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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 13

Here we recap and discuss episode 13 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Young Gul wakes up the next morning and sees that Ga Young really isn’t at the factory anymore.  Seems she’s gone to Bong Sook again to ask if she can crash at her place.  Bong Sook says she’d like to of course, especially since Ga Young is much better than her current roommate.  She then asks if something happened between her and Young Gul for her to leave the factory, or if maybe something happened with Jae Suk.  Ga Young denies this and says she has a reason why she has to work for Jae Suk.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is having a business meal with his dad and some others when his assistant comes in and whispers some good news in his ear.  When he goes back to the office, he stops by the design team to confirm that Ga Young came into work again.  He’s already in a good mood, and it gets even better when his assistant comes in with the background info on Young Gul’s “American investor” Il Gook.  Jae Hyuk’s in such a good mood that he actually makes small talk with his assistant, who confirms his dedication to the company.  However, the small talk is just a ploy and Jae Hyuk tells him to not tell his mom about this or else he’ll fire him.

Jae Hyuk’s not one for waiting and immediately sends his assistant to Madam Jo’s to buy out her shares of YGM, but for a mere $1 million instead of the $10 million she requested.  Madam Jo refuses his request since she knows of a mysterious new investor, but Jae Hyuk’s assistant shows her the information he’s collected on Il Book.  He also says that now that they have Ga Young, YGM’s chief designer, the brand is now an empty shell.  In exchange for selling them her shares, they’ll even let her sell her own line at J Fashion.  Madam Jo knows she’s been beat and has no choice but to take the offer.  She does, however, add her in own condition of having Jung Ah work at J Fashion.  Oh yeah, I forgot about her.  I was really hoping we wouldn’t see her anymore, but guess not.

Young Gul is busy browsing the internet at his office when he’s shocked to find an article about Jae Hyuk buying out Madam Jo’s shares.  Right on cue, he gets a call from Jae Hyuk inviting him to his office.  Since they’ve now in the same boat, he suggests to Young Gul that he move YGM’s base of operations to J Fashion.  If not, he’s more than welcome to take his initial offer of $5 million to give him Ga Young and leave.  Rather than work with Jae Hyuk, Young Gul takes the money and leaves.  Young Gul happens to run into Ga Young on his way out and she calls out to him.  He tells her that he’s not her president anymore and walks away.

Well that was quick.  We see Jae Hyuk’s goons at Young Gul’s factory asking questions and figuring out every detail of YGM’s operations.  We then cut to Bong Sook and Ga Young eating at their apartment.  Bong Sook is complaining about everything that’s happened, and notices that Ga Young seems unconcerned about all this.  Ga Young then asks about Young Gul, and Bong Sook says he’ll be fine since he’s proclaimed himself Dongdaemun’s roly poly, i.e. he’s a survivor.

Whether it’s from the snoring roommate or what, Ga Young can’t sleep and grabs her coat to go somewhere.  Meanwhile, at the factory, Young Gul stares at the bed that Ga Young used to sleep in and then goes to lie down on it to think.  He eventually goes back to his office and is shocked to see her sleeping on his couch, but it’s just a hallucination.  He goes back outside to sit back on the bed, and continues to see images of Ga Young everywhere.  Since clearly the factory is not to place to be right now, he decides to go for a walk.  Of course, right as Young Gul leaves, Ga Young shows up at the factory.

And where has our intrepid hero gone off to?  To mooch more of Chil Bok’s food of course.  Chil Bok wonders why Young Gul let the WGM brand as well as Ga Young go so easily.  Young Gul then says he has some crazy scheme to make Dongdaemyun a fashion mecha, prompting Chil Bok to question his sanity after losing Ga Young.  Well, I’m glad someone mentioned it cuz I was thinking that pretty hard.

Back at J Fashion, Jae Hyuk is meeting with Director Kim when Madam Jo shows up with Jung Ah.  Director Kim then invites the two of them to some meeting they’re having later.  We then cut to Anna walking into the meeting, but is not happy at all to see Ga Young sitting there as well.  Ga Young is equally displeased when Madam Jo and Jung Ah walk in.  Madam Jo goes to sit next to Anna and berates her quietly for making her waste time and money with the YGM venture.

