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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 13

Here we recap and discuss episode 13 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Both couples have now arrived and we see Joon dragging Ha Na off somewhere.  In Ha sees Joon and thinks he sees Ha Na, but convinces himself that it can’t be her.  Apparently, the only lodging there is a love motel and Joon walks into without hesitation.  Ha Na hesitates at first but glares and walks in.  When they get up to the room, Joon asks her if this is what she wanted all along and Ha Na angrily shoots back that it was and goes into the bathroom to change.  Joon shows more restraint than most guys probably would in this situation and goes outside to wait.

Meanwhile, Mi Ho is being told that Joon’s staying with Ha Na at the location.  She yells at Cho Soo, who immediately hangs up.  He makes as if he’s going to throw the phone out the window…but decides against it, saying that he still has three months left on the contract.  LOL.  Back at the cafe, Sun Ho tries to escape but Mi Ho stops him and says they should go stop Joon from staying overnight with Ha Na.  Unfortunately, Hye Jung shows up just then and overhears.  Sun Ho is doing his best to keep her identity hidden, but Mi Ho offers to show Hye Jung a picture.  He follows his sister as she goes to get the picture and convinces her not to show Hye Jung, while at the same time learning that she knows the secret as well.  Mi Ho goes back to Hye Jung and lies and says that she can’t find the pictures anymore.

Back at the love hotel, Ha Na is alone in the room when she hears knocking on the door.  She answers it and two men burst in looking for something.  Whatever it is they’re looking for isn’t there, but they notice that Ha Na is kind of hot.  Fortunately, Joon shows up just in time and chases them off.  He yells at her for opening the door to strangers and then goes to sit on the bed.  He then decides that he’ll sit on the couch and offers Ha Na the bed, which she refuses and remains on the couch.

As they’re sitting there, their hands naturally fall next to each other and Joon eventually decides to hold hers.  Ha Na asks him once again why they broke up, and Joon says that if she really needs a reason it’s because he has an incurable disease. LOOL, this drama.  If that’s the case, Ha Na says that they really shouldn’t break up and asks if he really does have something.  Joon scoffs at her naivety and then falls asleep while holding her hand.

The next morning, we see In Ha and Yoon Hee walking along the beach.  Yoon Hee notices that In Ha seems preoccupied and asks him what’s the matter.  He tells her to turn around says it’s nice to see them together since it’s means they’re no longer lonely.  In Ha then proposes to her out of the blue.  Er…what?  Yoon Hee is as surprised as I am and just stays quiet.  We now cut to Joon and Ha Na walking along the same beach.  Apparently In Ha took Joon here often when he was younger and he tells Ha Na that he never really got to see his father after the divorce because Hye Jung wouldn’t let him.  Man, they’re just making it so easy for us to not like Hye Jung.  But even though Joon knows it wasn’t In Ha’s fault, he still can’t help but blame him.  He felt like he was never anyone’s first priority, which is why he was so drawn to Ha Na since she said he was her first in everything.  Ha Na tells him that he still can be, but Joon says it’s impossible.

He then tells her that he has something to tell her, but Ha Na glances behind him and see her mom with In Ha.  Joon immediately stops her from walking towards them and drags her away again.  At first Ha Na is confused as to why Joon would drag her away but she slowly figures it out.  Joon confirms her suspicions and suddenly Ha Na realizes the reason why they broke up.  As the two of them take the bus back home, both are deep in thought.

We now go to the resort where Tae Sung is apparently unaware of what Hye Jung has done and is going to visit Yoon Hee, only to find the empty house.  Yoon Hee’s friend happens to show up and tells him all about what happened.  He goes back to the office and his assistant briefs him on the details.  Tae Sung remembers seeing Hye Jung and Yoon Hee walking and turns to his assistant to ask him to look into the matter of why someone would ask for Yoon Hee’s resignation.

Joon and Ha Na have now arrived back in the city.  Yoon Hee walks ahead, but turns around when Joon calls out her, saying that she likes how he says her name.  We then see them eating and drinking together in snack bar.  Ha Na tells him that she knew that he had a reason for them to break up, but never imagined it would be this.  She then changes the subject and asks if she was pretty during the photo-shoot.  Joon says that she sucked at first, but eventually admits that she did look good.  Ha Na then asks if he went out with his ex on purpose.  Joon says it’s not like that, but spraying water on them was a tad too much.  As they continue talking, Ha Na asks if he hates her for being her mom’s daughter, but Joon says that to him, Ha Na is just herself.  Hah.

