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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 8

Here we recap and discuss episode 8 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

*Writer’s Note*

Sorry this is so late.  Was out of town for the weekend so I wasn’t able to do this until today.  Enjoy the recap just in time for tomorrow’s episode!

In Ha catches just a glimpse of Yoon Hee and immediately recognizes her.  He chases her in the rain and confronts her.  Yoon Hee doesn’t recognize the soaking wet crazy person in front of her at first, but quickly realizes who it is.  She slowly walks forward and covers him with her yellow umbrella just as it was during one of their meetings all those years ago.

Meanwhile, Joon and Ha Na are taking cover from the rain under the canopy of a food cart.  Joon says that they should end their current relationship, but only so that they can start over.  Ha Na doesn’t quite understand his meaning, and Joon asks her why she kept calling him.  She tells him that she didn’t like how their conversation ended last time and was confused by what Joon said about it being over between them.  Joon takes this to mean that Ha Na didn’t want to end their little love-hate relationship.  Ha Na just scoffs and says there’s no point in talking to him.  She pulls out an umbrella to walk away, but Joon stops her and says he’ll be nice to her from now on.  Ha Na asks him why, but before Joon can respond, both their phones start ringing and it’s their parents telling them they’ll be late.

Speaking of In Ha and Yoon Hee, they’ve decided to go into a cafe to catch up.  In Ha is so overcome with emotion that he reverts back to his old self can just stares at her without saying anything.  He finally does speak up and says he always thought she was dead and why she never looked for him when she came back to Korea.  Yoon Hee says she kept up on news of him through the newspapers and found out that he married Hye Jung.  He seemed happy without her, so she decided not to bother him for fear of ruining things again.  She comments about how it always seems to rain when they’re together and then apologizes for not telling him she was alive all this time.

We then take a break from the emotional side of the story and hear Joon complaining to Ha Na about how the apartment she’s going to check up is up a hill.  She asks if why he’s following her then, and he says it’s because he’s being nice.  Ha Na then points to her wet shoulder to show he’s been hogging the umbrella, and Joon just complains that it’s okay for her clothes to get wet but not his.  He starts complaining about the rain again, but Ha Na says she loves them because she has a lot of good memories of going on walks with her mom in the rain.  Joon then asks her if she managed to see her mom’s first love in Japan after all, and Ha Na asks him whose fault it is that she missed out.  Since her mom is sick, she wanted her to meet him one last time.  She tells him to keep this a secret and runs off with the umbrella when she finds the place, leaving Joon to chase after her in the rain.

As In Ha and Yoon Hee leave the cafe, he’s found himself an umbrella and asks if they can see each other again.  Yoon Hee shakes her head, but says it’s been nice seeing him.  She says that it’s enough to her to know that they’re both happy, even though her face doesn’t show that.  In Ha watches her walk away and then slowly turns around to go his own way.  Of course, there was no way he was going to give up on her that easily and he quickly changes his mind to chase after her.  Unfortunately, as he scans the streets for her, she’s nowhere to be found.

There’s a simple reason for that: Yoon Hee’s in a drug store applying eye drops, with In Ha frantically searching right outside the glass doors, of course.  She says that her eyes felt weary all of a sudden, and the pharmacist is concerned because it seemed like Yoon Hee couldn’t see when she first walked in.  Yoon Hee assures her that she’s fine now though and that she just left her meds at home.

Meanwhile, Ha Na has reached the place she was looking for and is very underwhelmed as it’s basically just a small room.  Joon has a look of pure disgust on his face and motions for her to move on.  They get to the next place, which is still small but definitely nicer.  Joon complains about this and the landlord does admit that it’s a bit small for two people and asks if they’re newlyweds.  Ha Na vehemently denies that they’re married so the landlord just thinks they’re moving in together LOL.

The rain has finally stopped and Ha Na is checking out another place.  Joon walks outside and is disturbed to see a middle aged man walk out in a wife beater and start exercising.  Ha Na follows him outside and says it’s nice for the price, but Joon says this place is no good either and drags her away.  Ha Na says though that this kind of housing is all she can afford since she has no job, prompting Joon to say he’ll take responsibility for and find her a new place and a job as well.  Ha Na is STILL clueless as to why Joon’s being so nice to her and wants to start over with her, and just as Joon’s about to spill it out to her, her phone rings yet again to ruin the moment.