Now that everyone’s gathered together, Director Kim tells everyone gathered that Jae Hyuk has had an idea to have a fashion design contest where the top 5 designers get to have their clothes produced.  Of the five designers, the one with the most sales will become the “Fashion King”, who will get the chance to travel around and learn about world-wide fashions.  Oh yeah there’s a cash prize as well.  Really?  13 episodes in and we’re turning this into Korean Project Runway?

Anna knows Jae Hyuk is doing all this for Ga Young and expresses her displeasure at him after the meeting.  He’s confused by her reaction, but is stopped by Ga Young, who wants to talk to him.  However, he sees Madam Jo and Jung Ah walking out as well and says he’s busy and will talk to her later.  Ga Young then goes back to the workroom, where the workers who had been gossiping immediately break apart upon seeing her.  Jung Ah shows up at this point and wonders how Ga Young managed to work here after getting kicked out of school.  Ga Young, somehow knows what happened to Jung Ah, and says she’s one to talk.  Hah.  Jung Ah gets a measure of revenge by loudly asking what happened to the man she lived with before and if she planned with him to cheat her mom.  Ga Young glares at her, but their conversation is cut short by Ga Young getting a phone call.

Apparently, she’s been summoned to Jae Hyuk’s personal relaxation room.  Seriously?  Relaxation room?  Jae Hyuk’s assistant says that they can let anyone see her go in, but of course Jung Ah is snooping around and sees her.  Ga Young enters the room and sees Jae Hyuk doing what he normally seems to be doing in his office: absolutely nothing.  He smiles at her arrival and tells her to sit down.  He then asks what Ga Young wanted to talk about earlier, but Ga Young says she doesn’t want to talk to him here and will tell him in his office.  Yeah, if I were in her position, I’d get out of the creeper’s “relaxation room” too.  Jae Hyuk asks what’s wrong with this place, and Ga Young says it doesn’t seem like it’s a place of work.  Of course, Jae Hyuk has to respond by saying he spends half his work hours in here.  That explains a lot about this fool.

Eventually, Ga Young does open up and asks him if he’s really going to make the YGM here at J Fashion.  She asks him why he took everything away from Young Gul, but Jae Hyuk tells her that he bought it from Young Gul for $5 million.  He then asks her if she’s still staying at the factory, but she tells him she’s staying with Bong Sook.  As she leaves, Jae Hyuk smiles at her and asks if she can be the “Fashion King”.  I really wish Mom or Dad had shown up just then to wipe the smug ass smile off his face.

Back at the factory, Young Gul is handing out $20,000 bonuses to all the factory workers.  Damn, I want in on that action.  They question whether they can take the money from him, but he insists.  Young Gul tells them to forget about YGM and that they’re going to start over.  He realizes that he has one envelope left and it’s Ga Young’s.  He decides to give her a call and he asks her to come outside to meet him.  After hanging up, Ga Young immediately starts to fix up her makeup, but is interrupted by another phone call.

More impeccable timing by Jae Hyuk’s part and he’s called her into a meeting of the task force which will take the YGM brand global.  Jae Hyuk then says since this is a meeting to get to know each other, they should go out to eat, and are spotted by Anna as they’re walking.  Young Gul, meanwhile, gets a text from Ga Young saying that she has something to take care of and can’t meet with him right now.  Of course, he just so happens to see Ga Young getting into the car with Jae Hyuk.  She freezes when she sees him, which Jae Hyuk notices and follows her gaze to a hurt Young Gul.  So she has time to text him that she’s busy…but not enough time to text a reason why?  Okay…

Back at her apartment, an equally upset Anna downs a handful of pills.  We then cut to Young Gul, who is blankly sitting at his factory while knocking back some shots of soju.  To make himself feel better, he starts designing another dress that though unfinished, already looks far better than the one he made for Ga Young.

At the group dinner, Ga Young is distant and not really participating in the conversation.  She then turns to Jae Hyuk and tells him that she has somewhere to go.  Jae Hyuk covers for her absence by saying that she’s a work-a-holic.  I think we all know where this is headed.

Lo-and-behold, who shows up at Young Gul’s factory, but Anna all dolled up and bearing alcohol.  She immediately starts flirting with him and says he’s mean for always making her call him first.  Young Gul is more than happy to go along with her and is congratulated for making $5 million by selling Ga Young and the YGM brand.  Young Gul asks if that’s really something to celebrate, but never-the-less raises his glass to toast with Anna.  She then notices the dress that he’s making and offers to try it on to be her special model.  Right on cue, Ga Young show up outside the factory out of breath.

