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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 7

Here we recap and discuss episode 7 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Joon drags Ha Na out of the room asks why she’s there if she didn’t want to see him anymore.  Ha Na doesn’t want to be there and counters by asking him why he’s using her picture.  However, Joon seems just as surprised to see Ha Na’s face on the poster.  He crumples up the paper and then turns to his assistant, who finally gets a name: Cho Soo, to demand an explanation.  However, Cho Soo is surprised to see that there as well.

We’re now in Joon’s studio where Ha Na is mumbling to herself about how Joon can crumple up her face like that.  She still thinks he’s playing dumb and says he’s not going to let him go this time.  Meanwhile, Cho Soo is on the phone looking for answers, and In Sung, the waiter from the cafe, and Sun Ho are asking Joon who Ha Na is.  They wonder why he took a picture of her if she’s not a model because he’s notorious for only taking pictures of professionals.  However, before he can answer, Cho Soo comes back and says that the advertisers found the pictures in the film that Joon gave them and decided to use it.

Joon then realizes that he told Cho Soo to delete the pictures, and asks why that didn’t happen.  Cho Soo replies that he also thought it was funny that he took photos of a girl who wasn’t a professional so he left them there.  Sun Ho grins knowingly at Joon and Cho Soo starts telling him about how Ha Na dumped Joon in Japan.  Joon quickly covers his mouth and laughs, saying that he was the one who dumped her and now she’s following him around.  Cho Soo has the most incredulous look on his face, and Sun Ho isn’t particularly convinced either.  Joon quickly decides to escape by saying he has stuff to clean up.

As soon as he enters the room where Ha Na is waiting, she asks him what’s going to happen.  Joon tells her that he can’t do anything since the client already printed them without asking him.  Ha Na isn’t happy about this and Joon says he isn’t either because his name is listed on the flyer as the photographer.  Ha Na takes offense at his rudeness and asks him why he took her picture in the first place, but Joon repeats his lie in the earlier episode about he was only taking pictures of “Diamond Snow” and she got in the way.  Ha Na is now furious that he won’t apologize or do anything about the picture and eventually storms out after they argue some more.

Outside the door, the other three are trying to listen in.  As Ha Na abruptly opens the door, Sun Ho asks her if she’s okay, but she only apologizes and runs off.  Cho Soo stands up for his boss, but In Sung says that getting sued will set Joon right.  At this point, Joon walks out and Sun Ho tells him that Ha Na was crying.  Joon says he doesn’t care though and walks away with Cho Soo right behind.  Sun Ho says it broke his heart to see her cry, causing In Sung to tell him that he can’t do this and always falls for girls he things have been wronged.  He then brings up how Sun Ho got dumped 3 months after he lent a girl money.  Sun Ho then mentions he has a patient waiting for him and runs off to avoid talking about it further.  We then go back at the house in the back, and Sun Ho, who is apparently a family medicine doctor, is meeting with a patient to convince him to take medicine.

We now cut to present day Yoon Hee writing in her journal on a bench just like she was when In Ha started painting her all those years ago.  Someone calls out to her and so she closes it and stands up.  Meanwhile, Ha Na is still stewing about her encounter with Joon and complains about how he just cares about his image and not that she doesn’t want her picture spread out all over Seoul.

Guess Joon is trying to do something about it and meets with the advertiser to find out why the picture is being used without his permission.  The advertiser, however, is just interested in Ha Na and wants to meet her.  Joon then brings up how she’s upset that her face is being spread all over the city, which amuses Cho Soo.  The advertiser says he’s willing to apologize and recall the flyers, but after seeing her he had an inspiration for an ad campaign based around the Cinderella story.

As they’re driving back, Cho Soo is trying to convince Joon to go through with the ad campaign, but Joon refuses to budge.  Cho Soo then says he was surprised that Joon would stand up for Ha Na, causing Joon to tell him to be quiet again.

Ha Na, meanwhile, has decided to visit her mom.  As Yoon Hee is cooking dinner, Tae Sung walks in with a cake as a gift.  Ha Na then cutely asks where her cake is and Tae Sung says that it’s him.  She scoffs at him and they sit down for dinner.  When Yoon Hee stands up to get more food, Ha Na motions at Tae Sung who attempts to convince her mom to let her work with them in the garden.  Yoon Hee rejects their idea and when Ha Na complains that she came back to Korea to be with her, she says Ha Na should’ve finished grad-school in Japan as planned then.  Tae Sung tries to help out Ha Na again and we find out that he’s the one that introduced Yoon Hee to the people at the garden.  Yoon Hee isn’t swayed by either of them though and says Ha Na has to finish her school.

