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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 12

Here we recap and discuss episode 12 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

As Joon and Ha Na get back to the cafe, Joon is surprised to see his dad there and runs off with Ha Na.  In Ha sees Joon as well, but goes inside the cafe and is immediately greeted by the three musketeers of Sun Ho, Cho Soo, and stylist.  He mentions that he saw his son with a girl and asks if that was his girlfriend.  Joon’s stylist is about to spill the beans, but is stopped by a hard nudge from Sun Ho.  They then ask In Ha if he wants to just wait for Joon to come back, and he accepts.

We then go back to Joon and Ha Na, who have stopped running.  Now that he’s confirmed that Ha Na would put her mom’s happiness before hers, he does the only logical thing to do: break up with her.  This isn’t “Marmalade Boy“; if their parents are together, there’s no way that they can date at the same time.  Ha Na is understandably shocked and confused so they go to a nearby cafe to talk.  Ha Na is tearing up and asking for answers, but Joon sits there in silence, refusing to meet her eyes.  Joon then gets a call from Sun Ho, telling him not to come back to the cafe since In Ha is there.  When Joon turns silent, in that instant, both of them realize that the other knows about In Ha and Yoon Hee.  Joon then tells Sun Ho to come to the cafe to pick up Ha Na.  She refuses to let him go, but though it pains him to do it, Joon walks away from her.

As Joon goes for a walk, he leans against a light pole for support, tears streaming down his eyes.  Ha Na is about to leave the cafe, but Sun Ho makes a timely arrival and Ha Na tells him what happened.  We then cut back to Joon telling his dad never to come to the cafe.  In Ha tries to explain that he can’t go back to Hye Jung or break up with Yoon Hee, but Joon gives him an ultimatum: break up or never see him again.  Talk about your massive conflicts of interest.  Joon then goes into his room and pulls out his suitcase to presumably start packing to leave.

Meanwhile, Sun Ho and Ha Na are taking a walk.  He’s trying to lead her away from the cafe, but Ha Na says she needs to talk to Joon to figure out why he’s doing this so abruptly.  By the time she gets back, not only is In Ha gone, but Joon has already left as well.  Since he has nowhere else to go, he checks into a hotel to be alone, but is tracked down by Sun Ho.  They ask each other how they each found out and talk about what to do about this whole situation.  Joon logically breaks down the situation and concludes that his solution is the best way.  He then says that is was just a momentary attraction anyway, and takes off his couple ring to prove his point.  Sun Ho, however, knows better.

Not knowing the pain they’ve just caused their respective children, In Ha happily goes to the resort to meet Yoon Hee.  She invites him inside for a cup of tea, but In Ha refuses and asks for her hand instead.  He takes her hand and says he’s just happy to see her.  We then cut to Chang Mo coming back to his cafe and finding his nephew Jeon Suk playing electric guitar.  With a grin on his face, Jeon Suk tells his uncle that he’s been kicked out of his house.  Interesting thing to be happy about, but okay.

The next day, Yoon Hee rushes back to her home and finds people in her house as part of an inspection.  She goes to her Chief to get some answers, and is told that the higher ups want her to resign from her position.  Gee, wonder who issued that order.  Meanwhile, Ha Na is walking around when she receives a text from Sun Ho telling her that Joon’s down in his studio.  He’s interviewing models and pulls one of them down into his lap as soon as he sees Ha Na standing there looking at him.  After he dismisses them, he walks over to Ha Na and asks her why she’s being like other girls and constantly pestering him after they broke up.  Ha Na rightfully points out that she has no reason to be different from other girls and says that she couldn’t just accept it.  Joon coldly tells her that she was just playing with her and got bored, and then walks away without even a glance back.

Ha Na still can’t accept this and follows him up.  She asks him to say again who played with whom, but he refuses.  Joon sees that Cho Soo has followed them up and orders him to leave, but Cho Soo takes Ha Na’s side and refuses.  She follows Joon as he walks out into the garden, and he basically tells her she’s evicted and her services as a gardener are no longer required since he shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable on his own property.  Ouch.  Ha Na marches up to him though and says she didn’t move in or start working because of him, but because she signed a contract with Sun Ho.  If Joon’s uncomfortable with her being there, he should be the one to move out.  She then realizes that that’s exactly what he did and calls him a coward before storming back to her room.