Eventually, Ha Na has too much to drink and passes out on the table.  Joon, fortunately, is still sober and carries her on his back.  As they’re walking, Joon tells a still unconscious Ha Na that even though she’s wishing for her mom’s happiness, he can’t with the same for his dad.  Ha Na then opens her eyes just in time to hear him ask her if she can not hate him for wishing that.  They eventually get back to the cafe and Joon hears Ha Na crying to herself in her room.  He says that they should just be together anyway, their parents be damned.  When Ha Na stays silent, Joon thinks to himself that it won’t work after all and starts tearing up a bit himself.

The next day, Joon is in the middle of a shoot when he gets a call from Tae Sung, who has found out about Hye Jung’s intervention.  She tells him that Yoon Hee was fired from the resort by his mom and asks why she’d do that.  When Tae Sung suggests that it might have to do with Ha Na, Joon tells him to butt out since it’s none of his business.  However, Tae Sung says he can’t do that and that he can call Yoon Hee back whenever he wants, but it’ll cause problems with Hye Jung.  Joon tells him that he can handle his mom, but Tae Sung isn’t so sure and says that he should just let Ha Na go.  Joon doesn’t take kindly to his tone and says that if they ever break up it’ll be on their terms not his.

After his meeting with Tae Sung, Joon goes to pay dear old mom a visit and burst into a meeting she’s having.  Hye Jung immediately tells her staff to take a break and asks Joon what he’s doing here as soon as they’re alone.  Joon tells her to cancel Yoon Hee’s resignation, which surprises Hye Jung since she figured he’d have no reason to find out about that.  He tells her that it’s not important and asks why she would do such a thing.  Hye Jung says she did it because she hates her and wants revenge for what she’d done to her for her whole life.  Got news for you, woman, Yoon Hee hasn’t really done shit to you.  Joon tells her that he doesn’t like it when she does stuff like this and asks once again for her to reverse what she’s done.

Somewhat surprisingly, Hye Jung immediately gives the resort a call and does as her son says.  As Joon starts to walk out, Hye Jung asks him to come home and about the girl that he’s supposedly been staying with at the cafe.  Joon tells her not to bother with Ha Na and walks out on his mom, despite her asking him he can just do something small like be there for her in the home.  Right as he walks out, he runs into his dad and asks him if he’s here about Yoon Hee.  In Ha, is also surprised that Joon knows about this, and Joon tells In Ha not to go in and provoke her since he already settled things.  He also says that he could at least try to comfort Hye Jung, even if he doesn’t love her.

Back at the cafe, Sun Ho and Ha Na are relaxing outside when he notices that her eyes are swollen from crying all night.  She tells him that it’s nothing, but Sun Ho reminds her that she promised to talk to him whenever she had problems.  He says he’s just like a listening wall and closes his eyes.  Ha Na hesitates at first but then asks him if it’s okay to get something that she really wants even if it hurts the people around her.  Sun Ho opens his eyes and realizes that Ha Na has figured out the secret as well.  When Ha Na starts crying, Sun Ho says she shouldn’t do that because it hurts him as well.  They are then interrupted by someone calling Ha Na on her cell.

The mystery person is apparently Tae Sung who tells her what happened with her mom.  He also confirms that Joon’s not trying to cause her trouble like he thought.  Ha Na asks if Joon knows about this, and Tae Sung admits that Joon already took care of it.  This makes her sad, because Ha Na says she’s always a burden to him.  She then turns to Tae Sung and asks him not to tell her mom about Joon.  Not exactly what he wants to hear at this point, but Tae Sung says that he wanted to talk to Ha Na first to get her help in getting her mom to come back to the resort.

When they get there, Yoon Hee is surprised to see her daughter with Tae Sung.  Ha Na immediately runs over and gives her mom a hug.  They go somewhere to talk and Tae Sung reveals his position of CEO.  Yoon Hee says that she doesn’t want to put him in a bad spot, but he says that it was their fault to begin with.  He knows that there was a lot she still wanted to do in the garden and asks Yoon Hee to come back.   She looks at her daughter as if to ask what to do, and Ha Na just nods in approval at her.

