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[Drama Recap] The King 2 Hearts Episode 11

Here we recap and discuss episodes 11 of The King 2 Hearts.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Inside the ambulance, Jae Shin starts having a full on panic attack when she sees the assassin behind the car.  Her bird calls out for Shi Kyung as she desperately reaches for the horn in the front seat.  Shi Kyung’s spider sense starts tingling and he decides to go back to check on Jae Shin.  He finds her barely able to utter his own name and tears up while holding her until she stops shaking.


Meanwhile, Hang Ah’s dad has just told her about the miscarriage.  He tries to convince her that it wasn’t really a baby since it was only a month old.  Guess dad’s pro-choice.  Hang Ah is in shock about what happened and asks how it happened, and is told that it was caused by stress.  She tells her dad she wants to rest and he gladly acquiesces to her request.  As he reaches the door, he turns around and looks like he wants to say something, but decides against it.  After he leaves, Hang Ah holds her hand over her stomach, wonder why this is happening to her.

Back in the palace, Secretary Eun is telling Jae Ha that he’s already done damage control for this and gives an extremely generous estimate of a week before it blows over.  Um, yeah I’m going to take the over on that bet.  He tells Jae Ha not to say anything at all to the press, but Jae Ha is barely listening and tells him that he slept with Hang Ah.  Secretary Eun says good for him, but as the king he has to set an example for the people and keep with the tradition of not having premarital sex.  Jae Ha realizes the gravity of the situation and for once insists on taking responsibility for his own actions, rather than having to be talked into it.  All he’s concerned about is Hang Ah and their unborn child.  Secretary Eun is still a bastard and is intent on saying that Hang Ah intentionally seduced Jae Ha so that the royal family can save face and survive.  This of course does not sit well with Jae Ha and he says he’ll die before he does that.  After Secretary Eun leaves, he cancels all of Jae Ha’s appointments and tells his guard to keep a close eye on him.

At the same time, Shi Kyung has just been informed of Hang Ah’s miscarriage while he’s taking care of Jae Shin.  He offers to move her to her bed and Jae Shin decides to play with him a bit and ask him how he plans to do this and that he hugged her without permission earlier.  Because he’s Shi Kyung, he’s apparently memorized the rulebook and rattles off a rule that says they’re allowed to in cases of emergency.  Jae Shin decides to allow him to move her, but rather than just lift her, Shi Kyung paces around her wheelchair while thinking of how to do it without touching her.  Jae Shin can’t take it anymore and forcibly places his arm around her neck and under her legs.  As he lifts her, Shi Kyung is suddenly very aware that she’s staring at him and turns away.  When Jae Shin asks him if he can’t look at her because he’s having inappropriate thoughts, Shi Kyung immediately denies it and drops her like a sack of flour.  As punishment, she orders him to stay with her until she falls asleep since she’s scared.  I’d be okay with that.

The North Korean broadcast is still bashing Jae Ha and now they’re ridiculously acting like the dead baby is accusing Jae Ha.  At the same time, South Korean media is accusing Hang Ah of using this as attack on the king.  Mom is the picture of calm while watching this, but Hang Ah’s dad is furious about what they’re saying about his daughter and hurls his cup in anger.  Jae Ha can’t take listening to them slander Hang Ah’s reputation and turns off the TV.  He thinks of a plan though and calls for Shi Kyung, who’s more than happy to help him out.

We then cut to Hang Ah who courageously decides to attend the 1 year birthday of her friend’s baby.  She smiles while watching the baby, but eventually can’ take it anymore and decides to leave early.  As she heads back, she’s met by a high ranking officer named Lee Sang Ryul.  He makes her watch what the South Koreans are saying about her in an attempt to manipulate her into channel the anger into a broadcast that he’s setup so she can reveal the duplicity of the royal family.  When she looks into the camera though, she calmly tells the South Korean citizens that she’s been doing well and not to worry about her since she’s feeling better now.  She expresses her anger at her government for making her do this and that she just wants to be left alone.  Afterwards, she’s met by dad and immediately asks if Jae Ha has tried to contact her, but he says nothing.

Back at the palace, Secretary Eun is trying to brief Jae Ha on the situation, but he’s more preoccupied with the little chemistry experiment he’s setup on his desk.  Apparently he’s making moisture cream.  What craziness are you up to now, Lee Ja Ha?  They’re interrupted by workers coming in and Jae Ha says that he’s just redecorating because he doesn’t like his brother’s office decor.  Once Secretary Eun leaves though, out come the cameras and microphone as he prepares for a broadcast.  I like where this is going.