Cho Soo is confused as to why Joon’s acting like he is, something that is noticed by Mi Ho who has just walked in.  Sun Ho goes out to talk to Joon, but is told to take responsibility for kicking her out.  He storms right pass Mi Ho, who then goes to her brother to ask him what’s going on.  However, Sun Ho says nothing either and follows Joon inside, causing his sister to pout.  As Joon goes inside, he sees Ha Na on the stairs crying, but goes back to studio.

At the resort, one of Yoon Hee’s friends is commenting how unfair it is that they’re kicking her out like this.  She tries to tell Yoon Hee to fight it, but she has no desire to, knowing who’s behind this.  Her friend then offers to let Yoon Hee stay as her place for now, but Yoon Hee politely refuses since her friend is a newlywed.

After Yoon Hee leaves her house for the last time, she comes face to face with Hye Jung.  She tells her that she thought she’d go crazy if she didn’t have Yoon Hee kicked out, so she did.  Sorry to break the news to you, but you’re kinda too late on the whole going crazy thing.  Yoon Hee must not be completely in her right mind either and asks if Hye Jung can feel some sympathy for her and In Ha.  Why are you provoking the crazy woman?!  She tries to reason with Hye Jung to let them be together for once, but of course, Hye Jung refuses.  She says that it’s because of Yoon Hee that her family is a wreck and that she’ll do anything to break them up.

Back at his studio, Joon wraps up a photo shoot and then asks the model, who is also an ex-girlfriend, out for a drink.  Meanwhile, Sun Ho is talking about the situation he’s in with one of his patients.  Mi Ho comes in after he’s done and asks him what kind of doctor consults his patient.  LOL.   Sun Ho sees no reason for it since they’ve been friends for a long time.  Mi Ho points out this is why he doesn’t make any money, but Sun Ho says that the cafe’s the money maker; this doctor business is just a fun side job.  Mi Ho then tries to figure out if Ha Na and Joon had a fight, but her brother is uncooperative.

While he was talking with his sister, Sun Ho noticed that Ha Na was working out in the sun and brought her a hat, saying that this will keep her from getting freckles.  Ha Na smiles at him and tells her the plan for the garden.  She then asks him she should move out because she doesn’t think she can stand him hating her more than he does right now.  Meanwhile, Mi Ho is snooping around her brother’s office and figures out the connection between Yoon Hee and In Ha from a scribble that Sun Ho wrote on one of his notepads.

Confirming the secret can wait for now though as she bursts out of the cafe to tell her brother that Joon’s meeting with his ex-girlfriend, who Sun Ho mentions is the one that went out with Joon the longest and had the most intimate relationship.  Mi Ho tries to stop them from leaving, but is unsuccessful.  Seeing that words had no effect, Ha Na decides to stop them by spraying them with the hose she had been using to water the plants.  Now that she’s gotten them good and wet, Ha Na glares at Joon and walks away, with Joon chasing after her.  Once they’re alone, Ha Na tells Joon that it’s not over for her yet because she still likes him.  To this end, she’s going to keep doing this until she gets to the point where she hates him.  I approve of this girl’s logic.  She tells him that it might take a long time, and in a rather interesting reversal, tells him he better prepare for this.

After she leaves him, Ha Na goes for a walk and sees Jeon Suk playing with a band outside.  Jeon Suk starts playing a song that he says was the first one he composed and Ha Na immediately starts tearing up.  Jeon Suk sees her crying as he’s singing and falls for her on first sight.  Of course, Ha Na is actually thinking back to the good times she’s had with Joon since they first met in Japan.  As soon as Jeon Suk is done with the song, he goes to look for Ha Na but she’s nowhere to be sound.  He then declares her his soul mate on the spot.

He goes back to the cafe and is telling Chang Mo all about this girl who was completely touched by his song.  Chang Mo just rolls his eyes at Jeon Suk and asks if he’s going to use her as an excuse to stay in Seoul.  Jeon Suk says that he’s just found his first fan so why would he go back home now?  He then asks his uncle for Joon’s address so he can ask him to take his picture for the album jacket.  Chang Mo doesn’t know it, and isn’t sure if Joon would remember Jeon Suk anyway.  Jeon Suk is convinced that he will since he remembers him so well, but Chang Mo says that’s probably because Jeon Suk used to bully Joon and the others when they were little.  Chang Mo can’t believe Jeon Suk’s audacity, but can’t bring himself to kick him out since he borrowed money from Jeon Suk’s dad.