This time, though it’s Tae Sung.  Ha Na seems hesitant to answer the phone.  Joon grabs it and hangs up on him for her.  She gets angry at him for just hanging up like that and Joon replies that she wasn’t going to answer anyway and if the reason why she doesn’t want to pick up is that she got dumped.  Her silence answers the question for her and Joon calmly and logically tells her that he’s interested in her.  Ha Na is shocked and asks him why, to which Joon has no answer either.  However, he’s going to stay with her until he finds out why.  Hah.  He then tells her that he won’t be much help helping finding an apartment so he’s going to leave now and he’ll see her at the photo shoot.  Ha Na is even more confused now and asks him what photo shoot.  After he gets out of her sight range, Joon stumbles and holds his hand over his heart.  He compliments himself on a job well done though and continues walking.  LOL.

Yoon Hee is heading back home now on the bus and is in tears.  In Ha, on the other hand, is still wandering the streets in search of her.  Joon has retreated back to the cafe, where he’s met by Sun Ho, who notices that something’s wrong.  He tells him that his mom wants to get back together with his dad and that he’s going to move out if they do.  Sun Ho says that he shouldn’t concern himself with that since it’s their business.  Joon then asks if Sun Ho’s sister has come back from America and to make sure not to tell her that he’s staying there.  Sun Ho laughs and asks if he’s afraid she’ll move in here with him, which gives Joon a brilliant idea.  He checks one of the rooms that Sun Ho isn’t using, and which already has a bed in it, and asks Sun Ho if he can rent it out.

Our innocent heroine is still going over Joon’s confession in her head, wondering if she heard him wrong or if he lost his mind.  She’s convinced he’s trying to prank her again and is interrupted by Tae Sung calling her again.  She picks up the phone and just stares at it, calling Tae Sung stupid and that he’s just trying to find out if she’s okay.  She doesn’t want to talk to him though and tells him to work hard and hangs up.  When then see Yoon Hee back at home pulling out her old diary.

In Ha has decided to visit Dong Wook at the hospital, who, upon seeing his old friend, starts chatting about how he was just thinking of how the two of them used to drink a lot when it rained.  In Ha doesn’t say anything at first and tells him that he’s just met with Yoon Hee.  Dong Wook asks if she’s doing well and if she’s still pretty.  LOL, guess the playboy instinct is still alive and kicking in there somewhere in that middle aged body of his.  In Ha just smiles at both of his questions and laments the fact that he just let her go.

Ha Na gets back to the garden and sees Yoon Hee reading her old diary and deep in thought.  She smiles about how her mom seems to be enjoying her memories of the past and calls out to her.  Yoon Hee calls her over and shares the blanket that she’d had wrapped around herself with her daughter.  Ha Na chides her mom for staying outside even though it’s cold and asks what she’s reading.  She then asks if she’s okay since she called to say they couldn’t meet because she wasn’t feeling well.  Yoon Hee says she’s fine now and asks if Ha Na went apartment hunting alone.  Ha Na says she wasn’t alone and admits to going with a boy under her mom’s question.  Yoon Hee smiles knowingly at her daughter, causing Ha Na to say that it’s not what she thinks and the guy is just weird.  Yoon Hee smoothes her daughters hair and says she wants to know more about this strange guy and hopes she’ll live long enough to see Ha Na get married and make her own garden.  Ha Na doesn’t like her mom speaking like this and frowns until Yoon Hee promises she won’t bring it up again.

The next day, In Ha is driving in his car and is at a crossroads as to which direction he should go.  He hesitates for a while before making his decision and we see him standing watching Yoon Hee tending to the plants somewhere in the garden.  She’s surprised to see him there and stands like a deer in headlights as In Ha slowly walks over to her and gives her a hug.

As they sit down to talk, In Ha confesses to Yoon Hee that he’s always felt sad since she left him.  He felt as if time stopped when they were together on the beach and that he and Hye Jung split years ago because he couldn’t make her happy.  He says he’s changed due to the sadness, but Hye Jung tries to comfort him by saying that he’s still the same person to her.  In Ha tells her that he can’t lose her again and to help him not despair anymore.  Yoon Hee, though, says she doesn’t deserve him and that she loves her daughter and husband.  She wants to continue living like she has and that by being with In Ha, she’ll only make him unhappy.  She apologizes to him, but In Ha curtly says that he doesn’t want to hear that from her of all people.  Ah yes, the overplayed love means never having to say you’re sorry line.  Forgot about that one.  After In Ha leaves, though, Yoon Hee is deep in thought and seems lost with what to do now.