We then see him talking to Mom, who at first seems unwilling to help him with his plan.  She tells him that she had planned to sneak gifts to Hang Ah through a volunteer she knows, but Jae Ha says that this isn’t enough.  Mom starts lashing out at him and Hang Ah about how they could do something like this, but eventually the anger dissipates and is replaced by sadness and concern for how Hang Ah must’ve felt after losing the baby.  Mom still refuses to help Jae Ha, but you know deep down she’s not going to refuse a request from her precious son.

We now see Jae Ha preparing to leave the palace.  He gives someone in the PR department a call and has a request for her to play something at 10am.  A little under an hour before that, Mom decides to call in Secretary Eun to explain some things for her.  Ah, she’s playing decoy.  Nice, I love this family.  Back at the guard station, Shi Kyung and Dong Ha are going through final preparations for their upcoming maneuver.

Shi Kyung has loaded his gun and is ready to go but receives a call saying that Jae Shin is calling for him.  She tells him to make sure they’re not noticed this time, and Shi Kyung says he’ll pass along the message but he can’t go with her this time because he has to go with Jae Ha.   Jae Shin says she’ll talk to Jae Ha for him, but he refuses and insists he has to go with him.  At this point, she dismisses her maids so they can be alone and scoots on up to him in her chair.  She asks him what’s going on, but Shi Kyung says it’s classified.  Jae Shin then accuses him of just being sick of having to deal with her, to which Shi Kyung says she can think what she wants but he still can’t go with her.  She gets mad at him and asks why he got her a gift if he hated it so much and says she’s not going to the hospital because of him.  Shi Kyung says he has no right to force her and gives her a bow before walking out.  This was not what Jae Shin was expecting and calls out for him as he leaves.

Shi Kyung meets back up with Jae Ha and apologizes for being late.  They’re about to leave when one of Secretary Eun’s spies shows up and says he has to accompany Jae Ha.  However, Jae Ha tells him to take another car and the motorcade speeds away.  Secretary Eun’s spy reports back that Jae Ha escapes and Mom tells Secretary Eun to wait for Jae Ha’s plan to take place at 10am.

Sure enough, right at 10, Jae Ha’s prerecorded broadcast comes on and he confirms that Hang Ah did have a miscarriage and that he’s the father.  He apologizes for his actions and says that hang Ah was unfairly kicked out of the country.  Jae Shin is completely surprised by all this and cruises over to Mom for an explanation.  As Jae Ha’s broadcast continues, he reaches the United Nations controlled portion of the border between North and South and we hear him say he’s going to meet with Hang Ah as a man trying to console the woman who miscarried his baby.  Meanwhile, North and South Korean governments are freaking out over what to do.  Jae Ha meets with the UN forces there, but they’re reluctant to let him go.

Meanwhile, the North Korean government is discussing what to do.  Sang Ryul is spouting angry propaganda, while Hang Ah’s dad is trying to be the voice of reason.  We cut back to Shi Kung receiving an angry text from his dad saying to bring back Jae Ha.  He tells him that they probably don’t have much time and that they have to leave now.  The UN forces try once again to discourage Jae Ha from crossing over but move aside when he spouts some nonsense about this being his destiny.  Once again, that’s some great security we have going on there.  Guess they’re suckers for a good love story.

As he walks to the border, we hear a voiceover from his broadcast.  He’s willing to be cast down from the throne, but at the very least he wants to take responsibility for the woman he loves.  If only Hang Ah could hear this broadcast.  When he reaches the border, the North Koreans are unsure what to do.  Their response is to stick point guns at Jae Ha, but Hang Ah’s dad is trying to stop them from doing anything rash since shooting Jae Ha will lead to war.  Sang Ryul, however, says they were the ones who provoked them.

Jae Ha then walks up to the official boundary and is warned that the North might fire at him.  If that happens, Jae Ha orders everyone to flee and not try to protect him.  This goes especially for Shi Kyung, who Jae Ha threatens to demote if he even tries it.  The stone-faced Shi Kyung cracks a small smile at that but then follows Jae Ha as he crosses into Northern territory.  The Northern forces are panicking and are not sure what to do since they haven’t received orders yet.  Eventually the Northern leaders decide to meet with Jae Ha.