As they’re sitting at a bar, Joon’s ex picked up on the fact that Joon was putting on a show and asks which girl it was for.  She tells him that he’s just like everyone else who falls in love, which Joon denies of course, so she pretends to go along with it.  She also comments that Joon’s already had a lot to drink tonight.  Meanwhile, the cause of his sudden drinking habit is calling Yoon Hee to try to meet up with her.  Since she doesn’t want him to find out about Hye Jung kicking her out, Yoon Hee tells him she’s busy tonight and can’t see him.  In Ha accepts the fact that he can’t see her, but asks for her to send him a picture since he misses her.  See, had you just done this way back then, you guys could’ve been together from the start.

Back at the cafe, Ha Na is in her room when she hears a noise outside.  She goes out to investigate and finds a very drunk Joon.  He gives her a long hug and when Ha Na asks him why he’s doing this, he backs off and says he really doesn’t feel anything.  Ha Na starts crying and gives him a hug now, asking if he really did just play with her.  Joon tells her not to make him seem like a bigger jerk and pulls her off of him.

The next morning, Sun Ho invites Joon to join the rest of them for the breakfast that Ha Na made them, but she says that they don’t have enough for him.  Joon then asks Cho Soo to make him some coffee, but he’s on Ha Na’s side and ignores him.  Sun Ho then walks outside to where Joon is sitting and asks if he’s really not having the fish soup that Ha Na made, which is apparently good for hangovers.  Aww, she does care still.  Right as Joon tells him that Ha Na agreed to end it, she walks out to tell both of them that she’s moving out next week but she’d like to continue to create the garden if they’ll let her.  Sun Ho quickly says that he’d like to have the garden still and that she can also stay in the room.  Joon just tells her to do whatever she wants.  We then briefly cut to Tae Sung, who has just come back from a business trip.  His assistants ask if he’s going back to the resort, but he tells them he has to take care of some personal business.

Back at the cafe, In Sung, who is also on Ha Na’s side, talks to her about Joon being a jerk by staying outside so she can’t work.  At this point, she sees Tae Sung show up and ask Joon if she’s here.  She quickly comes out, as do the three musketeers.  Tae Sung asks if they can go somewhere else to talk, which Ha Na agrees to, but she wants to change first.  He tells her not to bother since she looks pretty right now anyway.  Joon is trying his best not to look bothered by this and asks Cho Soo if they’re ready to leave yet.  Tae Sung notices the tension between her and Joon and takes Ha Na by the hand to take her to his car.

He then takes her to a fancy restaurant, and Ha Na asks him to explain why they’re here.  Tae Sung, however, says they should eat first.  Ha Na doesn’t exactly agree with him and stares at him as he eats. He eventually decides to come clean and tell her that starting next week he’ll be the new CEO for the resort.  She’s completely caught off guard and wonders what she’s been doing with him all this time.  Tae Sung says that he didn’t tell her so that they could remain friends and that he just came back from breaking up with his fiancé in New York.  Apparently, he did try to break up with her earlier when he first met Ha Na and was worried that Ha Na wouldn’t be able to handle dealing with his family so it took longer than expected.  He then confesses to her and asks her to be with him.

Just as Joon finishes up his shoot and returns to the cafe, Tae Sung and Ha Na also come back from the restaurant.  Tae Sung seems awfully upbeat so Ha Na can’t have crushed his heart yet.  Joon stops to look at them for a minute, but then goes inside, where he sees the advertiser who used Ha Na’s face for his flier playing the piano.  He’s apparently here to ask them to do another photo shoot, which Joon refuses, but Ha Na surprisingly agrees to.

Joon then pulls Ha Na down to his studio so they can talk in private.  He asks her if she really wants to be his model again, and she just nods and says she wants to.  She tells him that Tae Sung asked her out today, but all she could think about was Joon.  He points out that it didn’t take that long to for her to switch from Tae Sung to Joon in the first place, so it should be just as easy to switch back.  Ha Na tries to defend herself, but Joon shuts her down and walks away.

