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[Drama Recap] The King 2 Hearts Episode 5-6

Here we recap and discuss episodes 5 and 6 of The King 2 Hearts.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Photo credit to Dramabeans

Now that their official training time has ended, they throw a big party on the base and exchange gifts with each other.  Dong Ha gives Kang Seok a SNSD poster, which causes Kang Seok to start sweating bullets, but Dong Ha gives him an out and says he’s just writing his contact info on it for him.  Shi Kyung gives Young Bae his shaving kit while Young Bae gives Shi Kyung some fruit that’s only found in North Korea.  To commemorate their training period, the four of them decide to take a picture.  Hang Ah finally shows up to the party and thinks she spots Jae Ha and goes up to give him a huge slap on the back.  Unfortunately, it’s Shi Kyung instead.  He tells an embarrassed Hang Ah that the prince left already, but left her a gift.  She happily opens it and finds it’s an empty lotion bottle, causing her to loudly curse him in the middle of the banquet.  Of course he did.  That gift makes so much sense for Jae Ha that you can’t help but laugh.  You see that she does miss him though as she sighs upon returning to the now empty room she shared with Jae Ha and prop her rather nice legs on the table like he used to do.

Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Jae Kang and Jae Ha are standing watching their mother do some gardening.  She eventually yells at Jae Ha for doing something to make Jae Kang snap at her like he did earlier.  He does eventually sweet-talk himself back into his mom’s good graces, earning a slap on the head from his brother for how he did it.  Jae Ha then asks his brother for a favor for completing the 60km run: he wants to bring someone to the palace.  Lo and behold, Shi Kyung reports for duty and Jae Ha wastes no time in tormenting him by making Shi Kyung give him a leg massage and airing out all the times that Shi Kyung slighted him in his mind.

We find out that despite cursing him out, Hang Ah still has the empty bottle that Jae Ha gave her and looks at it fondly.  Her father also tells her that she’s still a bride candidate for Jae Ha.  Speaking of the petulant prince, he’s taking a bubble bath when big brother Jae Kang asks him if he’s still willing to go on blind dates with some North Korean women.  Jae Ha refuses, but hesitates when Jae Kang says they’re pretty.  However, Jae Kang does notice that his brother’s face changes when he mentions that Hang Ah is no long on the list, but Jae Ha covers up his feelings by saying he’ll go on the dates.  Of course, when he goes on the dates, all he can talk about is Hang Ah.

Hang Ah is devastated when she’s told the news that she’s been eliminated from the bride candidates and throws away Jae Ha’s gift while crying.  She’s still hasn’t quite gotten over him when she reports to her a pretty cushy job in my mind of surveilling South Korean media.  While there, she hears breaking news of her engagement to Jae Ha.  Jang Kang finds out about this at the same time and is completely shocked.  He wanted this all along, of course, but he wanted it to be released on his terms so he can put his own spin on it.  Jae Ha tells him that they should just say nothing about this and the scandal will blow over eventually.  Jae Kang, however, decides that he’s going to officially fess up to the plan and take responsibility for what happens because of it.

However, Jae Ha won’t let his brother take the fall.  Right before Jae Kang has his press conference, Jae Ha holds his own in front of a crowded soccer stadium about how he fell in love with Hang Ah and requested this himself.  Meanwhile, Hang Ah is watching his speech live from her post.  Afterwards, Jae Kang chides his brother about lying to the entire world, but Jae Ha doesn’t care because he doesn’t want the throne if Jae Kang got kicked out before of this fiasco.  One of Jae Ha’s crazy solutions somehow works out yet again.  He’s pleased with himself for how he handled it, but not so much when Jae Kang asks him when he wants to hold the meeting to officially engage him to Hang Ah.  He’s somehow surprised he still has to go through with this charade despite his public declaration.  Jae Kang tells him that he at least has to pretend to go through the motions, but says that Hang Ah might have a problem with it since she was against the idea before.  Jae Ha is SURE that she likes him though.

Jae Kang is right though, and Hang Ah is telling her superiors that she’s been tricked by Jae Ha before and won’t fall for this again.  When Jae Ha hears about this, he tries to call her, but is told that she has refused all contact with him.  Meanwhile, Jae Kang is enjoying watching his little brother’s ego get trampled on.  Despite what she’s telling people, though, Hang Ah is wondering to herself if maybe Jae Ha isn’t trying to prank her again and her dad catches her rewatching the clip of Jae Ha’s confession over and over again.  When he takes her out to dinner later, he tries to tell her not to worry about it, but Hang Ah decides that she’s going to see him after all, but only so she can reject him in person.  Sure, let’s go with that excuse.

In order to get Hang Ah to at least meet with Jae Ha so that South Korea can save face, Chief Secretary Eun tries to get his son to call Hang Ah to see if he can convince her.  Shi Kyung can barely get the words “it’s been a long time” out of his mouth when she tells him she’s going to come.  When Shi Kyung reports this to Jae Ha, his jealousy rages up again that Hang Ah seemed to respond to Shi Kyung more than him and bans him from joining the guard detail that’s going to escort her to the palace.

