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[Drama Recap] The King 2 Hearts Episode 13

Here we recap and discuss episodes 13 of The King 2 Hearts.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Bong Gu has finally figured out the password to Jae Ha’s puzzle box.  He opens the lid and inside is…a USB drive?  He scoffs at Jae Ha getting revenge on him with his own video message and at first walks away, but his curiosity gets the best of him and he plugs it into the TV to watch.  It starts playing, and we see Jae Ha calmly sitting on the couch in his office.  He gives Bong Gu one last chance to turn off the video and counts down to 10.  Bong Gu scoffs once again and asks if Jae Ha’s going to make him watch porn and fast forwards the video.  LOL, with Jae Ha I almost wouldn’t doubt it…

After Jae Ha’s countdown ends, we see a video of Jae Ha talking to the woman in the bar, Bong Gu’s current love interest.  He’s placed hidden cameras around the bar to capture their conversation.  Jae Ha asks her if she has a boyfriend and the woman says that she’s just playing with him for fun and that he’s childish and no fun.  He’s fickle, has an inferiority complex, and even calls himself king.  Through all this, Jae Ha secretly sneaks glances towards the camera to grin at Bong Gu.  Oh Jae Ha, you just signed this girl’s death warrant.  She says that she’s with him for the money, but it can’t get rid of her disgust.

At this point, the woman walks in on Bong Gu and he pulls out a gun from under his couch and shoots her on the spot.  He turns back to the TV and hears the woman invite Jae Ha out for more fun, prompting him to walk over and shoot her twice more.  Jae Ha’s voice comes on now and says he hope he hasn’t killed her.  Um, yeah little late for that…  Jae Ha says that people are like that and betray each other.  He says that he once shot Hang Ah as well, but fortunately it was a blank and he was eventually able to forgive her.  It’s because of the people who have faith in him that he isn’t alone.  The most important thing in life is people, and the people who love him through thick and thin are his weapons against him.  No matter what Bong Gu does to him, Jae Ha will get stronger so he can protect the people that believe in him.  Bong Gu has had enough of this and uses a bullet as a remote to turn off the TV.  He is then told by his minion that Jae Ha is preparing to make an announcement.

As pictures of Jae Kang play in the background, Jae Ha says that his brother had two dreams: participating in the WOC and marrying Hang Ah.  To this end, he will personally compete in the WOC with the same team members he trained with.  Dong Ha is surprised that they’re still going to go, but Shi Kyung just smiles as if he knew all along.  Jae Ha then puts his engagement to Hang Ah on the line and says he’ll cancel it if they can’t make it out of the first round.  He wants to use the WOC to show how strong North and South Korea can be if they join hands.  Jae Ha introduces Hang Ah as the Northern team leader and his future fiancé, and Bong Gu, who was watching all this, immediately calls a meeting of all the heads of Club M.  What are they, the Hellfire Club?

Afterwards, the Prime Minister is doing his best to convince Jae Ha not to participate.  Jae Ha cites many other world leaders who have gone to war, albeit none of them were particularly recent except for Kennedy.  Jae Ha insists that he’s doing there for diplomatic reasons and just want to show to the world the Korea is able to handle their own matters and everyone else should just butt out.  They’re not even using real guns.  Secretary Eun then asks what’s going to happen if they get eliminated in the first round and the Prime Minister jumps in and says they’ll be a laughingstock if they do.  Jae Ha flips open a report to show why he thinks it won’t happen, but then turns to the Prime Minister and says he probably won’t understand since he was exempted from his mandatory military service.  LOL.  When Jae Ha brings up his excuse of high blood pressure, the Prime Minister quickly excuses himself and says he’ll just look after the country while Jae Ha is gone.  However, Jae Ha has one more ace up his sleeve: he’s making Jae Shin regent while he’s gone.

