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[Drama Recap] The King 2 Hearts Episode 7

Here we recap and discuss episodes 7 of The King 2 Hearts.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Photo credit to Dramabeans

Now that they’ve been caught, it’s time to deal with the consequences.  They’ve been split up into different rooms and Jae Ha immediately starts his explanation when he finds Hang Ah’s dad standing there and not his brother.  Meanwhile, Hang Ah is completely frozen while staring at Jae Kang, who asks her straight up if she likes his brother that much.  LOL.  Even though she was his choice of bride candidates for Jae Ha, he’s never really had the chance to talk to her.  Jae Kang tells her that he knows that it’s going to be difficult for her if she gets engaged to Jae Ha and offers to be a shield for her as best he can while she gets acclimated to South Korean society.  It’s a pretty touching moment…which is promptly undercut by Jae Ha’s not-so-pleasant talk with Hang Ah’s dad.  Jae Ha tries to use alcohol as an excuse, but that’s not exactly what her dad wants to hear.  Eventually Jae Ha is forced to admit defeat in this matter and agrees to the engagement.

Now that it’s official, the entire country is abuzz with differing opinions on the matter.  We even see a broadcast where 2 different fortune-tellers have differing opinions as to how the marriage will go.  Since he’s going to be giving up his daughter, Hang Ah’s father gives Jae Ha a full bow, which embarrasses him and he tries to stop him.  Jae Ha does have the decency to try to protect the elder man’s dignity and orders everyone else out of the room.  Hang Ah’s father tells Jae Ha about how she grew up in a harsh environment, and without her mother to care for her.  Jae Ha can see how much he cares for his daughter and offers to let him see her, but he declines the offer and walks out.  Hang Ah watches with tears in her eyes from her window as her father gives her a brusque wave goodbye and reads a text from him that she should follow the South Korean rules now.  Hang Ah knows how much it hurt her father to have to say that to her and whispers an apology.

Later that night, they all have their first dinner together.  Jae Ha’s mom accidentally makes a comment about how Hang Ah’s family is pour and of course Jae Ha’s there to expand on it, despite Jae Kang and Jae Shin’s attempts to stop him.  Hang Ah is used to dealing with Jae Ha by now and just ignores him so she can try to get closer with his mom.  She tries to compliment her but one of the words she uses that means cheery and bright in the North, means petty in the South.  Hang Ah is oblivious to her mistake at first and the royal siblings do their best to laugh it off.  One of the attendants also finds it funny and chuckles at it as well, something that did not please dear old mom.  Later we see her call her head of staff to her office to surprisingly complain about how rude that attendant was to laugh at Hang Ah’s mistake.  Wait, what?  The mom in a drama actually approves of a girl that she didn’t personally pick and wants to help her?  What crazy universe is this?


To prepare her for her integration into South Korean society, special tutors have been hired for Hang Ah to teach her about things like storing money in banks and about earning interest.  Personally, I feel that basic home finance classes should be mandatory around high school age for everyone but I digress.  Mom decides to interrupt her soon-to-be-daughter-in-law’s lesson and has a little chat with her.  With the best intentions, Mom suggest to Hang Ah not to talk so that she doesn’t get made fun of, at least until she’s used to the language more.  Hang Ah is confused by the suggestion and starts asking when is the right and wrong time to talk.  However, Mom thinks she’s just talking back to her and gets frustrated with her.

Later that night, Jae Shin it out for a night on the town with her friends.  We see her drinking with them at hole-in-the-wall type place with Shi Kyung keeping watch over her from the next table.  Jae Shin gets tired of Shi Kyung ruining the mood and decides to head back to the palace.  However, she changes her mind and challenges Shi Kyung to a foot race and dashes off early as she counts down for them to start.  Shin Kyung has no choice but to chase after her and of course easily beats her to the finish line, which is a hill overlooking Seoul.

With his help, Jae Shin climbs up on a wall to watch the shooting stars and tells Shi Kyung to make a wish as well.  He starts to tell her that he doesn’t believe in such things, but she silences him with a glare and says not to ruin things for her.  Jae Shin wishes that her next album will go well and laughs when Shi Kyung tells her that he actually wished for world peace.  He takes offense to this saying that if a singer can ask for the success of a song, why can’t a soldier ask for peace?  Why is she laughing at soldiers like him who protect the country so that people like her can enjoy doing things like singing?  As an apology, Jae Shin sings a song for him that nobody else has heard yet and we see the small bud of a relationship between them grow.   I really like the song too, even if her voice wasn’t the best.  Listen to it here.