Meanwhile, Hye Jung is in her office and receives a report from her assistant about Yoon Hee.  She finds out about Yoon Hee working at the garden of the Joo Hwang Resort and that her husband passed away a long time ago.  That last bit especially catches Hye Jung’s attention and she immediately tries to get a hold of In ha.  He’s not answering his phone, though, and has traveled back to the same place at the Eastern Sea where he took Yoon Hee.

Hye Jung has decided go to talk to Chang Mo about this and says that she just heard he went on vacation and can’t reach him.  She’s fallen off the wagon again and mutters to herself about being abandoned by both her son and ex-husband.  When she asks for another glass, Chang Mo cuts her off and tells her not to rush things, but Hye Jung tells him about Yoon Hee being a widow.  Chang Mo is surprised, and asks why she bothered to look into this.  He then asks if she’s really not going to tell In Ha that she’s still alive and if she really expects him to lie to his best friend about Yoon Hee of all people.  Little bit late on that bit of knowledge, but it’s an amusing turnaround from Chang Mo making Hye Jung say nothing about Yoon Hee and In ha liking each other during their college years. Hye Jung is insistent on it though since she knows In Ha will leave her forever if Yoon Hee’s back in the picture.  She tells Chang Mo that she’ll do her best this time to make In Ha happy.

Later, Ha Na shows up again at Joon’s studio as they’re apparently preparing for her photo shoot.  Instead of the confident Yoona we’re used to in real life, Ha Na is incredibly awkward in front of the camera and can’t even smile naturally, much to Joon and Cho Soo’s annoyance.  Joon decides to try something different and puts on some music and tells her to dance according to her own feeling, but she’s not very good at that either.

Joon decides to stop the shoot and tells Cho Soo to grab some fashion magazines.  They go into Joon’s office and he tells Ha Na to pick out the clothes that she likes from them.  After she decides, he hands the pictures to his stylist and tells him to bring the clothes to the studio by the time they continue in the afternoon.  Ha Na apologizes for causing them inconvenience, but Cho Soo comforts her by saying it’s okay because it’s her first time and she’s being forced to do it.  He then tries to help out Joon by asking her if she thinks he looks good today.  Joon tries to hide his embarrassment when Ha Na looks over at him by pretending to be deep in thought.

Now that she’s wearing the clothes that she actually likes, Ha Na gets some of her confidence back and looks stunning.  Everyone in the studio is complimenting her about how good she looks, which causes her to keep looking around.  Joon gets a tad jealous about it, but he does still have a job to do and tells everyone to get out for Ha Na can focus on the camera.  Props to Joon for coming up with the perfect excuse to be alone with her.  Ha Na is hesitant to be alone with him, but Joon says it’s better this way because then she can now relax and not deal with any strangers.

Ha Na scoffs at the idea that she’s comfortable being around him and Joon asks her why she picked that particular dress.  As she’s talking about how she liked the floral print, Ha Na starts to smile naturally and Joon takes pictures while continually engaging her in conversation.  Once he’s gotten the shots he needs, he interrupts her and tells her to change to the next set of clothes.  LOL, gotta love the professional attitude mixed in with wanting to know more about her.  She then changes into a pink dress with a bow in front, which was my personal favorite of her dress choices, and we start the questions all over again.  As Joon ends the shoot, Ha Na compliments him saying that it ended quickly because of how good of a photographer he is.  Joon just agrees with her and decides to play with her by saying she’s pretty and taking a picture of her shocked face.

Afterwards, they’re looking at the pictures on the computer and Cho Soo is surprised at how good they turned out.  Even Ha Na is amazed and can’t believe that the pictures she’s seeing are of her.  Joon says she should be honored that he took pictures of her, causing Ha Na to scoff at him yet again.  After Joon leaves, Cho Soo admits that Joon does have talent but wishes that his personality was better.  Ha Na nods in agreement.

As Ha Na leaves the studio with paycheck in hand, she’s spotted by Joon and Sun Ho, who are drinking coffee in the cafe.  Sun Ho tries to make small talk with her, but Joon immediately starts insulting her fashion sense with her normal clothes.  He tells he’ll give her one of the dresses she tried on earlier, but Ha Na refuses and says she has her own comfortable style.  Sun Ho says that he likes wearing comfortable clothes as well, causing Joon to try to prove his point by saying he’ll try to take pictures of Ha Na with these clothes.  However, he’s focused solely on her face and hesitates as she smiles prettily at him.

Since he’s not going to take a picture anymore, Ha Na says she should go now and thanks him for the experience.  Sun Ho says it’s a shame that Ha Na isn’t going to model anymore because it means that he won’t’ see her anymore.  This triggers Joon’s memory as he remembers that he’s supposed to rent the room from Sun Ho for Ha Na.

