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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 11

Here we recap and discuss episode 11 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Now that Ha Na has finally given Joon her official response to his confession, Joon smiles at her and thanks her as he wraps her in a hug.  As she stands here, Ha Na jokes that she’s not sure what to do about him.  She doesn’t think she can be his friend and the places they like to hang out at are completely different.  Joon answers her question by telling her to just stay next to him, to which Ha Na nods.  Joon finally lets go and asks her to say she likes him again.  Ha Na is embarrassed though and says she’s only going to say that once in her life, which only feeds Joon’s massive ego.  He starts to tease her about it and Ha Na pretends to not hear him, but they’re interrupted by a phone call.  Based on how Joon dashes out, guess he found out about dear old dad.

Ha Na follows him as far as the cafe and immediately ambushed by the three musketeers of In Sung, Cho Soo, and the stylist and they grill her about she really likes Joon.  They unanimously say that under no circumstances can she say she likes him, because that means she has two weeks left.  Cho Soo also tells her that Joon’s never dated anyone longer than a month and a half.  Ha Na just laughs nervously at them and tries to play dumb.  She manages to make her escape by spotting Sun Ho and going over to greet him.  As soon as she leaves, they start betting on how long the relationship will last.

Meanwhile, Ha Na tells Sun Ho that the others are acting weird.  He realizes what happened after a look and asks if she likes Joon.  Ha Na denies it, of course, saying that she would never date someone here at the cafe while she’s working here.  Sun Ho then asks her about her mom’s college friends, but Ha Na is interrupted by a call from her mom.  As Sun Ho walks away, he wonders what’s going to happen to Joon and Ha Na after they find out about their parents being first loves.

Joon makes it to the hospital and goes into his father’s room to find Hye Jung standing there.  He asks what happened and Hye Jung says not to worry since it wasn’t that serious.  She then tells him that his dad got back together with her first love and to stick around so he can at least see her face.  Joon doesn’t particularly care to see this and decides to run out.  Unfortunately, he kind of runs into In Ha and Yoon Hee sitting and talking as they wait for the nurse.  Hye Jung also goes out and confronts Yoon Hee about not leaving In Ha alone.  Yoon Hee apologizes, but says she doesn’t think she can leave him, earning her a slap from Hye Jung.  She goes in for another one, but Joon steps in and takes her outside.

As he’s riding back in the car with her, Joon gets a text from Ha Na telling him that she’s going back to the resort to do a favor for her mom.  She asks if everything’s okay, but Joon doesn’t respond.  We cut to Ha Na wondering to herself if something happened to Joon for him to not call her back.  Meanwhile, once Joon has escorted him mom back to her house, he turns to leave, but Hye Jung stops him and asks him to spend the night there because she doesn’t want to be alone.  She tells the maid to bring her sleeping pills, but in a rare display of affection, Joon places his hand on her shoulder and gently tells his mom to stop taking them.  Joon eventually retreats to his room and thinks back to what happened in the hospital between In Ha, Hye Jung, and Yoon Hee.  Back at the resort, Ha Na is angrily texting at Joon if he’s really dumping her already.  However, she deletes it before sending it and wonders again if something happened to him.

We then cut to Tae Sung taking out his anger on a punching bag.  He thinks about his last conversation with Ha Na where she tells him that she wants to stay.  After a while he gets tired of it and tells himself he knew this would happen.  Should’ve made a move sooner then; though I guess the whole fiancé thing did kind of get in the way.  At the resort, Ha Na comes out of her house and Joon immediately sneaks up behind her and childishly covers her eyes with his hands.  Ha Na’s in no mood for jokes and tells him she was worried about him, but Joon just hugs her from behind and he knew she would be so he came out here to put her at ease.  Ha Na says she’s uncomfortable with all the skinship that Joon is doing, but really isn’t fighting him all that hard.  Joon finds out the house is empty and tries to lead Ha Na inside but she definitely fights him here and tells him they can’t.  As they play fight, the sprinkler in front of them goes off and drenches them.

Since he can’t just sit around in his wet clothes, Joon is forced to wear some of Ha Na’s as he waits for them to dry.  She snickers at him when he comes out and tells him to just bear with it for a bit.  Joon then tells her that he’s going to stay the night, and Ha Na is clearly thinking of something else as she says they haven’t been dating that long yet.  Joon then says that he’s doing it so that she doesn’t have to stay all alone here, and Ha Na is put to ease just a bit.

