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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 11

Here we recap and discuss episode 11 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Young Gul catches Jae Hyuk and Ga Young together and the two immediately start fighting.  When they finally break apart, Jae Hyuk asks Ga Young one more time if she’s going to come work for him.  She hesitates at first, but then asks when she can start.  Jae Hyuk wants her to leave with him right now, but she wants to stay and take care of business.  Young Gul is livid at this point and sees her packed luggage.  He grabs them and throws them out, but regrets it as immediately.  As Ga Young is about to get into Jae Hyuk’s car, Young Gul grabs her and asks if she’s really just going to leave like this.  He tells her to go inside and she meekly obeys.  Young Gul then tells Jae Hyuk to come back to get Ga Young when he can make her Chief Designer and Vice President like he did and closes the steel shutter on him.

Inside the factory, Young Gul asks her if she was really going to leave and what her plan was.  Ga Young admits she had no plan though.  He finally acts like he actually cares about her and tells her that this is her home and not to think about leaving it so easily.  Ga Young is touched by this and smiles as Young Gul retreats back to his office.

The next day, Anna is holding a meeting about her idea for a new line of outdoor clothing.  Jae Hyuk apparently doesn’t care and walks out in the middle of the meeting.  As he goes back to his office, he gets angry thinking about Ga Young listening to Young Gul last night.  His assistant then comes in and tells him what he found out about Young Gul’s and Madam Jo’s business plan and actually commends him for how he’s handling it.  Jae Hyuk is not amused, though, and sulks in his chair.  As his assistant is about to leave though, Jae Hyuk seems to have come up with a plan and asks his assistant to repeat how Madam Jo is going to fund the venture.

Young Gul is visiting Madam Jo’s factory where he’s formally introduced to Jung Ah.  Looks like they’re going with the graduating with honors lie for her coming back to Korea.  Madam Jo is in the middle of a business meeting with him, when she’s interrupted by her assistant informing her of Jae Hyuk’s interference.  Apparently the bank decided to reduce the amount of money she was to be loaned and she immediately goes to Jae Hyuk to confront him.   He tells her to back away from Young Young Apparel, but she has her own ideas.  Madam Jo tells him he has two choices: sue Ga Young and her in court since they’re her partners now, or buy out her shares in the boutique for a mere $10 million.  The longer he waits, the higher her price will be.  After the meeting, Jae Hyuk stares at the lawsuit paperwork, debating what to do.

Meanwhile, at Young Gul’s factory, business is booming.  Young Gul is fielding calls from the US and Japan and apparently designers are applying to them company as he tells Bong Sook and Ga Young to go through the stack of portfolios and recommend some people.  Ga Young receives a text from Jae Hyuk asking to meet, but like always, is unsure of what to do.  Of course, in the end, she goes to meet him and sees he’s started drinking early again.  Seems to be a recurring trend with him.

As she sits down, he tells her that he’s missed her and that she even appeared in his dreams.  Jae Hyuk then asks her if she’s pretending to not know he likes her like women always do.  I’ll drink to that.  Ga Young still hasn’t said a word to him and he starts babbling about how much it hurts knowing she’s so close to him but he can’t have her.  He’s decided then that if he can’t have her, nobody can.  At this point I’m rolling eyes and shaking my head at him and he says that he’s going to file the lawsuit as payback for the pain she’s caused him.  Someone forgot to take their anti-crazy pills today.  Ga Young says that any good feelings she had for him have disappeared now, but Jae Hyuk doesn’t care.  He gives her an ultimatum: work for him or he’s doing everything in his power to kill their fledgling company.  And here I thought the dialogue in this drama couldn’t get any more cliché.

Ga Young is understandably conflicted and thinks about what to do while on her bus back home.  Meanwhile, Young Gul is sitting in his office designing a new dress.  When Ga Young gets home, he pretends like he wasn’t waiting up for her and grabs a beer.  He notices that she seems down and asks her about it but she doesn’t want to talk.  As Ga Young lies in bed, she thinks back to her conversation with Jae Hyuk still wondering what to do.

