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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 12

Here we recap and discuss episode 12 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Ga Young returns from her first day of work with Jae Hyuk and notices the factory seems emptier than it should.  The other works spot her and tell her that the police came in and took everything because Young Gul is getting sued.  She does into Young Gul’s office and the place looks like it’s been burglarized.  Meanwhile, Young Gul is trying to plead his case with the prosecutor and that this must all be a mistake.  The policeman, however, doesn’t listen and accuses him of threatening Anna and stealing her designs.  According to him, with the clothes they took from the factory and the camera footage of Young Gul harassing Anna in the elevator, it’s a pretty open and shut case.  That’s some brilliant detective work right there.  Maybe next you can solve the mystery of who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk’s cruising around town and ignores a call from Ga Young.  He gets to his apartment building where Ga Young is there waiting for him.  Young Gul apparently has been released from the station and gets there at the same time.  Ga Young gets into the elevator with Jae Hyuk and asks her why he’s suing Young Gul still even though she did as he wanted and is staying by his side.  Jae Hyuk, however, continues to ignore her even as she barges into his apartment.  Eventually, he tells her that he has a plan and that this is between him and Young Gul and she should interfere.  He then says that if Ga Young doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to come in anymore.  Jae Hyuk tries to kick her out, but Ga Young says she’s not moving from his couch until he takes back the lawsuit.

Down in the lobby, Young Gul is loitering around, not sure what to do.  He eventually goes back to the factory and looks at Ga Young’s empty bed.  He starts to clean up his office, but gives up after a while and thinks back on the various interactions he’s seen between Ga Young and Jae Hyuk.

Back in Jae Hyuk’s apartment, he sees Ga Young has fallen asleep and covers her with a blanket.  Now he cares?  At any rate, he hears her phone ringing and sees that Young Gul is calling.  Jae Hyuk stares at the phone for a while and decides to mess with Young Gul some more.  He tells her that Ga Young is sleeping peacefully and doesn’t want to wake up.  It takes all of Young Gul’s patience to not yell at him and he just asks him to tell Ga Young to call him when she wakes up.  Of course, Jae Hyuk has no intention of this and instead decides to delete Young Gul’s number from her phone.  Now that he’s off the call, Young Gul lashes out at his furniture.

The next morning, Ga Young wakes up with a start and sees Jae Hyuk calmly eating breakfast.  Ever the polite sit-in protestor, she neatly folds the blanket and continues her protest after making a quick bathroom break.  She tells him that she’s intends to stay at the apartment even while he’s at work.  She’s even going to call her fellow workers from the factory to come over since they have nothing to do either.  They’re interrupted at this point by Jae Hyuk’s mom barging in and immediately getting the wrong impression.  He tells her bodyguards to drag her out, but Jae Hyuk punches them and tells Ga Young to wait for him in his room.  Jae Hyuk then yells at his mom like he’s a teenager to butt out of his business and to leave him alone.  Personally, if I was his mom, I would’ve stripped him of his position or disowned by now.   Mom gives one last look at Ga Young and marches out.  Afterwards, Ga Young decides to apologize for causing trouble, even though that’s kind of her plan in the first place until he drops the lawsuit.

Well that sit-in didn’t last long.  Jae Hyuk asks if she’ll be okay even though he’s not sure if his mom will come back and she decides to get out of there.  As Jae Hyuk drives her to the subway station, he asks her why she always wants him to do what she wants and if she thinks this way because her parents never taught her otherwise.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Ga Young even says as much when she gets out of his car.

At J Fashion, Director Kim notices that Ga Young still hasn’t reported in for work.  He does find her sketchbook and likes what he sees.  We then cut to Jae Hyuk in the restroom where he’s ambushed by Young Gul.  He asks Jae Hyuk what his endgame is and why he’s forcing Ga Young to work here.  Jae Hyuk smiles and says that Ga Young came here of her own free will because he confessed to her.  Even Young Gul laughs at this and doesn’t believe him for a second.  He counters with the fact that Anna must feel pretty guilty about all this since she knows that these aren’t her designs after all.  Eventually we find out what Jae Hyuk’s wanted all this time: the YGM brand.

