he’s the one who was tying up the plants so that they get better exposure to the sunlight.  He then asks In Sung if Joon or Sun Ho are in and is told that they’re both out again.

We go back to the resort now and see In Ha and Yoon Hee happily planting.  They take a break and they tell each other how much they like spending time with each other.  In Ha then stands up and wonders if they should have the wedding here.  Yoon Hee says that she’ll talk to Ha Na about it and that he should talk to Joon.

Meanwhile, Hye Jung is trying to help setup for the event, but without Joon seeing her.  Super spy she is not, and Joon sees her anyway.  She manages to run into Hye Jung, but fortunately, Hye Jung didn’t notice her.  Joon notices their little exchange and drags Ha Na off to talk.  Hye Jung is about to turn around and see them, but fortunately, Mi Ho and Sun Ho show up just then and they start talking.

Once Joon has Ha Na alone in a room, he asks her what she’s doing here at the event.  Ha Na admits that she volunteered without knowing that his mom would be here and Joon tells her that it’s best that both she and Yoon Hee not be seen.  Joon then walks out and Ha Na follows him and thanks him for worrying about her.  He tells her though that he was only worried about his mom, but Ha Na knows better.  As soon as Joon confirms once again if Ha Na’s happy that her mom’s happy, he tells her that he’s not so Ha Na better not smile in front of him anymore.

Right then, Hye Jung happens to be walking by with Mi Ho, Sun Ho, and a few others.  Despite, Joon’s attempts to hide her, Hye Jung realizes that it’s Yoon Hee’s daughter and asks if they were dating behind her back.  She flips out and demands that Ha Na be removed from the premise.  However, Ha Na says that she’s here for work and that she’ll leave once she’s done.  Joon then drags Ha Na away again while Mi Ho and Sun Ho stop Hye Jung from chasing after them.  When they’re alone again, Joon gets mad at Ha Na for just meekly taking everything without complaining.  He yells at her to go and asks how long he has to seem to pathetic in front of her.  However, Joon quickly recovers and apologizes to Ha Na on behalf of himself and his mom before walking away.

As Tae Sung is walking around, he sees Ha Na walking around and goes to ask if she’s here to work.  He apologizes for not telling her about the event, but he was only trying to protect her.  Yeah, that worked out well.  She tells him that she saw them already and she’s leaving now.  Ha Na tells Tae Sung to continue on his way, but he hesitates and drags her off somewhere.  At the resort’s garden, Yoon Hee is looking for her daughter, but is told that Ha Na’s over at the actual resort.  When she tells In Ha, he brings up that he feels like Ha Na is awkward with him lately.  Yoon Hee insists that she’s not and they decide to go over to the resort to see her.  Really?  In what world is this a good idea?

The fashion show is apparently just about to start and we see Hye Jung and Mi Ho greeting guests.  Joon walks up to them and Hye Jung introduces him as well to one of the VIPs.  Mi Ho asks him what’s going on and Hye Jung says that Joon better have kicked her out or else she’s going to start shit again. Mi Ho then notices Tae Sung walking over with Ha Na in hand as his date.  Oh this is going to be fun.  Just minutes after Ha Na takes her seat next to Tae Sung, she’s spotted and greeted by Sun Ho.  Cho Soo and the stylist see her as well, but say nothing to Joon.  He eventually sees her anyway, continues doing his job.

During the fashion show, Hye Jung is not happy about Tae Sung fawning over Ha Na, who is just a few seats away.  Outside of the show, Yoon Hee is telling In Ha that she thinks something’s up with Ha Na, but won’t tell her what it is.  She says that Ha Na mentioned that she had a boyfriend, despite normally being very cautious and never going out with anyone before.  Ha Na seemed excited about it, but she doesn’t talk about it anymore.  If only you knew why…   Yoon Hee says that she feels bad that Ha Na’s going through something, but she only seems concerned about her mom’s happiness.  Right on cue, Hye Jung walks out with some of the guests and Yoon Hee is surprised to see her.  Hye Jung sees her as well and they just stare at each other from a distance.

Inside the fashion venue, Ha Na is watching Joon and is about to go to him, but stops when Mi Ho shows up and slips her arm under Joon’s and asks for a date.  Joon smiles at her and asks if that’s all she thinks about, but stops when he notices Ha Na looking at them.  Tae Sung then walks up to Ha Na and invites her to go somewhere, but Ha Na makes up an excuse and says she’s going to meet someone.  Fortunately, she happens to see Sun Ho standing by himself and runs over to pretend like they had plans to meet.  He acts confused at first, but allows Ha Na to drag him away.  Joon’s still in a bad mood over everything and when Mi Ho threatens to reveal everything again if he leaves her like this, he says he doesn’t care anymore and she’s free to do as she likes.