What’s with this drama and bad English? We then cut to Secretary Eun who’s speaking to an apparently wealthy donor to the royal family.  The donor asks for where the Jae Kang and his wife are going on vacation, to which Secretary Eun of course has to say is privileged information.  The man presses him, saying that he just wanted advice on where he should go for his vacation in South Korea.  Secretary Eun then finds that the man has sent him a personal gift: an original Quarrymen album, which was John Lennon’s group that eventually evolved into The Beatles.  He’s a huge fan of The Beetles so receiving a rare treasure like this apparently is worth betraying his King for and he gives up the location.  Yeah, this isn’t going to come back to haunt you or anything.  Don’t worry about it.  Sure enough, we see Bong Gu start plotting his assassination.

Now we’re on Anmyundo Island with Jae Kang and his wife admiring the view.  Secretary Eun and his team do a security sweep of the house and assure Jae Kang that the two of them will be left alone.  Shi Kyung is apparently in charge of the perimeter guard and salutes his dad on his way out.  Back at the palace, Mom is having another chat with Hang Ah tells her about how as a North Korean, she should be more respectful to other than she was when she first became queen even though she was just a commoner.  Hang Ah rightly takes offense that a North Korean is considered worse than a commoner and says she’s going to do her best to represent her country.  Jae Ha interrupts their conversation and tries to poke his nose into their business, but his mom politely tells him to butt out.  He’s persistent about finding out though and tries to interrupt Hang Ah’s lesson, but is foiled again by one of the staff outside of Hang Ah’s lesson room.

We now see that Jae Shin is also hanging around, but surprisingly without a security detail.  She calls Jae Ha and asks him to bring Hang Ah with him to Anmyundo so they can have dinner with Jae Kang and his wife.  Jae Ha tells them not to interrupt them while they’re having a baby, but Jae Shin points out she just wants to have dinner with them not stay over.  Still frustrated about not being able to see Hang Ah, he tells his sister as much and hangs up on her.  Since little brother doesn’t want to go, Jae Shin goes with plan B: Shi Kyung.  She pretends to be in trouble, but Shi Kyung doesn’t believe her for a second.  Once she sees her prank has failed, Jae Shin tells him she’s going to call him at 7 for details on dinner.  Of course being the good and loyal soldier that he is, there is no way that Shi Kyung is going to ignore a request from the princess.

A mysterious car drives up to the gates of the area surrounding Jae Kang’s vacation home and it’s filled with foreigners pretending to be lost.  The guards there point them in the right direction and shake their hand.  Yeah, that’s never a good idea.  Sure enough, they lift the guard’s finger prints from the gloves that the man was wearing and confirm that he was a Royal Guard.  Then, in what has to be the worst guarded perimeter in history, the bad guys just stroll through the woods and past the guards without being seen.  They notice Jae Kang and his wife out for a walk and immediately put their plan into action.  They go to the house and start putting some ash in the fireplace, but are interrupted by a sound outside.

Jae Shin, unfortunately, has decided to arrive at this point and is taken hostage after placing the groceries that she bought for dinner on the table.  Omg, you fools better not kill her off too.  We just got introduced to her; you can’t take her away this quickly!  When Jae Kang and his wife come back to the house, they see the groceries on the table and big brother immediately deduces that it’s Jae Shin’s work from the wine.  Gotta love how much this family knows about each other.  Meanwhile, Shi Kyung is down at the guard station and notices that Jae Shin hasn’t called yet, causing his spider sense to start tingling.

Back at the palace, Hang Ah finds Jae Ha waiting for her as she comes back to her room.  He’s still trying to find out what she talked about with his mom and, in true Jae Ha fashion, hurts her feelings in the process.  However, even he knows he crossed a line this time and bends down in front of her in apology but Hang Ah all but kicks him out of her room.  After Jae Ha storms out of the room, he turns back around as if to go back in…but, of course, decides against it.  Inside, Hang Ah is crying and telling her dad on the phone that she can’t take it here anymore and to send a car for her.  However, she was actually talking to nobody as we hear the automated phone operator on the other end.

Just then, she gets a call from the one person she does actually trust in the royal family: Jae Kang.  Even though he’s not actually there, Hang Ah gives him a bow and asks when he’ll return.  He says he’ll be back the next day and that he just wanted to check in on her.  Jae Kang also asks if Jae Ha is treating her better now and Hang Ah lies so as not to worry him.