Later that night, Sun Ho finds Ha Na has fallen asleep in the middle of making signs for the garden.  He’s about to put her coat over her, but Joon tells him to leave her alone.  He then carries her to her room and watches her while she sleeps.  He reaches forward to brush her hair back, but stops himself and leaves the wrong after a tear escapes from his eye.  At some point during all this, Ha Na woke up because as soon as Joon leaves, her eyes open and she realizes that Joon does still care about her.

The next day, Cho Soo and the rest of Joon’s team setup on the beach to prepare for the Aphrodite concept that the advertiser wanted.  Joon shows up late and cruises up on an ATV of all things.  He asks if they’re ready to go and they immediately go into the shoot.  Ha Na is dressed up in a pale yellow dress and climbs up into her fake clamshell.  As Joon starts taking pictures, Ha Na asks him for some kind of direction as to how he wants her to pose, but he’s not saying much.    She continues to try to engage him in conversation, but Joon is all business with her.  Ha Na then changes to a pink dress, which made her look absolutely stunning btw.  Joon notices that Ha Na seems distracted and starts yelling at her, shocking Cho Soo and the rest of his crew.

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Yoon Hee is talking with her friend again and says not to tell Ha Na about this.  She then sees In Ha standing in front of her and they go for a walk.  He complains that he didn’t get to see her for a few days, but Yoon Hee points out that it allowed him to get ready for his upcoming exhibition.  In Ha forgives her and immediately takes her hand.  They then go to a cafe, and In Ha asks her when they’re going to be done doing the inspection on her house.  Since she doesn’t want him to find out about Hye Jung’s interference, Yoon Hee tells him that there’s not much for her to do here so she’s going to look for a new place to work.  In Ha, however, realizes something is up and goes back later to ask Yoon Hee’s friend about it.

Man, these dresses just keep making Yoona look better and better.  She’s now wearing a pale blue strapless one that is definitely my new favorite of the three we’ve seen so far.  The wind starts picking up, but Joon tells her to not make it seem like she’s cold.  He quickly finishes the shoot and Cho Soo apologizes to Ha Na with a glance.

Later that night, Yoon Hee is returning to her motel from the convenience store when she sees In Ha standing outside.  Someone just found out about his crazy ex-wife’s handiwork.  They go to a cafe to talk and he apologizes on her behalf.  Yoon Hee reminds him that they promised not to say that to each other and says not to blame himself.  In Ha offers to let him stay at his house and he’ll just stay in his workshop, but Yoon Hee is reluctant.  He then comes up with a new idea and we see them buying tickets at a bus station.  Back to the sea we go I suppose…

Meanwhile, as Joon’s crew packs up after the photo shoot, Ha Na tells them that she’s going to stay at the aforementioned sea tonight and just go back tomorrow.  They try to convince her otherwise, but she’s adamant.  After the other leave, she turns to Joon and says that he hides his lying by being mean and can’t believe it’ll end like this and so asks him to stay with her.  Joon, however, responds by closing the window of the car he’s sitting in.

As they drive off, Joon is watching her in the side mirror and eventually can’t take it anymore.  He gets out of the car and runs back to her.  He asks what she’s going to do, and Ha Na just responds by saying that the car left so he has to stay with her now.  That’ll be enough for her.  Just then, In Ha and Yoon Hee get off the bus just across from where their kids are standing.

Final Thoughts

I was wondering how long they were going to keep Ha Na from finding out the truth after everyone else is, and apparently the answer is not very long.  Now that she has all the facts, it’ll be interesting to see if she really will put her mom’s happiness ahead of her own.  Joon clearly still has some interest in keeping the relationship going, but he very right when he points out that Hye Jung would have a heart attack if she found about him and Ha Na.  I can normally tell where storylines are going, but I’m actually perplexed about this one.  In a good way, though.

So now that Ha Na’s going to find out why Joon’s been such an ass towards her, what happens to Tae Sung?  And why was Jeon Suk introduced as a character?  Despite his declaration of Ha Na being his soul mate, he’s clearly not going to be a serious love interest.  I actually expected Tae Sung to end up with Mi Ho somehow, but maybe they’ll stick her with Jeon Suk instead.  Either way, I’m wondering what introducing him brings to the storyline.  We already have a decent number of side characters, not to mention the adult ones.  Personally, I would just stick with Sun Ho, Cho Soo, and In Sung since they’re hilarious together, but that’s just me.

TLDR version of the recap: Hye Jung is crazy, Joon needs to figure his shit out, and Yoona looks hot in a clamshell.