Joon goes outside to look for Ha Na and receives a call from his mom, asking him to come over so they can talk to his dad and Yoon Hee, who are sitting across the table from her.  Yoon Hee wants to leave the kids out of it, but Hye Jung says she has no right to tell her what to do, especially since she already met with Joon without her knowledge.  Hye Jung turns to In Ha and says that he might get what he wants, but it comes at the expense of hurting her and Joon.  In Ha apologizes and makes a ridiculous request to just keep that between the two of them.  Hye Jung thinks it’s a stupid idea too and says she’ll do whatever she wants as soon as Joon gets here.

Meanwhile, Ha Na is talking to Sun Ho about how hard it’s been for her.  Joon sees them and goes over, but hangs back when he hears what Ha Na is talking about.  She tells Sun Ho that even though she wanted her mom to be happy, she didn’t know that it was going to cause so much pain, especially for Hye Jung.  Because of this, she doesn’t know what’s right anymore and that her mom being happy isn’t enough anymore.  She’s afraid and sad and misses Joon a lot.  Ha Na even says that she regrets not choosing him over her mom and asks if time really will heal all wounds.

Just then, Joon walks up to them and grabs her arm.  He tells her that they should go to their parents and tell them everything.  They show up together to meet their parents and Joon says he has something to say, but Hye Jung interrupts and says she’s going first.  She then picks up her cup and throws her water in Yoon Hee’s face, saying that she won’t give them her blessing for the wedding.  Hye Jung wanted to show this to Joon to show him just exactly how she feels about their relationship. She then tells Joon to pick between her or his dad and storms off.

In Ha chases after her, but Hye Jung says she’s in no mood to fight with him.  In Ha tries to talk some sense into her, but Hye Jung says she knows already.  Even though they’ve been separated for a while, she still hoped that if he ever remarried it would be anyone but Yoon Hee.  In Ha says that he’s the one who hurt her all this time, to which Hye Jung agrees and says she’ll never let him have Joon.  Uh if you know, you’re taking it out on the wrong person.

Back inside the cafe, Ha Na sits next to her mom and Yoon Hee assures both her and Joon that she’s okay.  She then tells Ha Na that she wants to be alone for a while and so Ha Na walks out with Joon.  Once they’re outside, Ha Na leans on Joon’s back and hears him whisper apologies to her.  Ha Na says she’s sorry too and the two just enjoy each other’s warmth and presence.

We now go to Sun Ho’s cafe where Jeon Sul is playing music for the plants outside.  In Sung comes out to complain about the noise and unplugs his electric guitar.  At this point, Sun Ho and Mi Ho return, the latter saying that she’ll wait her until Joon comes back since he’s not picking up his phone.  Mi Ho then sees the roses that Ha Na planted by the front gate and says she’s going to rip them off, but is stopped by Jeon Sul.    He sees her crying and is suddenly all nice to her.  Meanwhile, Sun Ho is standing there wondering who the crazy person is who was touching his sister.  Jeon Sul mistakes him for Joon, but Sun Ho corrects him and actually seems to remember him.  He asks him what he’s doing there and Jeon Sul says he lives in that house in the back, which is news to Sun Ho.

The next day, Ha Na brings the wedding invitation to show to her Yoon Hee.  After she looks at it, Yoon Hee says she feels strange and asks Ha Na if they should just live together again with just the two of them.  She’s starting to have doubts about the marriage and thinks it’s not right to be hurting people’s feelings like this.  Ha Na tells her to just worry about herself and not about others.  Meanwhile, at C’est La Vie, Chang Mo and Dong Wok are singing and toasting to a despondent In Ha.  They ask him how he feels having completed this thirty year love story and In Ha says that he’s afraid he’s going to make the same mistake he made before and hurt everyone.  His friends tell him not to worry and they’ll take care of Hye Jung.

Later, we see Joon yelling at Cho Soo because apparently a model cancelled on them.  Cho Soo says that Joon’s the one who gave her a hard time last time, and when Joon turns and glares at him, Cho Soo apologizes to making Joon seem like an ass.  LOL.  Joon’s not even in the mood to argue and marches up the stairs as the stylist silently cheers for Cho Soo and gives him a thumbs up.  They see Sun Ho outside and he hands Joon the wedding invitation.  Sun Ho asks him if he’s going, but Joon says hell no. Afterwards, Joon goes upstairs and stares at the invitation.  We then cut to Ha Na who is doing the same thing while crying.