Jae Hyuk walks out of the bathroom feeling pretty good about himself, but the smile leaves his face when he gets back to his office and finds mom sitting there.  He’s still acting like a spoiled brat and won’t face his mom as they talk.  She demands that he bring in Ga Young, but he tells her that she quit and to keep his voice down.  At this point, Anna walks in, having been called by his mom.  Oh this should be good.  Suddenly, Jae Hyuk isn’t so sure about his plan.  His mom asks Anna if she knows Ga Young and why she’s staying silent even though she knows what Jae Hyuk’s doing with Ga Young.  She then tells Anna to keep her mom in line, to which Anna meekly agrees.  At this point, Director Kim comes in and asks if he should come back later, but Jae Hyuk tells him to just give his report.  He mentions that Ga Young didn’t come in and if Jae Hyuk knows the reason.  Based on their respective reactions, he has some idea of what may have happened.

Anna then goes back to her office and finds Young Gul standing there.  Man, security in this building is awful.  Young Gul compliments her on the designs that he’s been looking at, causing Anna to smile. She tells him to sit down, but Young Gul says he’s not going to be here long.  Young Gul tells Anna he came because he knew she’d be feeling sorry.  She apologizes and he smiles at her and says not to worry about it and walks out.

Back at Madam Jo’s boutique, she’s paid a visit by Jae Hyuk.  She asks him what he’s decided and he tells her that he won’t be buying out her shares.  She’s caught off guard by this and asks why he didn’t just tell her this over the phone.  Jae Hyuk is enjoying watching her squirm and quickly decides to leave.  Now that her little gambit has failed, she gives a call to Anna and is told that Jae Hyuk took her other option and sued Young Gul.

Meanwhile, at Young Gul’s factory, the workers are gossiping again about Jae Hyuk, Young Gul, and Ga Young.  They’re trying to keep their voices down, but she’s literally sitting right there next to them and can hear everything.  Young Gul finally comes back to the factory and there’s all shocked to see how calm he is as he just strolls in.  They all start pestering him with questions and he tells them to quiet down and asks them if they know who he is.  Their answers go from king of counterfeiters to Dongdaemun Casanova to a wretch.  Finally this drama actually made me crack a smile.  He says he’s a Dongdaemun do-gooder and they just sigh at him.  He tells them he’ll handle it and to get back to work.  Young Gul then calls Il Gook and Bong Sook into his office to talk.

Later that night, we see him meeting up with Anna for dinner.  She thanks him for taking the time to see her and asks if there’s anything she can help him with.  He tells her that he’s got things under control though so they should just enjoy the dinner.  Anna then asks why Ga Young is acting like she did and if he ordered her to do this.  She tells him that he should stop Ga Young from getting too close to Jae Hyuk or else she’ll end up just like her.  He then gets a call from Michael and tells Anna that he’s going to be introduced to an American investor tomorrow.  One of Jae Hyuk’s spies overhears this and reports it immediately.

When Young Gul gets back to the factory, he sees that Ga Young is still eating her dinner.  He sits down and finally asks her why she went to Jae Hyuk’s factory.  Ga Young is evasive and says she just did it for a day and didn’t tell him because she thought he’d misunderstand.  When He confronts her about spending the night at Jae Hyuk’s place, Ga Young admits that she only went because of Jae Hyuk’s ultimatum.  All of a sudden, Young Gul doesn’t trust Ga Young anymore and accuses her of dating Jae Hyuk behind his back again.  And here I thought we were actually making progress.  Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk starts to text Ga Young to come over again, but decides against it.

The next morning, Ga Young has made breakfast for Young Gul, but he just says that they might have guests later and walks out.  We then see him with Il Gook trying on expensive suits.  He tells Il Gook to pay for it for now and he’ll pay him back later.  Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk’s assistant is reporting to Jae Hyuk about what he found out last night regarding the American investor that Michael is planning to introduce to Young Gul.  Right on cue, Young Gul shows up in his office to tell him that he’s not giving him his shares either and that he’s on his way to the airport to meet with his investors.