The two awkwardly sit around for a while, but Joon then stands up and explores around the house.  Ha Na tries to stop him from entering her room, but she falls for him pretending to see something and Joon quickly enters.  Joon then sees a camera and can’t help but snap a few pictures.  As they sit on the bed, Ha Na asks him why he ran out like that earlier.  He tells her that he had to deal with some depressing family matters and explains that his father’s first love is the reason why he doesn’t believe in love.  Oh he’s trying his seduction trick again.  Right on cue, he goes straight into the line about feeling something different about Ha Na as soon as he saw her.  We hear Ha Na’s heart beat quicken as Joon slowly moves his head forward as if to kiss her, but he stops midway to tease her about how much she likes him.  Ha Na decides to take revenge on him and pulls him back down onto the bed as he stands up.  She whispers for him to not go home tonight and closes her eyes.  Ha Na, however, can’t go through with it, but Joon tells her she can’t back out since she starting this.  Jon whispers back that he’s not going home tonight and leans in for the kiss, but they’re startled by Yoon Hee calling out for her daughter.  Oops lol.

Since he’s here, Joon figures he might as well say hi to Ha Na’s mom.  Ha Na then points out that she’s wearing her clothes and they both remember that his are drying out in the living room.  She gets her mom to get her mom to turn in early and Joon is safely able to sneak out of the house.  As he leaves though, he can’t help but give her a goodbye kiss.  Yoon Hee sees her daughter grinning like a fool while staring out the window and asks what she’s doing.  Ha Na says she’s just looking at the stars, but quickly offers to make her mom some coffee when Yoon Hee wants to come look at them too since she heard it was supposed to be a cloudy night.

As Joon walks back to his car, he runs into Tae Sung.  He knows Tae Sung’s not all he seems and asks why he’s hanging around Ha Na.  Tae Sung shoots back that he’s heard a lot about Joon as well.  He tells Joon that he won’t let him have Ha Na since he doesn’t trust him.  He says he realized how much Ha Na means to him so he’s going to call off the engagement.  Sure you are, buddy.  Joon tells him it’s his inaction up until now that lost him Ha Na in the first place.  He’s knows what kind of person Ha Na is as well and he’s not giving up on her.

Back inside the house, Yoon Hee and Ha Na are silently drinking tea and they both say each other’s name at the same time.  Ha Na tells her mom to go first, and so Yoon Hee tells her that she’s going to start seeing In Ha again.  She’s excited for her mom, of course.  Ha Na says she was always thankful to In Ha for giving her mom such great memories to keep her company when she was feeling lonely.  Now it’s Ha Na’s turn.  She admits that she thinks she likes someone, and Yoon Hee immediately guesses Tae Sung.  Ha Na says that it’s not him, and that things happened between them so quickly.

After they’re done talking, Ha Na wanders outside and sees Joon still loitering around her house.  She tells him that she told her mom about them, and Yoon Hee wants to meet him.   Joon smiles at her and holds her hands while rattling off a corny line about how he feels like a different person around her.  He tells her again that he likes her and to always stay by his side so that she won’t get lost.  Joon then asks for a hug, which Ha Na is more than happy to oblige.

Joon gets back to his mom’s house and is surprised to see an ambulance parked outside.  Hye Jung is freaking out, and apparently drunk off her ass again, and fighting the paramedics trying to help her.  Not quite sure what the ambulance is for then.  As soon as she sees him, Hye Jung begs him to talk to his father for her since In Ha will listen to him.  Yeah, unless you get pregnant again, I don’t think In Ha’s ever coming back, especially if he’s been holding a flame for Yoon Hee all these years.

The next day, Ha Na tells her mom she’s bringing some flowers to the cafe, and Yoon Hee worriedly asks her if she’s staying there by herself.  She can’t tell her mom that she’s staying with Joon, so she lies and says that it scares her to stay by herself, but she’s moving to a new place soon anyway.  Ha Na then gets a text from Joon and smiles while reading his sappy message about not being able to sleep because he missed her so much.  Yoon Hee reads her daughter like a book and asks if it’s her new boyfriend, but Ha Na denies it and hides her phone under her leg.