After they finish eating, Yoon Hee pulls her daughter aside and asks if the reason why she wants to stay here and work is because of Tae Sung.  Ha Na denies it, but Yoon Hee knows better.  Tae Sung then sees a letter and says that they went to the same college.  Ha Na is hiding something though and says she told him that.

Tae Sung and Ha Na go for a walk, and Ha Na confesses that she registered with her mom’s old college as an alumni.  She tells him that her mom’s first love went to the same school as well and to keep this a secret from her mom.  Ha Na then says how she read her mom’s diary before and that she wants them to see each other again.  Tae Sung smiles at her and says he’ll keep her secret and that she can go back now.  However, Ha Na wants to spend more time with him and says she’ll walk with him a little more.  Tae Sung then says that he always wanted a little sister like her, which is not what Ha Na wants to hear at this point obviously.  However, she quickly hides her disappointment when he looks at her again.  Back at the house, Yoon Hee is smiling as she watches the two of them.  She pulls out a CD of her favorite waltzes and sits thinking at the table.

Back in Seoul, Hye Jung meets up with In Ha and they start talking about how Joon is like his father and only does what he likes to do.  She mentions to him how Joon wants to move out and that they should all have a meal together.  The two bicker like an old married couple, and In Ha asks her if she intends to marry the guy she’s dating now.  She says once was enough and asks if In Ha is seeing anyone.  He says no because he likes to be alone.  Hye Jung mirrors what I was thinking and says of course he does.

Seems Chang Mo is feeling a bit nostalgic and the name of his new cafe is C’est La Vie just like their old hangout.  Dong Wook is already there and they four of them greet each other warmly when In Ha and Hye Jung walk in.  As they’re talking, Hye Jung notices that Chang Mo has hung up pictures of them during their college days.  They joke with In Ha how they never see him smile anymore, which of course, makes him break a hint of one.  Chang Mo then mentions he saw Dong Wook’s son around, but Dong Wook doesn’t want to talk about it since he got Sun Ho into med school only to see him open a cafe.  He then blames Chang Mo’s influence on him and Hye Jung says Joon is the same way.  Chang Mo then says this is why he’s never getting married, causing everyone to laugh.

Just like in the old days, the three bust out their guitars and start playing at the cafe in front of the patrons.  As Hye Jung watches them, she thinks back to their festival and how nothing seems to have changed.  Meanwhile, Joon is hanging out at a club where his friends are saying he seems pretty popular now because his pictures are everywhere.  One of the girls starts hitting on him, but he gently pushes her away.  His friends then ask him what’s the matter because he’s not his normal self lately.  Joon tells them to be quiet and he’s just been thinking.

Back at Chang Mo’s cafe, Dong Wook and In Ha are having a duet as Hye Jung happily watches them.  Chang Mo laughs at her and asks if she’s going to look at In Ha like that why they got divorced in the first place.  Hye Jung tells him not to bring up something that happened 10 years ago and asks what was the thing he mentioned on the phone that he wanted to talk to them about.  Chang Mo hesitates and says he’s not sure whether to tell In Ha first or everyone.  Hye Jung says to tell her first and Chang Mo reveals that he saw Yoon Hee’s name while he was looking through the alumni list for whom to invite for the grand opening.  Hye Jung is surprised because they all thought she died in the US and drops the bottle she was holding.  Dong Wook and In Ha look at her, but she tells them to keep playing.  After she calms down a little, she tells Chang Mo not to mention it to In Ha.  Chang Mo says he’ll find out eventually, but Hye Jung tells him to give her some time to sort things out first.

At the club, Joon is playing the loner role and talking to himself while drinking.  The girl that hit on him earlier comes back and asks what type of girl he likes.  He tells her that she needs to have good proportions and be fashionable, which of course prompts the girl to say that that’s so her.  Joon then asks her if she likes opera and that his ideal type should be able to connect with him in music, fashion, and art.  Well that’s not going to last very long.  Ha Na then flashes into his mind and he suddenly decides to leave.