Not sure how great an idea this is as Jae Shin seems to be playing her version of GTA with her wheelchair and trying to hit staff members for bonus points.  She nearly does hit someone and instead of apologizing, claims she’s unfamiliar with the controls still and asks if the staff is actually going to ask a disabled person for an apology.  All hail, Regent Jae Shin?  She then stops at the top of some stairs and wistfully looks downward.  Jae Shin clenches his fist and starts to move forward, but her parrot friend squawks at her and stops her.

Later, Hang Ah is with Jae Shin and her mom to try to convince Jae Shin to take the regency for the month that they’re at the WOC.  Jae Shin absolutely refuses, and Mom suggests that she can do it instead.  Hang Ah says they need to follow the rules of succession in this regard or else it’ll look bad to the citizens and the rest of the world.  When Jae Shin asks why they have to go to the WOC and can’t just get married quietly, Hang Ah shouts back that she’s not going this for herself.  She knows that with Mom around, she’ll never be able to convince Jae Shin and asks if she can talk with Jae Shin alone.  However, Jae Shin says not to leave since Hang Ah has a tempter and attacked her last time.  Both Mom and Hang Ah seem mortified at the accusation, and Hang Ah defends herself by saying she just gave her a bath.  Mom says then can talk about this later, but Hang Ah quietly insists that it was just a bath.

Later, when Jae Shin is on her way to the hospital, she finds Hang Ah waiting for her outside by her car.  She notices that Jae Shin is wearing heels, and puts on sneakers for her, saying that they’ll be more comfortable, even if Jae Shin can’t feel them.  Hang Ah says that Shi Kyung told her about the incident last time and gives Jae Shin a comforting smile while saying she’ll be in charge of her security this time.  Jae Shin knows she’s not doing this just out of the kindness of her heart and that Hang Ah will take this time to try to convince her to take the regency.

Looks like they’re attacking this issue on two fronts as we see Jae Ha trying to convince his mom that Jae Shin should do this as well.  Mom continues to insist that she can’t and that she knows better than anyone what Jae Shin’s going through.  She hears Jae Shin banging her head on the wall at night and has nightmares of being chased.  How can she run a country when she can’t even take care of herself?  Jae Ha then tells his mom that he’s sure that Hang Ah will be able to convince her, and mom realizes that they’re not going to the hospital anymore.  We then cut to the car where we see Hang Ah asking one of the staff if Jae Shin always takes a sedative like she is now.  Hang Ah sighs at what Jae Shin has become and gently lays Jae Shin’s head on her shoulder to sleep on while patting her head like an older sister would for their younger sister.

Back at the garden, Jae Ha is telling mom that people believe Jae Shin’s gone insane and that’s why she doesn’t show herself in public anymore.  They say she’s locked herself in the basement, rips her clothes, and poops all over the place.  Mom breaks down and asks how Jae Ha can say such things about his sister.  She laments the fact that Jae Shin used to be so smart, so bold, and such a good singer.  Jae Ha replies that this is all the more reason to catch the guys who did this to her.  How can they let the guys who did this to Jae Kang and Jae Shin go free?

We now cut to Bong Gu meeting with the Club M leadership and says that he’ll now be an advocate of peace.  His first step towards this will be attending the North-South Korean peace conference at Jeju Island.  No longer will he hide under a veil of secrecy and that he’ll follow Jae Ha’s lead and work for peace in his homeland.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bong Gu scene if he didn’t pull some cheesy magic trick and releases some white doves from the box that Jae Ha gave him.  His speech about peace might’ve been more believable had “Ride of the Valkyries” not been playing in the background.

Hang Ah has also decided to play this music as well to trigger Jae Shin’s memory and she takes her back to the villa where Jae Kang was killed.  Jae Shin trembles and flashes of her memory come back to her, but nothing concrete.  Hang Ah then starts to tell Jae Shin all about Bong Gu.  Back at the palace, Jae Ha is also telling Mom about him.  He says that Bong Gu told him to his face that he killed Jae Kang because of the WOC and the marriage.  Jae Kang was a king, and Jae Shin was a princess, and yet he had the power and fearlessness to go after both of them.  If they’re going to face him, Mom and Jae Shin both have to get stronger.  However, Mom tells Jae Ha to just avoid him.  She just lost Jae Kang, and she can’t bear to lose Jae Ha as well.  She’ll forgive Bong Gu and that they should just forget about this if it means that she won’t have to bury both her sons.  I don’t know how you can watch this scene and not shed at least a tear.