We now see Hang Ah’s dad telling her that Jae Ha just barged into the country unannounced.  Hang Ah is sure he’s here to see her, but dad is telling her to play hard to get.  She refuses and says that he’s still a king; they should show him proper hospitality.  Her dad tries to convince her otherwise, but Hang Ah says she knows what she’s doing and that she’s not the person she used to be.

Jae Ha finally reaches his destination and is met by Hang Ah’s father, who doesn’t even say a word to him.  He walks into a room and finds Hang Ah waiting for him.  She tells him to take a seat and coolly says that they only have instant coffee mix to offer him.  She’s also set to meet with her friend soon and he has 30 minutes to talk.  Hang Ah tells him to get on with the speech he prepared for her, but Jae Ha opts to give her his gift first.  Shi Kyung walks in with the gift but realizes how incredibly awkward the atmosphere is and gets out of there as quickly as he can.  Hang Ah opens the box and sees that they’re skincare products, which Jae Ha says are full this time.  Hah, glad he remembered that little stunt he pulled.  He tries to tell her there’s something more underneath, but Hang Ah cuts him off and mocks him for thinking that beauty products were going to be enough to make her forgive him and that he must’ve thought he’d look cool.  Jae Ha admits that it does seem pretentious and he must hate her, but Hang Ah says she doesn’t hate him because that would require her having some sort of feelings for him.  I swear I’ve heard that line before, but I don’t remember where.

The person she actually hates most right is herself for loving someone who continually ridiculed and tricked her.  She hates herself too for not realizing she was pregnant and that she waiting all this time for him to call her.  She then starts talking about how big the fetus was at the time of her miscarriage.  Tears start streaming down her face as she says she heard that at this point the fetus has a heartbeat and that she was the one who burst that little heart.  She blames herself once again for killing the baby because she thought her cramps would just go away.  Jae Ha tries to put his hand on hers to comfort her, but she knocks it away and tells him to leave before she has him dragged out by security.

Jae Ha decides to retreat, which is probably the best idea at this point, but boy you better have another plan up your sleeve to get this girl back.  Shi Kyung then receives a call from his father, who asks to speak to Jae Ha.  Secretary Eun thinks he’s going to go to other events that the North has planned for him, but Jae Ha says he’s going to go to a chicken factory?  Did not see that one coming.  He jokes that the chickens won’t be waving communist flags around so he should be okay.  Secretary Eun tries to get Jae Ha to return, but Jae Ha says he knows what he’s doing and he’s asking him to trust him.  He tells Secretary Eun’s that his continuous disapproval is making him lose confidence in himself, but he’ll do his best this time and to pleas just trust him this one time.

We now cut to Bong Gu telling one of his minions that Jae Ha was his target all along.  He doesn’t want to kill him per se; he just wants to scare him.  As he plays with a magical guillotine, he tells his minion to think of ways to strike fear into Jae Ha so that he can reveal that he was the one behind it all along.  he then laughs maniacally and force his minion to clap for his magic trick.  Again, the man needs a refill of anti-crazy pills, stat.

Meanwhile, Jae Ha is meeting with basically the North Korean prime minister.  He tells Jae Ha that he already saw Hang Ah already told him to get lost.  Jae Ha replies that he didn’t just come here to see her.  He tells him that they should announce the fact that they haven’t developed the technology in the cellphone yet so they can clear their name, but the prime minister doesn’t want to budge, saying that Jae Ha might not even be a king by the time he returns.  Jae Ha just smiles and says that he might care for Hang Ah, but he has no such feelings for North Korea.  Even in the South, he’s known for flying off the handle on a whim and asks the prime minister whether it’s in their best interest to make an enemy out of him.  Checkmate, game to Jae Ha.  Back in the palace, Secretary Eun does find an article in which the North admits they don’t have the technology yet, but it’s small and hidden in back somewhere.  Hah.  When he goes to talk to the South Korean prime minister about this, Secretary Eun says that they should make their official response just as small then.  Fair is fair after all.