We then cut to Jae Ha dressed up for a night on the town when he receives a drunken call from Jae Kang, who says that he really really likes his little bro.  Uh oh, I have a bad feeling about this.  Jae Ha is in no mood to deal with his brother though and hangs up on him after Jae Kang tries to give him some advice about love.  He then gets a text from his brother, but ignores it.  Meanwhile, Jae Kang is staring at his phone and drunken tells his wife that there’s no reply.  Get a little alcohol in him, and suddenly big brother’s the immature one in the family.  As he starts talking about his ambitions for the future of the country and for their own future, warning claxons are blaring in my head since drunken calls and talking about the future are usually bad signs in dramas.  His wife just smiles at his plans and says she wants a son like Song Joong-ki, and Jae Kang jokingly points out that Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s kid will probably beat their kid up because of their personalities.  The two slowly fall asleep and we see the wine glass in Jae Kang’s hand full with an ominous thud to the carpet.  Damn it, I knew this was coming but I still hate it.

You barely have time to get over that trauma when we cut to a disheveled Jae Shin being forced into her car by the assassins.  They’re trying to force her to drive off the cliff so it’ll look like an accident, but she has a different idea.  So that people will suspect wrong-doing, Jae Shin opts instead to jump off the cliff herself.  Wait, what?  No…no, that did not just happen.  This must be a dream.  Unfortunately, she does actually land with a thud at the bottom of the cliff where she’s miraculously found by Shi Kyung as he’s going on his patrol.  He immediately tears up upon seeing her, looks up at the cliff and runs screaming bloody vengeance back to his car.  You stupid drama, I told you not to kill her off this soon!  Back at the house, the royal guards are trying to inform Jae Kang about his sister, but of course it’s kind of too late for them.

Back in Seoul, Jae Ha is about to give a speech when he’s interrupted by Secretary Eun and a small compliment of soldiers.  In front of all the press there, he tells Jae Ha that his brother is dead and kneels before him.  Err…kind of a douche move to spring that on him in public like that, but whatever.  As Jae Ha is riding back to the palace, Secretary Eun is in his ear telling him about the situation and what needs to be done, but Jae Ha doesn’t want to deal with it right now and tells them to stop the car so he can get out and grieve for a moment by himself.  After he composes himself, he returns to the car and quickly discusses with Secretary Eun which items on the agenda should have priority.

We now cut to Mom in the hospital waiting on news of Jae Shin’s surgery.  Somehow, not that I’m complaining in the slightest, she survived her fall.  However, she is kind of paralyzed from the waist down.  Mom barely has time to register this in her mind when she sees Jae Ha’s motorcade pull up to the hospital.  When he walks into the room where she’s waiting, Mom yells at him for coming here first instead of taking care of official business.  Jae Ha takes it all in silence and just hugs her as she continues on to say that she’ll take care of everything inside the palace and he can take care of all the other stuff.  As she mentions Jae Kang’s name, Mom finally breaks down and just tightly holds onto her last remaining son.

Final Thoughts

Omg why did Jae Shin not have bodyguards.  I was seriously expecting Shi Kyung to show up with a cadre of guards with guns ablazing to save her or something.  Her jumping off the cliff took me completely by surprise.  I was already kind of emotionally gutted after Jae Kang’s death and thinking that Jae Shin’s followed right after was a sucker punch.  I’m glad she’s at least alive though as I would’ve been thoroughly pissed if both siblings were gone in a span of 5 minutes.  Jae Kang’s character is very well played, but I love Jae Shin’s character, especially when combined with Shi Kyung’s.  They’re definitely a fun couple to watch and I can’t wait to see their future interactions.

As I said, I knew Jae Kang’s death was coming, but it still makes me mad.  Jae Ha is obviously the king mentioned in the drama’s title so Jae Kang was going to go sooner or later; I was just hoping for more comedy before getting sucked into the truly emotional part of the drama.  And what a fire to light under the rash Jae Ha.  You know he’s not going to just take the assassination of his brother and the injury to his sister lying down, and I look forward to what crazy schemes he comes up with as he assumes the throne to exact revenge.  Can’t believe Secretary Eun just gave up the location like that.  Granted it’s a really rare album, but this is your King you’re talking about.  You’ve been in this business long enough to know that nothing good can come of leaking this information.  Also, what was with the lackadaisical security around the property?  Other than on the main road, I saw no guard patrols, no surveillance of any kind despite Shi Kyung hiding out at the Guard’s Station.  I’ve seen more security at department stores than I saw protecting the king.

The family dynamic in this so good.  Mom is the clearly the emotional anchor for all three children, and we especially see this with Jae Kang and Jae Ha.  Those two along with Jae Shin act so much like real siblings just from how they seem to be able to read each other and the warmth you feel from when they talk to each other.  It’s really a shame that Jae Kang wasn’t around longer because I really wanted to see all three Kang children together.

At any rate, farewell Lee Jae Kang.  You were fated to leave this series early, but you will be assuredly be missed.


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