Back at the villa, Hang Ah is telling Jae Shin that Bong Gu will stop at nothing to tear the royal family apart.  If they want to go against him, they need to make it seem like nothing is wrong.  The best weapon against him is Jae Shin’s memory and testimony.  Hang Ah then gets down on her knees and begs Jae Shin to remember.

Later that night, Jae Ha and Hang Ah regroup and think about how to proceed next.  Hang Ah comments that Jae Shin has changed so much from the confident and bold person she first met.  A thought then occurs to her and she asks the question that should been asked a long freaking time ago: how did Bong Gu know about Jae Kang’s location.  She asks him who knew about it location and Jae Ha rattles off his family, Secretary Eun, Shi Kyung, the security team, and a few guards.  Hang Ah then questions if Secretary Eun can be trusted.  FINALLY.  I love this girl even more now.  Jae Ha scoffs at the idea and says that he’s been with the royal family for 30 years.  She tells him though that Secretary Eun lied to her about Jae Ha wanting her to testify.  He also admitted to her later that she lied.  As she says this, Jae Ha thinks back to Secretary Eun telling him that Hang Ah said she wanted to testify.  Please, Jae Ha, put that blind faith aside and put the pieces together and get rid of the senile old coot.

The next day, Secretary Eun is in Jae Ha’s office telling him that the world powers are questioning the safety of the WOC competition with their team joining, but the UN is okay with it.  Jae Ha interrupts him and asks him straight up if Secretary Eun would lie to him, which Secretary Eun does right there and says no.  Jae then then goes to his desk and uses the fact that the maid forgot to clean his mouse again as a segue into saying that people’s memories tend to fade as they get older.  He then puts on his trademark smiling while threatening face and asks if Secretary Eun really did forget to check the fireplace in the security sweep of Jae Kang’s villa.  When Secretary Eun says that he did, Jae Ha changes the subject and he’s glad that the UN is accepting them and that he’ll continue to talk to Jae Shin.  As Secretary Eun walks out, Jae Ha looks at him with raised suspicions.

We now cut to Jae Shin in her room thinking about Hang Ah telling her to take over a month.  She then thinks about Jae Kang and the assassin that came after her in her van.  Meanwhile, in the guard room, the other guards are calling Kang Seok the terminator, but Dong Ha spills the beans and says he’s just a sasaeng fan who likes Tiffany from SNSD.  LOL, don’t think he’d appreciate that guy.  The other guards point out that SNSD are like goddesses to the military and raises their fighting power by 200%.  Well, he’s not wrong in that regard…  Dong Ha continues to try to bring Kang Seok down a couple notches, but Shi Kyung joins in and says that Dong Ha ran away from Kang Seok during their snowball fight.  The other guards laugh at him, and Dong Ha says he was just showing respect to the elderly.  LOL, Dong Ha really needs to be in more scenes.

As they’re joking around, Jae Shin cruises in with even bothering to announce her entrance.  Everyone stands up and stare at her, prompting Jae Shin to glare at them and ask if they expect her to sing and dance.  That’s all the motivation they need and click their heels and give her a salute before scrambling out as quickly as they can.  Except for Shi Kyung, of course.  Jae Shin tells him that that she’ll do the regency on one condition: he stays with her.  Shi Kyung tries to say that he has to go since he was part of the team, but Jae Shin says that someone else can go in his place.  Despite all the rumors floating around, she’s still a princess so why should she have to beg a mere soldier.  Shi Kyung might be so full of himself that she can’t stand him, but she has nobody else she can turn to after Jae Ha and Hang Ah leaves for the WOC.  She knows she seems desperate, but she still wants him to be the one to help her through it all.  Shi Kyung is touched by this and says that he’ll talk to Jae Ha about it.  Jae Shin then looks at him and says that she’s not avoiding it or purposely forgetting.  Shi Kyung tells her that he knows she’s trying her best and apologizes for telling her otherwise before.