At the hospital, In Ha hears a knock on the door and looks up to see Joon walking in.  They go outside to talk and Joon tells his dad that he came yesterday but wasn’t able to see him.  In Ha asks his son whether he saw Yoon Hee yesterday and knows the answer from Joon’s silence.  Joon then apologizes and says that everything was his fault and that he’s always been a jerk to him.  He realized that his heart didn’t hurt because of In Ha, it hurt because he felt so sorry for his mom.  To keep Hye Jung from ruining her life, Joon pleads with his dad to give up on Yoon Hee one more time and come back to them.  However, In Ha tells his son that if he could’ve given up on Yoon Hee, he wouldn’t done so a long time ago.

Joon walks out of the hospital in a daze and sees Yoon Hee standing out in front of the hospital.  He’s about to go confront her, but stops when Ha Na shows up calling for her mom.  They’re going to have him find out this early huh.  I figured they’d at least wait another 2 episodes.  Joon is stunned by this development and isn’t pleased to see his father going out to meet the two of them.  Ha Na looks towards the hospital and sees Joon walking away, but doesn’t recognize him.

As Joon goes for a drive, he thinks about what to do now that he’s found out about Yoon Hee and Ha Na’s relationship.  Eventually he can’t handle it and has to pull over to the side of the road to calm down.  That’s not enough, though, and he decides to go to the shooting range to vent some anger.  Meanwhile, Cho Soo watches him sadly and comments that he wants Joon to shoot pictures, not guns. LOL.  Apparently, though, the shooting range is the location for their photo-shoot and after a few shots, Joon quickly gets to work.

Back at the cafe, Ha Na unloads some groceries when Sun Ho sees her.  He jokes with her about whether she’s going to be eating dinner alone with Joon, and she’s forced to invite him to join them so as to not reveal their relationship.  She mentions she bought a lot of bear, but Sun Ho tells her that Joon can only drink wine or one or two shots of soju.  Sun Ho is convinced that she just wants to have dinner with Joon and offers to help her cook since he likes it.  Ha Na says she likes cooking too and comments that they have a lot in common.

As they’re cooking, Sun Ho laughs when Ha Na tells him her dream is to make a garden in the Himalayas.  He then says that it’s his dream to start a small hospital in the Himalayas, with a bakery attached to it.  Sun Ho jokes that they can be neighbors again there too, but says Joon wouldn’t approve.  Ha Na still tries to say that it’s not like that between them, but Sun Ho doesn’t believe her for a second.  After they finish, Ha Na tries once more to get Sun Ho to say, but he says he knows Joon will want the two of them to be alone.  What a great wingman he is.

At the photo shoot location, Joon gets a text and Cho Soo comments that his phone has been going off all day.  Joon looks at the text and sees Ha Na has sent a picture of the food she just made with the caption “Special treat!  You get to eat with Jung Ha Na.”  Cho Soo then asks if they’re going to head back to the studio, but Joon says they should all go out for a company dinner.  Meanwhile, a clueless Ha Na has gotten all dressed up and waits happily for him with a bottle of wine.  Since she has nothing to do, she practices eating prettily. You’re so missing out, Joon.

Guess In Ha’s injury really wasn’t that serious as we see him walking out of the hotel with Yoon Hee, but without the neck brace.  She offers to drop him off at home, but In Ha asks if there’s a place that she wants to go instead.  She says there’s a lot of place that she wants to go, and so In Ha decides he has a place in mind that’s pretty close.  As they walk along a street that walked down before in the past, Yoon Hee says that she was sick for a long time and had to keep moving for her to get treatment.  In Ha tells her that she didn’t believe she died and looked for her for a long time.  Liar!  Well, semi-liar, but liar still the same.

Meanwhile, Ha Na is still waiting for Joon at the cafe.  She’s no longer smiling and texts him once again.    Joon, however, is busy getting drunk with his employees.  Cho Soo tries to get him to stop drinking, but to no avail.  Ha Na is angrily looking at her phone, but rushes outside to check when she hears a car alarm beep outside.  When she realizes that it’s not him, Ha Na angrily gives him a call, but Joon is too wasted to pick up.  She pouts and angrily says she’ll just eat everything herself.  Shikshin Yoona makes an appearance.  Meanwhile, a very drunk Joon starts a fight with some random guy he bumps into as they’re leaving the restaurant.