We cut to Madam Jo in the car on the phone with Young Gul.  She’s trying to schedule a meeting with him, but he blows her off basically.  The workers see her as she gets to the factory and start to put their plan in motion.  As Madam Jo walks in, Young Gul walks out of his office with Il Gook is all dressed up pretending to be the American investor with Bong Sook next to him as his interpreter.  Madam Jo seems impressed by this little show and tell act and follows Young Gul into his office after he tells Ga Young to finish showing their other guest around.  As part of the plan, Young Gul leaves Madam Go alone in his office where he’s planted an investment agreement for $10 million.

Back at J Fashion, Dad is not happy with Jae Hyuk about how he’s handled things.  No matter what Jae Hyuk does, Young Gul always seems to be one step ahead.  He asks Jae Hyuk what his next step is, but he’s at a loss.  We then cut to Young Gul who has apparently decided to rent an apartment in the same building as Jae Hyuk.  While there, he gets a call from Jae Hyuk asking if they can meet.

Once again, Jae Hyuk’s at his favorite spot at the end of the bar drinking.  He admits defeat to Young Gul and tells him he should be getting some news in a few days.  Young Gul smiles and pours himself a victory shot.  Jae Hyuk then turns to Young Gul and asks him straight up how much for the brand.  Young Gul tells him $5 million, to which Jae Hyuk agrees on the condition that he gives him Ga Young.  This is, of course, a deal breaker to Young Gul and he walks away.  Jae Hyuk doesn’t seem to care and just continues drinking.

Seems to be the thing to do tonight as we cut to Ga Young pouring herself a shot of soju.  When Young Gul comes back to the factory, Ga Young says that they should talk.  She pours him a shot and then tells him she’s thought a lot about what he said about her leaving if she wants to.  You stupid drama, you better not do what I think you’re about to do.  She says that she liked working at Jae Hyuk’s company and that she feels she could learn a lot there.  Young Gul can’t believe what he’s hearing and does everything he can to convince her to stay.  However, Ga Young says it’s still better than Young Gul bringing in Madam Jo and putting on that show for her.  Young Gul tells her not to worry about that and instead think about the designers that are coming in for interviews.  Ga Young has made up her mind though and asks for the money she lent him before as well as her wages for working here.  Young Gul makes one final plea that they should end this together, but then tells her that she should just do what she wants.

Final Thoughts

So, does someone want to explain to me how Young Gul seems certain that Ga Young is doing all this for a reason to going to accusing her of betraying him again?  I thought we moved past that little plot point already.  It’s seriously like all the characters in this drama are bipolar.  Young Gul sticks up for Ga Young all the time…except when they’re alone.  Jae Hyuk tries to be this sneaky little businessman, but turns into a brat when things don’t go this way.  Ga Young has pretty much been relegated to a wallflower at this point and alternates between incredibly stubborn and self-righteous to meek and submissive.  At this point, Anna’s the only character I even remotely care about because I can kind of understand where she’s coming from.  The rest just do whatever the hell they feel like.

I honestly feel like we had to endure 5 episodes of useless back and forth non-fighting just to make Ga Young fed up enough to leave Young Gul.  And even then it still makes no sense.  She’s knows Jae Hyuk is a rat bastard, probably the biggest I’ve seen in dramas.  I absolutely hated Majun from ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’ but I understood where he was coming from with his inferiority complex.  Jae Hyuk just seems like an untalented spoiled ass of a son who’s hiding behind the influence of his parents.  If her decision to leave is predicated on him working with Madam Jo, then we could have easily skipped this whole power trip of Jae Hyuk’s.  I’m pretty sure she’s going to end up not leaving him anyway because she’s as confused about what to do as the writer seems to be for this drama.

I guess we’ll find out next week if she does.  For once, I’m actually mildly curious as to what happens next.  At the same time, if the series mysteriously gets cancelled next week, don’t expect me to shed any tears.

One response to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 12

  1. Yuni May 2, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    wow.. i stop watching this drama since eps6 or so.. it’s boring i think. like you said the character and the plot is going back and forth.. korea-america-korea.. blabla.. i thought Ga Young will start work with Jae Hyuk in eps7 but it’s on ep12?? what have they been doing? zz.. after reading your synopsis i’m glad i didn’t continue. now i’m watching rooftop prince.. even if it is a semi fiction drama but there’s a red line! well thanks for the review..

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