Later that night, Jae Ha can’t believe it when Shi Kyung tells him that Jae Shin requested that he stay with her.  He looks at a stone-faced Shi Kyung and asks him what his secret is to get both Hang Ah and Jae Shin to fall for him.  Shi Kyung replies seriously that he never seduced her, and Jae Ha launches into a joking speech about how he wants a brother-in-law that he can joke around and play golf with.  Because he’s Shi Kyung, he thinks Jae Ha is being serious and blurts out not to worry since Jae Shin isn’t his type.  LOL, I know you’re trying to clarify, but that’s not something you want to say to your boss.  Jae Ha is offended that Shi Kyung took his joke so seriously and even more so at what he said about his sister.  Shi Kyung then interrupts Jae Ha again and starts to walk out on him, but Jae Ha stops him and calls him back.  He orders him to conduct a secret investigation on all the people who knew about Jae Kang’s location, but it turns awkward at the mention of Shi Kyung’s dad.  Poor guy is gonna be crushed when he finds out his dad’s a two-faced sob.

We now see Secretary Eun briefly Jae Shin on all the public appearances she’s going to have to do in Jae Ha’s absence.  She pushes all the schedules onto her mom, which Secretary Eun objects to, saying they’re already condensed the schedule for her.  Jae Shin tries to get out of the peace conference as well, but Secretary Eun puts his foot down and says she has to attend this one since they’re hosting it.  They’re going to be discussing turning the current armistice with North Korea into a true peace treaty so it’s kind of important that she attend.

Afterwards in his office, one of Secretary Eun’s assistants brings in the guest list for the peace conference.  He’s scanning it and one name leaps out at him: Club M’s CEO John Mayer.  Hi assistant tells him that this will increase the prestige of the event and all the foreign reports are interested in seeing him.  Secretary Eun then dismisses his assistant and quickly gives a call to Club M.  What’s more wrong with this picture: Secretary Eun having them on his speed dial or the fact that he actually saved them down as Club M in his contact list?  However, he’s forced to hang up before the call connects as Shi Kyung walks in and asks him about some discrepancies he found in the reports on Jae Kang’s death.  Secretary Eun demands to know why he’s investigating this again, and Shin Kyung tells him that he was ordered to by Jae Ha because he thinks someone leaked the info.  The senile bastard immediately gets worried, even more so when Shi Kyung tells him that the suspects are everyone except the royal family.  He then thinks back to Jae Ha asking him if he’d ever lie to him and barely hears Shi Kyung trying to comfort him and say that Jae Ha really trusts him so he has nothing to worry about.  If only you knew….

Their conversation is cut short, however, when he gets a call from Jae Ha, who wants to show off his WOC uniform, complete with the leader band that I’m sure he had made as soon as Shi Kyung stepped down.  Jae Ha is joking around about it being weird for him to salute someone, but grows serious when Secretary Eun tells him that Bong Gu will be attending the conference and the banquet.  Even though Jae Shin is attending both, Jae Ha says that Bong Gu won’t do anything to her at such a public event.  He then turns to Secretary Eun and says that he trust him to keep Jae Shin safe.  Given his current track record for this particular family…seems like a bad choice.