The next day, Jae Hyuk’s mom is visiting the company spa and isn’t too pleased by the attendant calling Anna the “little Madam” or the fact that they apparently have the same purse.  She sees Anna and Madam Jo having tea together and the three have an angry exchange with each other, despite never actually raising their voices.  After Jae Hyuk’s mom goes for her private massage, she calls someone on the phone and tells them to keep tabs on Anna and Madam Jo because she senses that they’re starting to make trouble in the neighborhood.

Young Gul’s factory meanwhile is bustling with activity.  Bong Sook takes an especially large order for $5 million from some Chinese buyers and happily shares the news with everyone.  The place is going crazy and Young Gul hugs Ga Young, saying that they’re troubles are now over.  However, Ga Young isn’t quite as happy as the others.  Jae Hyuk’s threat is still looming over her and she tries to call him, but he doesn’t pick up.

The reason is apparently that he’s taking out his angst by doing some kendo.  He’s apparently not very good and gets his ass handed to him by dear old dad.  He’s apparently told dad about the situation with Madam Jo and is asked what his plan is.  Jae Hyuk does his dad proud by saying he’s going to stomp them in any way he can.  He actually seems to mean it as he receives another call from Ga Young but declines to pick up.

Speaking of our little designer heroine, Young Gul finds her passed out on her couch.  He takes her shoes off for her and covers her with a blanket before continuing to work on the dress that he had designed earlier.  Obviously it’s going to be a gift to Ga Young and he periodically checks behind him to make sure she doesn’t wake up and see it before it’s done.  Apparently it’s her birthday and he sits down to write a letter to her.  He’s not sure how to address her, going from his little sister to his Madonna.  Rather than think about it anymore, Young Gul opts to just say happy birthday and leaves the card in the neckline of the completed dress for her to find.  He lies down on her bed to get some sleep, but sees the jacket that Jae Hyuk gave her and isn’t too pleased to see the custom label.

The next morning, Ga Young awakes to some light knocking and goes to the factory to see what it is.  Young Gul has decided to make her breakfast and wishes her a happy birthday when he sees her.  Ga Young is so touched by this that she starts crying.  Young Gul isn’t done yet and dramatically reveals the dress that he made for her.  She’s completely speechless at this point and continues crying.  Young Gul laughs at her and says he’ll do this for her for all her birthdays from now on and tells her to look at the card he wrote her.

Young Gul then tells her to try on the dress for him and is impressed with how good it looks.  Personally, I thought it made her look really plain, especially with her hair in a pony tail like it was.  Ga Young has apparently now made up her mind for what to tell Jae Hyuk and tells Young Gul that she has to go somewhere, but she’ll be back.  While still wearing the dress, she goes to J Fashion and meets with Jae Hyuk, who thinks Young Gul sent her in his stead.  She tells him that she came of her own free will though and that she still thinks what she’s doing is wrong.  At this point, Director Kim comes in and Jae Hyuk formally introduces the two to each other.  He’s convinced that she’s here to work and tells Director Kim to make use of her.  Ga Young seems to have other plans, but meekly follows.  Director Kim then introduces her to the rest of the team and they’ve even prepared a desk for her.

Anna, of course, is not happy about this and confronts her in the bathroom about why Ga Young is here.  Why do girls always fight in the bathroom?  Anna is completely dismissive towards Ga Young, but she surprisingly stands her ground and tells Anna to shut it since she doesn’t know the whole situation.  We then cut to Jae Hyuk telling his assistant to file the lawsuit.  What a great guy he is.

Meanwhile, Young Gul is worried about Ga Young and tries to call her but sees she’s left her phone in his office.  He looks through her recent call list and sees that she’s been trying to contact Jae Hyuk.  He continues his little creeper act and goes through her texts to see the one that Jae Hyuk sent to ask her out the other night.  Just outside his door, the workers are all gossiping about what happened with Young Gul, Jae Hyuk, and Ga Young the other day.  They stop though when Young Gul comes out of his office.