In Ha and Yoon Hee have decided to go to a cafe to continue their conversation and Yoon Hee tells In Ha that after she got better, she came back to Korea and heard that In Ha was married.  From then on, she tried her best to forget him.  She says that her memories of him kept her going as she fought her disease in the US and thanks him for that.

Joon finally stumbles back into the cafe and sees the food that Ha Na has prepared for him.  He immediately feels guilty and goes to her room to check in on her.  He sees that she’s sleeping in bed, still dressed up, and clutching her phone tightly.  Joon gently brushes the hair from her face, but is still conflicted as to how he wants to proceed.  He then decides to lie down next to her and quickly falls asleep himself.

When Ha Na wakes up the next morning, she surprised to see Joon sleeping in her bed.  Joon’s still hung over and says he probably came because she left the window open in his room and he got cold.  Right….  Ha Na then sees his busted lip from last night and tends to him.  Joon’s back to his usual self and says that if he looks like this, the other guy must be almost dead.  Ha Na scoffs at his assertion that it was 1 vs. 17, and jokingly asks if he has 16 other staff members with him last night.  She apparently has forgotten that she got stood up last night and tells him not to get hurt again because she doesn’t like it when he does.  Joon then apologizes for standing her up and admits he’s a jerk.  He jokingly asks why she’s doesn’t just break up with a jerk like him, and Ha Na pretends to consider it.

Once she’s patched him up, Ha Na immediately gets to work in the garden.  Joon complains about how loud the table saw that Ha Na’s using is and goes to look at her blueprints.  He points out a mistake that she made and they start bickering with each other.  Cho Soo and In Sung are watching them, and the latter comments that they really don’t seem like they’re going out since Joon’s chewing her out like that.  Sun Ho then shows up and says that arguing is what a relationship is about and asks if they’ve ever seen Joon spend time with a girl like he does with Ha Na.

As Ha Na continues working, she accidentally drops a wooden beam on her foot.  Joon sits her down and tells her not to move.  Ha Na objects, saying that she has to finish that today, but Joon says he’ll finish it for her.  She tells him that it’s harder than it looks, but Joon brags that he’s the kind of person who can not only do something after seeing it, but can do it better.  Ha Na tries to help him out, but Joon tells her to just relax and let him do this since he hasn’t really done anything for her up until now.  At least he knows.  Ha Na is touched by this and just watches him work.  Cho Soo and In Sung are amazed that Joon actually made all this and is working out in the sun.  However, Cho Soo does add that it’s kind of annoying that Joon actually is good at anything he tries to do.

At In Ha’s house, Yoon Hee is busy watering his plants while In Ha is in his studio painting.  In Ha takes a break to look at his phone and thinks about Joon asking him to get back with Hye Jung.  We then cut back to the cafe where Ha Na is planting strawberries in the new planter boxes that Joon made.  Ha Na and Sun Ho compliment him on his work, and Joon just sits there basking in it.  Mi Ho shows up at this point and when she sees Ha Na, she exclaims that she really does look the same.  Sun Ho tries to stop her, but Mi Ho blurts out that she looks like the picture of their dad’s college friend.  Eventually, Sun Ho is able to distract his sister by asking what she’s holding.  She glares at him, but then turns to Joon and says she handmade lunch for his mom, who she heard wasn’t feeling well.  Her brother rats her out though and says he saw their mom making it earlier.  Mi Ho asks Joon to come with her or else Hye Jung will come to the cafe.  Sun Ho immediately reacts and says he’ll go along with Joon as well since he hasn’t seen his mom in a while.

When the siblings are alone, Mi Ho asks her brother why he going with them and why he stopped her from talking about the picture of their dad’s first love.  Sun Ho tells Mi Ho that if she tells Joon that Ha Na looks like his dad’s first love, she’ll just make him more interested in Ha Na.  His reasoning is that unlike girls, first loves means a lot to guys.  Mi Ho blindly believes her brother and comments on how smart he is.  Well he definitely is, but not for the reason you think.

After the other three leave, Ha Na angrily mutters to herself how close Joon looks with Mi Ho.  She then gets a call from her mom, who’s telling her about her date with In Ha.  Joon shows up again and complains that she didn’t say goodbye to him before after he said it.  She tells him to go take care of his mom, and he says that he’ll be back later for dinner so she should dress nicely.