Later that night, Jae Ha has set up a romantic outdoor meal and is busy grilling meat when Hang Ah is escorted there by some of her personal maids.  She asks him why he’s not training since the competition is tomorrow, but Jae Ha says they should work on their teamwork first.  Hah, okay “teamwork”.  Hang Ah is easily convinced and they toast to the WOC.  Since it’s wine, Jae Ha sips it and is amazed as Hang Ah downs the entire glass.  Jae Ha then starts comparing her to his first love, which I don’t know if the best idea given her whole Special Forces background and all.  Hang Ah isn’t so fond of this idea either and pulls up her sleeves before asking if he wants to get spanked before they start to work on their teamwork.  I guess if Jae Ha’s into the sort of thing…

Jae Ha insists that she was really pretty, causing Hang Ah to pout.  He smiles at her and brings his chair over to her side of the table, but she chooses not to look at him.  Jae Ha tells her how he was sent in secret to a normal school and that the girl he felt for at first wouldn’t give him the time of day.  However, once everyone found out his identity, she completely changed and acted like she was really close with him.  It repulsed him and that was when Jae Ha realized that all people would ever care about was his title and not him.  So he just gave into it and enjoyed the perks.  Even if someone actually cared came along, he would only put up a wall to keep them out.  However, living like that made him really lonely.  Hang Ah puts her hand on his and looks at him, her feelings for him written all over her face.  He holds her hand to his cheek and stares back into her eyes and thanks her for being here.  After promising each other that they’d win the competition, Jae Ha leans in a kisses her.  Aww.

The next day, Jae Ha and the South Korean team arrived at the WOC with all the pomp and circumstance that’s to be expected when a world leader decides to participate in a war game competition.  They eventually meet up with Young Bae and Kang Seok, who at first act coldly towards Jae Ha.  He’s exasperated with them and says that there’s no need to be formal about it and then both smile broadly at him.  While Young Bae attacks Jae Ha by tickling him, Kang Seok smiles proudly and shakes Hang Ah’s hand.  He then turns to Dong Ha and says that he’s gained weight since their training period, but Dong Ha just grins at him and shoots back that Kang Seok’s gotten old since then.  Hang Ah then jokes that Jae Ha’s stomach has gotten bigger as well and Kang Seok and Dong Ha both assist Young Bae in making Jae Ha do some situps.  Through all this, the new member that Shi Kyung found to replace them just stare at them like they’re all insane.

Meanwhile, Bong Gu’s minion informs him that Secretary Eun has been trying to contact him.  Bong Gu tells him that he’s figured out that they’re going to target Jae Shin, but to just ignore him.  We now cut to the place, where Jae Shin is formally accepting her regency.  On the day of the banquet, Bong Gu is looking through the news reports and is upset that nobody really cares about him coming.  His minion then asks if he’s really going to leave the WOC alone.  Bong Gu tells him that he’s a man of peace now and that he commends Jae Ha for finishing the fight that his brother started.  However, luck does play a big role in the competition and rhetorically asks if they’ll have any.  He then performs another magic trick and pulls a ball labeled WOC out of his mouth.

Apparently, the balls are used in the lottery to decide the matchups.  Oh man, you guys are so getting the US.  As they’re attending the opening ceremony, the team discusses which country they’d like to face.  Kang Seok suggests Turkey, but Jae Ha objects because they helped the South in the Korean War.  Oops, lol.  If Jae Ha’s going to pull that card, Kang Seok then objects to China since they were the North’s ally.  He says that a tad too loudly though and everyone else in the room start looking at them.

Back at the conference, Bong Gu’s minion answers a call from Secretary Eun and immediately hands the phone to Bong Gu.  Secretary Eun asks him what he’s doing here, and Bong Gu says that they’re the ones who invited him.  He tells Bong Gu to not harm the princess, but Bong Gu tells him he should worry about himself first.  Bong Gu’s heard about his son, who’s the right hand man of the king, and who respects his dad very much.  How will Shi Kyung react when they find out how close the two of them are?  Okay, I’ll admit that that actually sounded sufficiently threatening.

As Jae Shin prepares to go on stage, Shi Kyung is with her saying that even if he can’t be on stage with her, he’ll always be in sight.  He tells her that she just has a short speech, but she grabs the sleeve of his coat.  She’s panicking about how there’s so many people in the room and how they’re all going to be looking at her.  Shi Kyung bends down in front of her and recounts a particularly memorable moment for him:

“Do you remember when he looked at the shooting star together?  That time….I wasn’t looking at the shooting star.  You were shining more brightly than the stars.  You’re still beautiful now.”