13 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 12

  1. karen May 4, 2012 at 3:33 am

    I love your recap 🙂

    But to think Hyejung as crazy is a bit too much, in my opinion she’s just fight for her happiness, I mean cone on, she was married with In Ha, and had a son. In real life, I will support Hyejung, no matter what cuz she deserve to be happy, it’s normal to keep fight for ur husband (or ex) well, I just don’t like ‘divorce’.
    For me, In Ha such an ass, is that ur 1st love more important thab ur familiy. Oh come on, he’s not baby tennager anymore. Take a responsibilty please!!

    • kpopencarta May 4, 2012 at 8:52 am

      I would feel more sympathy for Hye Jung if not for the fact that they built up initially how they’ve been divorced for 10 years already and that Hye Jung showed little to no desire to get back with In Ha. Only when Yoon Hee shows up does the switch flip and she’s suddenly on a crusade to get back together with him.

  2. lexie May 4, 2012 at 5:11 am

    I do love your recaps especially your final thoughts, and if its not much to ask, please do some reviews on the acting as well as the episode much like your previous works. Since the start of Episode 11, there are many discussions as to how the storyline would eventually evolve & revolve, as well as who amongst the pairings would have a happy ending in different fansites/blogsites. I love how the synergy and dynamics Love Rain is creating to its viewers. God bless.

    • kpopencarta May 4, 2012 at 10:14 am

      I think the cast is doing a good job portraying their respective characters. The biggest question mark going in was how much Yoona had improved since her last role, and I’m enjoyed her as Ha Na. It’s not Best Actress winning material, but she’s holding her own for sure. This probably stems from my dislike of her character, but I’m not liking Yu Hye Ri as Hye Jung just because it feels like she’s overacting. It could just be a case of the old saying about a woman scorned, but, being a guy, I’m having trouble resonating with her character.

      • kumi May 4, 2012 at 12:16 pm

        Right. What can be more annoying to a man than a hysterical wife? However, even though her behavior does not make any sense, she has the right for happiness, just like everybody else has it. Actually, Hye Jung doesn’t irritate me as a character. I just feel very sorry for her. She has weaknesses (drinking) and not overly intelligent (doesn’t know where to look for happiness, although her good son could make such a great object of motherly affection and pride). Therefore, I wish In Ha could be more mature in this situation and pay some attention to her (it’s his duty as a man, after all), instead of being exclusively concentrated on his first love. Somehow or other these two women have to improve their relationship, if each of them wants to be happy. It’s not possible to be happy at the expense of somebody else’s misery, right?

      • kpopencarta May 4, 2012 at 12:39 pm

        Hye Jung definitely deserves to be happy and if we’re to be honest, this whole mess is In Ha’s fault for initially trying to defer to Dong Wook in the past arc. Had he just been upfront about his feelings back then, it would have worked out better for everyone. Of course, it would kinda make this drama far more boring lol. I’m not defending In Ha so much as I sympathize for Yoon Hee, who I feel is being unfairly punished by Hye Jung.

        I also find it telling that Dong Wook and Chang Mo have essentially forgiven Yoon Hee for what happened in the past, and it’s only Hye Jung who hasn’t. Though, Hye Jung obviously has a bigger stake in this, it highlights the differences between how men and women think.

  3. Vampy Jay May 5, 2012 at 4:14 am

    Remember what Chang Mo said to Hye Jung? It’s her fault because she told In Ha that Yoon Hee was dead. Hye Jung deserves to be happy, yes, but she should not force herself upon a man who does not love her.

  4. Vicky May 7, 2012 at 5:50 am

    thumb’s up…(^_^)

    i think in-ha not the “bad guy” here.
    i think hye jung that makes the wrong decisions,to marry him
    she knows that in-ha didn’t love her,but still she do anything to get him..
    that of course,even she have to get pregnant outside of marriage
    that’s why joon born..

  5. Victoria May 7, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    It breaks my heart that either the parents will have yet to sacrifice their love again, or that the children will have to go on in their lives as their parents. Talk about history repeatin itself.

  6. Alexis May 8, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    I love your recaps!
    I usually get confuse so ur recaps explain everything to me:).

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  8. cloudy sky November 14, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    hi .does anybody know What was the first song played at shooting at the beach scene?

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