After they awkwardly part, Joon chases down Ha Na and asks if she remembers what he said last time.  Ha Na realizes that he’s talking about sticking with her until he figures out why he likes her and asks if he wants to forget about that.  She tells him not to worry about it and that she wasn’t thinking about it much either.  This is not exactly the response he wanted though and Ha Na is shocked when he pettily agrees with her.  A girl then comes out of nowhere and wraps him in a hug.  Guess Sun Ho’s sister has arrived.  As the two catch up, Ha Na decides she doesn’t want to be here anymore and takes her leave.

The two go inside and Sun Ho is surprised to see that his sister came directly to the cafe first instead of greeting their parents.  Mi Ho tells him to call them for her and asks Joon if he wants to go eat.  He declines and says he’s going to go lie down because he’s tired from work.  She then asks why he’s not going home then and Sun Ho starts to say that Joon’s staying here, but stops when he sees Joon, In Sung, and Cho Soo all making wild gestures at him.  However, Mi Ho has figured out their secret and says in that case she’s moving in here too.  Sun Ho quickly tries to cover his mistake and says that the extra room’s already been rented out.  Mi Ho he’s lying though and goes into the other room, which allows Sun Ho to apologize to a furious Joon.

As she walks home, Ha Na is talking to herself about how she’s earned some money and taken some good pictures, but seems awfully melancholy about it.  Later that night, Joon is going through his pictures of Ha Na and stops to stare at one of the ones where Ha Na’s wearing the pink dress that I liked best on her.  He realizes what he’s doing though and quickly closes the laptop, wondering what’s wrong with him.

Ha Na still hasn’t found a place to live and is continuing her search when she runs into Sun Ho checking in on one of his patients.  The elderly patient was trying to run away from Sun Ho, who he claims is bothering him, and is stopped by Ha Na.  With Ha Na’s help, he does a quick blood pressure check in the middle of the street.  As a reward, he buys her a can of beer and Sun Ho jokes that they should be drinking buddies after seeing Ha Na’s excited reaction.  The two start to talk and Ha Na starts rambling on about how she’d redesign the garden in the cafe.  Sun Ho smiles and asks if she leaves near it, and Ha Na mentions that she’s still looking for a place.  He immediately realizes why Joon asked about the extra room earlier and offers Ha Na a job at his place and to find her a room as well.  Oh Joon is not going to like this.  Speaking of our conflicted hero, he’s hanging out at the cafe thinking.  As he looks around, he constantly hallucinates and thinks he sees Ha Na working around the yard.  He blames it on stress and walks inside.

Later that night, In Ha gets home and is surprised to see Hye Jung waiting for him.  She says that she wanted to eat dinner with him, but In Ha says he’s tired.  Hye Jung insists though and asks him to get freshened up since the chefs she brought with her are almost done preparing the meal.  As the two sit down for dinner, Hye Jung mentions that Mi Ho’s been chosen as the model for her work and that she likes her for Joon.  In Ha is less convinced and says that Joon should have an opinion in this.  Hye Jung then mentions that Joon moved out and that he hates her for clinging onto In Ha.  She thinks that if In Ha tells Joon that he wants to get back together with her, Joon won’t mind it so much.

In Ha, however, has no intention of getting back together because he knows that he made her unhappy. He admits that although he thought he was trying his best, he actually wasn’t and that love is not something you can force.  Hye Jung does not like where his conversation is headed, and is especially displeased when In Ha tells her that he met with Yoon Hee.  She thinks Chang Mo spilled the beans about it and asks if that’s how In Ha found out.  This makes In Ha realize that she knew Yoon Hee was alive all this time.  Hye Jung flips out and asks him if he’s saying all this because he was able to meet with her.  She tells him that since he’s divorced, and she’s alone that there’s nothing stopping them now.  Oops.  In Ha picks up on Yoon Hee being alone now and asks Hye Jung for more details, making her realize she’s just dug her own grave since he didn’t know before.

Back at his studio, Joon is browsing through the pictures on his computer and is surprised when Ha Na’s face comes up on the screen.  He quickly closes it when Sun Ho walks in and asks if he can use the room that Joon wanted to rent.  Sun Ho shows Joon the drawing that Ha Na made earlier about what she wanted to do with the garden, but then flips it around to show him the contract that he signed with her.  Joon is shocked to see Ha Na’s name there and Sun Ho explains that he offered her the room and a job gardening, but Ha Na refused at the last second because of Joon. He says he can’t compete with that and gives the picture to Joon as a present before walking away.