Daaamn Shi Kyung, didn’t know you had it in you.  Way to pull off the line without it sounding like it’s a line.

Back at the WOC, Hang Ah is contacting her dad about some research she asked him to do.  Apparently, the North has also been doing their own research into which teams are weakest, and it pretty much falls in line with what the team thought: Italy, Netherlands, Egypt, and Iran.  The WOC announcer says that last time the top 3 countries got the chance to pick first, but they’re changing it this year to allow the first year participants to choose.  Jae Ha and Hang Ah take this as arrogance on the US, China, and UK’s part in that they’re not worried about who they go against.

They go by alphabetical order, so India is the first to pick.  They choose Egypt, striking one name off their list.  Hang Ah tries to cheer up her team by saying that Egypt is a well-known military nation anyway.  Next up is another country on their list: Italy.  Hang Ah shouts out loud for them to pick them, but alas, Italy picks the UK.  Two down, two to go.  Now it’s the Korean team’s turn to draw and Jae Ha goes up with Hang Ah to pick.

At the peace conference, Jae Shin slowly wheels herself past her guards and maids to go onstage.  We cut back to the WOC where everyone cheers as Jae Ha and Hang Ah go on stage while holding hands.  Aww, how cute.  Jae Ha hesitates as he shifts the balls around in the bowl and Hang Ah tells him not to think too much about it and just pick the first one that comes into his hand.  As he’s picking, though, one of the balls mysteriously snaps into his hand like there’s a magnet attached.  Uh oh, I wondered how Bong Gu was going to rig this.  Jae Ha peels off the label on the ball and holds it out to show everyone without looking himself.  The faces of their entire teams sinks because surprise, surprise, round 1 matchup is Korea vs. the US.

Final Thoughts

The ending was a tad too predictable for my tastes, and the scene with Bong Gu suddenly declaring himself a man of peace was random and odd, but other than that this was another great episode.  Jae Ha’s gift was a perfect measure of revenge against Bong Gu and shows he has him completely pegged.  He hit all the right buttons that he knew would piss off Bong Gu and makes him realize that maybe Jae Ha isn’t the idiot that he thought he was at first.  It also shows how far Jae Ha has come from the beginning.  Like he told Hang Ah, he used to close himself off to everyone around him.  But because of people like his brother, like Hang Ah, like Shi Kyung he’s starting to let his guard down and let people in.  It makes him stronger and become the King and person that Jae Kang always wanted his brother to be.  If only he was around to see it…

I absolutely love what Shi Kyung brings to his drama.  Though it wasn’t as long as his speech to Jae Ha, I loved the motivational line/confession he gave to Jae Shin.  If anyone else says that it comes off as cheesy and insincere, but it’s only because it comes from Shi Kyung that it actually sounds sincere.  Like with Jae Ha, it’s exactly what Jae Shin needs to hear at this point.  She’s deathly afraid of people laughing and pointing at her and to hear that someone outside her family truly thinks she looks beautiful right now is the best cure for it.  He’s playing double duty by trying to curb the recklessness of the royal siblings, but he does it oh so well.  His complete honesty also serves as a form of conscious for his dad whenever he has to deal with him.

Though Shi Kyung’s confession was probably my favorite, the best scene in this episode, and one that best encapsulated it, was the one with Jae Ha convincing his mom to go through with this plan.  You can feel the pain in Mom’s voice as she begs her only surviving son to  stay away from the madman who killed her eldest son and crippled her only daughter.  You can also see that Jae Ha is still afraid of Bong Gu as well, but he also knows that this is not a fight he can back down from.  He’s convincing his mom, but to a lesser extent he’s also convincing himself as well.  The difference between him and his Mom is though that he has absolute faith in Hang Ah and Shi Kyung to back him up no matter what craziness ensues.


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