Dressed in a modified hanbok, Hang Ah crosses over to South Korea to greet Jae Kang’s wife as he and his mom watch from Seoul.  Jae Ha is watching the plane and hatches a plan with Dong Ha, who has replaced Shi Kyung, to make Hang Ah say that she likes him and then reject her.  Oh I can feel hilarity ensuing already.  When they finally meet up, Jae Ha offers her a heart-shaped donut, but is flatly rejected.  He says they should have dinner later and then walks away, while purposely leaving his phone for her to find.  Hang Ah doesn’t care a t first, but Kang Seok, who has just come back from hearing Dong Ha strategically saying how much Jae Ha likes her, picks up the phone and sees her picture on it.  Jae Ha waits for just this moment to then walk in and snatch it from them, feigning indignation that they saw it.  As he walks out of earshot, he wonders if he made it too obvious and continues with the next step of his plan by sending her a text apologizing.

Hang Ah, however, completely falls for it and we see her trying to pose like the photo on his phone.  However, a call from dad brings her to her senses and reminds she’s there to crush him.  Later, Jae Ha prepares an elaborate dinner for her, complete with confetti poppers and gets down on one knee when he hears that she’s arrived.  However, when he looks up, it’s not Hang Ah, but Kang Seok.  Completely embarrassed considering all the prep work he put in, Jae Ha decides that he’s going up his dastardly plan and will make her love him so much that she’ll spend the rest of her life thinking about him just so he can tell her right before she dies that it was all a lie.  This drama just gets better and better.

Meanwhile, Shi Kyung is out to dinner with his dad when he receives a call from Jae Ha asking how he seduced Hang Ah.  When he says that he never did anything, Jae Ha thinks he’s holding out on him and hangs up on him.  Chief Secretary Eun tries to tell his son that he’s wasting his time being a soldier and that he should go back to law school.  It’s always gotta be a lawyer or doctor, doesn’t it.  He then excuses himself so that he can go pick up the princess, who he finds out later has eluded her escort by boarding an earlier plane.

As we enter a nightclub that they’ve tracked the princess’ cell phone to, we’re introduced to miss Lee Jae Shin by seeing her wearing a wig and dancing on stage.  When she insults herself in front of the crowd, Shi Kyung, who doesn’t realize that it’s her, pulls her back stage.  She’s amused that he hasn’t figured out her identity yet and clues him in by showing her ringing cellphone that she dialed so the other agents could track her.  He STILL doesn’t get it and pins her to the ground and asks how she got it.  This guy.  So very straight-laced and such a good compliment to Jae Ha’s character.  Eventually, she takes off the wig and gets dressed in her in princess attire and tells them she’s going to catch up with her friends and that they should continue to salute her while waiting until she says to stop.  Later, Jae Shin goes to see Jae Kang, who chides her for acting like a kid and going around singing at random clubs.  She just smiles at him though and points out that Jae Ha’s causing a much bigger issue than anything she can do.  LOL, I love this family.

Back at the villa, Hang Ah goes for a walk after Dong Ha mentions to her that Jae Ha is sulking around.  From outside his room, she watches his silhouette walk around and turn off the lights.  Kang Seok suddenly appears and wonders if he’s watching porn since it’s too early to sleep.  LOL.  She glares at him and asks him why he’s not watching the SNSD special that’s being aired tonight.  He stutters out that he quit them, but full on sprints back to his room to so he doesn’t miss it.  As Hang Ah turns to leave, we see that it was Dong Ha in Jae Ha’s room and he radios her position to Jae Ha like a spy reporting about an enemy commander.

Jae Ha’s plan this time involves her “accidentally” finding him playing a piano that’s literally in the middle of nowhere.  He baits her into sitting down next to him in the piano and talks about two composers that were born in different places and times and yet somehow their music fits together perfectly.  Hang Ah’s completely hooked on his every word and when Jae Ha feels he’s built it up enough he slowly leans in for a kiss.  She closes her eyes in anticipation, but right before their lips touch, Jae Ha stands up and says it’s getting late and leaves.  Gotta hand it to Jae Ha, the fool knows exactly what buttons to push with her.

The next day, Jae Ha is gloating to Dong Ha, who actually believes Jae Ha’s a genius for this, about his master plan.  He gives a flash drive to Dong Ha to give to Hang Ah.  On it are pictures of their time together in North Korea, causing her to smile.  She’s completely head over heels for him at this point which climaxes in her running out to hug him in the snow, where he’d be strategically pacing around waiting for her.  Suddenly Jae Ha’s plan doesn’t seem quite so fun anymore.  He starts to rethink his plan, but when Dong Ha suspects that he might actually like her Jae Ha says he’s going to kick her to the curb after all by going with the their love can never be because of the political pressure.

One tiny problem with the plan.  Hang Ah doesn’t want to break off the engagement anymore.  Jae Ha tries to talk his way out of it, but eventually can’t and admits that he was acting all along.  Hang Ah is confused at first, but when reality hits her she’s completely crushed.  She’s crying her eyes out and at first it looks like he’s actually going to come back and comfort her, but he hand pauses on the doorknob to the room.  As much as I’m yelling at him to comfort her, it kills me to admit that it’s not in his character to do so, nor would it help the storyline.