As he’s leaving, he gets a call from Cho Soo saying that the advertiser has decided that since Joon doesn’t want to work with Ha Na, he’ll work with Joon’s rival, Oh Joon Suk, instead.  Joon Suk even called them to ask for Ha Na’s number and Joon tells him not to give it out because he’ll just play with her.  I guess only you’re allowed to do that, huh?

At the garden, Ha Na is busy doing some part time work in the garden when she sees Tae Sung up on a walkway.  She smiles and starts to wave at him but decides instead to pull out her camera to take a video of him.  He sees him meeting with another girl, causing her to pause the video and get a little sad.  When they meet up later, one of the chiefs asks if Tae Sung and Ha Na are dating because they’re always together.  Ha Na adamantly denies it and says that they just studied together.  Tae Sung just smiles at her and carries some plants away.  Another worker behind Ha Na loudly gossips that Tae Sung wouldn’t do that because he has a girlfriend, but is quickly silenced by the worker next to him.

Tae Sung then comes back and asks Ha Na if she wants to go eat.  As they walk out, Tae Sung asks her if he’s really not her type like she told their chief, but Ha Na quickly says that he’s definitely her type. She realizes what she said though and awkwardly tries to explain.  Tae Sung starts to say something, but Ha Na interrupts him and says that she forgot her phone.  As she goes back in, Ha Na hears the other workers loudly gossiping about her and Tae Sung’s girlfriend again.  Of course, Tae Sung walks in just as one of the workers says that she thinks Ha Na really likes him.  Ha Na turns around and sees him and is so embarrassed that she makes up an excuse that she needs to see her mom and runs off.

Tae Sung is apparently very slow as he chases after Ha Na but can’t find her.  As she’s walking back, Ha Na recalls the gossip earlier and thinks about the girl she saw with Tae Sung when she hears a voice behind her.  As she turns around, she’s surprised to see Joon there, who asks if she was crying. He jokes that it must be destiny that he ran into her right as he got there, but Ha Na just asks him why he’s there.  Meanwhile, Tae Sung is still running around looking for her.

Joon says he’s there because she didn’t fight hard enough when she saw him the first time so he had to come see her instead.  She asks him who is he to treat her like this this and starts crying.  Joon realizes he’s taken his joke too far again and asks what’s wrong.  Ha Na doesn’t respond to his question and asks him to say what he needs to say.  She has a mini-emotional breakdown, but is shocked when Joon actually apologizes to her.  Joon asks her why she’s still crying even though he apologized for everything and Ha Na snaps at him saying she’s crying tears of joy.

The two go elsewhere and sit on benches facing each other while Ha Na wipes her tears away with a handkerchief.  After she calms down, Ha Na asks him what happened to him never apologizing and Joon just meekly says who goes through life never apologizing?  Ha Na then asks him again why he came all the way out here, but he won’t say now.  As she stands up to leave, Joon stops her and asks if she wants to be his model.  When Ha Na asks him why, Joon is at a loss for words at first and manages to get out that it was his client’s idea, not his.  If she doesn’t agree to do it, he might lose the contract so he’s begging her right now even though it hurts his pride.

He then does a 3 second countdown and right as Ha Na is about to answer, they hear Tae Sung call out to her.  He tells Ha Na they can go now, but she says it’s okay.  When Tae Sung starts to lead her away, Joon grabs her other arm and says Ha Na told him to leave.  Joon tells her that if she leaves with him again, it’s over between them.  Ha Na responds by pulling her arm away from Joon, but says she’ll be his model.  Joon decides to be childish and yells at her not to call him as he watches her walk away with Tae Sung following behind.  As he walks back to his car, Yoon Hee spots Joon as she takes a break from working in the garden herself.  She seems to have noticed some resemblance to In Ha, but since it was just a glimpse from some distance away, she can’t be sure.

Meanwhile, Ha Na has worked up the courage to ask Tae Sung whether he actually has a girlfriend or not.  He tells her that the girl isn’t his girlfriend, but they’ve been arranged to be married since they were little.  Uh, guess nature boy is richer than he appears if he’s in an arranged marriage.  Ha Na is disappointed, of course, and says she’s stupid for never noticing the whole time they were together.  Tae Sung moves forward to comfort her, but Ha Na backs away and says she’ll hate him if he’s nice to her right now.  She confesses that she liked him for a long time, even though she knows he just thinks of her as a friend.  Tae Sung starts to say it’s not like that, but Ha Na interrupts him and says not to worry about her and that she just needs time to get over him.