Later, we see Ha Na saying to her mom that she should have told her about this situation.  Yoon Hee says that she planned to tell her later with In Ha.  At the mention of Joon’s dad, Ha Na goes quiet, which Yoon Hee notices and asks if everything’s okay.  She then asks when Ha Na is going to show her the boy that she likes.  Not soon I’m sure, or at least not intentionally anyway.  Before Yoon Hee can pry some more, though, In Ha appears out of nowhere.  Ha Na watches the two of them chat with a sad smile before walking up to greet In Ha.

The three of them now go somewhere to talk, and Ha Na is forced to listen to the two of them talk.  In Ha notices Ha Na staring at him and asks her what’s wrong.  Ha Na says it’s nothing and changes the subject by asking him how was the beach.  I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to know about that yet.  Sure enough, Yoon Hee asks how she knew about their trip and Ha Na covers herself by saying that her mom always said that she wanted to go to the beach with him.  In Ha chuckles and says he did “something” really poorly and surprised her mom.  Yeah…that was a pretty fail proposal.  Ha Na asks him what he did and In ha proudly says he proposed.  This takes Ha Na completely by surprise and she can’t hide her true feelings about this.  Both In Ha and Yoon Hee notice her face darken, and he asks her if it’s because he did it too soon.  Ha Na says it’s not like that, but Yoon Hee doesn’t believe her and asks what’s wrong.  After putting on her best smile, Ha Na says she just has a lot on her mind and congratulates the both of them.

As Ha Na takes the bus back into the city, she thinks back to her conversation with her mom and In Ha.  When she gets back to the cafe, she sees Joon waiting for her outside.  He stands up as soon as he sees her and the two just look at each other.  Ha Na finally breaks the silence and tells Joon that the reason why she probably liked her mom’s first love was because she doesn’t remember her dad since he passed away when she was very young.  It hurt her to see her mom all alone, especially when she had to draw family photos and the other kids were able to draw both parents whereas she could only draw her mom.  Joon interrupts her and walks over to give her a hug.  He tells her to stop thinking about it and that everything’s okay now.  He won’t force her to make a decision and instead makes it for her by saying they should break up.  Even if they see each other again, they should pretend to be strangers.  Er…what happened to they should be together, parents be damned?

We then see Ha Na taking care of the garden and a voice over of her goodbye note to Sun Ho.  She also left them all potted plants as gifts.  Joon walks in on them and Sun Ho tells him that Ha Na left already. He goes into his room and sees the plant that Ha Na left for him: an anemone, which symbolizes unfading love and anticipation.  We then hear her voiceover saying that she’ll always wish for his happiness.

Now that she’s back in her home, Yoon Hee is reading sappy poetry to In Ha over the phone and is caught by a smiling Ha Na.  She gets embarrassed that her daughter heard this and immediately retreats back into her room.  When Yoon Hee comes out, Ha Na mentions that they also played music for each other last night and jokes that it’s a tad much to do this in front of her just as she’s moved back.  But she’s happy if her mom’s happy so it’s okay.  Yoon Hee says that In Ha is coming over so they should have dinner together, but Ha Na lies and says she has a seminar…just like she’s had every other time he’s come over.  Yoon Hee notices something is up, but Ha Na says she’s not doing this on purpose and says she has to leave now because they asked her to take care of some plants at the pool.

When she gets there, Tae Sung is “coincidentally” there swimming and gets out of the pool to greet her. He’s also prepared her an impressive breakfast spread, saying that he’s noticed that she hasn’t been eating much lately.  Tae Sung offers to take her to school as well, which Ha Na is about to refuse, but he interrupts her and says he’ll leave her alone once she gets over moping about Joon.

Speaking of Joon, he’s rudely awakened by Mi Ho storming into his room and opening the blinds.  She scolds him because apparently all he’s been doing the last few days are drinking and cancelling his appointments.  Joon tells her to be quiet because he has a headache and stumbles out of bed.  As Mi Ho rushes to his side, Joon realizes that he’s acting just like his mom.