The next day, Joon comes outside and is surprised to see Ha Na watering the plants.  She says she was worried about the flowers and just stopped by on her way to school.  Ha Na says that she’s going to start coming around more often and will follow whatever her heart tells her to do.  She’ll see him when she wants to see him and she’ll talk to him when she wants to.  It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong, so why can’t they see each other when they miss each other?  Joon, however, brings her back to reality and says that if their parents get married then of course it’s going to be wrong.  Ha Na then asks him if he can just be family with her.  Wait, what?  What happened to following your heart?  Joon is also confused by her request and storms off angrily.

In Ha is busy painting in his studio when he has a surprise visit from Joon.  In ha starts by apologizing for everything that he’s done to him and Hye Jung, and Joon says that Yoon Hee told him that he was always bad about expressing his feelings.  Joon says that he knows how important Yoon Hee is to him and at first couldn’t understand how he could love her for so long.  But now, he understands.  Joon’s come here to ask him something important.  He has someone that he likes and In Ha says that he knows.  Joon looks as confused as I am and we have a flashback to In Ha seeing Ha Na leaning on Joon’s back after the fashion show.  The show ends after In Ha says that he knows that Joon is in love with Ha Na and Joon can only stare at him in confusion.

Final Thoughts

Well, I certainly didn’t see that ending coming.  I was about to write off this episode, but the ending salvaged it completely.  Didn’t think it’d be In Ha to find out about Joon and Ha Na instead of Yoon Hee, but that actually makes it more interesting.  Like I said, I’m sure Yoon Hee would be more than happy to step aside for her daughter, but now we get to see what In Ha would do without influence from her.  He’s already thinking about trying to avoid past mistakes and to not hurt everyone again, but suddenly a new player jumps in.  Will he put his own selfish desire ahead of his son, knowing full well that Joon could end up like him, or for once be there for his son?

That said, there were a few things I didn’t like about this episode.  The first of which was the lack of conviction on Ha Na’s part.  How can she in just a single scene go from saying that she’s going to follow her own heart, and just seconds later say that she wants to be just family with Joon?  I’m not entirely happy with Joon either.  He knows that she has regrets and he was content to make the decision for her about them breaking up, why not make the decision for her once more to fight for themselves rather than just do what their parents want?  Ha Na already admitted that maybe her mom’s happiness isn’t all she needs.  That’s called a green light to fight for what you both want.  Run with it.

The other things are all minor, but it’s pretty much the same stuff that I haven’t liked throughout the series: Hye Jung’s overreaction, the introduction of a useless character in Jeon Sul, etc etc.


7 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 14

  1. kumi May 10, 2012 at 10:42 am

    Thank you for the timely recaps, kpopencarta!

    Her are some of my thoughts so far:
    Whether the parents decide to break up for the sake of their kids’ love or the kids put the parents’ happiness ahead of theirs, none of these will put an end to Hye Jung’s rage. That’s why it’s now time to go open. I’m glad Joon has come to his Dad for personal advice. Even if In Ha can’t give any tangible solution for this situation, it is still good to know about each other’s feelings. Makes you one team, and therefore, stronger.

    Also, I noticed that almost in all Yoon Seok Ho’s dramas (take his seasonal dramas, for example) the destiny factor is very determinant. It is even more determinant than the heroes’ efforts in fighting for their love. I kind of like it, because that makes the dramas look closer to real life. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the heroes just have to wait and see how happiness will come to them on it’s own accord, without them stirring a finger for that. They have to do everything possible for their happiness. Then, if it’s still not coming, give the chance to their destiny to decide.

  2. Staying Up Late May 11, 2012 at 8:40 am

    Enjoyed reading your recap and will revisit to read the next ep 15! Seo Joon had indeed decided to fight for their (his and Ha Na) happiness after overhearing Ha Na’s having second thoughts about the parents’s impending wedding. He grabbed HaNa’s hands had intended to tell the seniors all about their being in love at the restaurant. Unfortunately Hye Jung’s unreasonable and uncivilized action against Yoon Hee stopped him from speaking at the inopportune time. Nevertheless, I think Seo Joon is surely moving forward with his plans to proceed with Hana. The only reason why he had held back earlier was because he thought Hana wished to support her mother at the expense of her own happiness.

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  4. Maria Melanie May 13, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    I really want the Episode 15…. I can’t wait… Please, Please, Please

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  6. Seniors December 28, 2012 at 2:38 am

    Very good article. I am facing some of these issues as well.


  7. Angie November 16, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    It’s time for Hye Jung to get a spanking since she wants to act like a petulant child.
    I’m sorry, everybody’s sorry she didn’t get everything she wanted out of life but that’s like grow up for crying out loud. She’s in her freaking 50s!

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