We now fly back to Seoul where they are going to hold the official conference to break off the engagement.  Jae Ha is about to say the party line about irreconcilable difference, but Hang Ah interrupts him and says that she’s in love with him and will go through with the engagement.  My face mirrors Ja Ha’s at this point as we’re both completely shocked that she’d have to guts to do this in front of everyone.  Meanwhile, Dong Ha and Ski Hyung are betting with each other as to what Jae Ha’s response will be.  LOL, yet another great example of humor undercutting a serious situation.  After a long pause, Jae Ha finally responds with a cryptic poem that pretty much says he has no idea how he feels about her, which causes even Jae Shin to roll her eyes at him when he explains it to her later.  He then sends her off to spy on Hang Ah.

However, Jae Shin has her own agenda and wants to know the other side of the story.  When Jae Ha comes in to check on them, he only sees Jae Shin glaring at him.  Uh oh, he’s about to get a smack down from younger sister.  She rips into him for messing around with Hang Ah’s feelings and we see that Hang Ah is actually hiding in the next room listening in.  As she’s hiding, we hear Jae Shin’s voiceover telling Hang Ah that she knows her little brother wouldn’t go to all this trouble if he didn’t actually like her.  Jae Ha finally admits that he was jealous of Shi Kyung and how Hang Ah seems like him more.  Jae Shin recognizes the name and Jae Ha asks if she was seduced as well.  He goes on and on about how he’s better than Shi Kyung and how something just snapped in his head when he could out Hang Ah came running after a single call from him.  Of course it didn’t actually happen, but it did in his head.  Jae Shin then asks if he really likes her that much and reveals Hang Ah so that they can deal with this on their own.

Now that Hang Ah knows at least a little bit how Jae Ha feels about her, she’s not sure what to make of him.  Jae Ha calls himself trash and tries to give himself an out again, but Hang Ah’s not letting him go that route.  She admits that she did want to get revenge on him, but says that she’s the one who loses in the end if she spends her life getting revenge on him so she’ll take the blame for calling off the engagement.  Hang Ah stands up and sticks her hand out to say goodbye, but Jae Ha has a different idea.  He says that in South Korea, they have a way to celebrate the end of a relationship: wrap party.  Oh btw, did I mention that her dad’s on his way to the palace?  This is going to be glorious.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah waste no time in getting completely wasted for their wrap party.  Hang Ah stumbles over to the fridge after they empty their bottle and is amazed by how much liquor is there.  She decides that this is the place to be and tells Jae Ha to join her with the food.  Jae Ha is more than happy to oblige and sits right down next to her.  Hang Ah’s getting sleepy now though, but refuses Jae Ha’s invitation to lie on his shoulder.  She’s definitely not going to fall for that trick again.  Jae Ha pulls her close and they’re continuing to bicker even as their faces get closer and closer together.  Finally, they actually DO kiss but of course are interrupted by Jae Kang and Hang Ah’s dad walking in on them.  Both of them jump up from the intrusion and look guilty as hell.

Final Thoughts

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved these two episodes.  Especially that last scene.  Her drunk scene just pushed whatever I felt for Ha Ji Won into full blown crush status.  It took alcohol and some pushing from Jae Shin for Jae Ha to finally realize that he actually does have feelings for Hang Ah, but now it’s finally out in the open and actually reciprocated.  I especially enjoyed how the two were bickering even as they moved in for the kiss and it’s suites both their characters so very well and made the scene that much better than if they just did it in silence.  Both want this to happen, but neither wants to be the one that admits it.

Though she came in late, Jae Shin just became a dark horse candidate for my favorite character of the drama.  She’s the perfect mix of Ja Ha’s impetuousness and Jae Kang’s sense of responsibility.  She’s the youngest sibling, but in some ways more mature than either of her brothers.  I love how the whole family interacts with each other and it’s so nice to see no bad apples in the family for a change.  There’s nobody out to steal the crown, nobody trying to kill each other.  They fight like any other siblings would, but they still actually care about each other.  All three of them know exactly what buttons needs to be pushed to get the others to do something and take pleasure in doing so.

Six episodes in and it still amazes me how they’re able to easily and fluidly change the tone from deadly serious to laugh out loud hysterics.  It’s like being on a rollercoaster, but you can’t see in front of you to prepare yourself.  To me, that’s what really sets this drama apart.  Yeah, I know generally what’s going to happen, but there’s all these twists and surprises along the way that keep me entertained.  It’s a testament to the overall writing and the pace at which the characters are developed that I’m so hooked and emotionally invested into these characters already, even someone as new as Jae Shin.  I would also like to add that the music score for this is amazing and the tracks that are used fit the scene perfectly.

If there is one thing I dislike about this drama it’s anything to do with Bong Gu.  He had a scene or two in here, but there were minor and not worth mentioning.  I’m still waiting for him to become a proper villain.


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