Mi Ho eventually gets him dressed and into her car.  She eventually can’t take seeing him like this and pulls over to say that if he keeps this up, she’s going to reveal Ha Na’s identity to his mom.  This gets Joon’s attention and he asks how she found out.  Mi Ho says that she won’t actually tell and is just worried about him.  Joon then storms out of her car and is followed by Mi Ho.  She tells him that he just wants him to go back to the person he was and that she wants him to look at her as well, and not just as his friend’s sister.  To prove that she’s serious, Mi Ho gives him a hug.

Meanwhile, Sun Ho is calling Ha Na for tips on watering all the plants she setup.  She asks him how they’re all doing, and Sun Ho says they’re all okay except for Joon.  Ha Na says that she’s not doing all that well herself, but she should be okay soon.  She also mentions that tonight could be an important night for her mom so she’ll come visit the cafe later.

We cut to Yoon Hee inside one of the buildings in the garden and hear a loud knock.  She goes to see who’s there, but all she finds is a book with a painting inside it and a note from In Ha.  Yoon Hee goes in search of him and hears a guitar playing somewhere.  She follows the sound and finds not only In Ha, but he’s managed to drag Chang Mo and Dong Wook here as well to play the song that In Ha composed all those years ago.  He then presents her with a bouquet of baby’s breathe and gives her a ring, just like Ha Na told him to when they talked earlier.  This time, Yoon Hee just nods yes as Chang Mo and Dong Wook cheer behind them.  Oh this is so not going to end well for anyone.

As Chang Mo and Dong Wook drive back, happily chat about how pretty Yoon Hee was and they wish that they’ll be happy together.  Chang Mo points out that Dong Wook must feel a tad awkward given his former relationship with Yoon Hee, but Dong Wook shoots back that he shouldn’t say anything since he’s still a bachelor.  They then joke with each other which one of them should be lonelier.  Back at the garden, In Ha is saying how Yoon Hee still liked him despite him showing off his bad side to her.  Because of that, he could never forget her and thanks for accepting him.  Yoon Hee then thanks him for never forgetting about her, and because of him all the memories that she thought she lost came back to her.  He then says that she should meet his son and that it might be awkward at first.  Yoon Hee says it’s okay and that she’ll care for him as much as she can.  Speaking of their children, Ha Na comes back and sees them talking to each other, a bittersweet smile on her face.


Meanwhile, Joon is slowly picking at his dinner when Hye Jung walks in.  She tells him Dong Wook told her that his dad is getting married.  She gets mad at him for telling her to leave them alone, but Joon reiterates that it’ll make him mad if she doesn’t.  He suddenly loses his own appetite and storms upstairs to his room.

We now cut to Jeon Sul running from his dad, who here to drag him back home.  He eventually finds himself in Sun Ho’s cafe and asks In Sung and Cho Soo where he can find Joon.  When Cho Soo tells him that Joon’s not here, he then asks for Sun Ho and is told by In Sung that he’s out as well.  Jeon Sul then bumps into Mi Ho and they start arguing.  He then leans in close and recognizes Mi Ho.  She doesn’t recognize him though, and hits him with her purse when he tries to hug her.

Yoon Hee comes into her daughter’s room to ask her opinion on some clothes.  Ha Na objects to her mom’s choice, saying that it would make Ha Na look old wearing it.  Yoon Hee then suggests that they should go shop for new clothes, but Ha Na says that they’re going shopping for Yoon Hee.  She asks her mom is she’s really just going to wear a simple one-piece dress instead of a full on wedding gown, and Yoon Hee says that the wedding dress would be too much.  Ha Na says they should go since she always wanted to try one on herself, but Yoon Hee says no.

Meanwhile, In Ha calls Joon and tells him that he has something to tell him.  Joon says that he has something to say as well and they agree to meet.  We then cut to Yoon Hee leading Ha Na into a surprise meeting with In Ha at a fancy restaurant.  Yoon Hee asks why he called them out so suddenly, and In Ha says that he wanted them to meet someone.  Right on cue, Joon shows up and is surprised to see Ha Na, who is trying but failing to hide her sadness.  Their parents tell them to greet each other and Joon introduces himself as if he were a stranger, just like he said they should.

Final Thoughts

Man, this has to be the worst kept secret of all time.  Now that Ha Na’s found out, is there anyone who doesn’t know at this point?