Now it’s Joon’s turn to stew while he’s driving and he receives a phone call from their maid.  Something upsets him and he quickly hangs up and throws down his headset.  Apparently, Hye Jung has started drinking again and happily greets In Ha as he gets to her home.  The maid tells him she’s been drinking for the last few days and that she’s started this morning as well.  In Ha catches her when she stumbles, but she pushes him off saying that she can stand by herself.  She’s clearly wasted though and eventually falls to the ground and asks In Ha why he’s changed so much from the soft and warm In Ha she knew in college.  He has nothing to say to her and carries her to the couch.

Joon now arrives and runs up to the second floor to find In Ha watching over Hye Jung, who apparently needed an IV drip.  I swear if I were to believe dramas, every Korean just has them in their home with how frequently they’re used.  Joon tells In Ha that he can leave now, but Hye Jung stops him.  She says she has something to tell the both of them and ask In Ha if he wants to get back together.  Hye Jung says she’s been thinking a lot for the last 10 years and won’t ask him to change anymore.  Man, decades later, and she still can’t stand Yoon Hee.  In Ha doesn’t know what to say at first, but eventually declines.  Joon can’t stand to watch his parents anymore and runs back to his car.  In Ha chases after him and says he wants to talk, but Joon won’t listen, saying he doesn’t want them to get back together either.

We then have a montage of how each of the characters are feeling right now.  Joon is angrily driving his car, while Ha Na is crying by herself in her room.  In Ha is sadly standing by the door to the house, while Yoon Hee is still busy working in the garden.

The next day, we see him busy working on a photo-shoot when he receives a phone call from Ha Na.  He looks at his phone, but doesn’t pick up.  As he goes through the day, Ha Na keeps trying to contact him but he still refuses to pick up.  Cho Soo and In Sung wonder who it is and In Sung jokes that he must’ve gotten a girl pregnant.

Ha Na is still hanging out with her mom, who tells her to eat some breakfast before she leaves.  Ha Na tells Yoon Hee that she’s going to have to stay at school a few nights this week and elicits some sympathy from her mom.  As her daughter cutely covers her sleepy eyes with the silverware, Yoon Hee grants her permission to commute.  Ha Na says that’s not necessary though and that she’ll move out.  Yoon Hee smiles at her daughter and says that she’ll go to Seoul in the afternoon to help her find a place.

Meanwhile, whoever it is that’s been calling Joon still hasn’t given up and texts him that he’s going to be coming to the studio.  Joon immediately asks a confused Cho Soo if they can move to the other studio or cancel all their appointments for the day so that he doesn’t have to be there.

We then see Ha Na arrive at Joon’s studio while he’s in the middle of the shoot.  When Joon sees her, he turns to Cho Soo and tells him to kick her out.  Ha Na doesn’t want to fight and says she’ll wait at the cafe for him.  Cho Soo says it’ll only take an hour, but Joon says it’ll take all night, causing her to glare at him.  As she’s waiting, Ha Na wonders if he’s actually mad at her and thinks back to their last conversation.  She recalls his line about things are over between them if she went with Tae Sung and she scoffs at what they started for it to be over.  Ha Na then starts to leave, but changes her mind and stares back at the cafe.

Now we cut to In Ha in the middle of an art class lecture.  He talks about an artist who died of the same disease of his wife, causing a student to ask if he followed her to the grave.  As In Ha starts to get emotional about it, he tries to end the class but his students are persistent and ask him if he has anyone in his heart.  In Ha says that his heart has been empty for a long time, which only increases his students’ curiosity.  In Ha apparently really never did get over Yoon Hee and he’s teaching at his alma mater.  We then see him think about his memories of Yoon Hee as he walks through the campus.

Joon’s photo-shoot has just ended when he receives a call from dear old dad.  In Ha’s just checking in on his son and says he’s going to his studio so they should have a drink together.  After Joon hangs up, Cho Soo runs in and asks if he wants to talk to Ha Na now.  Cho Soo is still trying to convince him to take the job with Ha Na, not knowing that Joon’s just being petty about Ha Na choosing to go with Tae Sung.  He eventually realizes that Joon actually did go see her and got rejected again.  As he’s laughing to himself, Joon gets pissed and puts him in a headlock.

While she’s waiting, Ha Na has nothing to do so she practices posing by herself in the middle of the yard, somehow looking simultaneously funny and hot at the same time.  She gets bored of this quickly though and pulls out a pair of work gloves from her backpack to start tending the dead plants she saw last time.