Seeing as how the dress is strapless and held together by pins, I’m curious as to how Young Gul got that dress on her given that she’s not exactly wearing a bra.  Guess Anna’s feeling more daring than I thought tonight.  Ga young walks in and freezes upon seeing this.  She’s devastated, of course, and walks out before she’s noticed.  She goes back to Bong Sook’s place, and cries in bed while trying in vain to get some sleep.

The next morning, Anna shows up at work and glares again at Ga Young.  Director Kim comes in and tells Ga Young that she doesn’t have to attend these morning staff meetings anymore and should just go work with the YGM team.  Anna then gets a call from Jae Hyuk’s mom and immediately heads over. As soon as Anna sits down, she gets slapped in the face and is shown pictures of her with Young Gul last night.  I’m not even going to question how they got them.  Anna isn’t intimidated though and asks what’s wrong with another designer making clothes for her?  She then asks if Jae Hyuk’s mom has been wiretapping her son’s phone.  If she had been, she’ll see that it’s Jae Hyuk who’s doing things to shame her, not the other way around.  She then admits to introducing Young Gul to Madam Jo and gets another slap for her trouble.  Anna is visibly upset at this point and it’s all she can do to fight back tears and walk out.  Mom is definitely not happy though and calls someone to get Jae Hyuk over to her ASAP.

Anna’s brooding in her office when Jae Hyuk pays her a visit and asks to eat together.  Anna refuses and so Jae Hyuk asks if she’s upset because of his mom.  Of course, it’s a rhetorical question since Jae Hyuk has just come from his Mom and knows exactly what’s gone down.  He asks her what she wants to do now, and Anna tells him that it’s up to him.  Jae Hyuk pulls up a chair and says they should break up.  It’ll be on Anna’s terms: everything’s the same, they’re just not dating.  I believe Jae Hyuk actually cared when he says it’s the best he can do for her, except for the fact that he’s done next to nothing to this point to actually show that.  Anna then asks him if he really likes Ga Young that much and compares this situation to how he broke up with his ex-girlfriend to be with her originally.  Jae Hyuk turns around and says there’s a difference: Ga Young doesn’t like him.  Well at least we know he’s not completely delusional.

Jae Hyuk immediately goes to the workroom to see Ga Young and follows her to a backroom where she unpacks and eats her lunch alone in a corner.  She’s angrily stuffing food in her mouth, but stands up in surprise when she sees him.  He tells her not to mind him and continue eating, but it’s kind of hard when he sits down and is staring at her.  Jae Hyuk comments that she has too much rice and starts chowing down himself.  He’s impressed that she made the kimchee herself and grabs some of that as well.  He then offers use of his personal relaxation room for her to use as her lunch room rather than eating by herself back here.  Ga Young seems disgusted at the thought and Jae Hyuk clarifies that he’s usually not there during lunch anyway.  Once she’s calmed down again, he asks her if she still thinks she’s being forced by him to come here.  When Ga Young says no, Jae Hyuk finishes off the last of her rice and says he’ll see her later.  Ga Young turns to glare at him for eating all her food, but can’t see the stupid goofy smile he has on his face as he’s walking away.

We then cut to Young Gul factory, which has picked up a bunch of new employees.  When Young Gul returns, he sees Ga Young’s bed and asks one of the factory ahjummas why she hasn’t thrown away Ga Young’s bed like he asked her to.  They’re still hoping that Ga Young will return and ask if they really have to and that they sometimes use that to lie down on when they’re tired.  Young Gul says nothing and just heads back to his office.  Bong Sook gives him an update on what she’s been working on and hands him a bunch of possible designs for their new label: GG.  Guess someone’s a SNSD fan?  Bong Sook then gets a call from Ga Young, which annoys Young Gul to the point where he tells her to answer private calls later so they can continue with their little meeting.  However, Anna gives him a call at this point and he picks up.