Hye Jung is really looking worse and worse with each episode.  Chang Mo and Dong Wook have clearly buried the hatchet; she’s the only one who hasn’t moved on.  We also find out that she’s the one who kept In Ha from seeing Joon when they split up so you can’t really say In Ha didn’t try.  In his own way, he probably did, but it really seems like Hye Jung forced him into this marriage.

By itself, this episode was pretty uneventful but what it does do is set up the drama that is to come.  Yes, In Ha proposed and Ha Na found out the secret, but I think the true heart of this episode is the setup between Joon and Ha Na.  She found out that he does still care about her, but he’s forced to make the decision that he knows she can’t make.  Ha Na is especially bad at hiding her feelings, and Yoon Hee is bound to drag it out of her daughter sooner or later.  As soon as their parents find out about them, you know they’re going to be put in a precarious position.  On the one hand, they want their own happiness.  On the other hand, by obtaining their momentary happiness, they pretty much doom their kids to the same fate as they had.  Yoon Hee I think has the capacity to gracefully step aside for her daughter, but In Ha is the wild card.  Because of certain outside influences, *cough* Hye Jung *cough*, he gave up his search for Yoon Hee.  To make up for that, I wouldn’t put it past him to try to be a bit selfish and put his own happiness above that of his son’s.  Of course, he might also give up because he knows that Yoon Hee wouldn’t be happy if her own happiness comes at the expense of Ha Na’s.

I’m still trying to figure out what role Tae Sung and Jeon Sul will play.  Thus far, they’re not bringing a whole lot to the storyline.  Tae Sung I guess is the closest thing to a potential rival for Joon so I guess he’s somewhat needed.  Jeon Sul though…your guess is as good as mine.


15 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 13

  1. kumi May 9, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Jeon Suk might be here for the charming Mi Ho 🙂
    But I’m pretty sure he’s not a competitor to Joon.

  2. Victoria May 9, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    The way they looked at each other and pretended that they don’t each other just broke my heart. the writer has created an impossible win-win situation, s/he created between the devil or deep sea thing. Because if Joon and Hana decide to get together, they will harm the parents ( 3 of them); and if Inha and Yoonhee decide to get together, they will harm their children. It is impossible to have a happy ending in this drama, a party must suffer a loss; which could be Joon’s mom either by suicide or an accident, or it could be Hana’s mom since we know the she is sick.
    My head hurts since i’ve been thinking a lot about the possible end the writer will choose the rap up with, i hate so much to be surprised.

  3. vee_LoRa May 9, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    haiii..let me in 🙂
    i’m exactly curios about sun ho role…
    i wondering, being a specialist consultant to ha na… their have so many matches each other… like hoby, the place in future they want to live…bla…blaa…just wondering… by the way…sorry for my english 😦

  4. anonymous May 12, 2012 at 7:59 am

    i have a question? why did they have to break up if their parents are lovers? yeah they might be half siblings but they’re really not related by blood. is it not allowed in their culture?

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  6. Gellie Fandiño 大橋 湖 (@gelliemycin) May 14, 2012 at 3:09 am

    What was the song that was playing when they were both sitting in the red couch back in the hotel room and Jang Geun Suk was trying to hold Yoona’s hand little by little?

  7. Anna May 14, 2012 at 6:55 am

    I wanna Indonesia subt…
    Jebal chingu….

  8. bunnysaine June 2, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Thanks for the recap .. I got more excited for the last parts .. I just stopped on part 3 and I’ll surely continue it later.

    Actually I was just looking for the moment that hye jung told yoona and jeon to live together, ’cause I thought that maybe I missed that, but yah , its in episode 20 part 4/5?

    Loving Love Rain to death !

    And pretty-awesome to know that there are people who endurely make a recap like this . 🙂 we have the same thoughts and feelings about “love rain” .. Anyway , I just love it no matter what !!

  9. jazz June 17, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    this episode broke my heart, still crying, love yoona acting, that bittersweet smile she had on….gah it killed me knowing she taking this harder than joon

  10. uwie August 2, 2012 at 5:18 am

    i LOVE Jang Geun suk….:D

  11. Allyson August 24, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Goodness, gracious! That proposal made me cry so much! It was so beautiful for Chang Mol and Dong Wook to show up! I could have handled it just him proposing, but somehow the symmetry of them proposing with him was just incredible!!!

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