In Sung sees her and laughs just as Sun Ho walks out.  He’s glad to see her and starts walking towards her, but In Sung says no and drags him off.  Joon also sees her tending to the yard and decides to walk towards her when she gets a call from her mom saying she’s arrived.  Ha Na tells her she’ll meet up with her later and sees Joon standing there.  She says she only came because he asked her and so that his pride won’t get hurt.  Joon interrupts her though and tells her to come with him.  Sun Ho and In Sung see them leave together and In Sung is even more convinced that he got her pregnant LOL.

Meanwhile, In Ha is walking to Joon’s studio while Yoon Hee is going to the location to meet with Ha Na.  They end up on opposite sides of the street, but don’t see each other yet.  We then cut to Joon leading Ha Na somewhere.  Ha Na asks them where they’re going, but Joon just turns around that says unlike her, he’s a man of his word so if he says they’re done, then they’re done.  Yeah right, buddy.  Ha Na says okay then and starts to leave, but Joon stops her saying that he’s not done yet.  However, before he can say anything, it starts to rain and he grabs her arm and runs off.

In Ha doesn’t have an umbrella, but Yoon Hee pulls out a yellow one similar to the one that In Ha covered her with on the day he asked her to see Love Story with him, except this one actually works.    The crosswalk turns green and the two walk towards each other.  We then cut back briefly to Joon and Ha Na who have taken cover under an empty stall.  As they pass each other, Yoon Hee doesn’t notice anything, but In Ha happens to glance at her and realizes seconds later who she resembles.  Since they’re on opposite sides of the street again, he decides to follow her and runs ahead so that he can cross.  He stops her and asks if she’s who he thinks she’s and takes off his glasses.  Yoon Hee then recognizes him as well and here we end this episode.

Final Thoughts

I wondered what kind of a job Yoona would do in this role, and I’m glad to see that she’s doing rather well.  It’s not A-list acting, but still pretty good for someone whose main job isn’t an actress.  There is definite chemistry between her and Jang Geun Suk and I’m enjoying seeing the banter between them, especially after how dull their characters were in the past arc.  Even with the other characters, even though we’ve only seen most of the briefly, I can already see more a connection between them than I do in say the cast of Fashion King.

That being said, I wonder if I might be wrong after all about the love triangle.  Sun Ho seems to be trying to force his way in and Tae Sung has been conveniently pushed to the side.  As soon as I knew all three were playing their present day selves, I kind of figured they were going to try to do it again in the present day arc.  It’s still early though so only time will tell.  I am enjoying the comedic relief of the trio of In sung, Cho Soo, and Sun Ho though.

I did think it odd though that they built up Ha Na liking Tae Sung only to have him have a fiancé basically.  I’m curious to see how this angle plays out as it seems like to me that Tae Sung does like her as more than just a sister.  Since Hye Jung is Joon’s mother, I guess that means no more Son Eun Seo anymore since there’s no mention of Joon having a sister.  The preview shows what could possibly be the present day version of Hye Jung in the overall love relationship scheme as the other romantic interest, but we’ll see if that even materializes.  Honestly, they’re probably going to be pushing the present day quarrel with the old crew of In Ha, Dong Wook, Yoon Hee, Chang Mo, and Hye Jung anyway so I’m fine with keeping the current period cast as small as possible so as to focus the storylines.

All in all, it was a good episode and I look forward to the next.


One response to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 7

  1. lexie April 22, 2012 at 2:14 am

    All dramas are predictable w/ most like having the same storylines and/or plots even with that to other Asian & Western countries. What differs is the presentation, the conflicts involve, the subplots, the interwoven lives of the characters in play and how this would redound to the ending.

    Love Rain has all the elements of an EPIC once in a lifetime MAGNIFICENT drama from stunning visuals, entertainment value, credible and impeccable portrayal from the casts, witty lines, and it uses certain amount of parallelism, and ironies.

    One has to fancy art and wit to appreciate LOVE RAIN to its fullest cause anything less than that, you will absolutely feel shortchanged.

    I’m not Korean, but this is one drama that KOREA should be proud of.

    YoonA’s acting leaps by metes and bound in this drama. She is on the spot w/ her subtle & subdued portrayal of Yoonhee, and Hana, what can i say but PERFECTION!!! I believe doing
    Hana is not a stroll in the park. She nails it to a “T” without a taint of exaggeration and fakeness.

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