Hang Ah has apparently reported back to her post in the intelligence department and is watching a South Korean newscast saying that the North has been cleared of involvement in Jae Kang’s death.  She takes off her headphones and grabs a nearby newspaper and is surprised to see a picture of Jae Ha visiting the chicken factory.  Back at the palace, some of the palace aides are reading the exact same paper and commenting one how cool Jae Ha looks and how Shi Kyung looks like he’s about to go kill off all the chickens.  LOL.  Not a completely unfair statement given the picture.  Jae Shin zooms by on her wheelchair, but turns around since she thinks the aides are laughing at her.  She confiscates the newspaper from them and sees the picture of Shi Kyung with her brother.

She immediately calls Shi Kyung and asks him why he made her look like a fool and that he should’ve said he was going with Jae Ha.  um, he kinda did, princess, but you’ve been through a lot so we’ll let it slide.  She tells him that she wouldn’t have told anyone their plan, but Shi Kyung says it was top secret.  She calls him frustrating and boring and then smiles when he says that she doesn’t have to remind him of that.  Jae Shin then asks how her brother and Hang Ah are doing.  Shi Kyung says they’re doing fine, but Jae Ha is complaining that he can’t get the chicken smell out.  Yep, that sounds like Jae Ha to me.  She tells him to make sure to bring Hang Ah back or else she’s not going to the hospital anymore and hangs up on him.  Shi Kyung smiles while thinking of her as he continues on his way.  I seriously love this couple.

Meanwhile, the North Korean leadership is still not sure what to do with Jae Ha.  The military leaders, led by Sang Ryul, are clearly anti-Jae Ha, while the prime minister reminds them that Jae Ha is a king.  This doesn’t sway them at all as the only leader they recognize on the Korean peninsula is their supreme leader.  After the meeting, Sang Ryul is still angry about Jae Ha.  Hang Ah’s father follows him out and then calls someone on his cellphone to have an agent on standby and he’ll confirm the target later.

We now see Bong Gu setting up his own recording that he’s apparently going to show to Jae Ha after he’s apparently been captured or kidnapped at some point in the future.  O rly?  Speaking of Jae Ha, he’s eating lunch and is taught that in the North, they don’t cut their noodles and instead use vinegar to separate them to make it easier to eat.  He complains about the vinegar smell but is interrupted by loud clapping at a nearby table.  He inquires as to what they’re celebrating and is told that someone’s daughter was just accepted into college.  Jae Ha comments that getting into college is a pretty big deal here and buys everyone a round of drinks to celebrate.

We then hear a Bong Gu’s voiceover saying that Jae Ha will be crushed by the North Koreans as Sang Ryul meets with the person who first bribed Secretary Eun.  Sang Ryul insists he’s doing this for the good of North Korea, and then confirms to the person he’s eating with that his target is Lee Jae Ha.  Good thing Hang Ah’s dad is more competent than Secretary Eun the agent he asked for earlier has tailed Sang Ryul and over heard all this.  Her dad gets mad when the agent calls him on his unsecured cellphone, but given the urgency of the situation he had no choice but to report it like this.  Hang Ah followed her dad secretly and overhears the whole thing.  We then cut back to Bong Gu saying that Club M is behind this future kidnapping of Jae Hae and wondering what he’ll do if Jae Ha is killed.

Final Thoughts

This episode was such a tease.  All build-up and no action, but man what a buildup.  Despite how she acted when they met, it’s obvious that Hang Ah still cares a great deal for Jae Ha and won’t stand idly by as Bong Gu goes through with whatever kidnapping scheme he has in mind with the North.  I’m hoping Kang Seok and Young Bae also make appearances since we haven’t seen either in a while either.

I think this is the first episode where I finally saw Bong Gu as a proper villain.  He’s bat-shit crazy still, but I like his plan of using the North Koreans to kidnap Jae Ha and revealing him as the mastermind via a video.  He was pretty threatening in the previous episode when he first met with Jae Ha and admitted his involvement in Jae Kang’s death, but he still just seemed like someone with a few screws loose in the head.

The ridiculousness of how easily he crossed the border aside, I’m glad Jae Ha finally went to apologize to Hang Ah in person instead of trying to contact her via phone or other forms of communication.  I did think he gave up rather easily though and barely said anything to her as she vented at him.  Maybe that is part of his plan though.  He knows she won’t trust anything he says at this point so he’s just letting her talk to gauge how she’s feeling.  It’s going to take some crazy action on his part to win Hang Ah back, but fortunately, crazy is Jae Ha’s specialty.


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