We now cut to In Ha driving like a madman in his car, presumably to go pay Yoon Hee a visit.  We then cut to Ha Na standing on the porch of her home wondering to herself why Joon is coming all the way out here.  Oh this sounds like it’s going to be fun.  She sees he’s mad and stutters out not to worry since she’s not going to be living there.  As he slowly advances on her, she backs up while talking and he asks her why she thinks he won’t like that.  Joon catches her as she trips over a bench she backed over and tells her that he thinks he likes her.  Before she can respond, Yoon Hee sees the two of them and calls out to her daughter.

Final Thoughts

Another day, another good episode of “Love Rain”.  I like the contrast of the seriousness of In Ha and Yoon Hee’s relationship and the playfulness of Joon and Ha Na’s budding one.  Jung Jin Young and Lee Mi Sook do a great job of portraying the current versions of both characters and you can definitely feel that In Ha’s stuck in the past while Yoon Hee looks on it fondly even without them having to say as much.  I especially like Lee Mi Sook’s portrayal of Yoon Hee when she interacts with Yoona as they actually feel like mother and daughter to me.

Regarding Joon’s emotionless confession, I really liked how that was done and it fit his character very well.  He has too much pride to just admit it like a normal person so it makes sense to me for him to do it like he did.  His little stumble and self-compliment afterwards really made that whole sequence really crystalized that aspect of his personality too.  I did think his little comment about staying around her until he figures out why he likes her was a little too Secret Garden-esque.

I wasn’t sure about Sun Ho’s role in this drama, but after this episode, I’m actually glad they’re not putting him into the love triangle with Joon and Ha Na.  I like the three musketeers dynamic of him, In Sung, and Cho Soo as the comedic relief for the drama.  Mi Ho will act as Ha Na’s foil and I’m okay with that as well because you do need some conflict to get between the budding relationship of Joon and Ha Na other than their parents’ drama otherwise it’s too easy.

The one thing I took exception to was Hye Jung’s sudden desire to get back with In Ha.  They’ve been divorced for 10 years and both seem to have accepted that.  All of a sudden, Yoon Hee’s back in the picture and suddenly Hye Jung is all jealous again?  Maybe she held out hope all these years that he’d come back to her, but realized that that’s not going to happen if he has a chance to be with Yoon Hee.    Or maybe it’s just something as simple as the prospect of losing In Ha made her realize that she still loves him.  There is that whole cliché about not knowing how much something means to you until it’s gone, but still.  I understand the necessity of that particular plot point, but I think the execution could’ve been done better.


8 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 8

  1. Naoynmus April 23, 2012 at 3:40 am

    I have a different take on the photo shoot scene. Hana can’t dance nor can she pose.. so the this scene’s purpose is to show how skilled jun is at handling his models to capture a good pics.. Jun telling everybody to leave is to make Hana focus on the questioning.. coz at first even with the questioning method, Hana got distracted (n nervous) very easily by people around him commenting/shouting how pretty she looks. Of course another purpose of this scene is to show the viewers how Jun realize how pretty Hana when she dressed properly… Your view may vary but make sense right?

    • kpopencarta April 23, 2012 at 9:29 am

      You can definitely have that scene as showing Joon’s professionalism, as you said. I thought he didn’t start questioning her until after everyone left though. I could be wrong.

  2. reinvent April 25, 2012 at 6:28 am

    oh no.. yoon hee said sorry to in ha. does that mean their love is over??? D: -cries-
    anyways, thank you for the recaps, they’re really helpful~ (:

  3. jazz June 15, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    wow i dont know when was the last time i actually just sat an enjoyed a series like this. so far i am enjoying all 8 episodes i just hope this series dont disappointment me!

  4. nina June 24, 2012 at 9:54 am

    what’s the name of the song when they kiss??

  5. Allyson August 23, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    While I am seriously loving this series, I do feel like they spend a little too much time on the parents. I’d like a little more Ha Na and Joon scenes 🙂 But about Hye Jung has always loved In Ha. Even when they divorced, I think it wasn’t something she wanted, or if it was, something that she thought would scare In Ha straight. Joon comments on her drinking before she finds out about Yoon Hee, so I think she was drinking a lot to avoid the pain of the person she loved not loving her back 😦 Yoon hee’s return probably scared the crap out of her enough to try and force herself on him before he found out and it was too late for her.

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