At J Fashion, Young Gul somehow managed to get by all the security to see Ga Young showing Director Kim the drawings she’s done today.  He’s very impressed with her work and tells her to just keep drawing.  Young Gul is hurt by Ga Young’s apparent betrayal, but doesn’t say anything to her.  Instead, he storms into Jae Hyuk’s office while he’s with some guests and tells her that there’s nothing between him and Anna so he should stop bothering Ga Young.  He admits that he did like her before, but she turned him down. Young Gul tells Jae Hyuk that him bothering Ga Young all the time has pissed off Anna enough that she has to turn to him of all people to complain.  He then asks what Jae Hyuk did to Ga Young that she’s working here all of a sudden.  Jae Hyuk isn’t the least bit concerned, but Young Gul does get in a few final verbal shots before he leaves that make Jae Hyuk that much more insecure about his position.

Later, we see that Jae Hyuk is once again drinking when Anna approaches him.  He mentions that his mom told him that she and Madam Jo were close and asks if she was the one that introduced Young Gul to her.  Anna says that she was and that she just wanted to help him like Jae Hyuk is always helping Ga Young.  Jae Hyuk then tells her that she shouldn’t act like that towards him and that she’s going to receive a call from the police about the lawsuit tomorrow.  Hopefully she’ll learn something from him about what he’s about to do.  Meanwhile, a clueless Young Gul going for a drive in his nice new expensive car when he receives a call from the police saying that he needs to come in for questioning.

Final Thoughts

Well, I’ll say this about the drama: after four episodes of basically nothing happening, I’m glad they finally started moving again on the travesty of what they call a plotline.  It was also nice to see that they finally stopped making Young Gul at least so wishy-washy and seem to have him fully on Ga Young’s side.  It was nice to see that he realized that Jae Hyuk must’ve done something for Ga Young to work for him instead of just getting angry like he’s done every other instance prior to this.

Unfortunately, those are the only remotely good things I can say about this episode.  I don’t really care to address how an indecisive Ga Young in the opening scene did absolutely nothing for the plot, or the fact that Jae Hyuk seems to know every cliché saying about love or making his piddly little threats while hiding behind the skirts of his parents.  Far be it for me to criticize him for acting like the playground bully during elementary school.  This little bad boy act is clearly working as he now has Ga Young and Anna on his side right?

If anyone can explain to me how this drama even approaches double digit ratings, please feel free to tell me in comments because I sure can’t figure it out.

5 responses to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 11

  1. Filemon April 25, 2012 at 2:30 am

    Completely agree with the dress comment.. This is the problem with a fashion-themed drama, not only sometimes it’s become kind of pretentious and usually there’re things about copying designs… Although there are fashion items that considered cool n hip in general consensus, But when it comes to something a bit “different”, We have our own opinion.. And sometimes it feels like they shoved us on our throats things that looks strange, plain or even ugly (again ur opinion may vary) and presents it as “High-Fashion”. I still remember the drama, Style when Ryu Shi Won dressed like a gay hairdresser in one scene and it was considered High-Class in the Drama… and that is the only moments I remember in that drama..

    • kpopencarta April 25, 2012 at 8:59 am

      lol i don’t remember that scene at all. The only thing I remember from Style was Lee Ji Ah accidentally stabbing Jessica Gomes with a pin she was putting on her.

  2. miley April 25, 2012 at 5:36 am

    i love the drama.it’s the actors themselves that made me want to watch each episodes.the chemistry between young gul and ga young and jae hyuk is a come on.wether ga young will end up with young gul or jae hyuk later is fine .i will continue to watch this show …..love it.

  3. Vampy Jay April 28, 2012 at 9:12 am

    I hated the dress. Looks weird with the blue collar and low neckline. I was eager to watch the drama the first few episodes but now I tend to fast forward or skip some scenes. For some reason I like Ga Young to end up with Jae Hyuk, once he decides, tho, which woman he really wants.

    • kpopencarta April 28, 2012 at 9:37 am

      Shi Kyung might’ve been able to pull off dress still, but not with that hairstyle. Maybe if she let her hair down it would’ve looked better.

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