Right as Joon and the other get to his mom’s house, they overhear Hye Jung loudly saying that In Ha wants to live with Yoon Hee, but in more colorful terms.  As Joon runs up the stairs, Sun Ho wisely steers his sister out of the house.  In Ha tries to calm down Hye Jung but she’s gone crazy with rage.  Joon tries to be the voice of reason and calmly tells both of them to stop fighting.  However, he doesn’t stay very long and we see him meet up with Ha Na for a date.

The two decide to go shopping and Joon buys Ha Na lots of clothes.  As they’re walking he asks her what her mom said to her that made her so happy.  Ha Na says that her mom told her she went on a date with her first love and that she’s happy for them.  Joon then asks her if her mom’s happiness means more to her than her own happiness.  She doesn’t hesitant and says it is because her mom always put Ha Na’s happiness before hers.  Ha Na then puts the final nail in the coffin and says that she feels sorry for her mom and her first love since they never got to be together.  Joon’s about to ask her what she’d do after knowing what he knows, but suddenly sees his dad and runs away after taking her hand.  After they stop running, Joon makes up his mind and tells Ha Na that he wants to break up.

Final Thoughts

I did not particularly like this episode.  I thought the pace jerked around far too much and I didn’t much care for Joon’s wishy-washiness after finding out about Ha Na’s mom.  I get that he’s trying to figure out what he wants to do, but while I believe he wants to stay with Ha Na, I don’t believe he wants his parents to get back together.  In every scene where they tried to show that he did, Joon looked incredibly lifeless and delivered the lines without much emotion.  Maybe that was intentional, but it just seemed odd to me.

It also still seems odd to me how crazy Hye Jung gets because of Yoon Hee.  If she’s going to accuse In Ha of never getting over Yoon Hee, can’t we accuse her of never getting over In Ha?  Isn’t she just doing the same thing as he is?  Granted, they do have a kid together, but from everything we’ve seen, In Ha never really loved her.  It just seems like he had a moment of weakness and slept with her and that led to Joon.  And again, she seemed like she had no intention of really getting back together with him until such time that Yoon Hee popped back into their lives.  If she really wanted him back, why wait for a rival to show up before going bat-shit crazy about it?

The same can be said for Tae Sung coming out of the blue to say he’s going to break his engagement to try to be with Ha Na.  Was he really just waiting for a rival to show up to do this?  Maybe it really did take Ha Na leaving and falling for someone to force him into taking action, but it still seemed awkward to me how they did it.  You see early on he does care about Ha Na so if he could do it, he probably would’ve done so already.

I’m very surprised that they had Joon find out so early about Yoon Hee and his dad.  This is obviously the main impediment to his and Ha Na’s relationship and to play their trump card so early in the series makes me wonder what other roadblocks they’re going to throw in their way.  Tae Sung is going to be one, and it seems like they’re going to have some other random person show up in front of Ha Na as well from the preview.  Are they really going to have them dance around each other for another 9+ episodes while Hye Jung goes crazy about In Ha and Yoon Hee?  At the very least we know that Joon does still care about Ha Na because since she chose her mom’s happiness over her own, Joon knows they need to break up then so that their parents can be together.  Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The only things I did like in this episode were the scenes with Sun Ho, Cho Soo, and In Sung.  They continue to bring some much needed comedic relief to an otherwise confusing and disappointing episode.


3 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 11

  1. kumi May 2, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    I think this episode is important. It’s not that Joon really wants to get his parents back together. But due to association with Ha Na, due to sincerity of his loving feeling to her, his heart starts changing. Just like when he asks Ha Na if her Mom’s happiness means more to her than her own happiness. Her ‘yes’ makes him realize (maybe not fully yet), that that is the way of love. Love is about changing of heart. It is about sacrificing.

    • kpopencarta May 3, 2012 at 11:57 am

      I agree that this episode was important in terms of story and character development…I just object to how it was portrayed to us as viewers.

  2. Angie November 16, 2016 at 3:36 am

    i felt bad for hye jung for about 3 minutes. now i’m just annoyed. you can’t force love. she did everything she could for 10 years and it didn’t work. now have some dignity cheese and crackers!

    i know joon and hana had to have some conflict but i thought it would be his hye jung going off on her for being yoon hee’s daughter. breaking up over this is just dumb to me. especially when yoon hee will probably be dead in 4 episodes.

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