Back at the J Fashion, Ga Young is sad that Bong Sook couldn’t talk to her and sees Anna walking into the work room.  Anna stops at the desk right next to Ga Young and loudly makes it known that she’s talking to Young Gul.  She also mentions something about reporters and that she’ll be over at his place early.  Jung Ah then brings something to Anna’s attention and she tells her to pass out the invitations to everyone.  Apparently, Young Gul’s having a fashion show of his own…this time with an actual audience instead of his Dongdaemun people.  Jae Hyuk gets one as well, but he crumples it and throws it in the trash.  Of course, he’s still curious as to what Young Gul’s up to and pulls it back out so he can go see for himself.

Guess the fashion show is that night as we see him and Ga Young show up to the venue wearing the same clothes as before.  Once again, the designs seem dull and uninspiring, but hey what do I know about “high” fashion.  At the end, Young Gul comes out and frowns upon seeing Ga Young and Jae Hyuk.  Anna then walks out wearing the completed dress from before, completely stunning both Ga Young and Jae Hyuk.  Young Gul and Anna make it a point to look directly at Jae Hyuk and Ga Young, both of which look hurt by their respective betrayals.  Jae Hyuk decides to fight back with the only option he has and grabs Ga Young’s hand.  Ga Young doesn’t fight him and instead looks up at Young Gul, who is not happy.

Final Thoughts

First of all, with all respect to Yuri, why wasn’t her dress made for Shi Kyung instead?!  Not that Yuri didn’t look stunning in it, but it just looked so much better than the plain white thing that Young Gul made for her.

Secondly, I mentioned this earlier, but did we seriously sit through 13 episodes to end up with the Korean Project Runway?  Does the winner really have to be named “Fashion King”?  This is almost as bad an idea as the Super Idol competition in Dream High 2.  The title doesn’t have to be THAT literal, you know.  Fashion King could have just as easily just been king of the fashion industry, which is where this drama seemed to be headed.  It still is headed in the direction, but we now have this ridiculous side story about a fashion competition.  I guess it’s to be expected though.  There’s only so many more ways we can have the characters jerk each other around for no good reason.  May as well and an additional twist to all the shenanigans.

Third, why are all the characters always surprised when they do end up getting jerked around by the other?  Jae Hyuk just broke up with Anna, but he’s all surprised and hurt that she’s helping Young Gul, even though she’s been doing this all along anyway?  Young Gul’s butt hurt because he sees Jae Hyuk grab Ga Young’s hand?  Isn’t that what you suspected anyway?  Ga Young, in particular, has no reason to be surprised to see Anna given all that she’s seen between them anyway.  I guess there is some continuity in this show after all, because it sure as hell can’t be found in the story line.

Bottom line, these actors/actress must be more popular than I think they are because I see no other reason for the double digit ratings this show continues to bring in.  Other than week competition I suppose.  Love Rain’s ratings are certainly floundering, which I do understand to a certain extent even if I like that drama far more than this one.

2 responses to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 13

  1. mila May 12, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    THANK YOU! Oh so much!
    I started watching this drama a few days ago because I wanted something not too intellectual to watch while I was doing something else… at first it was I quite fun and since I really love Yooh Ah In, I was enjoying it. It was fast, not too profound and overall entertaining. But then it just went completely ashtray! -I’m sorry BTW, english is not my first language and my comment might be a bit awkward – Episode 10, I think, really was the end for me. Actually I’m not even taking the drama seriously now. To me it has become a parody of a drama. I love both male lead actors but their characters are pure jerks, the female lead has absolutely no personnality whatsoever and Anna… well…I just don’t like her. So for the three last episodes I’ve been skipping parts. And since I was afraid I wouldn’t follow the “story” I thought I’d look for recaps and found yours. I really like the way you write and I share your views on that show. I see you’ve been watching King 2 Hearts and Love Rain as well! I’ve been watching King 2 Hearts too and recently started watching Love Rain so I’ll probably come back and read your views on those shows. Anyway, thank you very much for those recaps, I know writing them is a lot of work. I’ll probably keep reading here and skipping some scenes in the drama… I usually never do but this show is really getting on my nevers. I have to say though that since it went really bad, it’s been sometimes quite fun. I don’t know how it is in Korean but at the end of episode 10 at some points Young Geol, in my version of the subs, tells Ga Young “You really are too strong-willed!” and I couldn’t help but laugh cause…yeah… she has waaaaay too much personnality, that’s her problem, right. ANYWAY…. Thank you 🙂

  2. Jules October 23, 2012 at 12:17 am

    What is the title of the fashion show opening song? Anyone?

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